About the World of Clubbed Thumbs

“Picking your nails” or “sucking your thumbs when you were little”: some explanations that are popularly given for the trait known as clubbed thumbs.

It wasn’t till I was 25 that I found out that it’s a unique trait, genetically inherited according to scientists, and shared by millions of people. In fact, the scientific term for clubbed thumbs is Brachydactyly type D or ‘BDD’ for short.

This page is dedicated to the unique trait knows as ‘clubbed thumbs’.

This weblog is dedicated to bringing together people with clubbed thumbs (or people who’re interested) to share information, scientific or otherwise, about their thumbs.


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updated 15/6/09

updated 08/4/09

updated 24/2/08: picture of my left thumb!


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  1. arleen Says:

    i have 2 clubbed thumbs. born in the usa of italian heritage. would love to know more about the historical figures who had one or both clubbed thumbs. maybe i am from a long line of italian royalty!!??!! (so who has the royal treasury?)

    • scotty Says:

      do you have a short fuse?

      In palm reading they are called ‘murderers thumbs”.

    • edie partridge Says:

      I am 55 years old and I used to be embarrassed about my thumbs as a child. I would hide them. For many years I never wanted to get a manicure. I am the only one in my family to have them so far. But as a nurse I notice them on many people I run into. I show them to them and we laugh and share our stories. My vet has them, and he is very down to earth and intelligent. I have been told that we are special to have them. Therefore I choose to think of them that way. In recent years I heard them called toe thumbs. That is cute cute and describes them perfectly. As for Megan Fox I saw the first transformer movie and did not notice hers. I usually am pretty observant. Now on the internet they are making a big deal out of her thumbs in a negative way, calling them a flaw!!! This is not right, she is unique. We need to embrace our differences. We truely are special people.

      • Paige Says:

        Hey, I’m 14 and both my thumbs are ‘clubbed’ but it was only yesterday that I found out other people have thumbs like this and i havnt just got wierd thumbs with no explanation. I am writing this because i am very self
        concious about my hands because of my thumbs and people often make nasty comments at school and stuff when they see them and i try to
        laugh it off but sometimes it actually hurts me because there is nothing I can do about them and I was just wondering if you have any advice on what to say to them or how to make them less obvious to other people
        thanks 🙂

      • Hannah Says:

        Yes that can be a problem for me too. Both my thumbs are ‘clubbed’ and are from my grandfather who is hungarian, he has them too. Sometimes my friends make a little comment here or there but they just say they’re cute! You shouldn’t try to let your thumbs get in the way of your life, but if you want to make them look a bit more normal try filing/trimming them to look a bit more curved and normal, that’s what I do sometimes!!!

      • Dora Says:

        My name is dora and I have been living with clubbed thumbs for 14 years now. I was bullied in elementary school by the people who called themselves my “friends”, but by 7th grade I learned that every part of me is beautiful in every way, even my thumbs.

    • rhea Says:

      i do also my right thumb is clubbed and my second toes are crooked
      pellegrino my last name/

    • colin Says:

      Hi..I live in northern Ireland and im 16 years old, i have 2 clubbed thumbs, When i first relised them i was like what the hell!!!!!
      But now that i have relised other peope have them aswell.. i am very glad to not be the only one.
      When my mates first found out about them, they wouldnt stop joking about it and it kinda pissed me off, that day i only had one thought in my head and that was why do i have these weird thumbs so i typed it into google and got all the answers i need 🙂

    • susan Says:

      I cannot believe there is a web site for people like myself!! I have exactly the same two thumbs as in the picture above!! Amazing. Found out one year ago my father is not biological father. First inkling was when I was younger and no one in my family had my thumbs and use to think I had them both cut off when the car door slammed on them, but since then I have found out it is hereditary. From my real fathers side. One of my daughter has two like myself, one has just one fat thumb and the other has none,but they have been passed to her children though! My mother is from New York!

