Greetings fellow clubbers!




Hi! this website is all about the  trait clubbed thumbs. So far I know very little about it. This website is here so people can meet and share what they know.

For example, if you have a clubbed thumb like me, where are you from? Do you know any celebrities (like Megan Fox, above) who have clubbed thumbs? Do you know any of the science behind clubbed thumbs and is any of the mythology true?

In any case, I hope we can share our experiences of this unique (and maybe ‘royal’) trait.

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Alf Parelli


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  1. Nicole Says:

    Hello Alf!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. My boyfriend Vincent has the “clubbed” thumbs and we’re not sure if it’s genetic as his parents do not have them and his grandparents are no longer alive.

    That lady, Kim, on my blog grew up being taunted for having those thumbs, I guess people in America aren’t so kind to people with a difference. She was actually a client of a friend of mine and worked for a company that makes x-ray machines and body scanners and she told us that she had put them under the machines and the bones of the clubbed thumb are different than they are on a normal thumb.

    At first I thought it was just the top bit of the thumb that was shorter, but that whole last joint is a bit abnormal. Apart from that, there’s not much else we know.

    • Sarah Says:

      I am pretty sure it is genetic! As my cousin, from my dads side and me both have them! Oh and my brother has one clubbed and one normal!

      I too have been taunted and some people even ask me if they work! I dont know what is worse, having clubbed thumbs or asking stupid questions! lol oh well Best to all!

  2. alfparelli Says:

    Hi Nicole, I have managed to dig up some more information. As far as I know the trait is quite common, genetic and has been studied. More info to follow…

  3. Lars Says:

    Well I too have “Clubbed thumbs” and I have had them for as long as I can remember.
    My experiences with my thumbs is that they are awesome in “thumb war” and they seem to be a killer at parties (ooh, look at his thumbs, look, look)
    meaning that I cn always use my thumbs as an icebreaker at social gatherings.

    Other than that… I don’t know anyone other than me with this “syndome”/disease/abnormality/wicked ass trait, and no one in my family had even heard of clubbed thumbs (brachydactyly type D), meaning that I am probably the only one in my family with thumbs like these.


    I live in Norway, I’m 18 years old and I havent got a clue if any of the mythology is true (especially since ive never heard any “clubbed thumb mythology)


    My father tells me one of my ancestors was of royal blood, YAY!!!…I guess

    • Sarah Says:

      I am also Norwegian! Of course I do not live there and there is only a tiny bit on my dads side but perhaps it is a nordic thing!

  4. Yvonne Says:

    hey my name is yvonne and i have clubbed thumbs on both of my thumbs… altho i find them really ugly… but iv learnd to deal with them =]

    knowing that both my parents were both poor when they were young and you said that it is a sign of royalty… i found that pretty suprizing,,, eniwayz here is a bit bout me..

    Name: Yvonne
    NickName: Vonnie
    Birth: Australia
    Natunalaty: Lebanese (all my family up wards are lebanese)

    i have a great grampa who had really blond hair, light light skin and kinda red, and light blue eyes!

    i have brown hair, light brown eyes, and im 5’3 (five foot three) 162cm

    hope this helped you a bit please reply…..


    • Yvonne Says:

      Hi there Yvonne,

      This is kinda freaky, but my name is Yvonne too and I’m from Australia as well. I’ve got 2 clubbed thumbs as well, but I’m of Chinese decent.

      I’m 5″1 (152cm). I hate my thumbs!

      • Yvonne Says:


        hahah its soo cool knowing that there is another YVONNE out there, living in the same country, with the same thumbs! really! you made my day 🙂 i use to hate them, but as time passes i’ve learnt to love them and myself for who i am 🙂

        WOW i wrote that back in 2008! LOLL

        takecaaree xx

    • Leila Says:

      Hello Yvonne,

      I am an American, and 23 years old, and I was looking at this website and saw that you said that you were of Lebanese heritage. I have two clubbed thumbs and my mother is Lebanese. No one else in my family, to my knowledge, has displayed this trait. I think that is very interesting and having read that this is a predominantly european condition, and knowing that France occupied Lebanon in the past, resulting in the fairer skin, ofen blue eyes and blonde or lighter hair, I wonder if this trait was not also passed.. I am one of those light skinned, blonde haired and blue eyed individuals. My mother is darker and so are most of my relatives.

      • Yvonne Says:

        hey leila 🙂

        i too also find it interesting that it is predominantly a european trait, however, like you said the french did occupied lebanon 🙂 i am too light skinned but i do tan; not easily though LOL.
        i would like to know more about the clubbed thumb and how it is linked to the middle east area! i have recently discovered that there are also 3 other students that attended my high school (all three from levant/middle east decent) have the same thumb!

        i do feel somewhat special that i have these thumbs, even though i hated them and hid them in the past!


        takecaare xx

      • Susan Says:

        Hi! I’m 14 and my name is susan! I just wanted to say that I have fair skin, blue eyes, and light hair too. Oh and I have two clubbed thumbs if your wondering 🙂 just thought I’d tell you that! Ok bye!

    • anna Says:

      Yvonne, most lebanons are spread from Caucasia, a craddle of Aryans, so i am not surprised they are blond with blue eyes among Arabs, not only your grandparenst are like that in Lebanon are they

    • Sara Says:

      No way!!! I’m Lebanese too me and my Older sister are the only ones in our family who have it. Since Lebanon does have a history of being ruled by several monarchies I guess it is `possible that it could be from royal decent.

  5. Victoria Says:

    Its suprizing to see others that have the same ‘clubbed thumb’. For the longest time I have always thought it was some kind of problem in regards to my family and that perhaps I was horribly deformed as I have never seen anybody else with the same physical characteristic. Though my mother actually has a clubbed thumb with her left hand, as mine is on my right.

    From a female perspective it can be difficult as I am unable to have false nails applied(thumb is too wide), and with growing my nails long the left side of my thumb nail curves inward making it even more noticable. It has always been my little embaressment for some reason, even friends and older partners have poked fun.

    Does anybody else have any other physical differences with their structure? Like my Occipital bone on the back of my head is more defined and comes to a noticable point(like a bump).

    I would be interested to see a picture of everyones thumb as they seem to vary to some extent. I will have to work up the courage to get a picture of mine as well haha.

    As for the royalty idea, that worries me as people have noted that this may be due to the inbreeding with the royal families. Not sure if that idea makes me feel any better haha.

    I am currently 20 and was raised in Oregon, USA

    • Buddy Clem Says:

      I also have a prominent occipital bone and extremely clubbed thumbs. I am of french decent (among other things) and the trait follows that side of the family. I was also told it was a royal trait and I have proof that it has a genetic connection from my own family.

      My thumbs are about an inch wide at the joint and nail, and about an inch from end to the last joint. I have a unique writing style using my right ring finger to support a pen, probably to compensate for the geometry of my hands. Left handers are common to that side of the family too, and I possess some ambidextrous ability (the ability to write with both hands.)

      I would like to learn more about the French/Lebanese connection and how it relates to my short thumbs, which my family refers to as “Hapsburg Thumbs.” I understand that Arnold Schwartzenegger has them too, but they do not resemble mine at all. Mine look like little Chicken Legs and my thumbnails are 3-4 times as wide as long with a large prominent fatty pad on the underside and no fat on the top or sides. The large joints of my thumbs seem immune to the arthritis in the rest of my body.

      Who knows, maybe we are the next step in evolution, and eventually all our joints will be “heavy-duty.” Who knows? I enjoyed sharing, and thanks for listening.


  6. alfparelli Says:

    Thanks for your responses.


    I have also found that I am good at thumb war; actually I thought I was unbeatable! I haven’t tried it as an icebreaker but I it might work. I need to find out more about the mythology – but we have a saying “there is no smoke without fire”.

    Many people are insecure about their appearance. The fact is that we’re not all the same. Just remember that it is a relatively common trait, it makes you unbeatable at thumb war, and that you have friends here!

    PS. They have not identified a specific gene but it definitely runs in families.


    • Buddy Clem Says:

      THAT is what MY thumb looks like, except my hands are slightly thinner. I will have to share some pictures.

      I agree, the idea of “normal” is rarely a healthy train of thought. I have many traits which could be considered “abnormal” but that’s just a label and labels don’t affect the way I feel about myself and others.

      Thanks for sharing and stay positive!

  7. Quinn Says:

    I have one clubbed thumb on my left and a normal thumb on my right, most people don’t really notice, as far as ancestry goes. My mom and her family from what I can see don’t have clubbed thumbs at all nor my grandparents and cousins. On my biological fathers side I’ve never met any of them before or my father although I know he was part Italian on his mother’s side and English and Irish on his fathers.

    I hope this helps, and if you find any more information please post it.

  8. Quinn Says:

    Anne Heche (US actress)
    Megan Fox (US actress)
    Tory Mussett (Australian actress) [citation needed]
    Ashley Lyn Cafagna (US actress) [citation needed]

    Here’s a list of actresses with clubbed thumbs, from

  9. Jack Says:

    Hi Quinn.
    I also know
    Malin Akerman (US actress),
    Kristen van Dernoot (DJ & model) and
    Cay Helmich (German actress).
    Some sites say, that they are very selfconfident with their thumbs.

  10. Fred Says:

    Hi all:

    I probably have most in common with Victoria! My mother has a clubbed thumb (her left) but both of mine are clubbed thumbs…exactly shown in the pictures and actually the most clubbed I have ever seen (very wide and fat). I have six other siblings (four sisters and two brothers) and none of them have it. I did get teased a lot growing up in Vancouver, Canada and am still somewhat sensitive about it…like on the plane/train when I’m reading something, I pay attention to who is watching my thumbs!

    As I mentioned I grew up in Canada and now reside in the US. My ethnic heritage is Afghan/Tajik (Central Asia) where the region has been a melting pot (Greeks, Persians, Mongolians, Arbas the list goes on). We have people of all colours (skin, eyes, hair etc.) in the region and I have noticed several people from the region with this “condition”. I would say I’m fair skinned for the area, have black hair and hazel eyes.

    My wife admits that when we first (met at the University where we both attended) she had second thoughts about our long-term potential because of this “genetic marker”. I have two young daughters and I was present at their birth and the very first thing I checked was the thumbs…and the answer was negative.

    I do not believe it’s a race thing. I’m inclined to think that it has more to do with in-breeding as the region I come from is very insular and in-breeding has been disturbingly common for centuries. It is more common for people to marry their cousins (not third or even second but first cousins…yikes!!). Having said that, my mother and father are very diverse ethnically and I have a female friend in Canada with one clubbed thumb and she is blonde! My wife is also blonde…..anyways, thanks for starting this discussion….I have been curious about this all my life and now I see that this is not germane to me or my ethnic group.


  11. Brenda Says:

    I am so glad to find that there are other people with this same “affliction”. Sorry, but that’s how I look at my thumbs. I have always been very embarrsed by them. My middle finger on my left hand also seems to be slightly strange and the nail is odd on it too. No one else in my family had seemed to have this except my until my youngest son had a daughter and I’m sorry to say I’m afraid she has this too. She is only 5 it isn’t terribly noticeable yet, but I think she may have them. Does anyone have a problem with their toes that has the clubbed thumbs. I do on my left foot and my sister does on both feet. This has a name, but I just found out what is is and it is on another site. If you have this problem just type in short toes and it will tell you where to go. This is what led me to try to find out what my thumb “problem” was. I’ve always wished I could have a thumb replacement (lol). Anybody else feel that way?? I’ve been made fun of all my life.


  12. Patti Says:

    It’s so interesting to see other folks who have “the thumbs.” I have two clubbed thumbs, and my late husband used to tease me that they were “Sissy Hankshaw” thumbs (a reference to the Tom Robbins book, “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues”)
    I was surprised to hear the tale about them indicating royalty. I am American, and the female bloodline from which they appear (my aunt also has 2 clubbed thumbs) is from Luxembourg. My grandmother told me that her grandmother had worked as a maid for royalty and got pregnant by one of them, and thus was banished to America. So, it makes me think that the story might have something to it.

    A palm reader once told me that the thumbs indicated extreme stubborness and that both Hitler and Mussolini had clubbed thumbs (though I wouldn’t know how to verify that!) Both my kids have one clubbed thumb, and we all have been interested to learn more about our thumbs.

  13. Kels Says:

    This blog makes me very happy indeed. For years and years I thought I was the only person on earth with thumbs like mine. Noone in my family has them, and my daughters haven’t inherited them from me. But I absolutely have classic “clubbed” thumbs and I have always hid them from everyone. Only my ex-husband and my current partner have I been honest with and actually openly showed my thumbs to. As for the royal blood thing well, I’ve had my family tree traced back to the 14th century and definitely no royal blood!

    What Victoria said about the bone on her head is interesting indeed, I also have that trait! Maybe there is a lot more to BDD than meets the eye…

  14. Kels Says:

    Just wanted to add, I have clubbed big toes also, and my fingers have strangely shaped fingernails (but are otherwise normal length though slightly bent in shape). I tried getting acrylic nails once to see what they were like, but they didn’t actually fit onto my nails.

  15. Heather Says:

    I have these wonderful thumbs as well. Both of my thumbs are clubbed. The only other person in my family that has these thumbs is my grandmother on my father’s side of the family. I live in America. I lived most of my life in Maryland but about three years ago I moved to North Carolina. I do not know why but it seems as if there are more people with these thumbs in NC than in MD. I love my thumbs. They are a great ice breaker and honestly I think that “normal” thumbs look strange. I knew Megan Fox had club thumbs! I tried to point it out to my ex boyfriend but he dismissed it. I was right! As far as I know my family is German, Irish, English, and Dutch. Obviously, very European. I would love to know where exactly my family is. I’d love to read any more information you find!

  16. Laura Says:

    hey guys!!!

    I am glad someone made this website. And well I have these “thumbs” as well. I just gotta say i am pretty ashamed of them, because I guess they are just not normal and weird looking.

    I have been wanting to know more info about them forever. But have barely found anything except what wikepedia has on them.

    When I saw Megan Fox had these fingers I felt so relieved that I wasn’t the only one in this world with these thumbs.

    My info. is both of my thumbs are like this, and I have fatty toes too. I know no one else in family has them. And my grandmother from my fathers side had them. My ancestry is European from Spain and Ukrain (dont know how to spell that).

    Hey is anyone here on myspace.

    Take care everyone.

  17. Jack Says:

    have a look here:

  18. Heather Says:

    Hello! I to have clubbed thumb. I have always kept the hidden because I found the a bit on the ugly side. I always hated playing 7-up in school. Do you remember that game? You put your head down and your thumbs up and other kids in the push them down and you have to guess who picked you.
    Anyway, I have inherited them from my mother who tends to be sensitive on the isse. She likes to call the condition “European thumbs”. What ever makes her feel better. She is of Scandivian descent. I am the only child in my family of five with clubbed thumbs. I’m lucky in that I have two of them. At least I have a matching pair. I also have nieces with the condition. None of my 4 children show the trait.

  19. Trisha Says:

    Strange that at 34 I am just now looking up information on what exactly is wrong with my thumbs. I have always had a very hard time with them, and don’t even like to say the word “thumb”. I was made fun of a lot for them, and am so sensitive about them that I hide them even from my husband. I’ve never mentioned them to anyone, and if someone else mentions them, I panic.

    I am the only one in my family with these thumbs, but my first cousin on my mother’s side has them, too. She’s the only one in my whole family that I know of. My mom’s side is mostly from Scotland and Wales.

    I just had a daughter and although her thumbs look normal, I know that can change. I think mine were normal-looking when I was a baby, too. I have always wondered what causes them.

    • Elizabeth Says:

      I have one clubbed thumb on my left hand. I too am the only one in my family with this defect. My mom has always thought I some how caused a stunted growth of my thumb by sucking it as a child. My friends in school thought it was good luck and would kiss it. They nicknamed me spoons lovingly, but I was still very embarrassed by my thumb and would often try to hide it. I am of scottish and welsh descent as well as German. I am pretty sure of no royal heritage and very sure of no inbreeding.

  20. Hannah Jordan Says:

    I got so excited when I found this site.Both of my thumbs are clubbed and my big toes are kinda wide also. My great-great aunt on my mom’s side had one clubbed thumb and I think an ancestor on my dad’s side had clubbed thumbs. My first cousin on my dad’s side has 2 clubbed thumbs, which is kinda surprising because he is a boy and it usually occurs in girls. And like Victoria, I think my head is shaped a bit funny. I’m not sure that my occipital really comes to a point but it is not rounded like a “normal” person.Ha!I would love to talk to you guys more, I have facebook if anyone wants to look me up!

  21. Jake Says:

    WOW! so finally glad to meet you all. My name is Jake from Wisconsin 20years old and thought i was the only one. My right thumb is clubbed and my left one is normal.My mother didn’t even notice i was clubbed until i was 4. i would love to see and share pictures of everyones thumbs.

  22. Tania Says:

    I am a fellow club thumber. Both my thumbs are clubbed as well as my father’s, great grandmother and one uncle. We are Mexican from Mexico (though I hear my great grandfather was Spanish) and it took me 30 years to come to terms with the look of my thumb None of my three kids nor my two sisters got themI think they are Ok since there are worse things out there. lol Well I’m glad my family is not the only out there.

  23. Elliott Says:

    Well, I’ve got them too. I only noticed having these “weird” thumbs recently (who looks at other people’s thumbs?), and I am sensitive to it. Now, I do have a small part of my brain dedicated to hiding my thumb if it’s displayed for everyone to see somehow. I didn’t know what people were talking about when they asked what was “wrong with my thumb” until I actually started looking at other people’s thumbs. It is a pretty weird condition, huh?

    I’ve been curious though if they affect the function of the thumbs at all. Are non-clubbed thumbs better or worse for certain tasks? Video games are a strong point for me, but I wonder if clubbed thumbs contributed to that.

    As for my ethnicity, I’m Chinese. None of my relatives that I could tell had them, so it seems kinda random.

    Also, I did notice Megan Fox had clubbed thumbs in Transformers! I wonder if I would’ve noticed or not if I wasn’t watching it on HD-DVD 😛

  24. J.T. Says:

    I don’t have clubbed thumbs, but my girlfriend does (both thumbs). In all honesty, I love them! She hated them when we first met, but after 6 months of me telling her how cool they are, she is no longer embarrassed about them. I’m white, but she is Japanese for those interested.

    I’m going to start a photobucket dedicated to clubbed thumbs and gather as many pictures as I can. Anyone who wants to send me pictures to post, please send them to (I will NOT write people’s names or any personal info).

    I’ll post a link to the photo album after I get a few pics.

    Also, here is another name to add to the celebrity list: Mari Hoshino (Japanese actress). Here is a good pic I found:

    Take it easy everyone.


  25. Jack Says:

    Hi J.T.

    Amazing, I haven’t seen it on other (how do I say …?) ethnics than whites so far. The explanation on wikipedia says it comes from European royalty … funny, isn’t it?

    Have a nice day.

  26. Julia Hogan Says:


    I just randomly put into google ‘toe thumbs’ and this little gem of a site appeared!

    I too have ‘clubbed thumbs’ and genuinely believed I stood alone in this world!! My thumbs have always gotten me attention, mid sentence a person will stop talking and slowly drift off into “…. LOOK AT YOUR THUMBS!!!” .

    I only realised that I wasnt a natural phenomenon when I was in a nightclub a few months ago and happened to spot this young man dancing who so happened to have the same thumbs as me! Haha, they’re always an icebreaker 🙂

    I love my thumbs though, and wouldnt change them for the world. My toe thumbs are a ‘thumbs up’ all the way!

    By the way, im 19 from England 😀



  27. J.T. Says:

    Well, here is the link to the photobucket site I started.

    If anyone else wants to share their awesome thumbs, send me a pic and I will add them! No names will be posted, just the pic.

    email to:

    Take it easy.


  28. S.K. Says:

    its weird how there’s a myth that people with these thumbs may have european royal blood in them…but what about the asians?? i’m 100% korean and i have clubbed thumbs on both my of thumbs. nobody in my family has these thumbs…i was told from my family that a person with these kinds of thumbs are either going to be rich or very artistic. haha.

    i met one person with both and another with just one….both 100% korean. so yeah…its a universal thing and doesn’t discriminate. haha. i get make fun of all the time getting names from “toe thumbs” to “gorilla thumbs” haha. but apparently they’re beneficial when i give back massages (everyone i’ve given massages to say i may be the best because of my strong, short thumbs) and when i pinch people (i’ve given bruises). hahahaha.

  29. Kels Says:

    Heather! I also hated that game, we played it too but just called it “Thumbs Up” (IIRC). I used to push my thumbs up against my head so they were as inconspicuous as possible. So many practical games and tasks at school I had to do differently to the other kids. I must have looked so dumb sometimes… like when we did dancing (polka, square dancing, waltzes, all those daggy things they make you do at school) I refused to hold my partners hands in a way that would expose my thumbs. The boys used to look at me like I was an alien but there was just no way I was exposing my thumbs!

    Now my boyfriend just thinks they are funny in a nice way. I should have just been out and proud about them back then too but it’s a lot harder when a teen.

    I’m also on myspace and facebook, I’ll go join the groups. Feel free to add me.

  30. Susan Says:


    I’m 14, and I have clubbed thumbs also. It’s funny what people are saying about that game 7-up, because my school is always playing that game and I’ve always hated it.

    I always know stubby thumbs were hereditary, because a bunch of my paternal relatives have them. But my thumbs are much shorter, and I’m plagued with the habit of biting my nails, so my thumbs always look shorter than they really are. So I thought I was the only person in the world with thumbs so stupidly short, until my mom googled ‘short thumbs’ to make sure there wasn’t something seriously wrong with me, where she opened wikipedia that sent her here. It’s awesome to find out that other people in the world are like me!

    My friends have always thought my thumbs were funny, and make fun of me in a nice way. They’re pretty good about not stepping over the line and being insulting. The funny thing is that I tend to show my thumbs to guys to start a conversation. They seem to find it appealing. Go thumbs!

  31. J.T. Says:

    Thanks to everyone who has sent me pics so far! The clubbed thumb gallery is up to 26 pics. Anyone else who wants to send me a pic, I will add it (no names will listed, only pics).

    Here is the site:

    Email me at:


  32. Alex S. Says:

    well helloo everyone!! to add a new country and another family to the list i’m from El Salvador and i have clubbed thumbs! my grandmother has them too, and none of my parents have them, my grandmother is descendant of Europe, from Spain actually, and i would love to know more people with the same thumb as i have, i have never seen anyone else with clubbed thumbs, just my grandmother and Megan Fox in TRANSFORMERS haha, well i hope i can get in touch with some of u and see how is this related

  33. J L R Says:

    This rocks. So I’ve got the thumbs, referred to affectionately as ‘stubbins’ by my mom, sister and myself….we have matching toes also. As far as I know most all of my family tree is German, and we are living in the US (MI, OH & MD). Apparently my grandfather had them, my aunt and cousin and cousin’s kid too. My sister and I also have really short pinky fingers (i.e. they only go up to the first knuckle of our ring finger). I’ve always gone with the idea that we are the next step in evolution and everyone will be this way some day…but the royalty story is way better! I still remember the day in 1st grade when I was at the drinking fountain and someone pointed out that my thumbs were strange. As I said they were everywhere in my family so I thought they were normal until that point.

    I was flipping through TV and stopped on LA Ink (on TLC) primarily because I thought I saw the thumbs. I think Kat on that show may have the thumbs, but I’m not certain. But that made me think…there has to be something there on the web about it. So here I am at age 31 realizing there is a scientific name for my thumbs.

    Does anyone have trouble bowling? Seriously, in order to find a ball that my thumb fits in it is really heavy…I often use that as an excuse for my many gutter balls 🙂 How about texting? I envy those skinny thumbed people with those streamlined joints when I’m texting away. Probably can’t get too involved with crime with such distinctive prints. I think that the only other disadvantages are an inability to be a really good hitchiker and Ebert may not be hiring us to rate movies anytime soon. But these are extremely trivial woes.

    I totally agree with the crowd that says they are good conversation ice breakers and generally smile when I think of thumb stories. I could always spot my Thanksgiving “hand turkey” in the crowd of kid art. A lady at a department store, with the thumbs, told me once that she sees people with thumbs like every other week. My mother-in-law once traced my hand and has made me custom mittens (they look really ridiculous mind you), but if anyone needs some let me know. I can’t even imagine the conversation at the nail place after my sister, mom and I left after all getting manicures, I’m sure they’ve never so many stubbins at once in there 🙂 Also a couple of summers ago at Shakespeare in the Arb in Ann Arbor, the lead actress had thumbs…hello, are you out there?

    I’ve heard something about the thumbs being linked to heart disease, but I don’t really recall where that came from or if it has much truth, although my grandfather did die of a heart attack at a very young age, and high blood pressure is in the family. Fortunately I don’t have any of these traits.

    Well thats it for me, sorry this got a bit long…I love the thumbs!

    • Buddy Clem Says:

      I also have the thumbs and toes! I also have those different fingers, and my 2nd toes are equal length with my big toes. Bowling is a challenge since I don’t favor the 16+ pound balls. Someday I may have a custom one drilled for me. Texting is usually OK but I can’t see the buttons, and sometimes I use my 1st finger instead. I use the entry method where you only press 1 button for each letter and the phone guesses what you meant. Its a big time-saver. Great idea about the gloves, I am pretty tired of the flappy leftover thumb on the glove thing. Fingerless gloves are better, but sometimes an odd fit too.

  34. Lars Says:

    Yeah, I have also always had problems bowling…
    back when I was like 8 yrs old I had to use bowling balls twice as heavy as my other friends my age.

    After having a rather long discussion with my parents, we figured out that I am the only one in our family with these thumbs, which is actually pretty cool.


    I told my history teacher about this site and he became obsessed with looking at my thumbs and after having looked at them for a while he forgot what he had been talking about before I showed him my thumbs, and we were allowed to leave early ^^

    I guess beeing diffrent is a good thing.


    As a competative gamer I feel that my thumbs help me a lot at console games ^^ maybe these thumbs are the next step of evolution after all =P

  35. Christine Says:

    Yes! This is so great… other people! I felt for everyone in reading all of your accounts of living with the thumbs. I’m 28 and just now looking into this. It is very interesting. I actually think “normal” thumbs look weird.

    A childhood friend of mine always told everyone that I was born without thumbs. Her explanation for my “toe thumbs” was that the doctor cut off my toes and sewed them on my hands, because the toes would grow back! It was pretty bad growing up. I still find myself hiding them inside my fists so no one can see them.

    For my high school senior prom I wanted fake nails. Luckily, my friend’s mom worked at a nail shop and she had to custom make the nails for my thumbs. I definitely agree with the bowling problem. I love bowling and I tend to get my thumbs stuck in the ball on the release. I always leave with sore red thumbs that truly stick out. And forget about playing the guitar! Texting is a pain too, but it is life so I’ve adapted.

    I have two matching stubs, but my sister has one and one “normal” thumb. I feel a little bit better about having two. When my nephew was born, the first thing I checked on his tiny litle hands were his thumbs to see if he had them and he doesn’t. My sister and I are the only two in our family that have these, but now I’m going to check it out further. We are from the US and of Scottish and Irish heritage.

    I can’t wait to read more stories!

    • Buddy Clem Says:

      The thumbs may be a disadvantage in bowling, unless you get a custom ball (they can be drilled up to 2″ in diameter according to Dirty Jobs!)
      But, the thumbs are a distinct advantage in Karate (not in the way) thumb wrestling, and all video games. I seem to have some advantage when it comes to opening things too. I guess with my thumbs and toes I have a 4 of clubs! LOL. I ❤ this site!

  36. J.T. Says:

    Thanks to everyone who sent me pics for my site:

    I’m up to 30 pics, so if anyone else wants to share, please email me at


  37. Carolina Says:

    and another one…i got “toe thumbs” as well lol. I’m Italian (Sicilian – parents born there) and no one in my family has it. I’m beginning to think that it seems to happen in isolate areas (like Sicily = Island)….i really dont wanna think about my ancestors inbreeding and all but ppl do marry their cousins you know?

  38. Kathy Says:

    Hello! I have “the thumbs”, and I have only recently realized how cool they are. Most people that see them comment on them, but I learned early on in life to hide them. It seems more women make comments about them being less than attractive than men. Now that I’m older, I quit trying to hide them.
    My brother also has them, and his kids do, too. My mom does not have them, but her father did. That side of my family is Polish.
    This is really great that we have our own society. I love the idea of royalty, too! Now where’s the money to come with it? LOL

  39. Rayan Says:

    I have one clubbed thumb (right hand) and my sister has two, although not as extreme as mine.

    Our parents are from Tripoli, Libya but we live in US. We are not sure what other relatives carry this trait.

    Anyways, I am so happy I found this site– I have been curious about this my whole life– I feel a lot more comfortable with it learning that there are many others with the same special feature. Thanks!

  40. GirlChris Says:

    Wow, who knew there were so many people with these thumbs?!? I, too, am just now looking into the cause of them after 30 years. I completely agree with the comments about bowling and the 7-up game. Nightmares! I luckily have a matching set of thumbs, but my sister has one of each. Neither of my parents have them, but my mother’s sister has one. That side of the family is all Irish so I’ve always thought it was an Irish thing. I’ve also had problems with mittens and gloves having an extra inch of room in the thumb section, but I learned how to knit and now make my own mittens. I had a roommate once who called them my “alien thumbs” and they used to freak him out (much to my amusement). Whenever I wanted the last beer in the fridge, I’d back him off by threatening to touch him with my alien thumbs. Worked every time!

