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Some science of stub

December 22, 2007

According to Wikipedia ‘clubbed thumb’ used to be a sign of descent from European royal blood lines. Could there be any truth to this? According to the science – as a way of judging blood lines the clubbed (or stub) thumbs trait might be ideal because of its expression (i.e. it shows up relatively often in the few families who have it).

I have found out that the technical name is brachydactyly type D (BDD). The clubbed thumb is defined as a shortening and broadening of the the end bone or phalanx of the thumb. They are also trying to determine if there is a gene for the trait.

It is a common trait, aproximately 1 million Americans will have clubbed thumbs (occurring in 0.4% of whites and 0.1% of blacks in the US). In Israel it occurs in 1.6% of Jews and 3% of Arabs. It is also found a lot in Japan (this info from the book Abnormal Skeletal Phenotypes, which you can find on google books (


Greetings fellow clubbers!

December 20, 2007




Hi! this website is all about the  trait clubbed thumbs. So far I know very little about it. This website is here so people can meet and share what they know.

For example, if you have a clubbed thumb like me, where are you from? Do you know any celebrities (like Megan Fox, above) who have clubbed thumbs? Do you know any of the science behind clubbed thumbs and is any of the mythology true?

In any case, I hope we can share our experiences of this unique (and maybe ‘royal’) trait.

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Alf Parelli