      • Missy Morris Says:

        As a child i was teased to the point of tears about my thumbs. I have never ever liked the way they look. They are shorter so it’s harder to hold onto objects. I have hated to have to go over how they are not transplanted toes and i have had no accident. I have two aunts who only have one each, I always felt that would be worse, since i have a pair. As an adult i am very good at hiding them. Since they are shorter they tend to fold into my hand and i have just learned to keep them folded over. It has taken people i know years to recognize them. I don’t care for the name “clubbed”. I prefer lollipop like my mom always called them. Makes it fun and not so much like a defect. I have never met anyone who has a pair. I have come to understand that the recessive gene for this condition skips a generation generally. None of my three kids have these and so far none of my grand children. My doctor also made a comment that she had noticed a very high incident of bi polar disorder in the patients she had treated with my thumbs. I told her i would participate in a study if one ever came along. I was wondering if anyone else his bi polar disorder?

      • najewela Says:

        Missy, My fathers side has passed along the Thumbs and the Bipolar. That would be interesting to know if they do play apart with each other. Both my thumbs are clubbed and have 3 children, oldest doesnt have clubbed, middle one has only one clubbed and youngest has both clubbed and he has bipolar. They are called murders thumbs for the fact that the those with ones usually have quick/mean tempers. Should be proud that you are not part of the norm.:)

      • Angela Says:

        This cracks me up reading all of these comments! I just googled fat thumbs as well bacause I was told that they were called murder thumbs, weird! I have two, and one of my three children has two as well. I have learned to be fine with them over the years. I was fine with them until eith grade when a jerk called me deformed in front of the whole lunch room. Then I became really embarassed of them. I got over it though around age thirty 🙂 I’m thirty eight now and love the fact that I don’t care if anyone sees them! Hey if that’s the worst thing wrong with me then I think i’m doing pretty great 🙂

      • carl Says:

        I have a clubbed thumb on my right hand, my sister had one on her right hand also, my grandmother aleays said we had morgan thumbs. some of my relatives are morgans so i always thought it was hereditary from this family – are you related to any morgans

      • Marisa Says:

        I have “clubbed” thumbs on both my right and my left hands. I have always been teased about them. When I was younger, I would always complain to my mother about how my thumbs were “so ugly” and “little toes”. She would tell me that I should feel fortunate because some do not have thumbs at all, and would be pleased to have baby toe thumbs as I do. I thought this was a good way to look at it. Interestingly, in addition to my toe thumbs, I have been diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder (manic depressive) type I and am being treated with a generic substitute for Lexapro. Coincidence?

      • claire Says:

        I have 2 clubbed thumbs, neither of my parents have clubbed thumbs. My twin brother has 1 clubbed thumb and my little sister has 2 clubbed thumb. I have yet to meet anyone besides my siblings that i am related to that have these. I hat them lol, I find they look better when you have fake nails on.

      • TPsy Says:

        Wow ….no offence but u people are all kinda messed up. I’ve had my thumbs like this my whole life, and I was never teased or made fun of, and the few people that have noticed them always think they’re cute. U guys make it seem like it’s soooo in ur face noticeable….they barely look different nobody ever notices them ever. There’s no handicap except losing thumb war and putting on fake thumb nail, but pretty darn normal otherwise. I’m a gorgeous chick, have been my whole life, and my thumbs never ever made me think otherwise cuz u know what?…they look pretty much same as everybody else’s thumbs and function the same. I’m thankful this small unnoticeable mutation was given to me rather than some genetic disease or other physical mutations that are actually ugly and impair u in some way. Nobody sees ur thumbs and if somebody actually comments negatively about them, then u tell them to fuck off and give them a wet willie wit ur thumb….cuz if that bugs em then they’re the ones who are kinda weird. Ur all beautiful, don’t let it get to u. It really shouldn’t be something u actually care bout.

    • ISa Says:

      A couple of my friends have “ugly thumbs” and i need to know the answer to why they have them. .Thanks.