  41. Wafaa Says:

    I’m Rayan’s sister, the one with 2 thumbs. Mine are not that ugly, like my sis’s one club thumb (sorry, but its true). well, i dont care either way. its never bothered me. but, i have heard of this referred to as the “thumb of the artist.” anyone know anything about this?

  42. Mikey Says:

    Wow I didn’t know this even existed out of my race. I’m Korean and although I’ve never heard from my parents that this was a “royal” thing, in our culture it is believed people with clubbed thumbs are talented or good with their hands. Which is true for me… Musically talented (although my thumb my hit two keys on the piano), handyman, massages, artistic… etc. Anyone else??

    • Buddy Clem Says:

      I never had a problem with music, I turned my thumb sideways and it fit just fine. I hold a guitar funny though.

  43. Ally Says:

    It’s nice to hear from all these other people out there! I just went into my roommate’s room and told her “See? I’m not a freak- I’m royal!” I’m descended from Eastern European & German Jews and Swedes, and no one else in my family has club thumbs. My thumbnails pretty much match my big toenails exactly. Both of my thumbs are equally clubbed, though one is just a teensy bit rounder at the very tip than the other. I’ve always disliked the way they look (and forget using scissors or a musical instrument properly), though more because of the way the joint and its wrinkles are both twisted up to the side, if that makes sense. I’d never heard about the royal or artist connection until tonight!

  44. nyMarc Says:

    Hi, I just came across your site – I’m not sure how I got here, but its kind of fun to see what others are saying about this condition.

    I’m 47, half Dutch, part Irish/English and I have a right club thumb. Its not a big deal for me and its only come up a few times ever in conversation to talk/laugh/make fun of ~ mainly with my sister who’s 9 yo daughter also has a club thumb. The interesting fact of my situation is that I’m an identical twin, but my brother doesn’t have this condition.

    Re: Science of stub: I recall seeing a discovery channel program about a year ago. The topic with something to do with childbirth. During one of the segments they talked about how the umbilical cord sometimes wraps around a fetus’s neck. This results in a shortage of oxygen. The natural response was that fetus’s suck their thumbs during this period to slow down their metabolism to reduce need for o2. I also remember (but could be wrong) they mentioned this lack of o2 causes shortening of appendages.

    Anyway, that’s the theory I’m going on until I hear something better.

  45. crystal Says:

    It’s interesting that you mention lack of O2, because I have short thumbs (both) and I was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck. I didn’t suffer any noticeable effects from it, unless it caused my stubby thumbs. I would say I have above average intelligence, thank god, since I was born in my parents’ house with no doctors around. I also sucked my thumbs for a long time, so I wonder if that’s related. I think my thumbs were short since birth, though I’m not sure.

    My mother is Japanese and my father is white of European descent and a tiny bit of Cherokee. I don’t know anyone in my family who has the same thumbs though.

  46. Sourire Says:

    Hi there. I also have a clubbed thumb (on my right hand only). If it helps or interests anyone, I am 25% Russian, 25% Hungarian (both of these granparents were jewish) 25% Lithuanian (this grandparent is Orthodox Catholic) and I am not sure on the other 25% as my paternal grandfather was out of the picture long before my father was even born, and I don’t know anything about him. I’ve only met one other person with a clubbed thumb (she also has it only on her right hand) and she’s 100% Korean.

    No other members of my family have these thumbs as far as I know, and I don’t believe I’m descended from royalty of any kind, but wouldn’t that be nice 😉

    I used to be really embarassed by my thumb, but now I’ve grown to kind of like it. I suppose I would still rather have two “normal” thumbs, but it is a really good icebreaker, and always a good go-to should you ever be asked what is something interesting/different/unique about you.

  47. J.T. Says:

    My photo gallery has really grown, thanks to everyone here!

    If anyone else would like to share a pic, please send it to

    I’ll add it to my site:

    No names will be posted, as you can see on the site. Only pics. Thanks again.

  48. Rico Says:

    Phew, how did I miss this little beauty of a website.
    I can say firsthand that clubbed thumbs in no way affects the function of your thumbs. Had this confirmed by a doctor.
    I was born with 2 clubbed thumbs, got on relatively well through life with them though have a tendency to avoid showing them off.
    Adding mine to the photobucket gallery.

    Ps. Yvonne, crazy as it is but I know who you are 😛 We went to the same high school in S.A

  49. Marcyjoe Says:

    Hello to all. My mother, myself and my daughter all have clubbed thumbs. My daughter and myself are both second born children. My mother adopted from an Irish family in New York. My first born has 2 children both with non clubbed thumbs. I will be waiting patiently for my daughter to have children to see if the pattern continues.

  50. Madalen Says:

    OMG, finally some info on this sore topic for me. I have both clubbed thumbs from my mother’s side. 3 sisters and 1 brother got the thunks, as we call them. Our family was born in Jalisco, Mexico which had an influx of European settlers, not necessarily from Spain. My grandfather and his sisters had red kinky hair, small blue eyes, fair ruddy skin, and yes thunks! They looked like leprechauns, seriously. Maybe the trait is Irish, I’ve noticed a lot of Irish backgrounds on this site. I have also heard that Megan Fox is part Mexican, could that part be from Jalisco??? Love the site, hope to learn more about the European Royal inbred bloodline!

  51. Lynn Says:

    This site is awesome, I really needed to read postings by other ppl w/this “thumb” issue. I personally cant stand my thumbs. I have always hated them. I am almost 30 and still hide my hands. I have always avoided hand games, hand talk, getting my nails done…just anything to do w/hands. In my 29 years only 3 or so ppl have asked me about my thumbs and it caused me to explain to them that I have no idea why my thumbs are different. There are days where I am like “who cares if ppl see my thumbs” but that attitude only lasts a few minutes. I am so insecure about them and wish there was some surgery that could make them more normal. I wish I didnt feel so bad about them, I cant help it….I didnt make them that way. Atleast I have thumbs right?! lol. Seriously though….some ppl make a big deal out of it if they see that you are different. At my age, this shouldnt be an issue. Maybe one day, I can throw a thumbs up sign, but up to now, its a no go on that one. For all of you that arent bothered by your thumbs, you are awesome and I wish I could be the same way.

  52. Lacey Says:

    ever since the internet came out i swore i would look this type of thing up but i never did until tonight. i am the youngest of 6 children and both of my thumbs are short. my older sister (5th in line) has one short thumb, the left, and her right thumb is “normal.” for a long time i thought it was strictly a female trait because i never knew a guy that had them. my grandmother on my mom’s side has them and i think someone else in her family had them as well. also, i grew up in a very small town, approximately 800 residents when i lived there, and there was a girl in my grade that had short thumbs. i thought this was weird because we were not related and it was such a small town. most people don’t notice them but when they do they’re like, “woah! look at your thumbs! they’re weird!!” no kidding? really, 25 years and this is the first time i’ve noticed. ever. no, really…duh. no one ever made fun of me or anything and since my grandma had them my mom called them “grandma thumbs” and my grandma called them “magic thumbs.” like a leprechaun? ha.

  53. Lacey Says:

    oh i forgot this part–about the growing your nails out thing–i’ve never really been interested in growing my nails out because i’m not very girly nor have i ever been. i did try to grow my nails every once in a while just to see what it was like but i always just got annoyed with it. now i do stuff like play guitar and other things that you can’t do with long nails anyway…but my sister with the one short thumb kind of grows her nails and she just keeps that one short. oh well! being different is cool dammit, i’m glad there’s no way in hell i can fit the mold! yay me. haha.

  54. Kara Says:

    i have these thumbs too and thought i was the only one til i see this site! now i know they are called clubbed thumbs and many people have them.
    This still does not make me feel much better.
    i absolutely despise my thumbs and would do anything to have ‘normal’ thumbs. I hide them all the time and it stops me from doing certain things, like picking up objects in front of people so they can see.
    i avoid conversations about hands in case they involve mine and become very panicky. its really getting me down and i cant handle it. i saw this blog and just cried as no one seems to have mentioned any way of fixing their clubbed thumbs. you probably think im so pathetic but i just hate them so much. i have no self confidence and would love to go to the nail shop and get false nails applied like my friends but i am so scared they will turn me away as no nails will fit. im 16 and from london. does anyone know of any ways to alter their thumbs? e.g sugery. or does getting false nails disguise them?? x

    • Cricket Says:


      I read your post and it made me cry. I will be 40 years old in a few weeks and also have ‘clubbed thumbs’. I have hidden them my whole life and have been teased endlessly since I was a small child by my brother (doesn’t have them) and my maternal grandmother. I believe I’ve inherited this ‘gift’ from my father’s side of the family. Most posts I’ve read, seem to by from their mom’s side. My dad sort of has it but nothing as obvious as mine. My dad’s first cousin also has them as does her daughter. I’m absolutely terrified of having a child that is born with this ‘gift’. I know no one is perfect and we should embrace our uniqueness but this is one thing that I prayed I could change. All I’ve ever wanted was to have ‘normal’ hands. I would look at my friends and people on TV and movies and just wish my hands were as pretty as theirs were. A few years ago, I noticed that a co-worker of mine also had this ‘gift’. She had acrylic nails though and it was hidden pretty well. As hard as it was for me to do (I always hide my thumbs), I found the guts to go in and try it. I guess I’m fortunate enough that the largest tip fits 97% of my nail – enough to cover the rest with acrylic. It’s been almost 10 years now that I’ve worn acrylic nails. I hate having them taken off and a fresh set put on as I feel it’s exposed my secret to the nail tech. But, after they are on and if I maintain them regularly, they are fine. I opt for a french manicure with small white lines as it seems to hide it best. Ironically though, my feet are normal. I guess I inherited my mother’s side of the families feet 😉 I’m left handed by the way, curious if this has anything to do with it. My father’s family is German, Irish, Welsh and maybe Jewish but not sure. I was so happy to find this blog and discover there are so many others out there that have this issue to deal with as well. I hope my insight has helped as your shared stories have left me feeling not so alone.

  55. SuSlav Says:

    Very cool…glad to read about our thumbs. (Thanks Alf!)I’m an American. In our family, those who inherited Grandpa’s short thumb were proud to have them. And of course my siblings and cousins who didn’t have them acted as if ours were weird and theirs were “normal” but really I think they were jealous! Here’s the run down: Grandpa Jack had 1 short thumb, 1 “normal. He had 2 daughters. The eldest did not inherit the short thumbs but her eldest daughter (out of 3) got two. The younger daughter is my Mom. She got 2. Mom has 5 kids and the first 3 got them. Me, the eldest got 2. My brother got 2, my sister got 1. With each new child in this next generation, we check out them out around age 2 and declare if they have Grandpa’s thumbs 🙂 …or not 😦 My Grandfather was German-American. I don’t know who he inherited them from. Anyway I’m creative and artistic. People have told me throughout my life that my thumbs signify that I’m artistic. I’d doubt the connection though because my brother’s are even more pronounced and the closest he ever came to even discussing art is when he would point out a painting I had done in college and say “Sue did that after a couple of six-packs”. I do have a tough time using a lighter (such as a bic). Thankfully I don’t smoke so it’s not much of a problem. I do think they look better with a short nail. Kara, I hope you change your mind and begin to think they are cool. Cause they are!

  56. MarSlav Says:

    I enjoyed and got this info from my eldest daughter who is very proud of these thumbs. My father had them and made me very proud of them. He was proud to check out 8 of his grandchildren from the time they were born. But they do not really show up until around age 2 or sometimes a little older. True my sister was bummed to not have them. She had 3 girls and only the oldest had 2. My 5 children the first 2 had 2 but my 3rd child had one on her right hand and 4th child on the left hand. Our youngest had none and was very sad about it.
    My father was sure they came from the German side of his family. Although he told many people that he got his from during the depression years he made money by balancing elephants on this thumb.
    Enjoy it, Its part of you. We love them and are very proud of them.

    • Saritah Says:

      Wow, just goes to show how important one’s parents are at influencing self esteem. I am the only one in my large family with ‘weird’ thumbs, and my family members have poked fun at me since as long as I can remember (and same for some earlier posts I read); we all continue to be very sensitive and embarrassed about our thumb shape, well into adulthood. On the other hand, your parents seemed to take pride in the trait, and your sister was actually bummed to have normal thumbs !!! I’m still in shock. Amazing.

  57. SuSlav Says:

    That’s right! Mom thanks for reminding me of Grandpa Jack’s story of how he got that thumb. I do remember him saying he got them from balancing elephants on his thumb. (And I didn’t realize my other sister has one.)

  58. Pamela Says:

    Hello everyone!! I’m sooooo glad I found this site :))

    I’m 26 & European… from Malta. My left thumb is clubbed & my right one is normal. I inherited my thumb from my grandma. She was also maltese & had both her thumbs clubbed. Both my parents & my brother do not have the thumb. I don’t know if any of my other relatives have them because although Malta is a tiny island, we almost never meet.

    I used to be embarrassed about my thumb in my teens but now I always joke about it. Some of my friends call it “The Bulb”…. hehe.

    Later on I will post my photo.

    Take care everyone

  59. Kara Says:

    do you think having these thumbs will stop me from becoming an air hostess? because they have to have nice hands.
    and do getting false nails applied disguise them?
    please help i hate them so much…i have no self confidence because of them and my dream is to become an air hostess which i think will not happen because of them. can someone help?

  60. chelesia Says:

    hey, im 15 and i also have clubbed thumbs.
    im part irish and english, and no one else in my family that i am aware of has the same thumbs. also, my right middle finger is like half an inch longer than my left middle finger…very strange. also, my toes are basicly like my hands. my big toes are sorta clubbed…theyre really fat/wide. but then the rest of my toes start halfway down my big toe. normal peoples’ toes start either a tiny bit below the big toe, or a tiny above, or at the same heigh of the big toe.

    and finally, i have 3 other friends that have the same thumbs.

  61. Roady Says:

    I do not have theese toe thumbs, but i like them very much. i wanna date a young lady, who has them =)

  62. J.T. Says:

    My clubbed thumb site has grown quite a bit! Anyone else have a pic that they don’t mind sharing? Again, no names are used, just pics.

    Help me reach 100 pics!


  63. j l r Says:

    You can be an air hostess, there is nothing that your thumbs prevent you from doing that is required for that job! I think you are spending a lot of energy worrying about something that people aren’t going to judge you based upon. People may be genuinely curious about you being differnt in this trivial way, and I bet that very few people will even notice. I’ve never tried to hide my thumbs and I can count on one hand the number of times people have mentioned it. Remember if this is one of the worst things you have going on — life is pretty darn good. And you most likely can get acrylic nails put on, I’ve had it done, give it a try if you think it will make you feel better. Hang in there…

  64. Kara Says:

    Thank you so much j l r.
    I just really wish I could be proud of the thumbs like everyone else. Every person thats seen my nails.. which is about 4 people in my life- have all made fun of me. I hate it.
    Did they have to specially make a larger thumb nail for the acrylic nail?

  65. j l r Says:

    Its been years, but they had this sticker like form that they would lay the acrylic down on, for me they just rotated it like 90 degrees and it worked OK. You won’t be able to just buy the fake nails at the store and glue them on most likely, but a nail place should be able to take care of you. I’m cheap, so I just grow my nails out and paint them myself now. I’m sorry you’ve had such bad encounters with people. I hope this doesn’t continue. Good luck!

  66. Kara Says:

    Thank you very much =)

  67. nancikag Says:

    Hi again!
    I just posted and wanted to ask if people knew their bloodtype.
    I’m B+ with Polish/Ukranian, Italian and Scottish.

  68. linusrox Says:

    Add me to the list of short-legged (but long-armed) double bulbed gal. My Mom has a hitchhiker thumb (bend back), but it’s not stubby.

    I’ve never been self-conscious about them, but I have not happened to have had anyonetease me about that (probably they were too busy teasing me about being chubby or disorganized or what have you). I do have the expected problems with bowling balls and fake nails.

    I have been told by people occasionally that they know someone with these thumbs, and twice these said folks were art teachers. I am a tour guide, and a lovely woman on my tour said she noticed that I had thumbs like hers, and that it was a genetic trait with a name – so here I am, via Googling.

    As far as I am of Slavic extraction. That is, my grandparents were all born in Ukraine, Poland or Russia. Before that, who knows.

  69. Stephanie Says:

    Add me to the list of toe thumbs as well. I have always hated my thumb. Yes i just have one. Ever since I was a teenager I can remember being self conscious on dates when it came to hand holding. I still feel self conscious even today when i get manicures and massages. I feel like the nail tech or massage therapist is just staring at my to thumb ( once they get to it) Neither my parents or grandparents have stub thumbs. My brothers don’t either. After I had my 3 children the first thing I did was check their thumbs. Yes! they all have long beautiful thumbs! Ladies you laugh at this had you ever had acrylic nails put on and the nail tech gets to your short thumb nail and is fumbling around her nail tip box for the largest nail tip?
    I have encountered a few others with short thumbs. I look at peoples hands just out of curiosity to see if I see a short thumb This website is great, I was so surprised to find others out there. Thank you.
    My background is: chinese, german, and irish

  70. SuSlav Says:

    I just emailed you a bitmap photo of an art piece that I did of my hand (my thumb is prominent). It is on display at Laguna Beach (CA) City Hall. My only thought was…is someone going to think I messed us and didn’t draw my thumb correctly. Well, you fellow “clubbers” (Oh I dislike that term, they are much cooler than that) know it’s correct. JT, I hope you can use it to get to 100!

  71. Madde Says:

    I am so glad I have found this site. I am 21, Swedish with one clubbed thumb, my left. I hate it! But have got used to it. I am sure people notice it, but I try not to make a big deal out of it…like someone else said, if that’s all that’s wrong in life, it’s pretty good! My grand father from my mum’s side had one as well, but apart from that I’m not aware of anyone else in my family having it.. good to know I’m not alone…!

  72. Kara Says:

    I just got my acrylic nails fitted on.
    Now im so much more confident with my clubbed thumbs! =D

  73. Jay Says:

    Hi, I’m Jay, a 29 yo man! I have the opposite ‘problem’… I have ‘normal’ but thin thumbs (19mm wide (the width of an American penny) so from time to time I can see a younger women (sometime a girl) with larger thumbs than me and at first I was embarrassed but then it turned into a fascination and now it’s a turn on for me! Whenever I can have the chance to compare my thin thumb with a women with larger thumb than me I do it lol! Anyway if you are a women with a large thumb and you want to receive honest compliment for your large (clubbed) thumb, just send me a pic of your thumb near a ruler so we can clearly measure the width of it and I’ll send you a positive feedback for sure! Send me your pics at :

    Hope to receive a lot of pics from all of you!

    P.S : Sorry for the poor English, I’m French!

    • AppleGuy Says:

      Thanks for making me feel even worse about myself. Do you have any idea of how miserable my life has been ’cause of my thumbs, and huge hands? I have always been very fonded of technology and gadget, so that’s what I do for a living. On top of that, my hands have gotten even worse since last year, and I’m now on the verge of ending myself, unless I find a good hand surgeon that may perform such medical procedure. I’ve already called a cosmetic clinic, and I’ve been told the procedure is now available, they just don’t have a surgeon able to perform it now. I’m aware there might be a risk, but I don’t give a f###, I just wanna get this thing done…

      • Michele Says:

        love who you are…love your thumbs. yes sometimes its a little uncomfortable, but think about it this way: you are UNIQUE! you have something no everyone has! we are special. God made each and every one of us INDIVIDUAL. He meant it that way. all BDD is, is a shortening of the top bone and a widening. A surgery would be very painful, costly, and you could get an infection, and you would still probably have pain the rest of your life and not have the mobility you have with it now. Yes sometimes these thumbs are a pain in the ass… it’s hard to pick things up, but just accept them and you’ll be a happier person. if someone is not going to like you based on your thumbs alone, then you were probably better off WITHOUT them anyway. I know I have royal bloodlines from Spain; my father told me when I was a little girl. so I take it as this is proof! love who you ARE!!!!!

    • AppleGuy Says:

      One more thing…
      Unless you’re an uneducated blue collar worker, big hands won’t do for you. You have no idea what is like to be different. I have humongous hands and thumbs that makes me look like a mutant, and almost impossible to work on a computer LIKE A NORMAL PERSON WOULD. I don’t think this is cool or attractive either.

      • Michele Says:

        APPLE guy, another thing: I am a woman with 2 BDD thumbs, and my thumbs are REALLY big, and my hands are the size of men’s hands. I have really long fingers and short fat thumbs. I LOVE WHO I AM!! I REALLY do, you should too.

      • Michele Says:

        I have 2 really large BDD thumbs and big hands. I can type really fast. I’m curious what problems you’re having working on the computer. I only use my thumbs to type a space and they work just fine for that. Can you please elaborate a little? also, you are saying that we don’t understand what it’s like to have BDD thumbs, well yes we do or we wouldn’t be here. yes we have them as well, and we live with them just as you do.

  74. Jay Says:

    Oh, I forgot, I’ll create a webshot photo album (without mentioning the name of the thumb owners) with your ‘measured thumb pics’ for all to see and you’ll be able to compare the wideness of your thumb with everyone else… Please include your age and your gender (not your name) with your pics and I hope to reach 100 pics before the end of the year… It’ll be cool!

    • Michele Says:

      I think there is a group on FB for BDD that a guy on there has a collection of BDD thumb photos. (he’s a little weird), but yea he has a lot of photos of them. I submitted mine. it’s out there in cyberspace somewhere.

  75. Tremens Says:


    From time to time i check the net for news on the “clubbed thumb topic” and just found that page…As an owner of 2 of these stubby bastards, its cool to find out theres potential to create a community.I knew there are some other people out there having a thumb issue!!!happy!!!…I personally do not like these thumbs.theyre just…ugly!Well it didnt keep me from having a normal social life, but here and then, I notice people taking a glance at my thumbs and then just pretending they had been looking elsewhere.well well..i read lars likes to “show off” (freakshow??) at parties…cool to have such self-esteem, but I never ever would voluntarily talk about or show my thumbs, I’m trying to hide them as good as I can….especially to break the ice…Is there any plastic surgery to get them “straight”??
    BTW, im from germany…greetz

  76. Jeanine Says:

    I am 48 yrs old and have always wondered why I have these club thumbs. I am so glad that I am not the only one to have recieved this bizzare “curse.
    All my life I have hidden my thumbs as much as I could and was made fun of all of my childhood. I now try hard to just be me and hope that no one will notice my odd fingers.
    I am Italian and adopted so I really have no clue what kind of inbreading I may have. I do know that as soon as both of my children were born I first looked at their thumbs to see if they had the “club thumb curse”. Thank god they did not, yet now that they are grown I worry about future grandkids.
    This has always been such a sad part of my life I sure do hope that I did not pass this on to my grandchildren.
    Thank you all for this site and may we all hold our “stubs” up high LOL
    I would love to hear from anyone who feels the fear that I do for my future grandchildren. I do not know what kind of guilt I will have if they live the life that I have with these thumbs.
    Thank You All

  77. Jay Says:

    Me again! The webshots album is created and I’ve already received 2 pictures and I’ve decided to make an anonymous fun contest with them… The widest and the thinnest thumbs will win (no prize, just fun)… I’ll put a picture of mine to try to win the thinnest lol… Would be funny to see an 18yo girl win the widest and me , a 29yo male win the thinnest lol… Anyway thank to those who participated and I’m waiting for more… The webshots album is at :

    Send your pics at

    Thanks 🙂

    P.S: I’ve receives 1 ‘normal’ (but wide) and 1 clubbed thumbs… More clubbed needed 🙂

  78. maurymiddlegrl1234 Says:

    I am 11 11days from being 12 and I have even wierder thumbs than u guys (i looked on website). I thought I was all alone. I was so scared. It runs in my dads bloodline. He doesn’t have it but………. anyway it culd b worse.

  79. Jay Says:

    Excellent maurymiddlegrl1234 you shouldn’t be scared… Send me a pic near a ruler to measure the width and I’ll put your picture in the album… The more pictures about this subject, the more clubbed thumbed owners will feel normal 🙂 Send me your pic at (it must be taken from the same angle as those pics :

    Thanks in advance and take it easy 🙂

  80. Jonas Says:

    For all the people feeling “cursed” with these thumbs (I have one):

    -fuck normal thumbs, fuck everything normal, fuck symmetry, democracy, greek aesthetic patterns, fuck your eyes. Our body is just a vehicle through this life, dont wait till the maggots start chewing you to realize that your life is wonderful. So, everybody jokes about your thumb? put weird faces? makes awkward comments? well, consider that a symbol: cause that happens all the time with original, creative, forward thinking people. besides, people ALSO feel the same misery that you feel on a regular basis, so they need to laugh about something… your so called disgrace is not special at all. drop your ego, and you will be free.

    -do not change your body with surgery. plastic surgery is the sickest degeneration of modern medicine, and it only enhances our mental fears. it makes us weak, more horrible than before.

    -learn to love yourself as a whole, as a full integrated human being that has the ability and potential to make history, to be helpful, to be the best motherfucker person around. only real uglyness is internal, and yes: IT IS UGLY WHEN U DONT LIKE YOURSELF.

    So get a grip, and walk proud out there. Be hostile if u need to, just DONT BE ASHAMED.

    • AppleGuy Says:

      Seriously? Each person has the right to choose what is best for them, even if it involves surgery—it’s their money after all! You don’t have the effin idea of how miserable my life has been because of my awful hands, now my finger joints has increased out of the blue, which has also affected my dexterity. The whole thing has been nothing but a nightmare, based on what I do for a living—and have always loved (IT field). I’m willing to do everything possible so that I have my life back, if it is involves surgery. I don’t wanna relay on incapability benefits, I’m really enjoy what I do.

  81. linusrox Says:

    I had a question – I know others have said they have that problem with finding a bowling ball, but i wonder if anyone else here plays guitar…. I think without normal “long” thumbs a pick is required. Mine won’t fit between the strings.

  82. gibsondog Says:

    Hey! I have a stub thumb too! Both my thumbs are stubbed.

    I don’t know anyone in my family who has this and I always wondered where it came from.

    My family is from Mexican decent, but I have European blood in the mix of it all.

    I’m artistic and musically inclined.

    Glad to be in your club. Thanks for doing this!

  83. gibsondog Says:

    PS – I emailed you a photo of my stub thumbs.

  84. Jonas Says:

    hey linus i happen to be a guitar player, although my standard thumb is on my picking hand, so i can´t adress your problem directly. nevertheless, i think as long as your thumbs have flexibility, nails and bone they should do the trick.

  85. sami Says:

    hey ppl whats wrong with ur thumbs ??
    rayan ,, can we talk !!im from libya and i need to know u !!

  86. Jay Says:

    Thumb width album update : Ok now there’s already 4 pictures in the album and surprisingly, the widest thumb is a ‘common’ (not clubbed) one and the owner of those thumbs is a 27 yo women (24 millimeters wide (if in your country it’s measured in inches it’s ok, I’ll indicate the conversion below your pics)… Clubbed thumb owners, your speciality is the great width of your thumbs so don’t let a ‘common’ thumb owner win this (not serious) contest lol… Anyway, don’t be shy there’s only 1 clubbed thumb in the album out of the 4 pictures… More clubbed needed… Send your thumb pics (near a ruler so we can clearly measure the width) at
    The webshots album is at :
    Thanks to those who have and will send their pics!

  87. Lael Says:

    Hooray, I’ve never met someone else with my thumbs. I love the internet! I just began looking for information on my club thumb (I’ve only got one) because my sister called to tell me she wondered if it was related to Downs Syndrome. I have five brothers and sisters, and none of them, nor my parents have it.


  88. Shan Says:

    Hi, I am a Chinese… it’s good to see there are other people like me. I’ve got 2 clubbed thumbs. I’ve always been wondering why i got this.. My mum said it’s because i always bite my nails when i was small..I’ve always tried to avoid showing my thumbs to others.. cox they always asked me why i got this , and wanting me to show them my thumbs…. i find this so embarrassing..

    My dad has short thumbs but not clubbed ones..and.. both my parents are Chinese.. so..I am not so sure about the royal blood thing.. but people always said i look like a foreigners and my father side relatives also looks like foreigners…and i am 20.= )

  89. Victoria2 Says:

    I have the same story sorta like fred and Victoria. My mother never noticed my thumbs untill i hit puberty…acctually either did i or my friends around 10 or 11 i noticed them, and my mom thought i squished them both on something but i told her they didny hurt…so i was born with them both on my thumbs but never noticed untill my other fingers became more slender that the stubby one stood out!!!!LOL well they didnt bother me much and i knew i was the only one with these thumbs in my familly my aunts would tell me they were toes but they dont really look exactly like toes. Well my brother came along and my sister(all different dads) and guess what my brother just started hitting puberty and he has my thumbs…LOL. His dad makes funn of him so were guessing my mom carries the gene!! kets wait to see if my lil sister does… ithink its hard to tell when your young because all the fingers are short and stubby

  90. n Says:

    I’ve been searching for a long time and finally stumbled upon this site today! I must say that to this day, I’ve had a complex about them. From a very young age, as far back as 5 years old, I’ve known that my thumbs were different. As a child, I used to complain to my mom for “cursing” me with thumbs that were different from everyone else. For at least 20 years, I’ve done all I could to hide my thumb from public view. I have identical “clubbed” thumbs just like my mother, maternal grandmother, maternal great grandmother, maternal aunt and maternal cousin (maybe 2). Upon my visit to my moms’ hometown back in 06, I learned that many of my mothers’ aunts and cousins have the same thumbs as well. My mom is from Okinawa, Japan and my dad is Polish American. I’m not too sure if the thumbs I inherited are of European Royalty or not but I must say that I do find comfort in knowing that there are other people out there like myself who have been givin this unique trait.

