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Poll results: it’s a tie!

February 16, 2008

Clubbed or stub… same difference. ‘Midget’ and ‘Big Toe’ got a good turnout as  well. Thanks for voting. p.s. My personal favourite is  Royal.



The Palmistry of the Stub/Clubbed thumb

February 11, 2008


It’s not something I take very seriously but there happens to be a lot of palmistry (hand-reading) literature relating to clubbed thumb on the internet.

If I get the chance to see a Palmist/fortune-teller I might show them out of amusement. I have found both Western and Hindu links. One such example comes from the Laws of Scientific hand-reading (not actually scientific). According to the palmists ‘clubbed thumb’ means that you have a short temper and get very angry. Amusing:

Occasionally a thumb is found with the will phalanx is thick and rounded … [and] is found on the hands of healthy persons. Owing to its peculiar club-like formation is had been called the clubbed thumb, and owing to the thickness, courseness and brutal obstinacy shown, has been designated the murderer’s thumb. This clubbed thumb shows terrific obstinacy … They are dangerous companions however not to be trifled with.

Is this true for you?



More pictures of our thumbs! This website on Photobucket courtesy of JT:

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pps… Going to close the naming Poll this week – it’s a close race between ‘clubbed’ and ‘stub’. So if you haven’t voted yet…!