      • Rhonda Says:

        That is rather rude:(

      • Errcsr Says:

        Has anyone mentioned your ugly nose lately? Or maybe they are too polite and don’t want to hurt your feelings. Maybe you should take a hint.

      • Angela Says:

        I’ll say that’s rude, must be nice to be perfect!

      • Andy Says:

        Ur an asshole

      • Hannah Says:

        Well I don’t think you should say they are ugly they are just unique to people such as us. The reason for them is basically heredity. Grandparents, parents, aunties or uncles might have them which causes you to have them aswell. It’s not a big thing and don’t let them take over your mind!

      • Digit fidget Says:

        Sorry but I’ve got two clubbed thumbs and, well… they are pretty ugly, aren’t they?

      • jan Says:

        What happened to your face??

      • jan Says:

        I love the way you guys all think!! Glad I found this site because now I don’t mind my stubby thumbs anymore. In fact, I rather like them:) The little devils!

      • Reaper Says:

        Hi there you incencotive nasty person!
        I’ve two “ugly thumbs” as you put them.
        And they make a nice big fat fist wanna see???
        Try to be polite next time!
        And for everyone else out there who gets picked on about them, please don’t get down on yourselves. I did for years as a child until one day I ended up have a fight in school over it.
        Needless to say that was the end of my torment 😉
        Now I don’t take the politically correct approach to these kinds of idiots.
        My feelings belong to me and why should i let anyone hurt them!!
        Have a nice day all my fellow clubbers 🙂

      • Dora Says:

        Are you KIDDING ME? it took me so many years to LOVE my thumbs. and u are so RUDE???

      • Anne Says:

        Unless you’re an illiterate and cannot read I guess you have your answer. Though I cannot imagine what concern it is of yours what your friends thumbs look like.

    • Kiara Spaziano Says:

      Hey! I have two clubbed thumbs as well and I am Italian, no one I know in my family has my thumbs, but I also haven’t met a whole side of family, so we will see! That would be sweet if I was royalty as well!

      • xD Says:

        Hey i have found it weird that im maexican and have both clubbed thumbs . Honestly i sorta like them although it sucks because when my girlfriend wants to hold my hand i just like change the subject . And i hate how no one in my school has them but me 😪 what also sucks how in my school we have a computer lab and when we go i feel so insecure because i feel like ppl stare at them .

  2. Lindsey Says:

    I have one clubbed thumb. A Mormon woman (they’re big into studying genealogy) told me that it’s from French ancestry. This is true for me – my grandfather was either French or French Canadian but we actually have no idea where he was born. At any rate, his parents spoke only French and my grandmother was never able to talk to them as she didn’t speak French. No offense to us, but it seems that a thumb would club as a result of inbreeding (they don’t look right after all!) and the royals were very into keeping the bloodlines pure right up to the point of inbreeding – so maybe the royal thing is true. I’m the only one in my family with a clubbed thumb – immediate and extended family included. Although now that I look at those photos, maybe my brother has them, too. Hmmm…

    • scotty Says:

      if that is the case why don’t you see those thumbs in the paintings of royalty throughout the ages?

      My mother has two clubbed thumbs and she is mad as a rabid dog.

      • Hermit Says:

        They aren’t seen in royal painting bc it was seen as imperfection. With that said why would they attempt to immortalized them?

    • jrok Says:

      i have stubby thumbs too and i’m french/metis! no one else in my family has them either.. i sure as hell hope its not a result of inbreeding! ew

    • Foot McUnicorn Says:

      dude. stubby thumbs are gross.

      • mmac Says:

        McUnicorn….you are rude and need to grow up!! SSure there is a thing or two about you the is “gross” too!!

      • Errcsr Says:

        Has anyone mentioned your ugly nose lately? Or maybe they are too polite and don’t want to hurt your feelings. Maybe you should take a hint.

      • Meghan Says:

        NO…NO…NO… Seriously??? If u don’t have short thumbs then don’t be on this site. Find something better to do.