  91. J.T. Says:


    I live in Japan and have noticed MANY more people here with clubbed thumbs than in the US. I did some research and around 2% of the total population has them here. I also taught at a high school here for 6 years and would notice many of my students with them. Thanks for sharing your story.
    Would you be willing to share a pic for my site? You can check it out, no names are used just pics. Trying to make the largest gallery on the net. If not, thats cool. If you want to share, my address is
    My ever-growing gallery:

  92. John M. Says:

    Wow. I had no idea how many people this affected. I’ve grown up being tormented by these things and now I’ve found people with common ground! I must say I had no idea how often it shows up in women.

    I am a white male, 24 yrs, with Italian/French decent, and both thumbs are clubbed. My father’s cousin has both thumbs as well.

    Worst experienced I had was when an ex-girlfriend said she wouldn’t ever have kids with me because of the thumbs! Even being a male, I definitely get self-conscious. Cool Website!

  93. maria Says:

    hi! wow, i didnt know that anyone else had my type of thumbs! I thought I just was stuck with weird looking thumbs, as a deformation of something. Im 13, but ever since I was like 5 people would ask me what was wrong with my thumbs, and they still do, and get freaked out when they see them.

  94. maria Says:

    my most common was hobbit thumb.

  95. Jay Says:

    How wide are your thumbs maria?

  96. J.T. Says:

    My photobucket gallery is up to 99 pics! Thanks again to all the people who sent me pictures. Please keep them coming, next person is #100!

    My site can be seen by clicking on my name. Email me at!

    Thanks again.

  97. Jennie Says:

    I’m happy to say I also have a clubbed thumb (right hand). I’ve always had a humorous attitude toward my “fat thumb” and love to point it out to everyone I meet! No one else in my family that I know of has this trait, but I have met one other person in my life with a clubbed thumb; it was the funniest thing and we couldn’t stop laughing at the advantages and disadvantages that came with it. I’m 21 years old and I live in California, my heritage is Italian/German/Spanish/Mexican/Native American…and a few more I can recall at the moment.


    Bowl without your thumb. 🙂

  98. Red Says:

    Hi everyone! I also have two clubbed thumbs. I didn’t even know what it was called until I was interviewed by an anesthesiologist (sp?) before a surgery. All my nails are also clubbed (spoonshaped and go downward) but fingers aren’t shaped like my thumbs. I too have been made fun of like many others and told my thumbs looked like turtle heads. lol Some other conditions I have are called Arnold Chiari Malformation, Syringomyelia, and Fibromyalgia (those are the major ones anyway). I am 41 years old and live in Ohio. My heritage is Japanese/Native American/German/Czech and I can’t remember if there are others. None of my family have clubbed thumbs on either side as far as my parents can remember. I’m glad to kno that I’m not the only ones to have em! hehe

    • Buddy Clem Says:

      Fibromyalgia also run in my family, I have it and I have both clubbed thumbs and big toes. I live in West Virginia, USA and I have ancestors from England, Wales, France, Germany, and Native American either by way of the US or Canada. I am curious if chronic pain has any connection with the thumbs, or if genetic variations/mutations show up in clusters.

  99. Amanda Says:


    I have two clubbed thumbs. I’ve always known they were genetic- my father has them, as does his father. They’re from Italy.

    I was always hugely embarrassed by my weird thumbs until I got to college. I constantly hid them my making fists, and noticed the thumbs of most people I met (and occasionally found other people who had the same thing, though not that many). In college, I said something about my weird thumbs to my girlfriend of the time, and she was like…”what? your thumbs are weird?”. I realized at that point that if she hadn’t ever noticed in the months we’d been together, most other people probably weren’t either. I’m still embarrassed by them, but I don’t hide them very often now, since…well, people with “normal” thumbs usually just don’t pay attention to what other people’s look like.

  100. Eddie Says:

    I im glad to read all these people who have the same condition as i do! I like my “clubbed” thumbs to be honest and it is a real ice breaker when meeting new people. Both of my thumbs are “clubbed” so im wondering if that is even a more rare condition. The only other person in my family that has clubbed thumbs is my first cousin on my moms side but only one of her thumbs are clubbed. As for the connection between royalty and clubbed thumbs, my grandmother (moms side) says that she had royalty on her side of the family from Spain. I live in California and have mexican, spanish, and native american ancestry but i believe my clubbed thumbs were passed down from my spanish ancestry since European royalty was known for inbreeding. To all the people who are embarrassed about their clubbed thumbs, who cares what other people think. Raise your thumbs up high and be proud of them! I sure do :D.

  101. Mallory Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs and like most people I absolutly hate them. I was a cheerleader in school and my hands were always showing so I was very self concious during this time ; Especially pep rallies in front of the entire school. My brother always made fun of me but, now that I am 20 and married my husband picks on me. He calls me”fat thumbs.” I can remember 3 people making fun of me for my thumbs. One guy said”holy shit whats wrong with your thumbs?” That was probably the most embarrassing day of my life considering the whole party came over to check out these freakishly weird thumbs. Nobody has my thumbs in my family. My dad’s great grandparents are from France.

  102. pugaresreal Says:

    Yeah, my whole family, through the male line. Dark hair, hazel with unusually variable color. We’re from Los Angeles; Anglo-Franco-American mongrels, with lots of ‘missing’ ancesters (extra-marital lineage). There always were roumors of a ‘Rogue House’ that fled to the Americas. Also other ethnic lines, Mohawk for example. Maybe a bit of Lapp (Saami) and Rus’ (Bellarusia). Father and sister both have two BDD thumbs. I have one fully clubbed, and one less so, though both are dead straight when exented, no backwards curve at all. All three of us have very clubbed big toes. Mine are well over 1″ wide. Sister and I also have very short toes with the longest the clubbed one! Father’s the same except for one Morgan’s foot. If my toes were ‘normal’, I would be a size 9 or 10 (USA men’s) (I’ve done comparisons) but instead I wear a size 7 1/2 at 5’10”! Therefore my arches are always cramped in new shoes. All my other fingers are also a bit stubby. My palm is almost square, and notably longer than my fingers. We used to call them “Hobbit” thumbs and toes. (long before the LOR movies). I think that many of the classic Hobbit illustrations had the BDD traits.

    I also have an occipital that’s unusually high and pointed. My father and sister also have slightly pointed ears. We all have unusually keen night vision and glare recovery, and we all have ‘widow’s peaks. All of us. Our women tend to a bit heavy, our men a bit light. We are all highly creative, hopelessly stubborn, have (forgive me) 140+ IQs, and have a long family history of troubles now understood as Bipolar, ADD etc. Honestly, the family name should have been ‘Addams’. Sounds like Royalty to me. We also tend to respond strangely, or not at all, to many medications. There’ve always been jokes about our ‘Alien’ heritage.

    We also have a history of congenital heart problems (rare) and swallowing trouble (common).

    Only my Sister ever felt self-concious about the thumbs and such. Sorry girls, it’s not as big a thing for a guy, though I can see how it could get really bad for a girl. I’ve mostly gotten a positive reaction from folks. I’ve only met one other ‘clubber’ outside my family, and she was simply shocked. I’ve always figured it as more of a rare trait than a deformity, so it’s never bothered me, except when I have trouble using things like scissors that were designed for ‘normal’ thumbs.

    I’ve got some (possibly) bad news for many of you: aparrently BDD is a dominant trait (almost always). If absolutely nobody in your family has it…

    Also heard it called ‘Gypsy thumbs”. Doesn’t seem to be anyone else who’s heard that one.

    Is it just me, or are there a lot of Scandanavians here?

  103. pugaresreal Says:

    Bowling??!! With a house ball? Forget about it!

  104. pugaresreal Says:

    About the guitar-playing: I’m hardly a real guitar player, but I have always found it most comfortable to pick with that big wedge of thumbnail. It’s not tough enough for much strumming though.

  105. pugaresreal Says:

    Kara, and all the others who can’t stand their thumbs:

    There is only ONE fix. Go down to Picadilly or somewhere and give complete strangers one thumbs-up after another until you just don’t care anymore! Seriously, you’ll never see them again! Walk up to somebody and ask them what they think of your weird thumbs. When the sky doesn’t fall on you, you will find yourself much happier and a feeling a touch foolish.

    It’s not your fault of course that the other kids made a big deal of it, but this will only hamper your life and happiness as long as you allow it to. Honestly, most people really couldn’t care less beyond that first moment of novelty. Anybody who has to make a big negative of it is probably using you to draw attention away from a true deformity…in their soul. It’s not YOUR problem, it’s THEIRS.

  106. Jay Says:

    pugaresreal, it’s you thumb that is wider than an inch or your toe? If it’s your thumb, you can send me a pic of your thumb near a ruler (to see the exact width) and I’ll put it in the webshot album. Send your pics at at

    The album :

  107. *Jacqueline* Says:

    well both of my thumbs are clubbed. I’m the only grandchild that has it. my mothers father had clubbed thumbs and my fathers mother has clubbed thumbs and i proudly sport them! and my mothers sister has them as well .my father is cuban and my mother is mexican, spainish,and italian so yes i’m pretty much a mutt like most people on here. my mother told me for years that my thumbs were from european bloodlines and i didnt believe her but i’m starting to after reading alot about it. not sure from what ancestry it’s from. but it would be intresting to find out. they should do a study on this because it is rare. i’ve probably met about 10 people that have this. well good luck everyone and be proud of those thumbs!!

  108. abby Says:

    I am so happy to find this website!! I have always been embaressed about my thumbs, and have noticed people staring at them. I did want to say however that I have 2 of them, and my grandmother (my fathers mom) has only one, and no one else in our family has them. She tells me that they are called “murder’s thumbs” and that Lizzie Borden had 2 – however i have not found information to prove that!!

  109. abby Says:

    just a few other things….

    I’m blonde, irish and german. My mom noticed them right away when i was born she said. I too have always been self conscious about my thumbs! I avoided thumb wars, and 7-up games as a child and get very uncomfortable when people point them out. I used to try to hide the short nail with a fake one (which never worked)! I also hate going to the nail salon for fear of them making fun of them, and never paint my nails to avoid drawing attention. Although they bother me, as I’ve grown older (im 25 now) I have learned to deal with them. Lastly, I have 3 friends who also have them.

  110. Erin Says:

    I am English/German/Polish with ash blonde hair/blue eyes, and have clubbed thumbs as well. My mother has them and her aunt had them as well. My mothers ancesters are all from England, however I do have royal Polish bloodlines on my fathers side. I am in my 30’s and have met or seen at least 20 other people in my lifetime who have had these same thumbs, including one of my best friends. She is also European decent.

  111. Hannah Says:


    I am so freaking glad to see that I’m not the only one with squatty thumbs :D. I searched the web a few months ago for maybe an explanation of why mine are like this…but I couldn’t find anything. This site has made me so happy!
    I love the myths behind them and how they actually have a scientific name. Whenever people ask me what’s wrong with them, I tell them that when I was in the womb, I would sit and ponder the life ahead of me as I clasped my hands together to where my thumbs were being squished my my chin, and they just stayed that way.
    It’s funny how different people react to them. I’ve met some people who are grossed out, and I don’t really understand that. I’ve also met people who love them and are kind of jealous…which makes me feel awesome.
    I have been called “E.T. fingers” before, which was kind of mean, but i have a good sense of humor, so I wasn’t offended. I do remember one time in 5th grade, though, that I did get sort of upset. I went to a friend’s birthday party, which was at a beauty salon where we got manicures. I remember when the lady went to put nail polish on my thumbs, she made a big deal because she had to do it sideways and said, “God, what’s wrong with your thumbs?” ….that was rough, but I’m over it. :]
    One thing I do remember being proud of when I was younger (it’s kind of weird), is when we would finger paint. We would make dots with our fingers and thumbs on the paper, and I was the only one who could make almost a perfect circle with my thumb.

    rock on. :]

    So yeah, I love this site and will continue coming here. I feel much more confident now that I know more about my “condition”. Thank you, Alf, for starting this website.

    I’m off to go brag to my friends now. :]


  112. Angelica Says:

    I am reading all these posts with a big grin on my face (smiling). Im 35 and barely now looking this up online. I am Mexican, Portugese, and Puerto Rican decent. Only my left hand carries the famous thumb. My whole life I was pretty embarrassed about it, I was LMAO when I was reading the comment about playing thumbs up 7up game as a kid. I would forget and put the wrong hand up and hurry and switch to my right hand and hurry and look around and see if anyone saw. Ive pretty much hid it my whole childhood, however as an adult I got over it. I still get nails (yes you can have nails!!!) and each time the woman gives me a look like…ummm… but they do it. My sister, niece and grandfather all have the thumbs, although I have noticed it more in woman then men. Ive met quite a few woman with them as well. In addition to Megan Fox, A long time ago I noticed famous actress Sanaa Lathan has them also

  113. Angelica Says:

    Also.. for those women who still get embarrassed about it. Next time you catch a cute guy noticing it, just smile and tell them its your “sexy thumb”. You get a smile back and its a great ice breaker. Works every time! 🙂

  114. J.T. Says:

    Thanks to everyone, the album is now up to 119 pics. Please keep them coming!!(as you can see, no names are used)

    Here is the site:

    My address is:


  115. Renee Says:

    Finding this blog has just been awesome. I thought I was the only one born this way! I have felt like a freak for so long – always trying to find a way to cover them up. But now I know I am not alone (omg if someone as hot as Megan Fox can have them haha…) I feel so much better! No one in my family has these and I never talk about it. I am of Scandanavian/Swedish/Welsh descent (although my father and I both have very dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin…). Interesting that a previous poster mentioned a possible connection between oxygen deprivation at birth and clubbed thumbs, as I was born with the umbilical cord around my neck. Seriously, whoever started this blog…thank you so much! Why have I left myself feel like such a freak for so long? It’s nice to think about the royal link ;). Also the palmistry aspect is interesting, I am as stubborn as a mule, I dunno if it comes from the thumbs though! At least I have something to blame it on.

  116. Erica B Says:

    I am just very glad to find out that there are many other people in the world with our wonderful “Carnie thumbs”. My roommate has only one, but I have two, its very exciting!

  117. kate Says:

    It’s so weird how everyone with clubbed thumb(s) never meets anyone else who has them, yet apparently so many people do. I have two of them; I’m happy to say they have never been a problem and people usually find them funny and interesting. The only thing that sucks is that I went to school for concert piano playing, and having short thumbs definitely put a limit on my hand span, and thus technique. I have a question, which hopefully someone can answer legitimately: Are clubbed thumbs REALLY originated from royal bloodlines? I know wikipedia says it, but there’s no valid citations and that’s the only place on the internet that has stated that. I know my Italian side of the family were part of the Magistrates way back in the day, but that’s not really royalty per say. Does anyone know for sure if this statement is true? If it is, sweet!

  118. Xalo Says:

    Hello! I always hated my thumbs on both hands. But not like “hate” – i am glad my thumbs serve me well… But the problem is that they look unusual. Hate that. I try to hide them in my fist while on public… When i smoke on public i put a fag between 2 my fingers and then hide my thumb under 2 other…. 😦 That sucks but thats the way i dont get any attention. I’m also dating my g/f for 10 month and she asked me about my thumbs only on the 7th month…. Hmm…i guess i am hiding them pretty well…. Anyway , i am happy i am not the only one. I know one girl of my age that studies in my Univ. who has same thumbs as me. That’s how i realized “murderer thumbs” to be a common thing. THat i’m not a freak…
    I am from Russia. 18 y.o.

  119. Ashley Says:

    I have clubbed thumbs on both of my hands. My hands are small too so my thumbs are also small and I have never heard of “clubbed thumbs until I mentioned it to a nurse. She told me that people with clubbed thumbs are at higher risk for heart, respitory, and kidney problems. I don’t know if it is true though, but I don’t have problems with any of that. Nobody I know of in my family has clubbed thumbs, I also know that my family descended from Europe.

    -Ashley: United States

  120. Helen Says:

    Hi there, I am so happy I decided to google this today. I’ve been so embarassed by my thumbs I didn’t even like to say the word “thumbs” lest someone bring up mine.

    It wasn’t until I went to New Zealand (the other side of the world for me) and was in a library when I thought “hey, I don’t know anyone in this country- now’s my chance to look up this phenomenon without fear of anyone seeing me”. Unfortunately I ended up in the palmistry section and some book said people with short thumbs have very little drive and can’t make decisions! Well! That was the first I’d ever read about short thumbs, but that little paragraph had more of an impact on my self-esteem for the next three years than anything else. I thought I was doomed to be unsuccessful no matter what career path I chose. I am just so grateful I got a second opinion… well many many others, as I’ve spent the afternoon reading almost three quarters of the posts here.

  121. Louie Says:

    We mildly derided my sister with the “affliction” we affectionately referred to as “Italian thumbs”. My mother, also “afflicted” is of half Irish descent, but we know for certain the trait runs from the Italian side. I’m very curious about the “royal trait” thing. There is a fable from that side of our family about our origins to a certain tiny principality (not to be named here). Other evidence points to more than a coincidence, my brother could serve as a body double for a certain prince, (not to be named here). I would love to learn more although I suspect all it would prove ultimately is that my great-grand father, an orphan raised by a nanny yet endowed with the royal family’s name (so the fable goes) became a stone mason from Bari, who immigrated to New York around 1895, was perhaps the product of proclivity towards impetuosity, apparently still a trait within the survivors of the clan today.

  122. trish Says:

    I have clubbed thumbs and hate them. I have yet to have a manicure as im embarassed at the thought of the person looking at my hands. Do manicures improve the look of hands? Any advice on this?

  123. jenni Says:

    ^I guess any kinds of nails look good if they are well cared. I’d say go for the manicure! If the person makes a comment on them, you just say they’re either a sign of royalty or being a murderer, and you haven’t decided wich one it will be for you yet 🙂 And then you smile prettily, of course ^^

    It was so great to find this site! Thank you for this.
    A friend of mine, whom I have talked about my thumbs, found this through Megan Fox pictures, because she had noticed Fox also had these thumbs.

    I have never been embarrassed about my thumbs. They are both clubbed. I’m 20 now, and only when I was something like 14, one of my friends pointed out that my thumbs were different. I hadn’t noticed it before myself. It doesn’t bother me, although playing octaves on the piano could be that bit easier. But I’m just going to be playing for fun from now on, so it isn’t too bad.
    When I wear nailpolish, I do it without a problem, but I haven’t tried on artificial nails. I guess it would be impossible to have them on clubbed thumbs and look good 😛

    I guess my toes are somewhat club-ish. My dad has same kind of toes, but his thumb fingers, and hands all over, are so large it’s hard to tell if they’re clubbed or not! I haven’t noticed that anyone from my family had these thumbs, nor have I met any person at all with these thumbs. I guess I should look harder 🙂 it seems that quite many people have these after all.

    I am all Finnish, and there might be some Finland Swedish in my ancestors, but I highly doubt any royal trait. Kind of aristocratic, maybe.

    My thumbs are a friendly joke among some of my friends. They keep wondering, how I manage to play the piano with thumbs so short. But I also play the flute, and there the shortness is actually a plus: I don’t have to bend my thumb to touch the “pad” correctly. In addition to my best friend, only my friends from the music circles have noticed my short and fat thumbs. It’s always a fun way to start a conversation with new people, maybe I should do it more often 🙂

  124. J.T. Says:

    For those of you wondering what clubbed thumbs would look like with artificial nails, here check this pic out:

    Also anyone else want to share some pics for the gallery? Its up to 132 images and has become the largest clubbed thumb gallery on the net that I’m aware of.

    Please send me a pic at As you can see, no names are ever used. I would love to add some clubbed toe pics too if anyone has any.

    Here is the gallery. Thanks again, and take it easy.


  125. Jill Says:

    I’ve just come across this website – amazing! I must admit that I have always been very self conscious of my thumbs, and wondered why I have them – non-one else in my family has them. My family comes from England but we live in Australia, and have only ever come across one person who has the same shaped thumbs as me! Perhaps it is because we often hide our thumbs – who knows?

    Thanks for this great site!


  126. Joanne Millard Says:

    Hi, this site is amazing, all my life I have felt unique, I have two clubbed thumbs which are identical,My family has always referred to them as Redman thumbs, because my Grandfather William Redman (father of my mother) who died before I was born had them. No one else in the family has them, though we always check each new baby. I love my thumbs,other people are amazed when they see them and I have always felt different from anyone else. My only drawback is finding a pair of scissors I can get my thumb into,and bowling, they dont make the thumb hole big enough. I am English and all my ancestors have been English, we all come from Sussex. But I am intriged to see I may be of Royal descent. I see that some of you others have other deformities, I too have one leg longer than the other and one foot bigger than the other, but have never connected that to my thumbs. I have yet to meet another person with these thumbs, and as I work in a shop I often look at the customers hands when they are handing me the money. Jo

  127. Jan Says:

    Oh, my goodness. I was just browsing through the net trying to find out information about my “weird” hands, pulled up this site and–there was my thumb! I’m so tickled, this is the only time I’ve ever seen a clubbed thumb other than mine.

    Actually, both my thumbs are clubbed. I’ve always hated them, thought they were SOOOOO ugly, and still tend to keep them hidden. (They are a source of great amusement to my grandchildren!) In addition to the clubbed thumbs, I also have unusually short fifth fingers, which, together with the short thumbs, really puts a crimp in my ability to play the piano! 😉

    As for ancestry, I’m mostly of English, Scots and Irish on one side, and English, “Pennsylvania Dutch,” Scots-Irish, and Welsh on the other. No one else in my family has (or had) club thumbs that I know of, and neither of my sons inherited either my club thumbs, or my abnormally little fifth digits.

    Additional medical information–my blood type is B+. and I have trouble with some sort of auto-immune disorder.

    It’s interesting to see that others on this site have “club thumbs and little pinkies.” Makes me wonder if it’s some sort of syndrome….

  128. pocketcheese Says:

    Both of my thumbs are clubbed. I have five siblings out of the five of us one brother has two clubbed thumbs and one sister has only one clubbed thumb. The other three have “normal” thumbs. I have four children and before I count fingers and toes I check thumbs. Can you believe it, not one of my children have my thumbs. Same with my brother and his four kids as well. My husband teases me about my “half thumbs” but I have never been ashamed of my thumbs and I think it is very funny.
    My brother told me that when he was in art class in High School there was an assignment to draw your own hand. His teacher took one look at his drawing and told him to re-do it because that is not what thumbs look like. My brother showed his teacher his thumbs and needless to say he got an A on that assignment. 😀

  129. Jay Says:

    Hi guy’s! I’ve found this weird site, not sure what it is but I think that you can make money with your thumbs lol 🙂

  130. Kim Says:

    I have toe thumbs, short pinkies, AND short big toes and last 2 toes!
    Anyone else with all of that?

  131. Amandine Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs and I have always been quite self-conscious because of them. My main worry on my wedding day was that my thumbs would spoil my photos … I made sure that whenever I was showing my wedding ring, I hid my thumbs!I am French and I have German and Polish origins. I met two girls this year who had the same thumbs. One of them is English with French origins and the other one is Russian.
    I am so glad to be able to put a name on my thumbs … a colleague of mine thought it was really funny to call them “spoons”…
    I feel normal now and think that actually my thumbs make me special in a good way!

  132. Sofia Says:

    I have 2 clubbed thumbs and 2 short big toes. My pinky fingers are also half the size of my ring fingers. I inherited these traits from my grandmother (father’s mother) and my father. My grandmother is French and Spanish. I am told they were members of the European aristrocracy in Mexico of several generations. My grandfather’s side has been part of caucasian American since before the Revolutionary War and were originally immigrants from Britain. My grandmother is the only one of her siblings to have these physical traits. She passed the traits on to my dad. He is one of 4 brothers and the only one to have this. None of my cousins received this trait. My brother does not have them.
    Even though I find these traits kinda ugly, everyone tells me they’re cool. One of my best friends from college and I met because she noticed we shared clubbed thumbs. My husband thinks they are the cutest thing ever. I do, however, like the fact that it is something that I can bond with my dad and grandmother about. Grandma calls them her “sewing thumbs.”
    Finding this site is kinda liberating.

  133. izzy Says:

    Can anyone give advise on how you get past the embarrasment and constant hiding?????? I hate my thumbs!! HELP!!!

  134. renee Says:

    I remember when I was about 16, donating blood for the first time and one of the donor nurses noticed my thumbs, which I quickly tried to hide. He was African and he told me not be ashamed of them – he said that as a black guy with very dark skin (in a country full of white people lol) he stuck out and looked different from everyone else but he took it all in his stride because he is proud of who he is and I should be too.

  135. Nina Says:

    I’m from Norway and I have them aswell :p My mom and my second cousin also has them. My friend likes to make fun of them, but I think they’re quite cool though :p

  136. Mark Says:

    Growing up I was not teased much about my left thumb, but by 10th grade I was hopelessly self-consciouss about it and decided to keep it hidden at all times; now in middle age, I’m ready to get over it! As Eleanor Roosevelt famously said: “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.”


    My mother’s background is Irish or Scottish, my father’s is Swiss German.

  137. Mayra Says:

    I love my thumbs! People are grossed out by them, but I love waving them in peoples’ faces especially while they’re eating!
    My background is Hispanic, both of my parents are from Mexico, but they are from very skinned peoples. I don’t know my history any further than Mexico, but I am VERY light skinned. I’m pale and I have black hair, I think I might have ancestors from Europe maybe?

  138. Mayra Says:

    Oh and I also have small pinkies as well.. I was reading others responses and both of my hands are rather child-looking and chunky.. My hands are kinda small.. I have small nail beds and weak nails.. I also found out that my pinkies have what is called CLINODACTYLY which is a curvature of the pinky inward. I’m just wondering if anyone else out there has this as well. =)

  139. JT Says:

    Anyone else willing to share a pic for the gallery? Thanks!

    email me at

  140. DeafandBlind Says:

    I am so glad to have found all of you and this site!

    I am 30 years old, from California, Mexican (2nd Gen American)/Native American/European (3rd Gen American) ancestry.

    Well, I could drone on and on ad nauseum about my life with the thumb, but I’ll spare all of you my peers! 🙂

    I have a large right thumb only (wide at top with distinctly different nail, yet exact length of left thumb.) I’ll send a pic to add soon! 🙂
    All other fingers are standard though left thumbnail looks super-size (?). Tell me what you think… Yes, I agree with all thumb-associated headaches and anxieties; just getting over them after 30 years… 🙂

    We’re better…

  141. Amanda K Says:

    Wow. I can’t believe that some people “hate” their clubbed thumbs. I have 2 and love mine, but my friends refer to them as “toe thumbs.” I was only embarrassed by them once in 5th grade, I was friends with the “mean girls” and one of them made a comment about how ugly they were and she felt sick looking at them. I hid them in fists for a while but then realized I didnt care what people like that thought about them. Besides most guys thought they were cute, lol. I had one guy want to take a picture of them and out it in his wallet… never happened but the thought always makes me giggle. But I rock at thumb war. I am 26 now. My family is mostly Irish/English descent. I live in Alabama and have only ever met 1 person with the same thumbs. She was so happy to meet me, lol.

  142. Jan Says:

    Hey, Mayra

    My mom’s pinkies are of normal length, but they are curved inwards! I wonder if there’s a connection between these two conditions. (I have club thumbs and mini-pinkies). Does anybody know?


  143. Amanda K Says:

    I do have a question…. I cant do the spock (i know its spelled wrong) simble or the west side symbol… or sufi (dane cook) with my hands…. am i just uncordinated or does any1 else with clubbed thumbs have this issue?

  144. Amanda K Says:

    lol i just read my own comment and had to laugh at my spelling. sorry every1.

  145. Diane Says:

    can i just say on the contrary to most club thumb sufferers,i have always maintained the notion that i was indeed gifted. Inspite of the shock on other people faces at the sight of them (yes both thumbs) and the frequent mumbling of “i think she’s deformed” I think they look rather cute. they dont stop me from doing what the average person does except for the mild embarrassment of getting a toe nail fitted in at the nail salon-that i will never adjust to.Interesting enough i thought i was the only person with this condition so thanks for busting my bubble!!!

  146. KL Says:

    Both of my thumbs are clubbed and my bloodline is purely chinese.
    Both of my parents do not have this syndrome but heard that my grandpa got this syndrome (heard from my dad, he died years b4 my birth).

    I have difficulties to write for longer duration (like in exam) as my thumb is too short to hold a pen while the force i used is too strong after 1-2 hours. Do anyone of you have such problem? Luckliy I can replace my handwriting with keyboard most of the time except in the exam.

    Yet, I obtained the diploma of Piano from Royal School of UK seems that my thumbs didn’t trouble me too much. Do you know any pianist with clubbed thumb too?

  147. Jeff Says:

    I’m super happy to have stumbled upon this site!

    I have two clubbed thumbs and my mom only has one.

    I was having surgery on my wrist a few years back and my specialist surgeon said that the thumbs were called “thoes” and were a recessive genetic trait that were linked to high intelligence (hurray).

    Also, bowling sucked for me growing up, stupid 15 lb. balls.

  148. Amanda Says:

    I have been taunted all my life because of my thumbs. As a teenager, when I started dating, I would try to “hide” my thumbs because I was so embarrassed by them. I’d never seen anyone else with thumbs like mine until a girl visited our church and I caught a glimpse of her hands. I was shocked! I had no idea that this was a not so uncommon thing. I’d never heard what they were called until I found this website. Thank you all so much for sharing. It makes me feel better to know that I’m not the only one with goofy thumbs!!!

