Poll results: it’s a tie!

Clubbed or stub… same difference. ‘Midget’ and ‘Big Toe’ got a good turnout as  well. Thanks for voting. p.s. My personal favourite is  Royal.



36 Responses to “Poll results: it’s a tie!”

  1. Jon Says:

    My friends call it the “wee thumb”.

  2. Mary Says:

    My brother calls my thumbs “toe-pedos” or billy club thumbs. I just call the clubbed thumbs!

  3. Jim Says:

    I have stubby thumbs on both hands. My family called it “hammer thumb”. We also thought (hoped) it was a sign of royalty.

  4. cindy Says:

    i always called them “Nintendo thumbs” because when i was young, i was really good at Nintendo because I could hit the A & B buttons at the same time with my thumb!

  5. Mallory Says:

    My family always called me “thumbs” My husband calls me “fat thumbs” all the time. They are so embarressing when people you dont know comment on them

  6. canadagirl2010 Says:

    I think all the clubbed thumb people are super cool and special! We should make our mark like Megan Fox so everyone wants to be part of our royal club! 🙂

  7. Mallory Says:

    I have to say that I love my thumbs. When i was looking through my baby pics, you couldn’t even tell i had them. Also, my nickname is “big toe little thumb.” ha. I’m glad to know I am not the only one. Clubbed thumbed people rock!!!!

  8. marcello Says:

    i prefer “asymmetric thumbs,” but my wife insists on calling the ‘normal’ one Ford and the clubbed thumb Arthur, as when i do a hitchhiker’s thumb with the clubbed one, you can barely tell it moved.

    i also emailed my thumb picture.

  9. sofia Says:

    i call mine hobbit thumbs

  10. Rayne Says:

    I call mine a toe thumb, but my family and friends call it an alien thumb!

  11. Adrianna Says:

    I don’t know who started it, but I call them shumbs (short thumbs)

  12. carrie Says:

    I call my thumbs nubs…i also love them and show them off at every opportunity! 🙂

  13. Sarah HO Says:

    My sister has these so called “nubs”. I personally like to call them “thumb toes”. Shout out to the NUBS!!! What What 🙂

  14. sarah Says:

    i knew they were cool,my name is sarah a princess there you go royalty!!!!!!!!!

  15. Laura Says:

    Cobra Thumbs. They are big at the head and skinny at the bottom like a Cob.

  16. Debbie Says:

    I call my two thumbs “Hammer” thumbs…I always say I look like I am ready to hitchhike!

  17. Angela Says:

    i use to be really self consious about my thumbs especially when ppl pointed them out but reading this and seeing how megan fox came out about her thumbs really made me more comfortable. thanx:)

  18. Bob Says:

    I call them half thumbs. Cause they have a full nail but it’s half the size. Creepy…

  19. Bruce Says:

    I can’t believe this name isn’t up on the list, but my kids came up with calling my thumbs “Thoes”. I have lived with these stubby thumbs all my life and they were the first to come up with the name thoes. And they didn’t even come up with that name until they were well into their teens.

  20. Georgia Says:

    I can’t believe how many people have clubbed thumbs! it makes me feel so much better about it as i was selfconcious about my thumbs for a long time – one’s normal, and one’s short and stubby. however, my parents didn’t realise I had a clubbed thumb until a few years ago when I started high school…. one of my friends thinks my thumb is so great and she calls it my toe thumb – she also likes showing it off to other people!

  21. Brady Says:

    We have always called them hammer thumbs in our family, which I see is not an option in the poll.

  22. Sue Says:

    My husband calls them my toe thumbs. I have always called them my fat thumbs. I had no idea this was a legitimate condition – just thought I was deformed. I’ve been very self-conscious about them since a friend noticed them in sixth grade (and I’m forty now!!). She made a HUGE deal over them -“Ew!! Look at her thumbs!!” It’s nice to know that I’m not alone. I like the notion of royalty, but not so keen on the “murderer’s thumbs!”

  23. Renea Says:

    “dumb-thumb” … it is my dumb thumb, especially dumb as my other is completely normal!

  24. Benny Says:

    I like Pumpkin Thumbs!

  25. Rachel Says:

    I call my thumbs cello thumbs (because they look kind of like an upside down cello) I like “royal thumbs” too though.

  26. Grace Says:

    I am forty-one and have never before heard of “clubbed thumbs” or met anyone else who had them. I have always joked that I was born with eight fingers and twelve toes. From now on, though, I will call them Royal thumbs – much better :)!

  27. Alexandra Says:

    I used to gross out my little brother when I was a kid… I’d chase him around the house with my “tum” (toe/thumb) and try to touch him with it, yelling that he’d get infected with my “thumb disease.” In high school, my best friend tripped and stepped on my hand, and I screamed and showed her my thumb, convincing her that she had squished it. Now, I’ve come to accept my genetic hiccup, and my boyfriend lovingly refers to me as Tumbelina… 🙂

  28. Gabe Says:

    I’ve got a buddy w/ BDD thumbs and our group of friends has always called them “party thumbs.”

  29. Lovelythumbs Says:

    I was once told that I would be a terrible hitchhiker lol! I will now refer to my thumbs as “Megan Fox” thumbs…can’t get sexier than that! I have heard names like lollipop thumbs, wooden spoon thumbs, fat thumbs, fred flinstone thumbs, midget thumbs, etc but all said lovingly and never in malace.

  30. Rachel Says:

    I have one and my cosin and I call it “stubby”.

  31. Lorna Says:

    I call mine Hammer thumbs

  32. Emily Says:

    My friends have always called me “Thumbie!” I have it as my nickname on the back of my volleyball shirt and they even call me that in public. People stare like, “What….?” Hahaha. I didn’t know they had a name, I thought I had a deformity! (:

  33. Eve Says:

    Of the very creative (and sometimes mean) names that people have come up with, I’ve allowed “hobbit thumbs” and “hitchhiker’s thumb” to stick… However, since I recently learned that its technically Brachydactyly Type D, I make sure to tell people that and then look really really sad at their hurtful name calling! lol Getting them all back for YEARS of teasing! They usually feel terrible afterwards 🙂

  34. Isabel Says:

    Toe thumbs

  35. mary Says:

    Pea Pickers thumb

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