      • andrea Says:

        they’re DISGUSTING. I know a girl who has them and I seriously have to avoid looking at her hands because her thumbs literally make me barf, one time I was eating at applebees with her and she was holding her fork up and I was just staring at them and i’m not even kidding I actually ran to the bathroom and barfed because it made my stomach churn. So gross I swear this is worse than someone having two heads, it looks so disgusting.

      • Moriah Says:

        I have clubbed thumbs too. It’s not like we can help it.. We were born this way. The only thing different that you is that they’re not pin headed like yours and it might be a little more difficult to type and play X box. Not a big whoop… I personally think they’re cool. It makes us different and even more special than you. Maybe YOU’RE the different one… Oh and andrea, you’re DISGUSTING. Maybe if you guys don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. K? Thanks. Buhbye.

      • Evelyn Barker Says:

        andrea shut up. and get off this site

      • Raini Schauer Says:

        You couldnt be anymore offensive andrea.

  3. sam Says:

    omg! i had clubbed thumbs my whole life and i just started to care about htem now! they are soo funny looking but i o it makes me unique,

    • Leah Says:

      I never knew their was a title for both my thumbs looks that I had once considered strange. I have never, up until now heard a name for my thumbs or even know other people have a thumb or two like me. I wonder if it is cureable? I would be okay if it’s not because I know admire this interesting trait of mine. But it would be nice if I could learn more. Like will be thumbs ever grow bigger? If they grow will they remain ‘clubbed’ or will they grow out?

      • ShayShey Says:

        When I was in kindergarten both of my thumbs were ‘clubbed’ I remember kids commenting on them all the time, but sometime during grade school one ‘grew out’ Now only my left thumb is short and my right thumb is normal, and people just ask why they aren’t the same. I used to make up stories about what happened to my left thumb, just for fun, but now when people ask what happened to it, I just shrug and move on. I’m right handed and I always wondered if that hand anything to do with my right thumb becoming normal.

      • Raini Schauer Says:

        Haha, Its seriously nice to see others with this condition. Im left handed and mine are identical. Maybe your blood =flow is increased on your right side? Idk.

    • Clubbed Thumb Lover Says:

      I think Andrea up there actually got sick because she was eating food from Applebee’s (or Crapplebee’s as my daughter with clubbed thumbs and I call it). Either that was total sarcasm, or if Andrea is truly that ignorant then she is likely to be masking some serious insecurities of her own. Way to call yourself out, Andrea.
      To all of you with clubbed thumbs out there, don’t be afraid to give a thumbs up! They’re adorable and I kiss my daughter’s thumbs every day!! 😘 👍🏼

  4. Gabriela Says:

    This is so strange! I never made any big deal about my right thumb, just thought it was sort of ugly! Then, today, while browsing through wikipedia (trying to find out what a “widow’s peak” is) I run into this “List of Mendelian traits in humans” and, all of a sudden, I discover that not only I have Hitchhiker’s thumbs, but that my weird thumb could be sign of regal heritage!
    I live in Italy and my parents are both italian. My mother also has Hitchhiker’s thumbs and both of them are clubbed (so I got both traits from her). I also know another girl who has a clubbed thumb (left), she married one of my cousins and we have no other family relation.
    My father always told me he loved my thumb because it is like my mother’s, the woman he loved until he passed away.

    • scotty Says:

      hickhikers thumbs, they are also called murderer’s thumbs because people who have them lack self control according to palm readers, and once inflamed they can’t pull back.

      • Jaime Says:

        That is rediculous! murderer’s thumb is an old wives tale, i have a very high stress job where i deal with a lot of jerks and i have never lashed out at anyone or havent been able to control my temper. i dont even think i have a temper, or could imangine screaming at someone. do your research pal, and dont just listen to some crazy palm reader. do you even have clubbed thumbs or know what it is like to go through life with people making fun of such a small feature on your body. its people like you that make people like us feel embarassed about something that we shouldnt be ebarassed about at all.