  149. Amanda Says:

    Amanda K, I am also in Alabama and also of English/Irish decent! How weird is that??? Both of my thumbs are clubbed. Do any of you ever feel like they get a cramp in them? Like they need to be popped? Usually it’s only if I’ve been writing or typing for a while.

  150. Kathy Says:

    For Amanda

    Yes, i often get a “kink” in the upper joint and have to bend then to get the joint to unlock. It is a terrible sound and I often wonder if any damage is going on. My son also has two clubbed thumbs and his do the same. It usually happens if the thumb is in a straight position for a long time and the joint seems to lock. But, hey, I had the best luck one time. I found a nail technician that had the same thumbs! When I would have her do my nails, she did the best job. Sadly, she moved away. One time I went to a nail place where an Asian man was the technician and he actually said to me “what do I do with these?” What nerve! Oh well I love reading this site and I wish all of you a wonderful holiday, whatever it is! kathy t in Montana (stay warm)

  151. Amanda K Says:

    Wow Amanda, that’s crazy! Where in AL are you? I’m in Montgomery. I get that kink too. Its weird… I’ve never asked if the normal thumb people get it… I might have to make some inquiries….
    Kathy, I’ve pretty much given up on getting my nails done… they are pretty but it’s too much of a hastle to find some1 good and nice. Besides with a 7 month old short nails are more practical…. *sigh* maybe oneday.
    But I’m still stoked about my thumbs. They are a great ice breaker. Sure I get the bad “I’ve never seen any1 do that where their toes b4” jokes… lol… or the classic… “toes up” instead of thumbs up. but it’s all in good fun!

  152. Liza Says:

    my mom has the ‘thumbs’ and so do her brother and sister. they inherited them from their mom. for the info we’re Asian

    race – Malay
    country – Malaysia

  153. Mary Says:

    My mother and I both have the “thumbs”. I have felt the same as most of you about them. But as the years go by, I have learned to live with them, with pride. I tell everyone that ask, that they came from Queen Victory. I think that the way her name was spelled.

  154. Stephanie Says:

    Hey! I just found out last night that I have Brachydactyly Type D. All of my life I have tried to hide my “midget thumbs” as my friends have nicknamed them. I did some research last night and found that it’s a genetic trait that is supposed to be domninant among the family. However, no one in my family has my thumbs. I am anxious to see when I have children if they will have them. I have learned to deal with and now I am excited to know that there are other people that have these thumbs!

  155. Mary Says:

    Stephanie, I was the only child my mother had, that has the( most famous thumb). My brothers third daughter has them, and so does her daughter. Don’t hide them, show them off. When I was a child in grade school, my class mates laughted and made fun of them. God has blessed me in many was, so these thumbs don’t matter.
    Keep them in sight.

  156. Mariana Says:

    Hi everyone, I’m so happy I found this forum, I though I was the only self concious girl about my clubbed fingers, I was just searching and reading about them…I don’t like them, and I’ve been hiding them all along! But I guess i just have to deal with them.
    Does anybody know if there’s a cosmetic surgery, cause I’ve heard it doesn’t exist yet…
    Thanks for sharing!

  157. Mary Says:

    Hi Mariana, I don’t know of any cosmetic surgery, that deals with club thumbs. I don’t know why anyone would want to correct this, because somewhere down the line one of our children, or grandchildren will have these thumbs.

    You may want to check with a doctor that specializes in hand surgery. Anyway remember that we are among the special people, that could be of royal blood line.

  158. Lilsweetie Says:

    Wow! I am so glad I found this site! Both of my thumbs are clubbed and I think I started to be embarressed by them when I started going to school as I was teased and asked what was wrong w/ my thumbs. I usually always hide them behind my fingers because I am embarressed by them. I think most of my friends dont know I have them. Either that or they do and havent said anything. My Fiancee thinks they are cute, he loves them. (My newest fear is having them show in my wedding But I hate them so much and sometimes wonder how different my life would be if I wouldnt have these sometimes I restrict myself to do things because of my thumbs..Like someone else said, I panic if someone starts talking about thumbs or if someone wants to play “thumb wars”-I always decline at the fear of someone gawking at my thumbs. I have had people say they are cool though..I have 2 siblings and they have normal thumbs as do my parents. I only once saw a lady at a cash register with one clubbed thumb and once saw a girl in a class that all her fingers were clubbed (I guess thats worse then just the thumbs). Other then that, I have never met anyone or seen anyone else with my same thumbs. Thankfully my nieces and nephews dont have them and I really hope my children dont!! I think I will always hate them but I must learn to live with them. I envy those of you who are proud of them I wish I was too.

    I am of Eastern and Western European desent and I am also very artistic and love to do crafts and things with my hands. I dont know if that has anything do with it.

  159. Ashley Says:

    I have clubbed thumbs and I also know a guy who only has one clubbed thumb and the other is normal. It looks totally weird only having one clubbed thumb since I have two! My thumbs haven’t grown in awhile either. They are really small and for some reason really strong! lol

  160. Ania Says:

    what a coincidence ! i have clubbed thumbs too. I never hated them. when people asked what happened to my thumb i would say when i was small i got them stuck in a toaster… hence the deformation.

    lol. I know my grandfather has a clubbed thumb and HE WAS really excited when he saw that i inherited that from him.

    I know that my grandma and grandpa both lived in the same village… so i think a long time ago there might have been some sort of inbreeding… although i doubt that we were royalty.

    my country of origin is Armenia… .and i do believe my ancestors were armenian also… but i am not quiet sure.

    my thumb fascinates me. i have to know where it came from !!!

  161. JT Says:

    Hi Ania! Would you be willing to share a picture for the gallery?

    If so, please email me at


  162. Patti Says:

    I have leprechan thumbs and big toes which all turn up at the tip. I also have documented proof of descent from several lines of European royality. My children and grandchildren all have one or more clubbed digits.

    At one time I was told by an endocrinologist that this may be a lack of human growth hormone at a critical point during gestation but that no one was certain.

  163. Mary Says:

    Would you tell me what country you live in, and what European royality line you came from.

  164. Michael Says:

    I just wanted to say that I’m proud of my clubbed thumb. I think it is a wonderful unique feature that sets me apart from most people.

    I am of Hungarian and Polish descent and I live in Chicago.

    Does any know of any scholarships that you can receive for having such an amazing thumb?

  165. Mary Says:

    Michael, I dont now of any scholarships for amazing club thumbs. Why don’t we do some research. I could use a scholarship.

  166. Kate Says:

    Wow, I can’t believe there are so many fellow clubbers out there! I have one clubbed thumb on my left hand. I’ve always loved it though, I think it’s a cutie.. all stubby and small. Friends and family have teased me about it, but it’s all in good fun.
    I am a 25yr old American female. My ancestors are from Ireland, mainly. I think we have some Germans in there somewhere along the line as well.
    I’ve noticed that I have slight imperfections on the left side of my body… for instance, my left ear is a little pointy at the top and my right is rounded, i have a dimple in my left cheek and not in my right, and then of course, the left clubbed thumb. I’m not sure if these are relatable at all, but often wonder if other clubbers experience this.
    One more thing… my clubbed thumb feels like it needs to be cracked a lot. I don’t crack my knuckles… except for my clubbed thumb. It is (for some reason) comforting to see that other people experience this too! Although, sometimes I worry that this is a sign I will get arthritis in it or something.

  167. Mary Says:

    Don’t worry Kate, I don’t think you will get arthritis in your clubbed thumb.
    I had mine for a long time, and nothing like that are anything has happened.

  168. Dick Says:

    Like many others I am glad to have found this website….

    There will always be people in this world who will make insensitive unintelligent comments about things that are not perceived as “normal”.

    Both of my thumbs are clubbed. Growing up I never had any problems with people and their comments because I was very good at disguising my thumbs and I was a rather large male that probably whould have made a physical response to a negative comment. I was a three sport athlete. I often wondered if catching passes playing tight end on the football team was made more difficult with my thumbs.

    I realize it is easier for a male to deal with this problem. There was a girl at another high school that I knew who was the recipient of negative comments of because of her club thumbs. I never had the nerve to approach her for fear on having my thumbs exposed.

    It was never discussed in my family. My family just never discussed anything along personal lines. I don’t know of any of my relatives with this condition. My parents and my siblings do not have these thumbs. I once saw doctor, who was also the local TV “question and answer” doctor, for a basel cell skin problem that I was having. I got the nerve to ask him about my thumbs. His answer was that I must have sucked my thumbs excessively when I was young. That did it for me, no more inquires. I must say this was before the internet. The internet is an amazing thing.

    Yes for some strange reason I feel more at ease just knowing there are others out there who feel what I have felt.

  169. Mary Says:

    Dick, I have never thought of my clubb thumbs as being a condition. Somewhere down the line in your family someone had the clubb thumb.

  170. rachel Says:

    omg i have 2 clubbed thumbs, and neva knew what it was untill i saw this site!! omg!!! i am amazed i hav neva met anyone else with these thumbs either!! lolz
    i am from north west england, and i have always had these thumbs. my thumbs have neva been an issue, they dnt bother me and people rarely notice them,and most of my family probbaly dnt even know i have them!
    none of my family have clubbed thumbs at all!! however, my mother was always unsure why my thumbs were diffrent.
    i am concerned now tho cuz i hav read that clubbed thumbs can be linked to a lot of health problems?!?!?
    like lung cancer and heart problems?!?! = (
    my health has always been quite good (touch wood)
    is this true???

  171. Mary Says:

    Rachel, I don’t know who told you that Clubbed Thumbs were linked to a lot of health problems. I’am old enough to know, as of right known i’ve had no major health issues.

    It looks as if people from all over the world have these Clubb Thumbs. I am from Louisiana. I live in Bush, Louisiana, that is about a 1 hour drive from New Orleans. It would be interesting to have a get together with all the people with Clubbed Thumbs.

    Anways, don’t worry yourself, with health issues.

  172. Andrea Says:

    WOW! a site full of murderers thumbs! Hooray!
    I have one on my left hand. My 3 sisters and I all have them.
    I once saw a girl in Ikea with one and got very excited, she said she was an artist and thought that it was some sort of female artist trait. Could be since me and my 3 sisters are all artists. The only thing Ive ever head about it is that it was a “trait” supposedly of murderers back in the day hence the name “murderers thumb”. I like it and I think its funny when my friends want to see it.

  173. Andrea Says:

    I should add my info:
    Age: 26
    nationality – Hungarian, dutch tid bit of Spanish some native American.
    The THUMB is on the left side my right thumb is “normal” and YES it is an amazing ice breaker. I can shake my eyes too that freaks people out I love it! Nothing else is too abnormal I have tiny fingers and toes to begin with and my head is petite.
    I see most people have it on the left side that is very interesting!

  174. Mike Says:

    Thanks Andrea. I love your positive attitude. Something I have never had. I think it’s about time I change my attitude.

  175. Jay Says:

    Hi! I think that we should all put our age and thumb width as info… This is a clubbed thumb information site so comparison is a way to more information : Me I’m 30yo Male and my thumbs are 20mm each (0.78 inch) … What about all of you?
    Jay 🙂

  176. LadyRed Says:

    I too have the thumbs (both) in looking at the pics from the photobucket I have to say mine are as bad as I thought. I get my nails done so them look a bit longer and not as noticeable – yet growing up with them was hard. My father and all (3) his off spring have the thumbs (both) so I guess to us we knew there was others out there. I know lots of people with them also and some with only the one, so there are a lot of us out there. Still yet I catch myself wondering why me – who knows maybe they will save my life one day. The family no biggie they have worse things going on with their looks alone than to worry about my thumbs.

    By the way has anyone (over 30 anyway) noticed “Mrs. C” from “Happy Day’s” she has the thumbs too – that is when realized I wasn’t the only one. Thanks for the site I never knew what these thumbs were called til now – finally a name behind these weird phalanges.

  177. Mary Says:

    That is a good idea listed below is my Clubbed thumb information:

    65 years old female
    Both thumbs are of the same size and clubbed-(refer to the snap shot at the top of this page, that is what my thumbs look like)
    Nationality American, English, Irish and a tad bit of Native American Indian.
    Hobbies, sailing, gardening, art (water color)singing with church choir

  178. LadyRed Says:

    Oops I noticed some typo’s – as saying looking at the pics from the photobucket my thumbs are NOT as bad as I thought. I guess I just need to deal with it more openly and hey at least we have some (thumbs that is) I have seen people that have missing fingers. Oh and most that I have seen with clubbed thumbs are mainly Hispanics. Keep the info coming this really helps with the self esteem.

  179. Jay Says:

    Mary, you forgot thumb width lol… Mine are 20mm wide (0.78 inch) each… Larger than a penny but thinner than a nickel if it can help…

  180. Mike Says:

    I have two club thumbs. About 1 inch width. I am 6’3”; 64 year old American with English and Irish ties. My thumbs seem to crack a lot. I am still looking for a realative with club thumbs. I just recentely told my older brother about my thumbs. He had never realized I had club thumbs. I was very good disquising them…………

  181. Rachel Says:

    Hi everyone. I have two clubbed thumbs, and would also like to know where there trait comes tends to come from. I am of (mainly) Dutch, Irish, French, and Cherokee descent. I was told by my mother that I have royalty on her side of the family, but as far as I can tell I received the trait from my dad’s side (his sister has them too). I’ll try to get a picture of them for you as soon as I can. Hope my info helped.

  182. Izzy Says:

    I am so envious of you all and how you are proud of your thumbs! I struggle ever day of my life. I am 17 and hate my thumb. Only 1 left hand. I have never had anyone notice but, live each day hiding it. Any suggestions on overcoming this fear of mine? I am glad that I am not alone. 🙂

  183. Mary Says:

    Hi Izzy,
    You are only 17, please take my advise, don’t waste another second, being ashamed or trying to hide your thumbs. Life is to precious, to worry about small stuff. This is a 65 year old tell you this.

    These thumbs we have are for only the special people of the world. We are all smart, come from great backgrounds, and can achieve anything.
    Please don’t hide them, talk to your friends and family, make it the topic of your conversation. You can even make you own story up. Make it a good one.

    Hope this helps.

  184. Julie Says:

    wow, I was suprised that there are so many ppl who have clubbed thumbs. I did’nt know my weird thumbs have a scientific name. I read the comments from a lots of Europeans and it makes me feel weird that the thumbs also called “European thumbs”. so far, I have no connection with the royal european. I am Korean and my grandma on my dad’s side had clubbed thumbs(my dad said she had clubbed fingers). Since my grandma passed away, I think I am the only one who has clubbed thumbs among all of my family and relatives. I am cool with my cute thumbs so far, because whenever older ppl see my thumbs, I get positive comments. In general, the clubbed thumb-person is believed to be artistic, diligent and handy. sadly, in my case, I am not artistic(a little bit, I am not good at studio art, but study art history), diligent(my rooms is a pigpen), handy(my stuffs are always broken). But I am obstinate and optimistic.

    I have been doing research about the thumbs. there are some Korean celebrities having the clubbed thumbs. and I found out that people from some certain region in Korea have a high frequency of the clubbed thumbs.
    again, glad to find this website!

  185. Jack Says:

    Hi Julie.
    Can you name a few of the Korean celebs you mentioned? Thanx in advance, Jack

  186. Mike Says:

    Loved your comments. I tell everyone that people with clubbed thumbs have an extememly high IQ and above average athletic ability……….

  187. Mary Says:

    Why don’t we have a clubs thumb celebration. I live about one hour from New Orleans, Louisiana, and we are always have some kind of celebration.
    Next month I think the Northshore will have the Strawberry festival. My spelling is awful, I know, to bad this sit don’t have spell check. My area of the country just finished the big festival of the year. If anyone of you know about New Orleans, you know what festival I am talking about.

    Anyway, I think it would be neat.

  188. Em Says:

    Hello fellow toe-thumbers!!

    I LOVE my toe thumbs, and I’m really proud of them. My grandma had them too, so I feel they’re a precious link to her. When I have kids the first thing I’ll check is their thumbs: both my partner and I really hope they’ll inherit them. (He loves my toe-thumbs, as have all my previous partners… they all thought they were ‘cute’, hmm.)

    I’m a primary school teacher, and I use my toe-thumbs to teach the kids about how unique and special we all are: they love it.


    PS: Can we lose the term ‘murderers thums’ please? It feels very negative! 🙂

    xxx Em

  189. Rosie Says:

    Hi! Just found this site, also only just found out that my weird fat little thumbs actually had a name! I was told it was because I bite my nails.
    I’m Scottish on my Dad’s side, South African on my Mum’s. My Dad always says that we’re somehow distantly related to the Stuart royals so perhaps that’s where the inbreeding came in!
    No one else in my family has them, I have no health problems at all, and was only very mildly embarrassed by them growing up. Izzy, don’t sweat the small stuff, it’s really very small. My mates were all merciless teases and I only got a very tiny amount of stick about the thumbs. Just think about all the big noses, bushy eyebrows, squinty eyes and weak chins out there, everyone’s got their little cross to bear.

  190. Michelle Says:

    Hi! A comment in the “Dear Prudence” article on led me to Google my thumb condition, and I found this site. The only term I had ever heard was “murderer’s thumb” so I’m very happy to hear of many other names. I think I’ll go with “royal thumbs”. Both of my thumbs are clubbed. As a child I recall being a little self-conscious about them, but most of the time as an adult I forget that they are even different than most people’s.
    I am intrigued to hear that others are particularly good at thumb wrestling. I personally have found that my shorter thumbs are a detriment in a thumb war because I can’t reach them around and hook the other person’s thumb. False nails don’t fit on them, but that doesn’t matter to me as I wouldn’t wear them anyway. My gloves always have some extra material flopping around on the thumbs. Other than those three minor things, I am pretty happy with them!
    My toes are also pretty short–anyone else have that quality as well?

  191. Ali Says:

    Hey, I’m 16 years old and love my thumbs! Yes, my friends do make fun of me, but i go along with it and joke myself. I am not embarrassed or hide my thumbs because It makes me unique and different from everyone else. I’m surprised of how many people have them! I thought i was one of only a few. If there’s any more information of where it originated that would be greatttt.

  192. Joan Says:

    I have a “clubbed thumb” on my right hand, or what my friends like to call my “toe thumb.”
    None of my parents have this trait, nor do 3/4 of my grandparents, I never met one of them.
    I am from Canada.

  193. Walter Says:

    Wow, I thought I was the only person with one “fat thumb.” Until now, I believed that thumb-sucking caused the condition. Personally, I’d like to straighten out my thumb. The fat thumb is a “high maintenance” finger. When the nail grows out, it just doesn’t look as symmetrical as the other thumb. So, I prefer to keep it trimmed. I have two brothers–one brother has double “fat thumbs” and the other brother’s thumbs are long and straight. Both of his thumbs are much fatter than my one fat thumb. Growing up, I used to tease him about his thumbs, saying they’re good for pressing-in thumb tacks. Even today, he doesn’t like them noticed…he hides them behind the steering wheel when he drives. Also, I was taken aback when I worked at a jewelry store several years ago. A Hispanic man came in to buy a watch. His thumbs were gigantic. Strangely enough, I felt relieved that mine weren’t that big. I’ve seen a few women with double fat thumbs as well. I think men have the advantage because we are not going to want to grow out the nail. A long painted, fat thumb nail just doesn’t look sexy. I don’t mean to be offensive…this is done in good humor. I guess, because I have one long thumb and one short thumb, it is okay for me to say which of the two I prefer 😉

  194. Mary Says:

    Hi Walter,
    Now come on Walter, who the heck ever thought about thumbs as sexy.
    My husband don’t have a problem with this, both of my thumbs are club.
    We have been married for 42 years, the thumb issue has never been a problem. So just get over it. Yes, you did offend me, I can’t speek for the other ladies, but yes you did.

  195. Sean Says:

    I saw someone earlier mentioned Brachydactyly Type D. That is exactly what you all are describing here. The general brachydactyly family of developmental conditions is one that involves problems with the normal layout of the digits during development. It has been shown (though there have not been any studies in over a decade) that this is genetic. It shows complete penetrance in women and does not always show in men even if they possess the gene. Also, about 3/4 of individuals have this on both hands and 1/4 on one. Hope that helps…p.s. i have it on one and im gonna be a doctor!

  196. David Says:

    What is the probability of Brachydactyly Type D occuring in the USA? What is the probability in the general population of the world?

  197. Jason T Says:


    I have heard about 1 in 1000.

  198. Leigh Says:

    Wow, I never realized so many people had thumbs like mine! I have always been embarrassed by it and thought it was a freak occurrence. I have only one, on my right hand, and once I am comfortable around people it’s always amusing to show them the normal one and the short one side by side 😉

    I am 28, Female, French Canadian, and live in the US.

  199. Leyla Says:

    Hello, I have two toe thumbs, and my middle finger on my right hand is also abnormally wide! My parents do not have toe thumbs, and I dont know if my grandparents did, but I do have a sister with one normal thumb and one toe thumb. I think I am actually better off than she is because both of my thumbs are the same! I live in California, my mother is Moroccan and my father is originally from Indiana of European descent. I dont know if I got my trait from my mother or fathers side, but if the trait is from inbreeding, that could have been possible from my Arab or European ancestry. So this website is fun, I will continue to read, thanks!

  200. J T Says:


    Do you happen to have any pics? I’m curious to see what your wide middle finger looks like!

  201. Jami Says:

    OMG!!!! I have never looked into this until now. I’m 40 years old and have ALWAYS been embarrassed by my thumbs. Most people, even some of my friends, don’t even realize I have short thumbs because I have become so skilled at hiding them. Last week, I was presenting in front of a group and one person in the group said something about my thumbs in front of the whole group. I went to my office and cried. I thought I had grown out of the “caring what other people think” phase, but guess not. Thank you, thank you, thank you for starting this. This is the first time in FOREVER that I’ve felt OK about my thumbs.

  202. Sofia Says:

    Hi my mother has both her thumbs “clubbed” whilste my aunt has just her right thumb clubbed. My mothers aunt also had clubbed thumbs. Since then there have been no further cases in the family. As far as 1889
    my mothers family came from the north of Portugal. There might be a french link as Napoleon’s army invaded Portugal in the early 1800s.

  203. Diana Says:

    I have never seen so many people with clubbed thumbs in my entire life. I have actually never met anyone besides me, my father and grandmother who has had them. I’m 21 and am half Korean and half white (pretty much a mutt). My dad is white and I get it from him. I have always been super ashamed of my thumbs and was never comfortable with them. Even as I’m typing this, I am hiding my thumbs as best as I can (out of habit I suppose). I feel as though I was kind of robbed out of my childhood because I was always the odd man out and the center of everybody’s jokes. I’m an adult and people still have problems with my thumbs, which doesn’t help my insecurities. I do whatever I can to hide them at all times. I’m probably the only one that would actually get reconstructive surgery on both of my thumbs. If anyone has information on anything regarding this please let me know.

  204. JT Says:


    Sorry to hear that you don’t like your thumbs. As far as sugery goes, someone else said they looked into it once, but was told it can’t be done because of nerve location.

  205. michael Says:

    Diana & Jami,

    I too don’t like my clubbed thumbs.
    I am also very good at hiding my thumbs. My family has an irish background and we have always been very private with our personal feelings and expressions. I just recently told my older brother about my thumbs and he is 66. He had no idea. Now that’s a good hide job. Next week I am going to tell my baby sister.

    The world can be cruel sometimes. People can be so insensitive. That will never change. We can only change how we deal with it. It is not easy. This website has been so cathartic for me. Thank God for the internet and people like you who express themselves to the world……

  206. Melissa Says:

    Wow, I had no idea so many people have these thumbs. Both of mine are clubbed and I’ve hated it my whole life. When I was young I was taunted. I’m 30 now and haven’t heard anyone comment on them for about 7 years now. I always hide them so that’s perhaps why. I really wanted to pursue acting at one point but became horrified at the idea that the camera would catch them or I would be ridiculed in a world (acting or modeling) where every detail is criticized. More recently I wanted to pursue teaching, but once again, writing on a chalk board is very conspicuous and students can be who knows. I’m actually about to start guitar lessons tomorrow and am soooo nervous that the teacher will think I’m a freak over them. All focus is on the placement of my hands of course.

    With respect to my background, I’m part English, Scottish and a bit of Irish. I have red hair and am extremely artistic. I’ve made a career out of my ability to be creative actually. I’ve seen mention of this in other posts which I thought was interesting. My grandma seemed to have these thumbs, although grew her nails long so they didn’t look as bizarre.

    If I could have surgery done to change them I would in a heart beat. Unfortunately, there is a major vein that runs to the thumb, plus the bone is obviously larger and would need shaving or something, so the chances of doing permanent damage through a surgical procedure seem quite high in my opinion.

    My big toes are wider then other girls but not strange looking. And yes, I as well really really disliked 7-up in school. 🙂

  207. Jami Says:

    It’s funny that others mention the reconstructive surgery. That is how I found this site, while looking into reconstructive surgery. Doesn’t sound like it is worth the risk. Melissa, I too have red hair and am very creative. It is interesting to read some of the similarities in everyone throughout the posts. My background is Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and French. I will continue to come back here as it gives me a small bit of comfort every so often. Thanks to all.

  208. Berenice Says:

    Well my english is not perfect but i will try to write here.
    I´m from Mexico and I´m 14 years old.
    i have clubbed thumbs my dad and my grandpa have clubbed thumbs too.
    I really want to Thank you for this blog I always felt bad because of my fingers and now I know that I´m not the only one =) it makes me happy.
    People feel bad about their thumbs because they feel weird because they feel like there is no one like them like alone besides the horrible comments the “normal-thumb-finger-people” do
    Everyone should feel happy because this Super Blog show us that other people has the same thumb finger so it´s a commun finger because other people has it ^u^
    So people that makes bad comments doesn´t know how commun this finger is… their comments are like “oh my god her hair is curly or like OMG!! look at her hair is silver!!” hehe or look his shoes are color turquoise!!! o-O
    ^^ if you dont like your fingers well let me tell you that I LOVE YOUR FINGERS!!! I REALLY DO I LOVE YOUR FINGERS!!! I LOVE MINE TOO ^^
    Sorry for my bad writting I`m still learning english ^^ one day I´ll speak and write english perfectly 🙂
    BE HAPPYYYY!! ^^

  209. Emma Says:

    Both my thumbs and middle fingers are clubbed same with sister, only 2/5 have it and none of my parents have it..i feel pretty self consious about it get picked on in school about it..but i dont really care theyre unique

  210. Marie Says:

    Hi! I need the picture of a female with large thumb (it will stay anonymous) near a ruler so we can clearly see the width for an new and small acrylic nail company that want a picture in their business plan… The thumb must be larger than an inch or 25mm… Just include your age with the e-mail… Send your pics at
    Thank you very much in advance! Things are looking great for clubbers who needs acrylic nails it seems!

  211. me Says:

    Sanaa Lathan also has clubbed thumbs! Im also curious as to why some people only have 1 clubbed thumb where others like myself have both??

  212. me Says:

    Hey its me again, after reading most of these comments i realized that most people seem to be really disappointed with their thumbs to the point of considering surgery. Personally i think that is drastic and unnecessary. I am 24 years old and have always been self conscious of my thumbs but never too embarrassed to try to hide them. Its too much effort, besides no one even notices your hands on a regular basis. The rest of my fingers are really nice and its interesting because i get complimented on my nails all the time so i just say thank you and keep it moving. I’m not sure if they notice my thumb or not but either way I take the compliments. Newayz my main point is that i get my nails done all the time. Sometimes i get acrylics and other times I don’t. This one lady at a salon in Miami told me that she gets women with thumbs like me all the time and they keep coming back because she has a technique to narrow the nail so it doesn’t look as wide. If you have short nails this wont work but if your nails grow long like mines then it works wonders. Ask your salon professional to file both sides of your thumb till the nail is narrow and you’ll be satisfied, I guarantee it! Hope this helps! Embrace your thumbs, its really not a big deal!!

  213. lilsweetie Says:

    “Me” where is this salon in Miami? I live near Miami I would be interested.
    I see what you are saying about embracing your thumbs but I am too “damaged” so to speak. I am and will probably continue to be embarrassed by them…unfortunately.

  214. Jess Says:

    Wow, I never realized that my clubbed thumb was even called “clubbed thumb”! I never knew that other people has this! And I’m almost 32! My left thumb is clubbed and my right is normal. My friends used to tease me and some still do but it honestly doesn’t bother me. I do feel better knowing that I’m not the only one! No one in my family has it and my son did not inherit it so I guess I am an enigma in my family!

  215. JT Says:

    For those interested, check out the “clubbed thumb society” on facebook too! It’s now linked to the clubbed thumb gallery that I’ve been working on. Now over 310 pics!

  216. Vera Says:

    Hi! Both my thumbs are clubbed, I am a 26 years old female and have always been self conscious of my thumbs but in a good way, considering them as a special/unique/funny feature. I never tryed to hide them and nobody seems to notice them. I am the only one I know in my family with this trait (I have no pictures from ancestors of my grandparents to test it). My family is from a small town in Portugal (no royal blood in known in the family, but about inbreeding, my mother’s parents are first cousins). I though this was a rare trait untill I found this site. I was 18 years old when I met the only girl I know with thumbs like me.
    Now and then I also feel the cramps in my thumbs, just like the join is locked and it only unlocks after a forced crack. Besides that I feel no limitations with my thumbs (although after reading the posts I realize that sometimes my thumbs also gets stuck in scissors hole). I am obstinate, with some artistic vein (drawing/painting) and have no complains about intelligence level, but I believe that my thumbs shape in particular has nothing to do with it.
    Since my parents don’t have the trait, I suppose the idea that this is a recessive genetic trait makes more sense. It also appears to be a neutral trait when considering its biological benefits or disadvantages, and this explains why it seems much more frequent that all of us expected, poping up here and there and being transmitted to descendents without being to much noticed.
    For those who feel bad about their clubbed thumbs, don’t let this tiny detail to afect your life, accept it as a “normal” and harmless herited mutation and you will realize that people around you will not notice it at all.