      • Tina Says:

        Wow Jaime…what was that about not have a temper…:)))Scotty is only posting what many have posted before. IT is common knowledge that they are refered to as a murderer’s thumb. I too have a stressful job and homelife. I am very slow to anger but once you piss me off hold on, I can not seem to stop, it builds and builds. Hopefully I will be ble to control my anger.

  5. Mary Says:

    I have two club thumbs. I have always hated them. I is hard to make people understand that you are born that way.

    • Emily Says:

      i agree. i was made fun of in grade school and it was very traumatizing (the boys were very mean and disgusting). now i hide them as much as i can, because all people say is how weird they look. well, guess what, your FACE is weird! how about that? that’s what i would like to say, but i’m too nice. 😦 both of my thumbs are club thumbs, but they aren’t as short as some of the photos of club thumbs i’ve seen… maybe i just have a slight case of it?? and both of mine are exactly the same. i know they came from my mother, because my 1/2 sister has one club thumb. THANKS MOM

      • Angela Says:

        I am 47 yrs old and I have 2 clubbed thumbs….I just found out about 1 week ago that there is a name for them!… I am surprised to hear there are so many people with them…In my 47 yrs I have probably only seen a handful of people…As a kid I was very self conscious about them too…. If I went out with friends in my early 20s…to play pool or something I would put bandaids on the ends of my thumbs so that no one could notice exactly how stubby they were….And I swore I would never work in a bank or anywhere my “hands” would be so noticeable…. I am still very self conscious of them today….But they are definately inherited…my moms side….I say too…THANKS MOM:)……

      • Abbie Says:

        Lol I’m about to be ineteen in a couple of months and I findout today that what I have has a name! Atleast it’s cool knowing ur not alone. I guess I’m another one who should be thanking her mother for two interesting thumbs. Lol

    • Smilesss Says:

      I know someone who has clubbed thumbs, her name is Mary, what a coinkidink! She’s had them ever since she was born, she claims her grandmother got them, or at least that’s what she told me, IDK she’s really my sister’s friend, not mine.

      • lewis Says:

        eww you people are a bunch of ugly freaks.people like you are ruining an otherwise perfect world.you should all be slaughtered in the most inhumane manor possible.

      • sarah Says:

        wow…..who is this lewis person???

        the world is so imperfect it’s not funny.

        but i am really looking forward to the perfection of eternity with my Jesus who died for me, even in all of my imperfection!

        He died for you too, and loves you.

        i wonder what your imperfections are…………

      • Isabel Says:

        let me just say something to this “lewis” person ; if you think that we’re all ugly because of our unique thumbs, then you should be seriously ashamed of yourself. at least we have something that we can call ourselves special by. i used to think that having these clubbed thumbs was horrible, but now that i think about it , i’m PROUD that i have them. it gives me a reason to be more unique and different from everyone else. if you hate the way our thumbs look , then why the hell did you search them up and bother commenting on them in the first place? you’re probably just an immature low-life with nothing better to do with your spare time. your comment was totally uncalled for , none of us deserve to be called ugly just because of one tiny physical feature. most of the people on here are quite distressed and embarrassed about their different thumbs , and you posting this comment -on a website where everyone is meant to share their stories and feel happy about their imperfection- is really damaging their self-esteem. PLEASE do me a favour and think about what you’re going to say here next time , because you sure can easily hurt someone by writing things like that.

      • jtk:) Says:

        lewis sounds like a cu*t anyway. He prolly just saying that to make himself feel better about himself since he likes to touch little boys….pedophile…..

      • Zee Says:

        Lewis, you’re such an obvious troll. Put a little effort into it next time, yeah?

    • Dale Says:

      i too have club thumbs in so much as my thumb nails are not normal shape.

      it affects how I act around people, exchanging cash etc and greeting people. I hate the thought of being offered a free manicure.

      it has affected my self-confidence and if there was a way of ‘normalising ‘ the shape of my thumb nails I would definitely be interested.