  217. Dee Says:


    I also have them. 27yr female. I have always been self conscious and hid them. I moved to Israel, and noticed a lot more people here have them than compared to the US or Canada (where I’m originally from). The main problem I see with them is…BOWLING. The thumbs don’t fit comfortably in the holes. Oh, and I can’t wear fake nails.

  218. Marie Says:

    Hi again! Since my previous doesn’t work anymore, I make this repost with the new e-mail to send your pics… Here it is : I need the picture of a female with large thumb (it will stay anonymous) near a ruler so we can clearly see the width for an new and small acrylic nail company that want a picture in their business plan… The thumb must be larger than an inch or 25mm… Just include your age with the e-mail… Send your pics at Thank you very much in advance! Things are looking great for clubbers who needs acrylic nails it seems!

  219. Bella Says:

    I wear fake nails ALL the time.

    They have SO many different sizes it’s crazy!!!

    I mean, you would have to go get them done, you can’t just buy them from a store and do them yourself because I can never find one big enough for my thumb.

    P.S. I have only ONE clubbed thumb…weird huh? I thought I was messed up lol Until I heard about Megan Fox and then I finally found out that I wasn’t alone.

    I still hate my thumb….but at least I know I’m not alone.

  220. Rosa Says:

    I have also heard them called Gypsy thumbs…anyone else here have Roma or gypsy heritage???

  221. Sara Says:

    OMG i’m so happy! I’m almost 20 and I’ve only met like 2 or 3 people who have toe thumbs like me! I didn’t know that a bunch of people have this I just thought i was unlucky. I’m not gonna lie though I do wish I had pretty long thumbs like other people. But it’s cool ’cause people marvel at my thumbs all the time. Like, they’ll call their friends over and be like “Check out her thumbs they look like toes. Cool.” 🙂

    Anyways idk why were sharing info but I’m 64 inches, brown hair, gray eyes. real tan. french. arabian. italian. russian. canadian. polish. greek. jewish. i forgot what else. i’m a mutt. and i don’t feel like writing in caps anymore. we should have a chatroom…

  222. Ash Says:

    I’m the only one in my family with short thumbs. To me they are so normal. It wasn’t until like high school that I actually realized how short they were. The first other person who really noticed was my sister. She has long fingers and thumbs and she’s taller than me too. She just noticed them one day and was so surprised. My boyfriend doesn’t mind at all. His thumbs bend back really far so I guess we’re both weird-thumbed. My pinkie is also very short… but it’s more like it starts too far down my hand. I would be interested to see an X-ray of my hand! I played flute in middle school and my teacher was ALWAYS scolding me for letting my pinky fall of the key at the end of the flute. It was really uncomfortable for me to keep my pinky up like that though. Maybe if he hadn’t been such a grumpy old man he would have noticed I wasn’t lazy, my hands just weren’t ideal for flute. I never got teased… maybe no one noticed my thumbs or maybe my attitude made me not worth teasing (I always just smiled and didn’t care what people said). Bowling is hard though. I’ll do well at first but then my thumb really starts to hurt because it gets stuck in the ball. Sometimes the joints in my thumbs feel tight, but I just give them a good crack and they’re fine. I crack all my fingers from time to time. I grow my nails a little long but I’ve never had fake nails or anything. I kick butt at thumb war! I love playing video games except the + shaped button always feels too small to me. I hate texting though (maybe more because I see it as a representation of what I dislike about my generation). I’m 22, American and my background is Irish and German, with a little bit of French and Scottish and Native American even. It seems to me that this is just a harmless genetic thing.

  223. Lanumms Says:

    I had clubbed thumbs on both of my hands until i was 10. I was playing dodge-ball in gym, when the ball was kicked at me and my left thumb was broken on a growth plate (as a result of trying to catch the ball). Needless to say after 8 weeks of having a fiberglass cast (that included a little thumb tunnel) i had my cast removed and i noticed right away that my thumb looked different. Along with all the nails on my left hand growing rapidly during those eight weeks, my thumb had changed shape into looking like a “normal” thumb. Pretty weird. So now my left thumb is taller and narrow and the right is short and wide. I’m wondering if my breaking it along the growth plate had acted as a catalyst to make it grow differently.

  224. Melissa Says:

    I am 26 years old and I have “clubbed thumbs” “hammer thumbs” “ET thumbs” “Toe thumbs”…people get very creative. When people frequently say “oh my god look at your thumbs” I quickly reply that I played too much Nintendo when I was younger and their response is “Really!?!?”. I have become less and less self concious of my thumbs, I’ve learned to accept them but only after asking hand surgeons about getting them fixed and there is nothing they can do, there are too many nerves. They have definintely become a part of me and my friends and family love them. Now knowing that Megan Fox has them everyone will be jealous. I still hide my thumbs when I can, especially on the NYC subways when everyone is holding onto the pole I always tuck my thumb in. I always look at people’s thumbs and it is a great conversation starter on the rare times when you find another clubbed thumb. I agree with all the others about playing 7-Up when I was younger but I too was great at thumb war. Texting isn’t very easy and I don’t think I would be good with an I Phone. I never give people the thumbs up and my thumb occasionaly would get stuck in a bowling ball. Someone mentioned their mom custom made them mittens, so funny because I always have a floppy thumb in gloves. I could go on and on about my thumbs and I find it hysterical to read such relatable stories.

    I am a jewish female living in NYC and I am the only one (that I’m aware of) in my family with “the thumbs”. My backround is Eastern European (Russian, Hungarian & Lithuanian).

  225. Fernando Says:

    Wow, i tought i was alone at this…both my thumbs are like this, my wife makes fun of my because with my children i always make thumbs up and she tells me to do it correctly.

    But I’m used to it. again i tell them, to much nintendo. But my mother has this, as well as an aunt and a grandparent.

    I live in Mexico, Tijuana to be exact right next to the border to San Diego, and guess. I’m not alone, and now that i know that Megan Fox has them, well at least i know i have something in common with a superstar (oh that and the pooping and eating and sleeping thing also).

    I do hide my thumbs from time to time, but i just have gotten used to it and now that i’m older i have gotten used to it.

  226. SK Says:

    Hello everyone! I also have clubbed thumbs, on both hands. I was really self-conscious about them when I was younger, always hiding them, oh you know… but I love them now! I also remember that when I was around 10yo I saw a lady in a bus with such thumbs and I wanted desperately to ask her if she knew anything about it. No one I knew had it, no one in my family. Only when I started college did I see another girl with such thumbs. Anyway, I’m 24, female, dark-haired, live in Serbia and of Serbian/Sephardi(Spanish Jew) descent.

  227. Misty Says:

    It is so funny to hear everybodys stories cause some of our experiences are the same. I can relate to the thumb getting stuck in the bowling ball, and the floppy thumb at the end of the glove. We are all like the best at thumb wars, those little thumbs are strong. A good friend of mine also said they are great when giving a massage because they are so strong. It is funny cause friends you have had your whole life will like look at your hand one day and be like “wow I didn’t know your thumbs looked like that”, so I think we are more self concious sometimes than we should be. I guess it takes a gorgeous famous person to make it the next “hot” body part to have.
    I am a 34 year old American, I have black hair and brown eyes. I was born in Florida. The only other person in my family that has them is my cousin and she has blond hair and blue eyes so go figure.

  228. M. Says:

    I never actually thought my thumb was different until very recently (I’m 29 years old). I thought that everyone else’s thumbs looked like mine. No one ever pointed it out to me growing up, and I was never really teased about it, so I guess I was lucky. I don’t know of anyone else who has our kind of thumb, so it’s nice to see all the comments from other people who have them. By the way, I’m 100% Korean, and no one else in my family (immediate/extended) has them.

  229. Erica Says:

    I also have “mutant thumbs” as my husband calls them. I have even worse big toes — they are so wide. I saw someone else mention about fake nails…once I tried to get them for my wedding and they took one look and told they didn’t have anything wide enough.

    For the most part I just joke about I have a major hitchhiker’s thumb too so I can really keep my thumb aside for “thumb wars” 😉

    It is difficult though to get my hands wrapped around a large jar or something…I just can’t get a good grip.

    However, it’s just something that’s part of me and I can’t change it. It’s just interesting to see how many others out there have the same “condition.” My dad has a slight case, but mine is a lot more severe.

    Thumbs up to everyone!! 😉

    • Marie Says:

      @Erica : Hi Erica! Since I still haven’t receive one I’m asking it to you… I need the picture of a female with large thumb (it will stay anonymous) on a ruler so we can precisely see the width for an new and small acrylic nail company that want a picture in their business plan… The thumb must be larger than an inch or 25 mm… Send your pics at I still have like 2 months to have it so i would be gentle of you (or anyone else reading this) to help me with this since every women with large thumbs could finally wear appropriate acrylic nails. 🙂


  230. Elaine Says:


    its like reading my life story!!!
    ive always hidden my thumbs away so noone would see them but people always notice.i think the best response ive ever had to them was a boy in my art class who said they wre magical thumbs that made me awesome at drawing hehehe.apart from that everyone else is quite nasty about it and i get a little sensitive to remarks about it.

    leighton meester has them too and ive seen loads of people with the same.people on the bus,at my sisters graduation,on a school trip,even someone at my work has thumbs like mine.

    anyways,im scottish (the woman at my work is northern irish) my left thumb is also double jointed and i get crampy too 😦

  231. Laura Turner Says:

    good day to you all!
    I am 56 and have a right clubbed thumb. My mother said it was from sucking my thumb (which I did until I went to first grade and decided to stop). I felt like I had disfigured myself, so I was a bit secretive about my thumb. When I was in my 30’s, during a pre-employment physical the doctor told me excitedly “you have a Hapsburg thumb” and that it was genetic. I didn’t know what to think; now maybe it wasn’t my fault after all! A couple of years ago I did a search for “Hapsburg” anything and came up with nothing, so perhaps that doctor had meant Hippocratic thumb. But after I saw him (20 yr ago) I started joking that I had a recessive gene from royalty. Until I met a woman 10 yr ago who had a right stubby thumb I had never met anyone else (perhaps they were hiding their hands). I fortunately wasn’t teased too badly and my heart goes out to those of you who were.

    I do not believe that is is a “genetic” explanation nor an inbreeding one. I suspect that birth trauma is closer to the truth. How does that sound to the rest of you? Most births are far from gentle, and the infants or children never get a chiropractic/osteopathic correction. I had a very difficult birth, although I never heard that I had the cord around my neck (that may be true but I think my mother would have known that). I was delivered with forceps, I’ve had health challenges all my life, and my chiropracter ascribes my current neck problems to the forceps delivery. I suspect that the thumb may be due to a neck vertebrae misalignment that causes nerve interference….

    for the record, my father was American of English heritage (400 yr ago), and my mother is of Scottish and unknown descent (she was orphaned as a child so we don’t know too far back).

  232. Freddy McKie Says:

    My daughter has one, my wife has two, her mother had two, her mother’s mother had two. It’s GENETIC, no doubt about it.

  233. Kelly Says:

    Both my younger sister and I have clubbed thumbs (symmetrical). Because of this we has always assumed that it was genetic. I didn’t see another person with this trait until I was 20. A new friend and I were talking and we both noticed it at the same time. “You have my thumbs!” we both shouted at the same time. There is something exciting about knowing that you are not the only one(s). So far, I’ve met two other people with this trait (outside of my baby sis), but that may be because I live in a large city.

    I can relate to a lot of the stories above. I hated my thumbs when I was a teenager because I wanted to have really pretty nails and mine were funny shaped. Now I don’t mind so much. And yes, I too have gotten my thumb stuck in a bowling ball.

  234. SaraAnn Says:

    I’m 16 years old. And live in Washington, US. This forum has really made me a bit happier. My best friend knows I have them and she never really brings it up. But the other day at school, this boy (i liked him too!) grabbed my nail polish that i was holding. Then he said, let my paint your nail. Instintly I put out my thumb. And he just ranted on how weird my thumbs were. And then showed off my thumbs to everyone. Quite a few people have done this, and it’s SOOO embarassing! And Oh the nicknames! Most recent was Shrek thumbs. Then there’s hammer thumbs, cartoon thumbs, and shovel thumbs. I also get those cramped joints, not very often though. I have clubbed thumbs on both hands, and my left middle finger is clubbed also. No one in my family has these.

  235. Deanna Says:

    Dude, seriously i’ve always been ridiculed about my thumb. I have clubbed thumb on my left hand only and my right is of normal size. My mom always said that it was a special gift god gave me, but that was a typical mother response to a “deformity”. After years of hating my thumbs and hiding them under the rest of my hand I finally accepted that this is MY thumb and quite frankly I love it!!! I never knew there were others that had this out there (quite naive) I’m excited to know that there are others

    Ps. the fact that Megan Fox has it makes me feel a bit happy lol yeah i know crazy,

    pss. Yay! i’m not the only one!

  236. michael Says:

    I do enjoy reading all the comments from everyone. I can relate to all of them………..

    I have always wondered if having club thumbs has been an asset in my playing golf. I am a Par golfer and I can only sumise that my golf grip has been firmly secured by my thumbs. My grip certainly hasn’t hindered by my thumbs.
    One thing that has happened with my left thumb. From playing so much golf a bone spur/callous has developed on my left thumb making it even look wider that it normally would be.

    Also when I was young I never could shoot “marbles”. I don’t know if this was because of my thumbs or just lack of talent.

    Keep the comments coming…………

  237. Shella Says:

    Hello to fellow clubbers! I also have a clubbed thumb my right to be exact. I was so glad to find this site because I thought I was the only one who got this thumb. I actually saw Megan Fox thumb and thought, Wow! We have the same thumb. I always asked my Mother how come my thumb are not the same. She always tells me that I was born like that. The thing is, most of you here have European descent. I’m an Asian.

  238. Olivia Says:

    Yes, I have them as well. I got them from my father; my older sister has them too. My two other siblings were spared from this genetic mutation – LOL. I’ve been keeping a close eye on my daughters to see if they will inherit this genetic condition; it seems my eldest daughter has it too – she’s now 8 years old. She has been asking me about it too lately. I have told her that I got it from my dad and she got it from me. I have also explained that she has two unique and beautiful looking thumbs. I hope it doesn’t bother her when she grows older or if others bother her about it. I am also glad I found this site; it does make me feel better that there are others out there with this same condition. I only researhed this topic after I found out on TMZ that Megan Fox has clubbed thumbs and was lucky to have stumbled here. Well here is some information about me:
    I was born in Syria and both parents are middle eastern too. My middle fingers have short nail beds (slightly clubbed looking).

  239. Chrissy Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs and it has never been a real problem for me in my life. No one in my immediate family has them, but I had never noticed them to be really different. Friends from school used to comment on them, but no one has ever teased me about it. I didn’t know it was a real abnormality until I ran across this site. I’m proud of my thumbs now that I realize that they are different and unique.

    Power to the clubbed thumbs!!!

  240. Pegleeruss Says:

    Wow, I was just reading an article online about Megan Fox having something called a “clubbed thumb”. When I saw the photo, I thought, “hey that looks just like my baby thumb.” I’ve always hated it. Someone in high school told me it was caused by sucking on your thumb as a child. Which I did until I was 3 years old. I have one clubbed thumb. It’s on the left hand. Other than that I’ve been pretty normal looking physically 5’4″ and slender. My legs are longer than my torso.

    I am half asian and half caucasion. My dad’s family is from England, Scotland, and, Wales. My mother is Vietnamese and Chinese. Since I am the only one in my family that has the clubbed thumb. I really don’t know which side I inherited it from. I have to note, that I am also very good at art. In high school I was in gifted program for kids that were artistic. I can paint, draw, and sculpt and am very good at photography. My dad is also artistic. Does anyone else have very flat palms? I also have this and have noticed that there are not too many people with flat palms. There is very little fat in my hands, its more muscle than fat . My dad has hands like that too. He thinks we came from crafts people who work with their hands. I am also very mechanically inclined and can build just about anything by hand just by looking at an example.

    Either way, I am glad to have found your website and read about everyone’s clubbed thumb experiences. It was quite entertaining to read. I wasn’t aware this was a genetic trait. BTW, I live in the USA, but was born in Vietnam.

  241. Elisa Says:

    I too have two clubbed thumbs, apparently rather pronounced compared to the pictures posted here! I’m surprised to hear that it is a genetic trait; no one else in my family has them to my knowledge, certainly not in my immediate family. I always told people I got them from repeatedly smashing my thumbs in the double-hung doors that were in my childhood preschool. I know that’s not true but until now had no other explanation.
    I’m also surprised to hear that people feel they have an advantage at thumb wars- I always lose cuz my thumbs are shorter than everyone else’s, and since the joint is so pronounced it’s like having a grip for my opponent to latch onto. I was dancing in a company a couple of years ago, and while out on tour another girl and I figured out that we both had short thumbs, and entertained the group for hours with our “midget thumb wars.” We couldn’t reach each other’s thumbs to even try to pin them. We just waved our thumbs uselessly in the air. The tour bus got a good laugh out of it.
    My friends always called them my “nubs” and I’ve got many resulting nicknames such as nubby, nubs mcgrubs, nublife, etc. Sometimes I think that they are too squat to do certain things- anyone else find thumb-typing to be a bit of a pain?
    I am mixed european-Portugese, French, and German mostly. The other dancer was Italian American, and my fiance works with a Mexican fellow who has nubs too.

  242. Raymond F. Says:

    I have club thumbs too, both actually. Niether my mother or father has them, I have yet to check my grandfather and grandmother, and i only realized my thumbs were odd (yet in my opinion much more awesome ;D) compared to my friends’ thumbs a few months ago.

    im 17 and from california.

    I am caucasian and it turns out im related to prince william (you know, that guy who signed the magna carta) so the royalty thing might be true.

  243. Kio Says:

    I have enjoyed this site so much! Reading everyone’s stories have been great. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    I am 22 yrs old, a female and from Colorado. My heritage is mostly Slovenian, with some German, French, and Austrian thrown in as well. My short squatty thumb is on my left hand, and all my other fingers are normal. I am the only one in my family (that I know of) with this. I play the piano, guitar and piano accordion, and consider myself to be musically artistic.

    Random things about my clubbed thumb: It is the only one of my fingers that is double jointed. The nail grows twice as fast as any other finger and is super-strong! It also grows kind of fan-like and the sides of the nail hurt if you push on them, so I have to trim it a lot. It has been nicknamed “The Dominator” in thumb wars amongst my friends. 🙂

    I was always proud of my thumbs being different in elementary school, even though people made fun of them (but seriously, everyone gets made fun of for *something* in elementary school). When kids would rudely ask “What happened to your thumb!?!?” I would usually make up some totally untrue and elaborate story involving tigers, semi-trucks, or volcanoes. Then they’d be like “really?” And then I’d say “No. I was just born this way. Don’t be so rude about it.” And I’d leave them feeling bad for asking so rudely!

    Once I got into jr high and highschool, though, it changed. I wanted pretty nails for the dances, and I wanted to wear thumb rings. It especially sucked b/c my sister has the most beautiful slender and feminine hands ever! But I never tried to hide it or anything.

    Finally in college I got over it. My sis teases me about it but its all in good fun. I always get excited when I see someone with similar thumbs. I am always like “Look we have the same thumbs!” And it always brings a smile to their face.

    My boyfriend likes my thumb. He thinks its super cute. And, he always says “I’m glad you have it. Its the only part of you that let’s me know you’re actually human. You’d just be way too perfect otherwise.” (aawwww!!)

  244. LadyRed Says:

    One celeb with clubbed thumbs is from the 70’s show “HAPPY DAYS” you know the one with Chachi & Joani, well Richie Cunningham’s mother “Mrs. C” also has clubbed thumbs. I noticed those thumbs when I was a child so I knew there had to be others…I have two clubbed thumbs and with acrylic nails they don’t look too bad. It really is good to know there are so many of us out there. We should have some type of social club how weird it would be to be in a room full of people with the same hands I guess the ones with the regular thumbs would be the outsiders and stick out like a soar thumb…

  245. Deanna Says:

    Hey i love the fact that people are so honest about their thumbs. To everyone who thinks they can’t get nails you can! i know this place in downey california where they have special nails for ppl with clubbed thumbs! the guy always says “clubbed thumb? NO PROBLEM!” everyone always has something to say about it! no one in my family has it at all and i have a large family and my thumb prevents me from texting on small phones… cant get an iphone for sure!! DON’T NEED IT!

    oh! i’m not european at all… well idk, but as far as i know all my ancestors were Mayans. I was born in California, but my WHOLE family is from Central America (Nicaragua) …..

  246. jenn Says:

    okay- so both of my thumbs are clubbed and i hate them. absolutely hate them! so does anyone know of surgery to get this fixed?! im in the medical field so i use my hands a lot and my hands are seen a lot. i want them gone ASAP.

    • Deanna Says:

      Well, Jenn although i really don’t understand why you’re so embarrassed… i have gone to the doctor when i WAS ashamed and they said that they wont perform any kind of surgery to shave the bone because there are too many nerves surrounding it and the nail is usually too big to shave down… so unless someone else has heard anything… i think ur screwed…

  247. HG Says:

    Well, I’m really glad to have found this website but I must say it started with Megan Fox and all the horrible comments about these so-called thumbs!! I started looking things up for I have clubbed thumbs too!!! The reason I’m writing is that growing up…..I actually was punished for having these “thumbs”!! I grew up honestly thinking I was to blame for having these…for none of my friends or family had thumbs like mine. My mother said…I bit my nails and so I must have caused my hands to look like this!! This type of ignorance really hurts me now that I’m older…for I just wish my parents would have been either told or known that this was genetic no matter what causes it and the legends or myths say. I just want to say…that the fact a celebrity is ok with htis and it just might make more people more aware of what this actually is and that we’re all beautiful ….for no one is perfect!! Nice to meet all of you and read your inner most thoughts!

  248. Alene Says:

    I am seriously shocked that there are so many people out there who have the same thumbs as me! I didn’t even know my thumbs were considered a “type” of thumb. I thought they were just weird thumbs. I read about Megan Fox’s “strange thumbs” earlier today and got curious. I saw hers looked just like mine. Then I saw that there were actually websites and groups for people with these thumbs…wow. I met one girl in high school who had short thumbs, but they were skinny.. the tops of mine are wide and fat. My first cousin on my dad’s side has these thumbs also, and I think she is the only one other than myself.

    I could never wear thumb rings because they were hard to get over the wide knuckle, and once they got over the knuckle, the ring was always too loose at the skinnier bottom. Also my nail is really wide.. much wider than the nails on my fingers, but also very strong. I have very slender and skinny hands so my stubby and fat thumbs stuck out like …well a sore thumb..LOL.

    Both of my thumbs are like this and it has always bothered me. I would hide them from anyone I was talking to, but then think, “Uh, really, how often does someone notice someone else’s thumbs?”. But some people would notice and say things like “Oh my god your thumb is like a big toe!”. It bothered me only a little bit.

    Well if this helps at all, I’m 27, female, from Ohio. I am mostly of Spanish and German descent. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I noticed that the middle finger on my right hand is slightly crooked at the top. My nail on that finger grows kinda funny.

    Thank you so much for making this site. It’s kinda cool that there is almost a support group for this kind of thing, but it makes me feel like I’m a part of some secret exclusive club or

  249. rachel Says:

    i have clubbed thumbs, and i hate them. i’ve been asked if it’s hard to do things with them, like texting. one time a little kid asked me if my thumbs got run over by a car or something. what the hell??
    i’m always so self-conscious about them.. i hide them when i think people are looking. i wish i could surgically fix them, but i’m kind of against plastic surgery for vanity purposes. i dunno. i might read through some of these comments and see what other people think.

  250. Lara Says:

    WOW… LOL this is so crazy, like most of you have said, I thought I was the only one too!, I remember seeing this guy on the train who had a clubbed thumb and was dying to ask him, don’t know what what but he was the first one I ever saw that had the same thumb as mine lol. I am very self consious about my thumb too. Everytime I look at photos or just using my thumb I am embarrassed to show it, and always try and hide it. I watched transformers yesterday and as soon as they got Megan Fox thumb I just noticed and I was ssurprised that when I went to goole it other people noticed too!. Well ive always been consious about it, and I always checked other peoples thumbs! lol, but anywas, nice to meet yall too! Thumb Thumbers! lol

  251. Eric Says:

    I’d have to say I’m not necessarily in the same boat as the rest of you. Although yes both of my thumbs are “clubbed” I have always known ALOT of people with the same issue…. one of my sisters has one thumb clubbed and my dad has both clubbed and on my dads side of the family prolly more than 25% (more than 20 people)of them are the same way…. I always thought it was just a Pearson thing… I know we have German/Irish and Native American decent

  252. jaz Says:

    Wow!…about 2 hrs ago I ddnt even kno wut to call my “different”…I’ve never actually payed atention to it til about a few yrs ago sum friends pointed that out. No one in my family has that and well about my ancestry well I’m full mexican dnt kno if any of my ancestors are european but if they are well its cool to kno I might have sum royal blood right? Lol…I only have one friend who has a clubbed thumb it wus weird I had never met anybody wit a thuimb like mine and well now to kno that there’s a lot of peaople like me is pretty cool. I’ve never been ashamed of it because I’ve never taken much notice of it and the people who have noticed it actually think its cool n cute haha so all I gotta say to all the peaople who have it is not to be ashamed of ur clubbed thumbs because it makes us rare n unique n that’s a good thing to me =]

  253. Jill Walsberg Says:

    Hello fellow clubbers.

    My name is Jill and I have clubbed thumbs, both of them. I find it amazing that we are embarrassed about our clubbed thumbs. There is nothing wrong with us, our thumbs are just a little different from most people we meet. I admit that I hide my thumbs and I can’t even bring myself to show my boyfriend of 5 years-although I know he knows but has been kind enough not to mention anything about them.

    I am 34 years old and have noticed that I have joint pain in my thumbs, not sure if this is related to the clubbing or just arthritis from normal use.

    I am trying to embrace my clubs but this can be difficult when family members like to poke fun once in a while.

    • lillyfrances Says:

      I have one clubbed thumb, on my left hand, but I notice both my thumbs lock up and pop, especially the left one, and sometimes it hurts a little. It’s like cracking a knuckle a little too hard, or something.

  254. Kay Says:

    I also have the thumbs. I have never seen anyone with thumbs like mine. No one has ever teased me about them ever. I am surprised and disgusted that there are morons out there who would do this.

    I sometimes tuck them into a fist when I think someone is looking but I usually don’t hide them. I have had manicures many times. I still want to find a way to get a normal looking acrylic nail created for them.

    I don’t despise them because they are distinctive. I wish I could streamline their appearance, though I would not want to “normalize” them into the common “peasant” shape.

    I hate the term “toe thumbs.” I accept “royal” , “potters'” , “clubbed”, etc.

  255. woo hoo Says:

    finally! I have a right thumb that is clubbed while my left one is normal. growing up with this affliction was difficult and a great source of insecurity for me. I have felt different because of this and like a freak. I have never met anyone or known anyone with this affliction till now and I am so glad to have found this site! I am also glad someone as beautiful and famous as Megan Fox has a clubbed thumb. I have at times been teased and am very insecure about it. I too hide it in a fist if someone is looking and feel embarassed when someone is watching me type or write but i’ve learned to deal with it. My nail also curls inward so i can not grow the nail to normalize its appearance.

  256. woo hoo Says:

    I also happen to be barren and am not sure if it has something to do with this condition. Does anyone else here have infertility issues? Is anyone happy with their thumbs? I am unhappy about mine and would like to have it surgically altered but don’t even know if that is possible? Has anyone had any luck with this?

  257. Sam Says:

    I’ve had clubbed thumbs all my life. I’ve been teased because of them. My brother even told me they were ugly. They suck. I WANT THEM SURGICALLY REMOVED. They’re fug. I hate them. God hates me.

    Bye bye.

  258. Mary Says:

    Sam I feel your pain……

  259. awkward Says:

    Sam, I feel your pain as well….Only my right thumb is clubbed so it looks extremely odd and obvious. I’ve been teased and stared at for a while. On my wedding day, my friend was doing my nails and accidentally said something about my thumb being deformed. That really hurt my feelings to the point where I started looking into having it altered surgically but haven’t had any luck with that seeing as the joint is also small and wide. I’ve felt embarassed by this my whole life and feel like it has held me back and caused a lot of failure and rejection to come my way. Has anyone had any luck having it surgically altered?

  260. OliveTree Says:

    The Art of Hand Reading-by Lori Reid mentions them. She states a thumb that is fleshly (which mine is) means that the owner is “stubborn and obstinate”. Also, in the section on nail shapes she mentions that a nail that is square tends to be found only on the thumbs. This nail shape is wider than it is long. This marks “a strong character with a volcanic temper that quickly blows itself out.”

    So what do you guys think? Are you stubborn and also do you have a volcanic temper that quickly blows out? Do you have a strong character?