      • Angela Says:

        Ok Dale, I too have two of these unique thumbs! The only thing that I havea hard time with is bowling! I always have to use waaaay to heavy of a ball so that my dumb thumbs can fit in the whole 🙂 Please don’t let this affect you self confidence anymore! I seriously got over it and so can you. I am a fairly attractive woman and I have never had anyone of the oppisite sex (as an adult) tease me meanly about my thumbs. Yeah people comment sometimes but it’s never a big deal. What I have done is make my own comments about me and my fat thumbs for example, oh let me push in that tac, I have the perfect thums for it, if you ever need a hitch hiker im your girl, or when bowling it’s pretty funny to talk about, or just say that if you thumb wrestle me you will probably win! I just try to joke about them, I for sure dont do this all of the time Dale, dont get me wrong. Haven’t you seen tons of people who bite the heck out of their nails? That looks waaaay worse then our thumbs do. I have seen many many people through the years with our thumbs, I just notice them, I think I look for them. We are kindred spirits and have nothing to be asshamed of. I think it’s better for men to have them then women. But women can get fake nails that meke them look a little bit better I guess. I just don’t care anymore, life is too short to worry about my funky thumbs! I hope something that I have said wil help you Dale. Good luck with your transformation of your thumb hang up 🙂 You can do it, if I can you can too 🙂

    • jan Says:

      Emily – you are funny, and I like the way you think. I have the fat stubby buggers too, and it really is not an impairment. I am 67 years old and just became aware of what they are called. For many years I thought I was the only one on earth with them. I am glad I found this site as I think it is hysterical! God bless you and your thumbs!!

  6. maria Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs and have only met two other people with them. I hate when anyone comments on them. I am 100% italian and I believe my father has them also, however he has chubby hands so it looks as though I got it from him. No one else in my family has them. I never knew they even had a name. If there is a slight chance I have some royal blood in me, I will take it!!!!! At least now I have a comeback for the people who try to make me feel like there is something wrong with me. I just might not try to hide them anymore and give everyone the royal thumbs up!! :]

  7. Jennie Says:

    I was told they were called hangmans thumbs! I am native american on one side and english,scottish,and irish on the other side! I usually call myself a mutt with stubby thumbs. I can never find gloves to fit or press on nails! It is nice to see others with stubby thumbs cool!!!!

    • julian Says:

      i am too Native American full blooded that i know of anyway from canada i never met anyone with clubbed thumbs ever but yeaa stubby just reminded me of my old gf’s sister she use to call me studdy becuase of my thumbs it never offended me tho friends always made up names for my thumbs too names like sherk thumb or cartoon thumb or toe thumb lmao

    • Kacey Says:

      I was embarrassed as well for years, only to be told I have my grandmother’s thumbs….until one of my Nursing School class mates had them too! It looks like my 2 year old daughter will have them as well. I am English/German on one side and English/Irish on the other side of my family. I always called myself a mutt too! They suck for texting, but GREAT for video games! I’m psyched I have something in common with Megan Fox!
      I just assume it means we are brilliant and creative! AND caring, that’s why I’ve met other nurses with the same thumbs. I am a Registered Nurse in the US. Glad that we are proud of our uniqueness!

      • Kim Says:

        I have one left club thumb and a normal right thumb. I have always loved my different thumb! It is in my family, my dad, uncle, grandfather, and great-grandfather all have/had them. I’m the only one with one though. Also, our name is Fox so maybe Megan is a distant relative afterall. It’s great to find out how many others have the same thumb. I’m surprised to hear how some of “us” have hated them. I say love them!! They’re cute! When I was a kid, I would paint the American flag on my thumb because the nail was wide enough to look like a flag, LOL!

      • Lauren Says:

        My mother and my aunt both have one club thumb and my cousing (my aunts daughter) and I both have 2 club thumbs. My family has always joked about them so I think they are funny & I like to show them to people to see there reactions. But the point I was getting to Kim is my grandmothers maiden name is also Fox so maybe there is some connection there. Oh and does anyone have trouble snaping their fingers?? Does anyone have a hard time snaping their fingers or playing pool because of your tumbs being short??