    The only other girl I have ever met with these thumbs was very loud and opinionated and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind or stand up to a group of people. I sort of liked that. 🙂

  261. Sam Says:

    I’m stubborn AT TIMES and I have a bad temper, but it’s rare when I let it get the best of me. Only nerdrage from video games, mostly. I’m shy and not very outspoken at all in person. I don’t think a feature, such as a thumb nail, can really determine a person’s personality characteristics. I could say blue eyes mean you’re calm and quiet, and I’m sure I’d get at least half of the population who really is calm and quiet, or have at least one of those characteristics. People are MANY things. It’s not hard to get at least one right.

  262. Ree Davies Says:

    I’m 28 and have no issue with my thumbs – I inherited them from my Mum and she got them from her Dad. I’m the youngest of three girls and my oldest sister has “Normal” thumbs, my middle sister has one of each and then there is ME I have two unique thumbs. I don’t worry about them its funny the only time I did was on my wedding day but even then I didn’t think about it too much.

    I have found getting acrylic nails easy, my nail guy is fantastic he says nothing so I feel very comfortable about having my nails done – They look great – Will post a pic. I do have issues when the are long so I always request short nails, its much more comfortable.

    My Husband thinks its great the Megan Fox and I have something in common, its funny when guys say Yuck Megan Fox has freaky thumbs then he says my wife has the same thumbs – I put my hands in my pockets and walk off – Im not on show for people who are shallow and think its a freaky thing.

    It appears that Clubbed Thumbs are genetic – In my family currently there are 5 people with Clubbed Thumbs and our big toes are fine – In fact my big toe is great I am very happy with my feet : ) .

    I think its great that there is a sight for people to share there experiences and even some photos.

  263. Ree Davies Says:

    Ohh I’m from Melbourne Australia.

    Also Clubbed Thumbs give the best massages.

    : )

  264. Michelle Says:

    I, too, found this after looking up Megan Fox. I didn’t know there were others!!! People have teased me sometimes, and my response is that I’m happy I have two functional opposable thumbs. They work like they are supposed to and that is all that concerns me.

    Manicurists have been terrible, flipping my thumb this way and that, and when I tried to get acrylics, I would also hear they didn’t have ones wide enough. Both thumbs are affected, but my left is worse, with the nail growing backwards, so acrylics do look silly.

    By the way, my thumbs match my big toes, too. My feet are rather square so I call them “Fred Flintstone feet.” They are great for running and my thicker thumbs were awesome in starting blocks for track–I always felt like I had an advantage over other runners on dainty little thumbs.

  265. Lilly Says:

    *sigh of relief* I’ve always thought i was weird with my thumbs! I have them on both hands, and people around here (Minnesota) are always kinda weirded out. I’ve been blessed in the fact that nobody has actually made fun of them, just thought they were different. I carry the idea that a person mean enough to tease me about something I can’t help, they’re not worth wasting my time on. 🙂

    It has been a different experience bowling and not being able to use fake nails. I am an avid gamer and have always thought of and called my thumbs my “videogame thumbs” since I can reach all buttons on any controller with more ease than someone with “normal thumbs.” 🙂

    I’ve never heard of any relatives having my thumbs, but then, I guess I’ve never asked!

    • lillyfrances Says:

      That’s so weird your name is Lilly, mine is too, and spelled the same way, and I have a toe thumb or clubbed thumb or whatever on my left hand. (My right one is normal). I’ve had a problem bowling though, even though I’m right handed, because my right thumb is still bigger than normal. It isn’t a clubbed thumb though, it has characteristics of a normal thumb, it’s just wide, like my dad’s thumbs. So I know how that can be annoying.

  266. jlt12 Says:

    I’m Chinese and have a clubbed thumb. Just wondered how it happens!

  267. Lynne Says:

    I am yet another “oh my gosh I thought I was the only one”…I have 2 clubbed thumbs. No one else in my family has them, although I’ve been told it comes from my mother’s side, which is of French descent. Leighton Meester, who plays Blair Waldorf on the CW show Gossip Girl also has this condition.

  268. That Russian Guy Says:

    Anyway, eversince i read all these posts (a year ago) i dont feel better about my thumbs. i hate being “special”. Why did this happen to me? Why cant i just be normal. Damn! 😦

    • Tee Says:

      I am sorry to hear that Russian Guy! I was so freaked out about them when I was younger. My husband says their cute and when I see them on others I think “you know they are cute” It’s all in your frame of mind. I don’t have a problem with them at all anymore.

      Ukrainian on Mama’s side and Russian on my Papa’s side.

      Love & Light


  269. Jack Says:

    Well, let me add a new one: Vanessa Haywood ( also has this condition!

  270. Laura Says:

    OMGGGG, i’m 14 and people at school always mention my thumb.
    it’s really embarasing! is there surgery to make it normal?
    both my thumbs are clubbed

  271. awkward Says:

    seriously I want to know too, is there a way to correct this? has anyone had plastic surgery done on their thumb?

    • paul Says:

      i dont know im tryin to find out myself, everyone is on here bein excited and stuff and i just want to get mine fixed lol

    • Buddy Clem Says:

      I worry about people always wanting to “fix” things. We were brought into this world EXACTLY the way we were MEANT TO BE. Be proud of who and what you are!

  272. Elmgreen Says:

    I thought i was the only one in the world with these thumbs of mine! I have clubbed thumbs on both of my hands and i have always been teased about them, my brother would even say that I have two extra toes on my hands. They haven’t bothered me too much i’m just really aware of people looking at my hands.
    I have no one in my family who have had these thumbs that i know of, because believe me, i have asked all the time where they have come from. For a bit i actually did believe i had a pair of toes on my hands =P
    My parents both have some sort of european background, on my dad’s side-slovenia and on my moms side-ukrainian (and possible polish from my great great grandfather). So that royalty theory is definetly a possibility. Hope this helps out!

  273. Elmgreen Says:

    I noticed someone earlier said they have irish in their blood, well so do I, a big part of my family comes from newfoundland where all the irish came to canada. Coincedence?

  274. Hope Says:

    Hi there!

    I too have a pair of awesome toe-thumbs! WOOT! Personally, I love mine but there seem to be many who do not. While I cant perform magic to change them for real, if anyone wants to know what their thumbs would look like if they weren’t clubbed, I can show you (I work a lot in photoshop)

    Its just for fun, but if anyone is interested feel free to let me know!

  275. Anonymous Says:

    I just saw the bit on Megan Fox while randomly surfing.

    Sure enough, looked at my own thumbs and they’re clubbed!

    I lived the first 30+ years of my life without knowing or noticing there was anything “wrong” with them. Just thought they were a little fatter than usual. Didn’t know this was a medical “condition” or that it actually had a name (and I’m a medical doctor myself)!

    I suppose that’s because there IS nothing wrong with them! The thumbs work 100%. I write, use tools, play guitar, play video games, perform SURGERY. . .never had a problem.

    My wife used to playfully tease me for having “stubby thumbs” after I first met her, but it never really hurt my feelings.

    Now that I realize, I think its kind of funny.

    • Dr Big Thumb Says:

      I am a doc – as is my husband… and neither of us knew this was a medical condition either – until watching a movie with Megan Fox and hearing of all the superbowl talk after her commercial aired with a thumb double!

      I have one “fat thumb” as we’ve always called it. My aunt (maternal) has 2, as did her father. In childhood, I was slightly self conscious of my thumb – especially since it was not symetrical to the other. I got over that in adulthood though – and now love it – except for the bowling ball issue – good thing I don’t bowl. I was also able to find nail salons that could get a fake nail large enough to fit – never an issue…. but I don’t wear those anymore…

      However – I am curious if there are any other medical connections – as I am a severe myopic – and have had condromalacia patella for as long as I can remember… also have a bunion on my right great toe (same side as the short thumb) that began developing age 8. I’ve read of Weill-Marchesani – but don’t fit that… wondering if anyone has found anything else out in your research. ie: genetic implications – associated syndromes to BDD

      has anyone done genetic testing?

  276. Megan (not Fox) Says:

    I have clubbed thumbs. I heard that only one in one thousand people, mostly girls, have clubbed thumbs.

  277. Megan (not Fox) Says:

    I’m totally cool with my thumbs. I’m weird anyway.

  278. Elizabeth Says:

    This is not a joke or a troll comment, but I have a question – an ex of mine had these thumbs, never knew till today that this was a fairly common trait and has a name. His penis looked just like his thumbs – is this common among men with clubbed thumbs?

  279. Joe Says:

    Hey all i have stubby thumbs too alot worse than what most of you are posting. mine are shorter than most of yours. in the begining i did hate them however i am grown up now and learned to accept them. we are all grown up here. you are how you are who gives a fuck what anyone else thinks

  280. Hope Says:

    Happen to have a pic? I’d love to see since you say they are worse than most others.

  281. Eve Says:

    i, too, have clubbed thumbs. i didnt even know thats what they were called up until last month. my dad has one clubbed thumb and one ‘normal’ thumb. and my paternal grandmother also had clubbed thumbs (both of them, like me). i believe its genetic, it has to be right? i hate my thumbs, ive always hated them. all through school i was teased about them… to say the least im very self conscious about it. does anyone know of any procedures that i could have done to fix them, or am i stuck with them? has anyone ever had anything done? am i the one uncomfortable with these kinds of thumbs? thanks 🙂

  282. Hope Says:

    I’m not a doctor but if you sent me a pic of your thumbs, I could digitally change them to show you what they would look like if they weren’t clubbed. Sorry thats the best I can do! lol

    If interested, shoot me an email at

  283. Alyssa Says:

    My sister has one clubbed thumb (although it is known affectionately to our family as her stub thumb) She’s a bit self conscious about it, but I think it’s pretty cute 🙂 Only her left thumb is clubbed, we thought that her right one was normal because she sucked it her whole life, but when I heard that the bones of clubbed thumbs are different than normal ones I’m assume that’s not the case. I don’t think there is anyone else in our family who has this. Our family is of European descent, Mainly Irish I believe, because of our last name, but probably many other things as well.

  284. Allison R. Says:

    I also have a clubbed thumb on just my left hand, and I cant stand it!
    Does anyone know if it is hereditary????
    No one in my family has it, and I do NOT want to pass it on!
    Also, I have always had it, both of my thumbs used to be “clubbed” but somehow only 1 is now…. strange right? (about a year ago I noticed)
    So, my thumbs are 2 completely different sizes, and even though i hate it, some of my friends get a real kick out of it! lol

  285. Cristina Says:

    I have clubbed thumbs on both of my hands. I am Mexican with European descent, if that makes any difference at all.
    My whole life people have noticed my thumbs. Most people think they are really cute and they like to see them and kind of hold them affectionately, because they’re small I guess. But I dont like them at all! It has made me feel a little bit self conscious for a long time. Ever since in middle school one girl asked me if I ever got embarrased when my boyfriend and I held hands, and it got me thinking. I sometimes kind try to hide my thumbs, and not try to show my hands in front of people for too long, but i know that’s more weird.

    Anyway, maybe they ARE kind of cute. My hands are pretty petite so its like they fit with my hands. I guess as long as I’m not weird about it people shouldn’t be weirded out. And at least my hands work perfectly, and i have all my fingers, so I concentrate on being grateful for THAT rather than complaining about short thumbs.

  286. yanrui Says:

    I am an Asian Chinese from North China, a clubbed thumbed person. I checked the following page and find people of the kind belong to Brachydactyly type D (BDD):,%20type%20d

    As far as I known, none of my family members including my daughter has this except me. The only other person I know who has this was a classmate of mine back in the university. We by chance got to know our featured thumb and was curious why we had it, which he guessed was a lack of clcium during early life. Apparently this guess was not correct according to science and also my personal speculation, because I am tall, about 181cm in height, almost perfectly healthy in my skeleton system except slightly x-shaped with my legs. Wonder if this BDD has anything to do with leg formation.

    Nice to find this website providing people a place to discuss things we have in common. Good luck everybody.

  287. raven Says:

    About the palmreader who said Hitler and Mussolini had these kind of thumbs, it is not correct, as any photo that shows their hands will prove.

  288. Jaye Cooper Says:

    I Will have to come back again when my class load lets up – nonetheless I am taking your RSS feed so I can read your site offline. Thanks.

  289. Laura Says:

    I’m SO embarrassed of my thumbs. I’m 14 and everyone at school notices them and at first they made fun of it and stuff but now they let it alone. Occasionally, when I’m talking to people – particularly new people – they tend to focus on my thumb rather than my face. It’s just really uncomfortable and I try thru so many ways to hide my thumbs yet it only makes it even more obvious that I’m trying.
    Does everyone else with clubbed thumbs share this humility with me?
    Some are proud of their unique thumbs but for me, it’s just ugly and not attractive.
    I’m tall, 5’9, just a freshman, and my thumbs just ruin everything! AHHH

    • J Bernie Says:

      @Laura : How broad is your broadest thumb? Can you take a pic near a ruler so we can see the exact width of your thumb, my niece has clubbed thumbs too (and she’s embarrassed by them too…) and want to compare with someone that has the same thumbs as hers… Also, are they too wide for acrylic nails?

      You can send your thumb pics near a ruler at

    • raven Says:

      Hi Laura,

      I can relate very much to what you’re going through. It’s been a long time since I was 14, but I still acutely remember the terrible self-consciousness I had during my elementary and high school years. My thumbs are both “unique” with the left being even more so (annoyingly enough!). People would focus on my hands instead of on my face when I was trying to talk to them. (I found that if you start fixating on some feature on their face as if it’s really freaky to you, too, they will usually stop doing that.) And trying to hide one’s thumbs is almost like waving a flag saying “Look at my hands! I’m totally embarassed about this!” and just gets more attention, but is also just really tiring to do!

      Eventually, when your self confidence grows as you get older and more aware of what true beauty is and the gifts you bring as an individual, you won’t want to hide your hands because you love and respect yourself too much to care what opinions other’s have of them. The most all-around beautiful people I know of have had some ‘achilles heel’ they had to overcome, often some physical issue visible or not. The challenge life gave them helped them to develop compassion and grace.

      Also know that the things you read in palmistry books are about 98% BS, e.g., the part about “murderer’s thumb” or having a “terrible temper.” Some may have that aspect, but most definitely not all. I’ve known quite a few people from different places in the world with these kinds of thumbs who are very gentle (not holding back rage like the palmistry books say), artistic, highly intelligent (several I know of are medical doctors, authors or composers) and kind people with a ‘normal’ amount of patience and stubbornness. Plus, know that this condition is almost always genetic (inherited) and not caused by thumb-sucking or chewing on one’s nails, or anything that you did as child.

      If you still want to find a way to cosmetically improve their appearance, go get some acrylic nails that you can put on yourself (they will fit!), the ones that look the most like a natural nail, and paint them whatever beautiful color you feel like. Get some gorgeous rings or bracelets and wave your hands around as much as possible when talking so if others are immature enough to want to stare, they can get it over with at the start.

  290. Lemuel Cremonese Says:

    thanks 😛 very helpful post!

  291. Evelia Honeymoons Says:


  292. Ray Says:

    Hello everyone. I’m Ray and I’m from Texas. I have just found out that there is a name for my thumbs and think it’s pretty comical. I have never had a problem with my thumbs. I have been ridiculed through life about them, but never really bothered by it. Both thumbs are clubbed and the right is about half an inch shorter than the left. I am a mechanic and I usually get asked things like if I cut part of it off or hit it with a hammer. Being a mechanic, I also get asked if my thumbs make it difficult working. I usually just ask if they’re stupid or something. I don’t know the difference since they have always been this way and laugh about it. The only issue I really have is finding gloves that will fit…lol.

    For everyone else that has posted on here that are embarassed by their thumbs, don’t be. Just say what I say…I am normal and everyone else is abnormal.

  293. Joc Says:

    hello everyone im 18 born and raised in los angeles but my moms salvadorean and my dads guatemalean and i got my stubby thumbs from my grandma from my moms side.haha i didnt even know they had a first i too was embarassed and would try to hide them cuz i hated peoples comments on them but eventually you grow to like them when u know ur going to have them helped alot when my boyfriend saw them n told me theyy were cute cuz it was my first nice comment on them so i stopped caring what other people said about them.if u think about it our stubby thumbs are what makes us who we are in a unique was nice to know i had a lot of things in common wit people from all over the world n\and that im not alone =)

  294. cathy Says:

    i have two short thumbs

  295. Mike Says:

    Hi Raven,
    Thank you for such a thoughtful and intuitive comment.

  296. Vickie Green Says:

    This is unbelievable! I have two short, stubby thumbs. My Mother only has one. I have always said my thumbs are my “English thumbs” because my Mother is from England. As far as we know, no one else in our family has these thumbs. However, when my two children were born, their thumbs were the first thing I looked at.

    When I was younger, I always self-concious and hid my thumbs as much as possible. But at 62 years old, I have found that there are a lot worse things in life than my thumbs. And my wonderful husband has always adored my “English thumbs”. He says that is what makes me unique.

    To be able to read this message board and share my feelings about this unusual trait, is a very good thing. I am glad to finally have a name for my “English thumbs”.

  297. SarahC Says:

    Hi, I am so happy to have found this site! I have two club thumbs and it’s definitely hereditary. My mom has one and my dad has both! I don’t know how they found each other but out of their four kids I only have both and my youngest sister only has one. I have been self conscious about my thumbs all my life. Kids in school would tease me and ask stupid questions like did I suck my thumbs or did I get hit with a hammer. I have met quite a few people with my thumbs and I am always happy to see I am not alone. No body I have dated has had any problems with it, including my husband who was hoping that one of our kids would get it and I was praying for the opposite. It was one of the first things i would look for soon after they were born and was so happy to see neither of them have it. And to answer the question about fake nails not fitting, they do fit! The super huge ones. the only problem is that I hate going to the nail salon because I feel embarrassed when they look at my thumb. I have gotten better with age but knowing that a beautiful celebrity has the same issue as me makes me feel much better!

  298. Abby Says:

    I’m so happy I found this site! WOW, I didn’t know so many other people had these. I’m thirteen years old and have two clubbed thumbs (or as I call them, “Toe Thumbs”). My whole life I’ve been lightly teased because of my thumbs, but nothing too hurtful. In fact, many people think that my thumbs are cute or cool– one kid even WANTED them! There are two other girls in my school with clubbed thumbs, and all three of us are good friends. Neither of my parents have the same thumbs as me, but my mother mentioned that her mother had similar thumbs. Anyway, my thumbs make me unique and I wouldn’t be the same without them. Plus, knowing Megan Fox has them also is good, too!

  299. Clubbing in Long Beach Says:

    I can’t really say I didn’t inherit anything from a family member…cause my 98 yr old grandpa and I did share BDD (my left thumb)…thanks…I would’ve taken the Buick instead…lol. I have Mexican descent, both sets of great-grandparents were from Spain….actually they were Basque.

  300. francisca Says:

    Wow, Megan Fox has clubbed thumb too? I suddenly feel so special for having this attractive gene 8) . (I’m female by the way). My ethnicity is Chinese though, so I don’t believe I’m secretly related to the poster above, lol.

    My mom has clubbed thumb too, but mine is even wider and squatter :S Right and left are symmetrical though. I also have stubby fingers. My pinky is out-of-proportion short. Very inconvenient for playing musical instruments 😦

    Have I also mentioned that my fourth toe is super small (smaller than the fifth, makes it hard to run faster!)? And that my big toe curves up? And that I have freaky pinky toe nails? I’m serious, all my fingers/toes are weirdly shaped 😥

  301. Aggie Says:

    hello everyone,

    I’m soooooo glad I found this site and people who have thumbs as big as mine 🙂 I always found it embarrasing but you help me to believe that there is nothing wrong with my body and I start learning to accept the look of my hand! Thank you!

    I am from Poland, 20 y/o and ready to hear more stories of clubbed thumbs ;-)))

    PS I cannot find anybody in my family with the same thumbs look 😦 I am the only one…

    • Virginia Says:

      Hey Aggie and all,

      Just finished reading entire blog…guess it’s now my turn to contribute!

      Like Aggie, I’m the only one in the family with clubbed thumbs. I find this especially intriguing considering the fact I have 10 other siblings! As a matter of fact, to this day, my unusual thumbs are what make me stand apart from the rest of the gang. Anyways, I’m also in my 20s and am America-Polish.

      I’m going to conclude here, following my little brothers advice for me who so often gets carried away: Rule of thumb, keep it short!

  302. Danielle Says:

    i have the famous hammer thumbs. :]
    i dont love them or hate them. they are just my thumbs so i cant see them as anything freaky or special. It cant be genetics cus im the only one in my family with
    it gets annoying when people ask about it so much so i usually create a new story
    when ppl ask the famous question.”were u born like that?’
    no duh. i think but i reply i was surfing once and there was this terrible elevator accident…half my thumbs didnt survive. or my mom punished me when i was a kid for licking my fingers….
    other than that my stubby thumbs dont hinder me in anyway

  303. jen Says:

    wow i never even knew this was a med condition until yesterday:) my friend noticed my thumbs the day before and commented that megan fox had the same shaped pretty sure this isnt genetic because no one in my immediate family has the same thumbs as far as i know. my mom used to tell me that it was because i sucked my thumbs.
    for the record both my thumbs are clubbed, and i think my big toes are too. im a chinese american 100% chinese on both sides. also, i was a preemie if that makes a diff. really early too so my mom was always on the lookout for any problems. maybe this is one she missed?

    • monica Says:

      oh my gosh
      finally someone else that had said that they had the toes too
      i dont my thumbs too much
      but seriously because of my clubbed toes, my balance sucks

      im korean american by the way

  304. paula stewart Says:

    hi my daughter darian has a clubbed thumb, has had this from birth is now 15. we are from northern ireland. no one else in the family or any1 i now have this/

  305. Mulch Says:

    Interesting, I am curious what the statistics are on your first point there…

  306. Susi Says:

    Like MarSlav, I have always been proud of my right-handed club thumb. Why? Because out of 6 children–as the fifth girl–I was the only one to have a thumb like my dad, also on the right hand. He was of Norwegian descent (100%), and for what it’s worth, we were the only two in the family to be allergic to horse serum (something that’s given if you should get tetanus and have not kept up-to-date on your shots).

    I also couldn’t wait to see if either of my children had club thumbs and am hoping that maybe it will show up in a grandchild.

    Bowling was only a small challenge–trying to find a light enough ball that also had the larger thumb-hole. However, I was a transcriptionist for over 20 years and it was never a drawback.

    And because I thought it was a special trait since I was little–I’m sure mom & dad encouraged that—I’ve always enjoyed the uniqueness of my fat little thumb!

  307. Eyone Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs…but I have grown to love them! They give me uniqueness among most others. Growing up kids can be cruel but it never even bothered me, strangely, lol. I’ve always had my nails done with acrylics to give then a little length. I have met only two people in my 26 years with these same GORGEOUS thumbs and its almost like brightening my day. Except for the inability to wear thumb rings, they are my trademark 🙂
    It was great to know Megan Fox has them as well as Sanaa Lathan so that I look cool…loL!

  308. Angela Kenting Says:

    hi there this is a very up to date and informative can i put a link on one of my blogs -regards Angela

  309. Wendy Susilo Says:

    Hi everyone!

    I have 2 clubbed thumbs for as long I can remember.
    Both my parents and all my grandparents have normal thumbs.
    I’m the only one in my entire family with these strange fingers. But I have seen other people with thumbs like ours. And I just discovered it has a medical term! Didn’t know that.
    I’m 24, my mother is Belgian, my father Chinese (born in Indonesia).
    And I really(!) don’t like my thumbs! If only there’s something I could do…
    Congrats to the people that can be proud about their special thumbs. I wish I could be just as positive.

  310. European guy Says:

    My father truly has a special thumb, which he inherited from his grandmother. My great grandmother had 7 children, none of them inherited the special thumb (because its recessive) but next generation 3 of the grandchildren did inherit the finger. Here is a photos of my father thumb. copy paste the link. I have Ukrainian/Czech ancestry, and this kind of thumb can only occur among Europeans, that what the doctor said

  311. eve Says:

    I have a clubbed thumb on my right hand. My mother always said it was because I was an avid thumb sucker as a baby. She believed that the pressure of sucking so hard had misshapen my thumb! Somehow I knew this could not be true. When I started to be out in the working world, I met other people with one or two thumbs like mine. I have only ever met women with this condition, and until I read comments here I never knew a man with such a thumb. As a kid, I would turn it inward to hid it in the palm of my hand. My kids did not inherit this, and no one else in my family has it. Now, at 50, I don’t care so much. I paint my nails any color I want, and stopped worrying about it. There are many more important things to worry about it this world. I got teased for having red curly hair, but nobody ever noticed my thumb.

  312. Steve Says:

    Hello, I am a 24 year old American male and I have two clubbed thumbs and I have German/Polish ancestry. My paternal grandmother had them and my mother’s uncles had them as well. I just came across this website and I find it fascinating. I have never been ashamed of my thumbs, I didn’t notice them until seventh grade when I was sitting in class and looked at someone else’s thumb and thought “that looks weird” and then looked at another person’s thumb and thought the same thing, then I looked at a third person’s thumb and realized mine were the weird ones, haha. I have never once hid them and all of my friends have found them to be really cool all of my life (nicknamed the Gremlins in high school). I play the guitar just fine, the thumb grip on the lowest string is hard to do, but I have found a way to do that. Some of my thumb annoyances include: scissors, gloves of any kind for sure (I work in a research lab right now, none of the gloves even come close to fitting my thumb) and bowling (where I only use two fingers and spin the ball because my thumbs have never fit in the holes). Long live Toe Thumbs!

  313. Lena Says:

    Another OMG!!! I almost thougt I was alone! I´ve just met two other persons with clubbed thumbs. My grandfather (on my fathers side) and a former colleague. I guess I thought that this freaky thumbs only existed in Sweden, where I´m from. My former colleague told me that it was a genetic deformation and that everyone that has one or two clubbed thumbs are related!! YAY I found family! 😀
    My grandfather had one clubbed thumb and I have two. When I was younger I hated my thumbs, I hid them in my palms and was very jealous of my sister who have normal looking thumbs. Today I dont hate them, people are fascinated and always ask me questions when they see my toethumbs.
    I didnt even know they had a name! Until now.
    I´m from Sweden, anyone else??

  314. Kathy Says:

    I too have two stubbed thumbs. I didn’t notice them until I was in the 5th grade or so. My great uncle, aunt and nephew all have stubbed thumbs. So far just one from every generation. Mine are not as short as the other family members. My thumbnails don’t curl as much as the others either. I was always embarrassed by them, but not so much anymore. I searched the web recently and found this website. I was amazed at how many people have these thumbs. I have discovered, through a relative who has been tracing our ancestry, that and I am of english royalty on my dad’s side. I also have indian, iris, french and a little german in my heritage. As my ancestry is traced it would be nice to know how far back this all started.

  315. Jay Says:

    I forgot, don’t forget to include your age!

    • nichole Says:

      Hay,ya i have the stubbys(known as hammer thumbs)growing up was a little hard cause if anybody seen them everybody body around me did, cause they’d say”omg look at her thumbs”freak show”…or how about getting your nails done at a nail place,that was fun..they’d giggle when they’d see them then start speeking there language to others who worked there and they’d all start lauphing,Im not stupid,I know they were talking about them…ya thumb wors rock,I kick everbodys’ ass. To push things into place,ya I’d use the thumbs…
      The only people in my family I know that have the same thumbs is one of my sisters and I have 2 sisters,so the other has long beautiful ones..both my sister and I have both thumbs stubby.”greaaaat”.I had slammed my left thumb in the car door when I was 9, it flattend it and broke it.It didnt make a differance only that my nail bed is a little Nationalities are..Chinesse,Lebonesse,Scottish,Irish,French,Uchaslavian.(sorry can’t spell).
      Im kinda glad that there are so many more out there that have the same thumbs as I,cause growing up felt like my sister and I were the only ones in the world that had these redonkulas thumbs.just a little advice .Grow your thumb nails,it makes them look a little longer..hee hee…oh did I mention I am 35 years old and that these thumbs havent grown on me yet?! get it?heeheehee..what i mean is I still dont like them…when I was really young about 12 years old my relative said she wanted to get a nose job when she got older and I said I wanted to get a Hand job…I didnt get what they were laughing at until ,well you know…then I started laughing…these thumbs are really a convercasion pease…thanks for reading….

  316. James Says:

    Very cool site!

    I don’t have clubbed thumbs, but is it weird that I find them to be very cute and attractive? They are just so unique and cool looking. Wish I had them too…

  317. Terri Says:

    I am 57 and of Celtic descent. I have clubbed thumbs. As far as I know my maternal grandfather, mother, and my son have them. They ARE very common. Most people tend to hide them. They are very unnoticeable unless you zoom in on them.

    Yes, kids can be cruel to one another for whatever reason. They tease if you are cross-eyed, dink-toed, wear glasses, have a nose too big for your face. You name it children notice everything. Unfortunately, they also lack manners and hurt one another. Hopefully, as they become adults, they learn to be tactful.

    Clubbed thumbs are not the worst that can happen to a person.

  318. Francoise Trucco Says:

    I have been reading romance novels for years , I actually devour them. I’ve never written a review before, but this book was so good I had to let people know to get it…Three Nights of Sin. It has been a while since Iread a book so good that I just want to read it again to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Anne Mallory has written two of the best characters that I have ever read. Even the supporting characters are written well enough for you to KNOW who they are. I laughed out loud and I cried. I refuse to tell the story because I hate it when people create spoilers, just know that with this book you are getting your moneys worth . I’mnow going to go buy the rest of Anne Mallory’s books and if they are only half as good, they will still be wonderful. Three Nights of Sin will stay on my bookshelf forever and I know I will keep rereading it until the book falls apart.

    Romance Lover

  319. Mesa Woman Says:

    Yes I too have the short fat thumbs and one is a little wider than the other but I have grown to love my thumbs because they are what I was given and they are mine. I went to high school with a girl who was born without any thumbs her hands were shaped like there was no place for them at all. I get my nails done and have never had and bad remarks. Life is to short to be upset about fat little thumbs!!!

  320. Paula Nipper Says:

    OMG…Turning 50 in August and sooo soooo very happy to find out there are other people with what I called my thumb deformity. I have always been embarressed by my “toe” thumb and covered it with the rest of my fingers. I have one clubbed thumb on my right hand. Out of three sisters two of us have the clubbed thumb syndrome and the middle sister does not. I am of Italian and Irish descent.

    Was at work today and one of the Environmental Contractors saw my thumb and couldn’t believe it because he also had clubbed thumbs on both hands (what are the odds??).

  321. Angeline Says:

    Hi there, is glad to find out what exactly my little rounded thumb called.
    My cousins and uncle had the clubbed thumbs like me as well.. some of them with 12 fingers, boys n girls too.. n in my family, i’m the only 1 have both clubbed thumb, which the right 1 look stupid than my left 1…
    my friends often ask me what happened with my 1st i am kind of i said when i was a kid, there’s a kid reading table fell off and coincedencely hit my very little thumb and damaged my bone structure (:p)…
    and today i just found out there’s also a facebook page which is specially open for all the clubbed thumb friends… i suddenly feel proud of it..yay..i’m not alone anymore… it might be one special character in me..
    anyhow, i’m a Malaysia borned chinese… am 27 years in Penang Island, the pearl of orient…nice to meet you all my fellow Royal Noble clubbed thumb friends… hohohoh

  322. paul Says:

    i was wondering if anyone has had surgery that corrected the “clubbed” thumbs, im looking into having a procedure done but not sure where or what type of doctor that might be capable of such a surgery. thanks

  323. HeyAll Says:

    i also have clubbed thumbs.i’mfrom norway ( i read someone else herewas from norway:)) .i went to the doctor some years ago and he sayd there are surgery for this i decided to not have surgery…..but i wonder if anyone has had one??
    have a nice day:)

  324. Sam Says:

    Hi I found this page and could not beleive how many people have clubbed thumbs. I am 31 and have a clubbed thumb on my right hand. Since i was about 13 i have tried to hide my thumb, it was when people started to notice. I still hide it in my hand now. I hate it so much and it upsets me, i cant even show anyone even my husband. I dont know wether hes ever noticed but he has never said. Does anyone else have a problem talking to others about it. I feel different from other people and makes my hand look ugly. I went to college at 16 to do hairdressing but gave it up cause was to embarrased about my thumb. Would be good to talk to someone about it who has the same as me.

  325. Mark Says:


    Both of my thumbs are clubbed as are the thumbs of two of my sisters. My youngest sister has normal thumbs. I am 46 years old and am predominantly of French and English descent, but never thought it was something particular to any specific heritage. When I encountered basic genetics in high school biology, I reasoned it must be caused by a recessive gene that both my parents carry. Neither of them have the trait. My mother’s younger sister has one clubbed thumb.
    I was only slightly self-conscious of them as a teen and would try to hide them in front of girls, but now my attitude is if you have a problem with them, that’s your problem, not mine. I always felt bad for my two sisters though, as women are judged more critically for beauty. They have made the best of it though, and don’t let it bother them either.
    I have always had incredibly strong hands and when I was in the U.S. Navy could do more push-ups on my thumbs than anyone else. The few times I have gotten into brawls when I was younger, a thumb to the rib cage or neck worked wonders, lol.
    When I was in college, my lab partner in biology also had the thumbs, but I didn’t want to say anything to her about us sharing the trait, because I didn’t want to risk embarrassing her. In retrospect, I wish I had. Oh well.
    I have always been musically and mathematically inclined, but never thought my thumbs had anything to do with it. My left thumb is also double jointed. I didn’t notice my thumbs were different from those of my classmates until I was nine years old. No one ever made fun of it though, and very few have ever noticed. Most people close to me that I have shown them to were surprised, as they never even noticed. And to those people who say they wouldn’t have children with someone because of it, I would say, perhaps it is best, as I would not want to raise children with someone so ignorant and biased.
    There’s so much more to life than the shape of one’s thumbs!

  326. raven Says:

    I just wanted to pass this along to those who asked if there are any drs who might be able to correct the appearance of this type of thumb.
    Since there are a few doctors in the US who do shave down the sides of bones of the toes for cosmetic reasons, I asked a specialist who treated me for a foot condition why then thumbs couldn’t also be done similarly. He didn’t know for sure but said that almost any bone in the body can be remodeled. He gave me a name of a colleague in the westcoast of the US who specializes in hand surgery that I didn’t follow up on it but I have the name of this dr if anyone wishes to contact me (I don’t want to post his name on the website).

    One thing though is that it’s unlikely that a dr will agree on shaving down the thumb on both sides as there is too much of a chance of permanent nerve damage or affecting blood flow. It might look strange to just have one side straighter, but maybe not. And if the thumb tip is very short and the nail plate (I think it’s called) is very close to the joint, there isn’t much bone to work with and cosmetic enhancement might not be possible.

    As much as I have learned to adapt to having unusual looking thumbs in this superficial society, there are times when having ‘bat thumbs’ (as in looking like baseball bats compared to looking like clubs!) would be easier overall both practically and socially, especially when since I work professionally in health care. But recently a friend was in a serious accident and has lost the ability to use his arms and legs at all. When I compare something of cosmetic discomfort to not having the use of my hands, I would gratefully take my hands as they are with their perfect ability.

  327. Linda Says:


    What a pleasant surprise to find this site. My Mom has one club thumb and I have two. My nickname in High School was Thubs. My thumbs work well and are very strong so no complaints here.


  328. Emily Says:

    I wish I could have read this years ago. I’m only eighteen now, but I remember as a young child being so ashamed of my hands. I have hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and it’s really bad on my underarms and hands. I also have two, very wide, short, thumbs. I didn’t even know they had a name until now. My bad habit of nail-bitting (which I am still trying to get rid of) didn’t help either, my thumbnail was always four times wide as it is long. The sad thing is I am naturally an outgoing, social person that loves to make friends, but our hands are so important in our culture. I would freak out if I had to shake someone’s hand, hold a book open, carry something, etc. because it was so hard to hide my thumbs. As a kid I would refuse to play “thumb wars” because of it, but they would always figure out wgy sooner or later. I have cried over them, cursed them, and hated them all my life. I am now trying to gain confidence in my hands (and the rest of myself) that I have never had. It’s hard, but it feels good to know I’m not alone. Who knows, maybe one day I will actually be able to thank God for my unique thumbs. (and really mean it)

  329. raven Says:

    Hi all,

    This is more info about surgery for BD type D for those who’ve posted that they wanted to know if it was possible. I’ve found out that an osteotomy with bone graft (from toe) can be done to lengthen the thumbs. Nothing was said if making them narrower could be done, but probably not. Osteotomy is a surgical operation whereby a bone is cut to lengthen, or change its alignment. If anyone wants more info, post a reply to me here and let me know how to contact you offline (I don’t want to post any doctor’s names on the messageboard).

  330. Karpo Says:

    Hello raven, How can you be contacted in order to get the name of the west coast hand surgeon you mentioned in your post? Thanks! Karpo

  331. Karpo Says:

    To raven: I can be contacted at

  332. JB Says:

    You guys are awesome. I love the array of people with different backgrounds who have clubbed thumbs. I knew I always had them, but I didn’t notice how different they really were until recently. I notice at work, when I at someone’s desk showing them something, people will kind of start to stare at them, and sometimes I do get self-concious because I feel they start staring at them whenever they see me. On the other hand, there are people I knew my entire life who never noticed it.

    So glad I found this forum, and thanks to all those who shared their story.

  333. Beata Says:

    When I was a kid I thought that other people’s thumbs look… well, WEIRD. Don’t they?;-)

    Both of my thumbs are clubbed but it never bothered me in any way. It gave me this feeling of being special somehow but also a sense of belonging because a cousin of mine with whom I was hanging out a lot as a kid also has them (as well as his sister and his little brother). Apparently we got them from our grandma – she doesn’t have them, but it must be somewhere in her family since one of our second cousins has them as well.

    I like the “murderer’s thumb” thing. Yeaaaaah.

    I’m from Poland, 22 years old.

  334. Beata Says:

    Oh, come on, you really want it fixed? Is it really neccesary? You people wre beautiful as you are.

    • JB Says:

      Beata, I agree that it definately isn’t necessary, but sometimes something even as small as a slightly shorter thumb really bothers people so much that it has some harsh affects on their everyday life. If I had the option to have a surgeon give me a regular-sized thumb, and I do have the money, then I would get it fixed. I think it’s different being a male and having them. Girls have thought they were ugly, and have turned me down based on something they deemed as weird.

      It does put things in perspective when I see people with horrible conditions, and I want to get something so minor fixed, but I don’t even think there is an option for such a thing right now.

      By the way, I am 5′ 10”, 23 years old of Polish descent. My sister also has clubbed thumbs.

  335. Jay B Says:

    Everybody, please write your age and the size (width) of your thumbs so we can have an idea of your situation. Thanks!

  336. Emily Says:

    I’m Emily and I have one clubbed thumb (right) And a regular thumb on my left. I’m a teen, and I hate my thumb! I’m always hiding it..I wish there was surgery :(.

  337. J Says:

    I used to get picked on for both my clubbed thumbs all the time growing up. It was so bad that I actually changed the way I write. I still write with my fingers folded over my thumb from time to time out of habit, though as I got older people made less of a big deal.

    I tried to find sites which document whether this is a recessive gene, and what the connection to askenazi jews or other ethnic groups are. I have hispanic origins (Colombia, Spain), German, Italian. My great grandfather was an austrian jew supposedly. My last name (my grandfather was german) is actually Czech.

    Anyone have any idea? I hope my kids dont inherit my nintendo thumbs. Oh, I also noticed my big toes are club like and short. (clubbed at the end). They look like sausages lol

  338. J Says:

    p.s. NO ONE in my family to date has these thumbs or traits. Not in my immediate family, no grandfather, grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins have this.

    If it is in my family it skipped SEVERAL generations.

  339. Cans Says:

    I have this stupid thumb on my left hand. It’s so embarrassing, and especially reading comments about how people can be so ignorant about it is really upsetting. One poster mentioned his wife worried about the genetic trait being passed down to their children. That makes me feel quite awful about it but then again people are people, what can I do. I worry about a guy having small shoulders or balding so maybe I’m no better.
    Anyway… I won’t lie, this thumb has an issue my whole life and I have been made fun of for it since I was a kid. I hide it from everyone… I feel like a freak. My family tells me I have my Aunt Josephine’s thumbs (although it’s only one of them). I think what makes it worse is that other than my thumb I think I have beautiful hands, with long “artists” fingers. I look really young for my age and I have a really “cutesy” look which I hate (I have a lot of hangups about myself if you haven’t noticed) but my hands look like they belong on a tall thin woman and if it weren’t for this thumb they would be perfect.
    On the other hand, no pun intended, it was kind of a relief to find out it is actually a genetic trait and not a “defect” particular to me. My parents used to tell me my thumb became that way because I sucked on it as a toddler (thanks Mom and Dad for letting me believe my freakish status in society was entirely of my own doing).
    I noticed it is common in Mediterranean lineages like southern Italians. I am of 100% Sicilian decent and I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.
    On a positive note, thanks so much for this blog!!

  340. Cans Says:

    PS I am the only one, other than my supposed Aunt Josephine, who “suffers” from this, and she is of course an Aunt on my dad’s side. My little sister has two perfect little thumbs and I want to steal them.

  341. Cans Says:

    PPS MY JOINT in EACH thumbs pops all the time. I read something about the joint in a clubbed thumb being different from a normal thumb. Does anyone notice this about themselves? They make the same sound as if you’re cracking a knuckle and they lock up all the time. My thumbs are like that lame guy at the dance club, they pop and lock all the time. :/

  342. Sarah Says:

    Yes, my club thumbs do pop and lock! LOL I just popped one right now:)

    • Buddy Clem Says:

      Yes, oddly enough my left thumb at the base only pops forward toward the palm, and on the right it only pops toward the back. It is loud enough to be heard across a room. The joints at the base are the same size as the joints near the ends. It seems much more flexible than most “regular” thumbs with the exception of my wife’s whose thumb never healed back after being “broken” or more accurately, “disarticulated.”

      I am male, almost 40, and live in the eastern US. All my joints pop like crazy except for the joints at the ends of my “Hapsburg Thumbs.” The trait runs in my family, I have 2 and so does my mother and several great aunts had them. I assume my grandmother had them and she seemed to hide her hands much of the time.

      I never had much problem with the extra attention and when kids would ask or make up stoies of thumb transplants (1st happened in 1982 if memory serves me right) I would have a good laugh and it never bothered me. I had much else to worry about, and growing up in the 80s I had a distinct advantage in video games, and my thumbs fit the big buttons of arcade games perfectly.

      I would advise people NOT to seek any cosmetic surgery, since the greatest things hands do is feel and manipulate. I have even more appreciation after losing much sensation in my fingertips in connection with Fibromyalgia, or Polymyalgia Rheumatica, or some other chronic pain condition. Function is the #1 purpose of hands and consider yourselves lucky that you have functional hands. Differences are what makes us all special, don’t try to change your body, only try to grow your mind, heart and spirit.

      Be proud and stay positive!

  343. Jay B. Says:

    (Note: I’m French so my spelling may not be perfect)

    Hi clubbers! I’ve read that many people here are not proud of their clubbed thumb and although I’m ok with my ‘normal’ thumbs’ (both are not clubbed)), I envy one thing about yours… They are wide (or broad)! I’m a 32yo men and they’re only 0, 71 inches wide each (or 18mm), that is the size of a 0.10$ American coin! That’s pretty embarrassing to see that some 9yo boy or 12 yo girl can have thumbs as large as mine (in some rare case they may even be larger!). Over the years I’ve even developed an obsession over that and every time that I see a women with potentially larger thumbs than mine, I try, if it’s possible and discreet, to compare them with mines… The strange thing is that I think that it developed into a rare fetish (I’ve search the net to find a few cases) so now it turns me on to see that a women has larger thumbs than mine loll (no joking here!)..! One time I was at a client apartment, I think she was about 18 yo (or maybe 17) and she had broad clubbed thumbs (I would say about an inch wide each (or about 25mm)) and when I had the opportunity to put one of my thumbs close to one of heir’s (for a signature) it strangely turned me on to saw that mine was a lot less broad than heir’s even though I was about 26yo at the time! Weird but true! So now I accept my new fetish and if you have pics of you broad thumbs near a ruler (so we can precisely see the width) I would be pleased to see them 🙂 You can send me a message (or a picture) about your broad thumbs at,

    Thanks in advance!


  344. Tracy Says:

    I am so surprised to find this site, I have 2 of these beauties and have always felt so awkward!! Growing up people made fun of them, I am always trying to hide them, esp when my picture is being taken! I bit my nails until I was 21 so that made them look even worse, the nail bed on my thumbs is so short! Now that I have grown my nails out they look much better in appearance but are still embarrassing. I am 37 this week and live in FL, no one in my family has these!! Just lucky ole’ me! My son does not either, but my 5 year old daughter looks like she MAY have inherited them, still hard to tell. People have told me before that I look like Megan Fox so to see she has them kinda makes me feel better!! Is that horrible? I hope not. Anyhow it’s a relief to see so many of you are just like me, I always felt alone and in the spotlight on this matter!

  345. Elizabeth Says:

    I have them on both hands :/. i always try to hide them specially in pictures. i don’t like them at all. I have brown hair brown eyes and im white. Im 24 years old. I don’t think anyone in my family has them (as far as i know). I used to bite my nails until about a year ago i guess they look better but i’m still not fond of them. I thought i was the only one who had them until about 6 months ago when i looked up to see if anyone else had weird thumbs like me because i have never seen them. I was very surprised how many people have them! I’m happy im not alone but i wonder where i got them from??? My grandfather was Italian and grandmother was Polish on my dad’s side.. my moms parents were mixed with alot of things… Any ideas? 🙂

  346. Svendar Says:

    Hi Elizabeth, I was wondering; how broad are your thumbs? The size of a nickel, a quarter or more? 🙂

    • Elizabeth Says:

      My whole thumb fits on nickel perfectly 🙂

      • Svendar Says:

        Hey thanks a lot for the pics! 🙂 You’re open minded and I like that so, if you want to communicate directly with me just use your regular e-mail (I tried to answer you with a direct reply but it failed loll) so that I can answer you dictely…

        Take care,

        Svendar 🙂

  347. Svendar Says:

    Nice! 🙂 I would love to have a pic of your thumb compared to a nickel (from top view, your thumb covering 1/4 of the nickel so we can see the max width of the nickel compared to the max width of your thumb) because for some reason, I have thin thumbs and I’ve developed what you would call a rare fetish that make me like comparing my thumb with a women that has larger thumbs than me (since in nature, it’s supposed to be (generally) the other way around I supposed loll). One of my thumb fits on a 0, 10$ and the other one on a penny and I’m a 32 years old men! (Yes, you win loll)

    Anyway, if you don’t want to it’s ok but I would LOVE it! 🙂

    If you want to, my e-mail is:

    P.S: Hope my English is ok because my first language is French 🙂

    Take care,

    Svendar 🙂

  348. jeffjohnson Says:

    I have both clubbed thumbs and hitchhikers thumbs on both of my hands. my thumbs were always a topic of conversation at school back in the day and as some of you said they are killer in thumb wars. c: thanks for this great site which has given me so much more self-esteem, and being someone who is locked up in the house all day with photophobia, it really means alot. i have actually grown to think that my photophobia is caused by my thumbs which i am told by my older brother were given to me by my alien parents who come to visit me every night.

  349. Amy Says:

    Hi, I’m 42 and have 2 clubbed thumbs. I’ve always hated them. Noone else in my family has them and I have 4 children who do not have them either. I am of mixed European descent, mostly Scot, German, & Bohemian. I also have short, wide big toes and have an unusually large head circumference for a female. I always have to buy men’s hats or one’s that can stretch well.

  350. Ken Says:

    Hi All, This is pretty incredible. For the longest time I thought I was alone with my “gimp” thumb. But now I realize I am not! Incredible. When I was very young, maybe 7 or so, my mother noticed that my thumbs were different shapes. My right thumb is a “clubber”. Funny that she noticed before I did! (I guess 7 year olds don’t much notice these things.) Anyhow, I have noticed that the bone does not sit right in the joint. The side of the bone closest to the index finger protrudes a small bit (completely unnoticeable visually). I am double-jointed in all of my joints. Also, I have the “hitchhikers” thumb that someone mentioned above. My heritage is German, Irish, Scottish, English, and a small bit of Dutch, I believe. Judging from the pictures I’ve seen, I think I have a bit more noticeable case of club thumb than usual. My thumb is about the size of a quarter and the nail noticeable stubby (I would say a bit more than 2:1 width-to-length ratio) and also perhaps a couple millimeters wider then my normal thumb. Also, unlike most of the comments here, I actually thought my thumb was quite cool/interesting. I guess for the ladies it’s something to be shy about, but I used to have a good laugh over telling ludicrous stories to my friends about how I came to have a “severed thumb” or “dwarf thumb” from various over-the-top fictious stories (bloody wars, science experiments gone awry, plugging a hole in the hoover dam one time, etc.). Greettings to all my clubber brothers and sisters out there!

  351. Christina Says:

    I was so excited to find this website! I never knew that there was a name for my toe thumbs! I was talking to a friend about them, and someone overheard and said “Megan Fox has thumbs like yours!” So, this is what I found when I Googled “Megan Fox’s thumbs” haha. I’m 14, never noticed them until a few years ago. I think I’m mostly Welsh/English, live in America. Not ashamed of them or anything, they could be a lot worse. They’re just, you know, thumbs! 🙂

    • Svendar Says:

      Hi Christina, I was wondering; how broad (width) are your thumbs? The size of a nickel, a quarter or more?

  352. Lela Says:

    This message is for those who’ve inquired about finding a doctor who can do cosmetic surgery for this condition. I have found a doctor who does do this type of work and had it done recently. Contact me at for more info on this because there’s some info that is good to know if you’re considering this.
    It doesn’t make the thumbs look “normal”, just slightly more refined. The nail and the thumb tip is still short.

  353. Maren Says:

    Hi! I am from Norway and I have also a clubbed thumb, but I like to call them ”murderthumb”. I think we have them because we have a sort of Brachydactyly Type D or something. My mom, aunt, cousin, and three of my friends have them too. I love them, i can’t understand why anyone wants to get rid of them.

    • Svendar Says:

      Hi Maren, I was wondering; how broad (width) are your thumbs?

    • Katrine Says:

      Haha this is so funny. I’m from Norway aswell and I have two clubbed thumbs. My sister, aunt and cousins has them aswell. I used to be ashamed of them, but now I like them a lot 🙂 I would like to know if they ment something? I’ve heard that people think that we have a royal connection?
      Thanks 🙂

  354. Ashley Says:

    Hi there!

    What a cool site, its nice to know that I’m not the only one out there!

    I remember being taunted as a kid for my strange thumbs with nicknames like stubs, stumps and stubby. kids can be cruel.

    I am of Lithuanian descent and I live in Arizona, USA.

    My grandmother, who I always thought was a bit nuts…swears that “Catherine the great” is my great great great grandmother. that makes the royalty connection a bit more believable.

    who knows…in any case i wish they would make the buttons on my touch screen cell phone bigger…texting is hard with fat thumbs! hahaha!

    thumbs up guys =)

  355. Jay Says:

    Hi, I’m Jay. I’m twelve years old right now, and I just found out what my thumb is called. I’m known at school for my thumb, everyone says it’s cool. I’m not ashamed by my thumbs one bit, I like them too. I mean, sure i don’t have regular thumbs but, hey, no one can beat me at thumb wrestling. Anyways, the downs and ups are pretty much equal. I can’t text well with my thumbs. But I can grip basketballs and baseballs better. So I’m proud of my thumbs. It hasn’t shown in my family that I know of.. And I never sucked my thumb or bi my nails, so I guess I have mutations to thank. Haha. So anyways thanks for putting out a website about “us”, I thought it was only me. I’m glad I get to share these awesome thumbs.

    • Jay B Says:

      Hi Jay, I was wondering; how broad (width) are your thumbs? The size of a nickel, a quarter or a penny?

  356. Jaycee Says:

    I have loathed my misshapen thumbs all my life, as they were often the subject of ridicule, or at the very least, a “curiosity”. I don’t get many comments now as an adult, but I’m still very self-conscious about them. I inherited them from my father, who has the most exaggerated clubbed thumbs I’ve ever seen. Thankfully, mine aren’t as wide and “primitive” looking as his. What makes my thick/stubby thumbs more noticeable is that my hands are very petite, thin, and bony and the rest of my fingers look long and thin (my ring finger is a size 4). My wrists are also thin — with a 5-inch circumference. Because of these other “features”, the odd appearing thumbs seem more glaring somehow — like a true deformity. Even though they appear deformed, they are fully functional and I’ve not noticed any deficits in their performance with respect to any tasks. I would never draw attention to them, so I wouldn’t grow them long or wear nail polish. I will say that manicures do help their appearance — pushing the cuticles back and keeping the cuticles groomed, makes the nail bed longer and the thumb looks less stubby. I have never had manicurists make any comments — but then I just go for the basic manicure to keep them groomed and tidy — and have a nice natural nail polish put on (Essie’s Mademoiselle gives them a healthy pink sheen)…

  357. Jenny Says:

    I wonder, if there are any twins with this condition!?

  358. Jason B. Says:

    Hi guys, if you have a club thumb equal or larger than a quarter (a 0.25$), you can send me a pic of your thumb, top view, compared with a quarter (or a ruler so we can see the width) at Thanks in advance, I’ll create an album with the broadest thumbs! Cheers!

    Jason B.

  359. Miranda Says:

    I have one club and one regular thumb. I find the word “club” a little unusual lol but I’m glad I’m not alone in this; my boyfriend calls it my “retarded toe-finger”, and all my friends pick on it. Its quite traumatizing. I just try to remember meaghan fox has one, and she’s totally hott 🙂

  360. Sarah Says:

    Does anyone know of any possible surgery to fix these thumbs? I have searched everywhere but can’t seem to find anything…

  361. Jenny Says:

    @Sarah: nope, no chance for surgery … you can’t change your genes :-/, sorry

  362. Jesseca Says:

    hi, im 17 🙂 i have both clubbed thumbs both ridiculesly embarresssing. My friends and family call them gremlin thumbs, or toe thumbs. I never thought there was other people who had clubber thumbs too. hoping to find out what it means to have clubbed thumbs 😀
    -Jesseca 🙂

  363. Sophia Says:

    hi, im 13 i have both clubbed thumbs I find them quite freaky as far as I know none of my family have clubbed thumbs but in a way I like them because they sorta make me unique. My thumbs have always been like this and i have never sucked my thumbs I do have a habit of biting them though. and guys who are embarrassed by your thumbs its who you are don’t be ashamed its who you are!
    And b.t.w its awesome that there’s a whole bunch of you guys who have thumbs like me too!!!!!!!!!!!!
    – Sophia 🙂

  364. Bianca Says:

    Hi! i’m 17 and I also have these “toe thumbs” although my hands are small so they are short and chubby. 🙂 I have come to terms with my thumbs and I find them as something unique about me. I hope everyone who reads this website realizes that their thumbs are NOT a big deal. I still date and have friends and live my life, it’s not a deformity it’s just who you are. 🙂 Be happy and embrace the thumbs!!!!

  365. Bianca Says:

    Although I am interested in where they come from, I see that everyone keeps saying it’s from European decent, I find that interesting. I’m Mexican and I actually know three Mexicans (not my Family) who have the same thumbs.

    • Terri Says:

      Hey there! My father is Black (Southern USA) & my mother is Mexican-American. Don’t know much of my family on either side, but my Mom def doesnt have it. My sister has funny tips but so dora her father & he is my stepfather. Anywhoo, just wanted to point out that Mexicans are of Native American/ European(Spain) descent. In my case it could be from either side b/c there was a lot omixing going on during slavery as well. Guess I’ll probably nevermind know. 🙂

  366. israel carrera Says:

    i was gonna read all the comments then comment but i guess ill just read the rest another day. i hated heads up 7 up but i figured might as well get used to it early on. i remember messing with this one girl that i had a toe transplant but i told her the truth eventually. every so often i would get self conscious and hide them but only around pretty girls i liked hahahaha. from the research ive done it is a genetic trait and as for the inbreeding i would have to say that might only b the case because it might b genetically recessive. that being said i know my parents are loosely related 8th cousins mb. but nothing like brother and sister hick type shit u know. my dad has them and his and mine occipital bone do protrude to a point. and the bones right behind our ears .and the research ive done on that is that some guy used to read heads like palms (of course it never really got off the ground) and apparently its a sign if extreme intelligence the more they stick out. and in palmistry theyre called murder thumb because ppl with these tend to get mad every six years and when they do they blow up. so if ever they did go off they would b capable of murder (look it up). my sister has just one and i think only girls post cause guys dont care we dont wear fake nails so they never get in the way. anyways i am of mexican decent meaning im mishica indian (what the aztecs actually called themselves) and a mix of spanish. of course new land brings new ppl so who knows wat else got mixed in. im very light skinned and often get mistaken for being white i have brown hair that turns red in the light something my lil brother calls irish hair. so that can be the french irish connection. id love to see an x-ray of my thumb bcause i can tell the bone is completely different. im 21 if that matters and as for being embarrassed i cant say i am at least this way i can tell if the kids are mine hahahaha. as for being different strange or out of the norm were called individuals for a reason at least last i checked 😉

  367. israel carrera Says:

    and im sorry but this has really been bothering me its p.p.s. not p.s.p.s. im a freak about that. they drilled us a lot in school on how to write letters so u can trust me. as for correct grammar and punctuation i think its a waste of my time (ur lucky i used periods XD). but u can keep using it im just saying dont complain to me about my lack of punctuation all those gifted calsses have me traumatized lmao

  368. Olivia Says:

    I have 2 clubbed thumbs but the thing I don’t understand is: what things do these thumbs stop you from doing? I mean, yes, they can’t fit into small areas, like thumb rings, but what else can’t they do? I don’t really mind having them besides the fact that they look weird and every1 thinks your thumbs have a problem. I really would love if some people answer my questions, because I’m really a little confused. Thanks and best regards,

  369. Shery Says:

    Hi my name is shery and I’m 15 years old and both of my thumbs are clubbed. You can’t imagine how relieved I am that there are more people out there like me. I just recently found out that Megan Fox’s fingers are like mine, just that mine are a bit fatter and my index finger is kinda like that too. I realised that even amazing celebrities like her can have thumbs like mine, and many other people. I sometimes cry because I felt just ugly because of my fingers (I still do a bit, but not as much as before) Now when I know what it is, I feel less strange and as silly as it might sound I am in tears. I’ve been picked on so many times because of my thumbs and it hurts because I can’t help it. This might be a stupid question, but are there any treatments for people with fingers like this? Like so they can look more “Normal”? I’m trying to grow proper nails now, for the first time actually because I used to bite my nails, and everyone tells me to grow nails so it will look better. Anyways, I feel less strange now, because I’m not the skinniest girl, or the prettiest, and I just felt kinda “Lonely” when everyone else had pretty fingers and I had my strange ones. I don’t like to use nailpolish because I’m scared that it will draw attention to my fingers and then everyone would go all ‘Omg look at her fingers, they’re weird!’ So anyways, I just wanted to ask that question and say that knowing about Megan Fox and that there are others out there like me helped a lot…Thank you..

  370. Jay B. Says:

    Hello Sherry! How broad are your thumbs? The size of a penny, a nickel, a quarter or more? I would love to have a pic comparing them (top view) with the appropriate comparative (nickel, penny quarter etc…). My e-mail is
    Thanks and be proud of your special thumb! 🙂


  371. W Alexander Says:

    How fascinating. I thought I had some weird disfigurement no one else had. It’s my left thumb. I am 17 and thought I had broken it or something playing Rugby or Cricket and the bone had just grown outwards. I find it incredible that some people said they also had a perculiar Occipital bone and european heritage espes with Germany and Scandinavia! I am English and know I have descent from Ireland, Germany and Sweden. This is freaky yet amazing to find out about all of this. We must be linked somehow.

  372. Tracey Fraser Says:

    Both of my thumbs are clubbed and very obviously so,i’m 37 years old and Scottish,i don’t know an generations before me that has clubbed thumb or thumbs but out of my own 4 children my 11yr old daughter has clubbed thumbs too,we both hate them and i am always very aware of them,often hiding them from the view of others,mine deffinately look like big toes so i guess that having an irrational phobia of feet doesn’t help matters.

  373. Jay B. Says:

    Hello lucky clubbers! I’m not like the rest of you, I’m a man in his early 30s and I would love to have clubbed thumbs, because mine are thin (as broad as an American/Canadian penny—> between 18mm & 19mm broad each) and it’s kind of embarrassing to see, for example, a 14yo girls with broader thumbs than mine loll. Although for a reason I don’t know it developed as a turn on for me to compare my thin thumbs with a girl that has bigger thumbs than mine (it’s kind of weird, but it’s true lol). So if any girls want to send me pics of their broad thumbs (near a ruler so we can precisely see the width) it would be awesome! My e-mail is

    Don’t be shy, I’m a cool guy! 🙂

  374. terhi Says:

    Im a 21 year old girl from Finland.
    My twin sister (identical) and I both have clubbed thumbs.
    I used to hate them, and for the longest time I would only wear long sleeved shirts to hide them, but now I’m over it.
    There’s so many bigger things to worry about than thumbs 😀

  375. Denys Says:

    I’m an 18 year old girl from the U.S. but my parents are from Mexico.The only relative I know that has clubbed thumbs is my aunt on my mother’s side. I have a clubbed thumb on my right hand and I have a regular thumb on my left hand. I always thought I was the only one with two different thumbs, so its a relief to know there are more out there! I randomly realized I had a clubbed thumb in middle school. I showed my parents and sisters and they all thought it was the funniest thing ever. They still laugh at it, but I’ve grown used to it and I don’t mind as much. I’m so excited to have found this website.

  376. Ando Says:

    @terhi: I’d like to see your and aour sisters’ thumbs!!

  377. Heather Says:

    I am 31 & just realized I am not alone. Watching a tv show tonight “Body of Proof” they brought up brachudactyly type D better known as clubbed thumbs. I had always thought it was just my little qwark.
    I live in the US, currently in GA. I have a Scottish heritage on my mothers side, I don’t know about my fathers. Maybe my stubbie thumbs came from my dad.
    My unique thumbs were not fun to have during my teenage years when all you want to be is like everyone else. My girl friends loved to point them out to everyone, it was a great conversation piece for them. I on the other hand tried to hide them & figured if I would push the sides of my thumbs maybe they would grow right. (Silly me) The funniest question I have been asked is “do they hurt”.
    I always jokingly have said that God was in a hurry when he was assembling me and put my big toes on my hands & my thumbs on my feet. As an adult they don’t bother me. And now I am actually excited to find out that there is a name for it and that I am connected to a whole community of folks from around the world by a little abnormality that we share.

  378. Louise Says:

    I have found a little interesting site on clubbed thumbs.. its says…
    The Murderer’s Thumb Unveiled —- The clubbed thumb (see picture) was traditionally called the “murderer’s thumb” denoting the powerful temper of those who carried it. This thumb has a short first phalange (section) and is broad. The tip of the thumb is fleshy and the thumbnail is short and broad. According to those who know, people with clubbed thumbs are strong willed and can control their emotions. Paul Fenton-Smith says: “In almost every case of clubbed thumbs I have seen the person has not lost his or her temper more than five or six times in 30 years. In most cases this person knows on a deep level what he or she is capable of doing when out of temper, and is sensible enough to leave the circumstances which triggered the outburst of temper before doing something which will cause regret. If a crime such as murder is committed, it is likely to be an unplanned affair after the person has “snapped”, temporarily losing control over his or her emotions.” Since my new friend C. has this kind of thumb (pictured below), I want to test out Paul Fenton-Smith’s theory, and see whether she does indeed have an iron control of her emotions.



  379. Louise Says:

    & after searching the internet ive discovered there are hand specialists who cam perform plastic surgery on thumbs & fix the clubbed thumbs. im unsure of the costs as of yet, but id like to look into it more, is there anyone on here who can relate and has had theres surgically fixed??

  380. alona Says:

    wow so much people with the same thumbs? this is awesome!!! im 16 and i also have the same funny looking thumbs. people often laugh at them but i have learned to laugh along. i dont mind having thumbs like this but sometimes i catch my self wishing i had normal thumbs like everyone else. and on the other hand i thank god for making me unique in this way! 🙂

  381. Karen Hatfield Goodwin Says:

    I’m 51 years old and had no idea there was a name for my thumbs. My dad had them. Our last name is Hatfield. I’m American but my ancestors are supposedly English, Scotch and Irish. My friends used to tease me that it looked like I was born without thumbs and they used my big toes. My toes are completely normal looking, and my fingers are long except my pinkie finger fingernails grow crookedly. Like other posters, I also learned there was a name for my thumbs by watching the show Body of Proof. I knew I inherited them from my Dad because they were pronounced on his hands as well. I’m a person who notices hands, but I’ve never met another human being except for my dad with my thumbs. Glad to know you’re all out there.

  382. Brooke Says:

    Hi! I think this community is a really awesome idea, didn’t realize how many people have these thumbs. I’ve had them my whole life but I didn’t really realize that they were that special/weird-looking until I got into middle school. I think the inbreeding/European descent theory makes sense for me at least, because I am a quarter Italian and my great grandparents were eighth cousins. My thumbs have never really been a problem for me, of course I have been teased in school but it’s all in good fun. People talking about surgery/being ashamed of your thumbs: I really don’t think you should be! Your thumbs are part of what make you who you are and you’re beautiful with them! Be proud and work them. 🙂 But in relation to the appearance of my thumbs, I’ve never really seen a picture that looks exactly like mine. They’re narrow at the base, and then they curve into a broader shape at the top and look more like a typical clubbed thumb with the very wide and very short nail. Anyways, thanks to who made this website, great idea!

  383. Lindsey Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs and i didnt notice until a few months ago.I am 3/4 mexican and 1/4 lithuanian.This is strange to me since i got my thumbs from my lithuanian side but only my grandpa (pure lithuanian) and aunts (also pure lithuanian) have them.I was also saw that clubbed thumbs are usually linked to royalty,what is the possibility of people with clubbed thumbs being royalty?

  384. Nora Says:

    I’m Nora 19 year old girl from KSA
    I’ve two clubbed thumbs .the weird thing that I don’t know from which side they came from ! None of my family have them “nor from my mom side neither my dad’s”
    And I’ve never saw anyone with those clubbed thumbs except me !
    I’m living with it , nobody have commented on or asked me about it
    But I really would love to know if there’s any guaranteed surgery to fix them
    Sorry for my English >not my native language “

  385. Sarah Says:

    Does Megan fox really have Weill marchesani syndrome

  386. Taylor Says:

    My names Taylor, I’m from Minnesota, and I have these clubbed thumbs. About the theory that people who have this are descended from European Royalty. Possibly. I’d be good proof. I got the trait from my dad’s side, and one of my uncles just happened to trace back our whole family tree to, like, the 700’s (it’s ridiculous!) There are several kings and queens and such in our lineage. Even cooler than that, George Washington. Another thing, there was a guy named John Howland, who came here on the mayflower, had a bunch of kids, and a lot of people are related to him, you should look it up. So, maybe everyone who has a clubbed thumb is related to George Washington?

  387. Bryan Says:

    My wife has both thumbs clubbed, at first I was a little surprised as I had never seen it before, but after researching more and more, I believe it is just a simple and harmless mutation in one’s genes, whether it was a mutation that was inherited from generations before you or whether it was a unique case of mutation from your conception is for you to find out, but i don’t believe inbreeding has much to do with it…. inbreeding just raises the chances of “bad” recessive genes coming to actuality. Is clubbed thumbs a recessive gene? That I would like to know. I don’t think that it is a “bad” gene as it doesn’t inhibit ones function to do anything another human is capable of and in certain instances excels and is stronger from what I hear (except bowling and texting LOL, although my wife has no problems texting, she is twice as fast as me 😦 )

    Also whether it is evolution as some say would simply be in the eyes of the beholder. I find it actually pretty cute on my wife lol.
    My wife is Japanese and says no one in her family has it which leaves me to believe it was just mutation from her conception, so obviously she will now carry this gene, I don’t think our first kid (to be born in 4 months) will have it as I have no one on my side of the family that has it…. Lets see if I am right :P, if all our kids in the future don’t have it then it would probably indicate that it is a recessive gene. I will post back here after to let you all know.

  388. Breeze Nicole Says:

    i have them, & i hate them. haha,

  389. Niki Heylen Says:

    Hello you all!
    I am very surprised finding this website! I too have a clubbed thumb on my right hand.
    I always thought I got it because i sucked my thumb untill my 12th birthday! Untill this moment I never realised I could have been born with it.
    I never experienced problems or being picked on at school, my friends even thought it was cute.
    Every morning I have to stretch my thumb, because it gets stuck (I don’t know how to put it, but the joint needs to “crack”?).
    And I too have problems at bowling 🙂 and texting, thats it.
    I am very proud of my thumb, and you should be too!
    Btw I come from Belgium, and I have family from Israel.

  390. Gillian Pacini Says:

    I was amazed to find this site because I have clubbed thumbs and didn’t know others had them too…my mother (who had a good imagination and a name of Washington) said George Washington had clubbed thumbs and this showed we were related to his family…however the only way it affects me is to make an I-Phone impossible..what do other people think. By the way I am English, and live in Florida.

  391. Fia Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs. Inherited it from my mom who has one “normal” and one clubbed. We’re both from Sweden. 🙂

  392. Betina Says:

    Hi,im 11 years old soon(kinda)and i have a left clubbed thumb but i’ve been growing it so it looks different and I’m happy i hide it because its akward but I’m getting used to it.Also I’m 98% lebense because i wasn’t born there names betina and i have brown curly hair with medium brown eyes.B)

  393. Megan Says:

    hey! my name’s megan and im from texas i have a stub thumb on my left hand and it is a good centimeter shorter than the other thumb… haha i dont know if y’alls are all that different but i think its kinda funny. I didn’t like it at first, but i have gotten used to it and learned to love my thumb :). I dont really think the whole “short temper” thing is true though because i hardly ever am mad at anyone and it usually have a lot of patience with others!

  394. Katrine Says:

    Hello! I’m from Norway and I have two clubbed thumbs. My sister, aunt and cousin has them aswell. First I was ashamed of them, but now I like them. I often win thumb wars!
    However, I would like to find out if there is anything special about them. I’ve heard people say that it has something to do with royal blood lines? Murderer thumb? If you know ANYTHING, I will be happy to know!

    – Thanks! 🙂

  395. candyforyourskull Says:

    Wow can’t believe there is a site for this. I actually didn’t realize that my thumbs were a condition. I thought they were just weird. I wasnt sure why but i always remember trying to get them to look normal. Its trait i have that is apart of me. I have never met anyone else who has my thumbs or known anyone has had them i just decided to look it up one day. I was told my grandfather who was Italian also had my thumbs, which is where i get mine from. I don’t care about them that much, sometimes im a little self conscious but really people are attracted me and my thumbs are just a small part of me. cool that megan fox also has my thumbs! Im 26 years old and living in the US

  396. how to lose weight easily Says:

    I savour, lead to I discovered exactly what
    I used to be taking a look for. You have ended my four day lengthy hunt!
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  397. mansi Says:

    Is thumb nail sergery is easily possible for BDD thumb…….any ideas pls suggest

  398. Theresa Burk Says:

    my adopted daughter has this. She is also my niece (I adopted my sisters daughter, my sister has this thumb also). What concerns me is my daughter also has on the same side as the small thumb, a smaller ear hole, smaller nasal passage, her left eye is smaller, etc.. everything on that side is smaller. A doctor told my sister when she was young she had dwarfism. My sister is only 4’10” tall. I am 5’4″ tall and the tallest of my family. Our mother was 5′ tall. I am wondering if anyone else has other features smaller or dwarfism running in the family. Right now my daughter is 12 years old and about 4′ 5″ tall. I quit growing at her age as did my sister. This may be as tall as she gets. Her biological father is only 5′ 5″ tall. I am concerned about her other features being smaller. I know a trip to the doctor with my concerns are in order. I know that dwarfism can also carry a host of problems with bones, muucles, joints and internal organs.

  399. Jessica Says:

    Hi fellow clubbers 🙂 I’ve found this interesting facebook page, we should all participate to show to the world that our thumbs are just fine the way they are. The more people with them, the more people will recognise them and maybe reduce their judgments about them :

  400. Jessica Says:

    Sorry, here’s the accurate adresse :


  401. Jenni Says:

    I can’t believe I found this! I’m soooooo happy right now I’m about to cry. I’m Jennifer and I’m 16 and throughout those 16 years I always thought I was alone with thumbs like this. I didn’t even realize my thumbs were different until I was in third grade and all my classmates would point it out and say, “Oh it’s so cute and weird”. When I got to middle school every time someone saw it they would point it out and say, “What happened to your thumbs?” and I would be like, “I was born this way.”
    For a while I felt like a freak, especially when I started high school and when people saw my thumbs they would stare. I tried hiding it by closing my other fingers around it.
    My mom used to tell me the silliest things about my thumb. She first told me that it was like that because I bit my nails too much, and everyone told me to grow my nails and it would be fixed. I tried that~it didn’t work for either thumb. I used to hate my thumbs…
    Until I saw this!!!! I thought I was alone in the world and now I know there are so many others like me! I’m sooo proud of my thumbs right now! I’m so happy 🙂

  402. Rob Says:

    My Girl Friend told me this morning about some celebrities with the same traits. Guess I’m not big on pop culture but a very pleasant surprise to find this site.
    I’m 52, born in England with some German ancestry. We immigrated to Canada in the 60’s and currently living downtown Toronto.
    I’ve always had my plum thumbs. A little teasing as a kid, nothing traumatic. It’s never been discussed or researched. I was hoping my children would have them (a boy and a girl, both near 20) but no, they do not.
    I also find they get stuck and I need to crack the last digit, in order to bend the joint. I’ve never counted but likely 15 – 20 times a day. Almost always both thumbs at the same time.
    It’s comforting to see all sorts of guys and gals of all ages from all over the world, constructively celebrate our shared favourite appendage of the hand.
    Rob B

  403. Jacqui Reid Says:

    I can’t believe I have got to the age of 49 and only today discovered I have a “clubbed thumb” and that there are loads of other people all over the world with the same thing. I always thought my thumb was unique to me only. My mother always told me it was from sucking my thumb. Well I’ll be….hahaha…. Funnily enough I saw a young boy at school recently with two “fat thumbs” (I’m a high school teacher) and we had a good old laugh at our thumbs (my right thumb is “clubbed”). I simply can’t believe this new piece of information I’ve just discovered……LOL

  404. Esa Says:

    Hi Alf!

    I have clubbed thumbs too! I’m 15 and I live in Indonesia (very far yeah?)
    All this time I didn’t care about my thumbs’ anomaly, till my friend asked me about them. I search about ‘weird thumbs’ in google and finally I found this blog. I was very happy when I found this site cause I don’t feel alone anymore.

    Clubbed thumbs unite!

  405. Clarissa Says:

    Hey! I’m 17 and I have clubbed thumbs! I was curious to ask this, but are there any types of scholarships for having this awesome trait? I would love be enlightened!

  406. Danille Cully Says:

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  407. Linda Says:

    I’m 42 and excited to know there are others out there just like me. My family always laughed at my thumbs but not to make fun of me just to enlighten me. I wonder why I’m the only one in my family with this trait. By the way I’m Mexican.

  408. cna temp agencies Says:

    I almost never drop comments, but i did a few searching and wound up here Greetings fellow clubbers!
    | World of Clubbed Thumbs. And I actually do have a few questions for you if
    it’s allright. Could it be simply me or does it appear like a few of these responses appear as if they are coming from brain dead people? 😛 And, if you are posting at additional sites, I’d like to follow
    everything fresh you have to post. Could you list of every
    one of all your community pages like your twitter
    feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

  409. Paweł Says:

    Hi folks. I have 2clubbed thumbs. I seek solution. I think that part-solution may be simple : The most ugly aspect of clubbed thumb is no shortness by itself but wideness of nail.

    I think that make nails narrower by cutting off nail beds 2-3 mm from left and right by surgeon could improve appearance of thumbs. This medical procedure may be such as treatment of ingrown nails.
    This solution may be simple, cheap and easy to perform by surgeon as opposite to risky, expensive operations of bone lenghtening.

    What do You think about it ?

    • Jay B Says:


      If it can reassure you, I have thin thumbs for a man (the width of an american 0,10$ coin, so 18 millimeters) and I’ve been self conscious about it since my childhood (I’m in my mid thirties now), because younger girls sometimes had larger thumbs than mine and it’s not what we usually call a “normal” situation. It developed into a rare fetish that make me want to compare my thin thumbs with women with larger ones and just to see mine looking smaller in width, turns me on (for real!). So be proud of what you have because it’s very attractive for some persons, like myself (I’m not alone!), and I would love to have broader thumbs!

      • Paweł Says:

        Yeah ! I have fetish for girls with extremely long thumbs and slender thumbnails. It is because of my clubbed thumbs. I feel need of compensation. My ex girlfirend had it and it turned me on. Apart it I am foot fetishist and love girls with slender toes. It is also compensation because I have small feet as a man. I love girls havings bigger feet than me 🙂 Really.

  410. grow taller 4 idiots drink Says:

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  414. Genoedberg Nadar Says:

    hello everyone….greetings from the guy from INDIA having clubbed thumb…
    yeah…even i have clubbed thumb…happy share about it to..:)

  415. Michele Says:

    I feel that the common ground for all of us BDD thumb people is the Italian heritage. I, too have Italian ancestry, but also Spanish from Spain. Also if you read the other comments as well as read the Wikipedia article, it states that it is derived from European Royalty. When I was very little, my father made it known to me that our Spanish ancestors have ties and relatives to the Spanish crown/royals/nobility. This is a known fact in my family. Additionally, I do not know of anyone but me who has the, however, according to scientific studies, people who have a BDD thumb got it from a great aunt or uncle or great grand parent. It is a genetic trait. If you study the history of Royalty, they intermarried and Spain married within other countries. I think Spain/Italy are woven within a great number of those who have the BDD thumb genetic trait. Though not all, as I am sure Asians could have them too. I am not ashamed of my thumbs. Ive had them all my life, and my friends accept me for me, not for having “normal” thumbs.

    also, England married with Spain, France and all the royals of Europe. and England also went to India. But I personally strongly believe that it comes from Spain/Italy. If people would check their DNA through a test on, they would perhaps find that they could have Italian/Spanish DNA that they did not know of, or England, France, etc. Study the history and marriage tendencies of European Royalty, and then get yourself a DNA test. You might be surprised what you find! PS: I have 2 BDD thumbs, and mine are VERY wide BDD thumbs; more than any other pictures I’ve seen of them. I’m proud of my thumbs, though I do hide them at times by habit due to it being easier to hide them then to try and explain it to people.

    OH, one more thing to help you all perhaps trace the origins of your BDD thumbs. So I have DNA of the following: Spain, Italy, Jewish, French, Scandinavian, Albanian, Middle Eastern, Irish/Scottish. So if you say to yourself, “wait, I don’t have any Italian or Spanish or that stuff”. You probably do since the Spaniards and Italian Royal Families went to England for example, and also England went to Germany and so many other countries. Again I say this: You probably have it in there somewhere. Even Japanese have Jewish in some of them and who knows. It all originates from one place I believe and spread from there. check your family history and get your DNA test done!

  416. Amelia Rowe Says:

    Ha-ha…this is great!
    I have 2 “toe thumbs” (as I’ve always called them) but have never seen them as a hindrance.
    My sister has always taken great pleasure in comparing my wee stubby thumbs with her long ones but there’s no malice in it and people don’t generally notice at all, unless I point it out as a quirk!
    I have also used my wee thumb to hustle at thumbwars…people totally underestimate its power!
    Sad to see that some people will take any singularity about their form and use it as weapon to bludgeon themselves with…
    C’mon, lighten up guys…our thumbs are sweet!

  417. Michele Says:

    here’s the FB group:

  418. Laura Says:

    My name’s Laura I have two clubbed thumbs and my mum has one of them. For me, they are very difficult: have trouble texting, writing, not very good at thumb wars, can’t play ten pin bowling and the flexibility in my thumbs is very bad. I was born with them and have been teased nearly all my life about them. I only found out the scientific term of them not long ago and didn’t realise that I wasn’t the only one with them

  419. Tabitha Says:

    Hi I’m from Connecticut, I have clubbed thumbs too. I have always been teased about it. Been called stumpy my childhood and midget thumb. My thumbs only measure 2 inches long.

  420. Lindsey Says:

    I too have clubbed thumbs. With my hand straight out they barley make it to the bottom of my fingers. I was never bugged in school for it. I always show people them as a giggle topic. I have read that it can be linked to heart problems. I don’t know if it is true or not but I was diagnosed at 17 with wpw and had to have heart surgery when I was 19. I am now 35 would be interesting to know if anybody else that has clubbed thumbs has any heart problems

  421. Haley Says:

    Hi I’m Haley, I’m 17 and I have one clubbed thumb! I’m actually wearing cute stick on nails right now but
    You know what sucks? THEY DONT HAVE THE NAIL SIZE FOR MY FUNKY THUMB. How lame is that? And also, I play guitar and I was trying to use my thumb to form a chord but my stubby little thumb just wouldn’t do it.

    I have no idea where I’m from truly. But grandmother says that I’m welsh, Swedish and Scottish. But I’m
    Sure that’s a guess. I hate my thumb sometimes because of the inconveniences like not being able to find nails that fit that thumb. :p but it doesn’t bother me too greatly. It happens. Clubbed thumb is clubbed.

    • Sephardess Says:

      I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…..having club thumbs is nothing to say, “this sucks or that sucks” because there’s always a way around things.

      1. I play guitar and I don’t use my thumb for chords. I am able to pay fine without it.

      2. I used to have nails before I played guitar (don’t know how you play guitar and have nails…) and my nail salon used to do my acrylic nails with the powder to FIT my fat thumbs. They made them look classy too. You can always get them to make it the way you want, but you need to ask.

      3. I have 2 club thumbs and most things I can do with them, but what I have had challenges with, I’ve found ways to work around it.

      Don’t look at them as a “handicap” or something to be ashamed of or whatever. Be proud of them. 🙂

  422. Jay Armstrong Says:

    My name is Jay and both my thumbs are clubbed.

    I’m actually a huge mix of obviously scottish, irish, german, romanian, and hungarian, so if anyone is from these countries then ok.

    Bowling is a nightmare, i might find one ball that fits my thumb, i really want bowl with a lighter ball but my thumb won’t fit, oh well :p.

    People also call me out for having freak thumbs and its stupid but hey what are you going to do? I found out today that im not alone with clubbed thumbs and found out that this is an actual abnormality, yay, i have found my people.

    thats it, have a nice day :).

  423. Lara Says:

    I too am Lebanese with two clubbed thumbs. I only know of one of my Great Aunts who has the same thing. I just learned that it is Brachydactyly and is common among “Israeli Arabs” with about 4% of the population having them. I am guessing that it is also common in Lebanese.

  424. victor Says:


    • victor Says:

      Hello good . I am Spanish . (Madrid )

      As you . I also have brachydactily .

      Sorry for my bad English .

      I am 24 years old. I wonder if someone plays the electric guitar and had problems with their thumbs because I wanted to buy a guitar and do not know if I can play it smoothly.

      Or in any situation in your life.

      I ‘ve only had problems when I went to play bowling or texting with touch screen mobile.

      Greetings to all : D .

      And never conceal this your wonderful thumbs.

      To think that some people do not have and now that’s hard .

      It is only a matter of aesthetics greetings !!

  425. JENNY Says:

    Short thumbs👍😎 im glad I found this website, also happy everyone here accepts there thumbs lol I still get shy with mine, yes I have both so I get stares when I’m helping customers out at my job , I work at a cigar bar I have to cut and light the customers cigars, I practically have my thumb right in there faces lol and they cant help but stare but there’s nothing I can do sometimes I feel like I’m going burn someone one day because I’m so self conscious, but I think I got this from my father not my mothers side of the family . I’m a female 5.0ft dark brw hair I’m Mexican/American I strongly feel like there’s some Mayan in me but I’m not sure , im still learning allot of my backround .

  426. Saida Abdul-Aziz Says:

    Hi fellow clubbers! Happy to know there is an international body of people that I share something with. I consider myself African American, but my bloodline is so mixed American Indian, UK region (was told Scottish and Irish-parental grand, grandma was an Evans), Arab, (maternal grand, grand, grandma African (but her kids all had Arabic names). To see people from all around the world with this conditions is amazing to me. No other person in my family that I knew had it. I will keep reading and would to learn of new discoveries. I am 61 and I doubt that breakthroughs will happen in my lifetime but I will tell my son whose toes look odd.

  427. Tesla Says:

    Hi I am tesla I have a clubbed thumb. I was reading and it is a genetic from royalty. The royal family would inbreed to keep their bloodline pure and that caused the deformity of our thumbs

  428. Stephanie Says:

    I tried to get to the last comment posted on here but i couldn’t get to it. My names Stephanie and I’m Peruvian. From what I’ve read so far, most commenters were either European/Asian which makes me feel even more unique lol. I am very shy when it comes to my clubed thumb. I try to hide it as much as I can, but recently I became friends with a group of girls who really like going to get their nails done. It made me wonder if people with clubbed thumbs are able to get acrylic nails which led me to this.
    About me, I live in California, my parents are from Peru and neither of them have clubbed thumbs. My brother however was born with an extra toe? lol. I think a cousin in Peru might have a clubbed thumb. I can’t remember. I’m 23 years old and I am still wishing there was a way to get a normal thumb. :/

    Leighton meester has clubbed thumbs I believe, or maybe just one!

  429. Jones757 Says:

    I find myself attracted to guys with clubbed fingers with large nail beds. It’s a turn on for me. Idk why. It’s just something about a man with a lot of nail on his fingers that gets me worked up.

  430. Esther Says:

    Hello everyone. My name is Esther, im 27 years old. Im from California, born and raised but both my parents are from Mexico. My parents are both light skin as well as myself but I of course have some indigenous blood from my fathers mom. My grandpa has sort of a German look and all his brothers had green and blue eyes. I don’t know much about my mothers side as she grew up with a family that wasn’t hers. Anyway, neither of my parents have the clubbed thumbs like i do (i have both, one more than the other…weird). I wish i was more proud of my thumbs like many people here. Im always hiding them and have been ever since i can remember. I keep reading about royal blood line and whatnot but i just wish i was more comfortable with myself. Im glad i was able to find this page… i have never been able to open up about this issue as i don’t know anyone else with thumbs like mine. Well, thanks for reading! 🙂

  431. iscampamericaforyou Says:

    I am from NZ and all of my ancestors are from England. None of my family have clubbed thumbs except for me. It doesn’t actually worry me. We could have been born with any terrible illness or physical disability/deformity but all that’s wrong is a couple of thumb nails 🙂

  432. sphx72rising Says:

    Both my thumbs are clubbed, though mine look shorter and wider than yours pictured here.

    I am a 5’4″ female with fair skin (I burn, then tan), some light freckles, and blue eyes.

    My father has them more like yours on both thumbs, and his father had them, as well. One of his sister has them, too. My father has traced our family lineage back to Scandanavia through both France, Ireland, and England. He has also found some relationship to royal lineage in King Edward II of England!

    I’m not sure whether it’s a trait due to imbreeding/royal status or if it’s more common in those with Northern European ancestry, possibly both.

    I’ve come to really love my thumbs. Usually those I’ve met who have them have other traits in common. It’s very interesting. I can always break tension in a crowd by pointing out how different they look!

  433. Sophie Says:

    I have clubbed thumbs on both hands and I actually never knew that there was an actual name for them. I never noticed them as I grew up and only became aware that my thumbs were different when my sister pointed it out saying look how ugly your thumbs are. My mum was amazed at them and my dad couldn’t really care less. No family members have them and I’ve never met anyone with the same thumbs as me. Being a teenage girl I want fake nails but I’m too insecure about my thumbs to even try. Alittle about me is I’m 18, female and from Australia both my thumbs are clubbed and yeh that’s all.

  434. Joma Jewellery a little Says:

    Demure, chic, conventional, fashionista, attractive, sophisticated,
    willowy – the type of saree you choose, and the way..

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