      • Kim Says:

        Hey Lauren, if you can trace your grandmother’s family back to TN or GA, then maybe there is a connection. That’s cool. Yeah, I can’t snap either with my left hand that has the short thumb.

      • Lauren Says:

        I wish I could trace it back but my no one in my family really know much about my great grandad. He walked out on my great grandmother when my grandmaw was only 3 yrs old. So I guess I will never know, oh well.

      • Kim Says:

        Then we really should talk more. Email me at fox616@hotmail.com.

      • Kim Says:

        Hey Lauren, my great-uncle did just that like what your great-grandfather did. His name was Thomas Clifton, married to Vinia Bell D. Their daughter was Francis Cleo. And then he left them when Francis was only 2 or 3. So if any of those names are familiar, just let me know so we can share more ancestry info. I’ve done a lot of research the last several years.

  8. Molly Says:

    I think there must be a gene for club thumbs. I have two myself. My mother has two and her mother had two. My daughter has two club thumbs also. My granddaughter has one club thumb. I always thought that my family was the only one in the world that had funny looking thumbs. It is nice to see that there are lots of people just like me. Many people are so surprised when they see my thumbs, its like did you mash your thumbs and they grew like that. It is amusing to some people. I personally have always hated my thumbs. I try to hide them when I can so people won’t see how ugly they make my hands look. My daugher don’t seem to mind showing hers off. My daughter even went as far as having acrylic nails put on hers. I think that you find it more with people in the south.

  9. susan Says:

    wow! I never knew there were so many people out there that had clubbed
    thumbs. I thought I was the only one who was suffering..I thank God i hve them it could be rather hard to do with out them.I had a doctor tell me that it was from the irish desent.and to people over there. you are of importance. my mom was irish an scottish, an my dad was of the metr. decent and some indian. who knows! I know I have them and have had for 55 yrs. so gang we need to start a club! lol we are diffrent and unique. no one quite like us we have been set apart from the rest… they can call us the short and stubby gang or the royal thumbs!!!!! it might be exciting to meet others with this trait

  10. kate Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs which I also only realized recently were a genetic trait that other people have…I always thought I was the only one with cobra thumbs! I don’t know anyone else in my family that has them, however my dad has pretty short legs, “club legs” if you will. Maybe this has something to do with my thumbs being short. Does anyone else with club thumbs have family members with shortened legs?

    • Savannah Says:

      I have short legs and I have club thumbs! 😀

    • sarah Says:

      i’m really short – just barely 5 foot, and i come from a short family, my mom and dad are like 5’2-5’3

      i don’t know of anyone else blood related to me with clubbed thumbs though

  11. Aisha Says:

    Wow I am so glad that Im not the only one!!! I have a clubbed thumb on my right hand and am soooo embarrassed by it. I recently met a woman in a shop who also had a clubbed thumb, it was amazing to meet someone else with the same thing. I think it’s a genetic thing but no one else in my family has it. I am of Pakistani origin so this whole Italian thing seems a little odd.

  12. Robin Says:

    Yay! I’m not deformed. I’m glad this isnt common knowledge, it’s so much fun watching people when you tell them you cut the tip of your thumb off 🙂
    It’s amazing how much the picture looks like my hand!

    • Robin Says:

      Hi there…I am also Robin…. (girl) and I have 2 “clubbed” thumbs…. I only just stubbled upon this website..and, boy am I glad…. I used to tell people that I ran into walls and used my thumbs as cushions…. people don’t seem to get that these are the digits we’re dealt with… although I understand the shock upon first sight…. I waitress for money and am hyper-aware of how different I am everyone I serve…and further worry that people will loose their appetites from my “deformity”…. Anyhow, glad to know there are others with this special physical trait and I should continue to carry the plate…. Yay!

      • Jade Says:


        I waitress part time too! I have one fat thumb on my right hand, I’ve been waitressing about five years and i honestly think no one has noticed the little chubber. Too busy looking at what’s on their plate 🙂

      • Angela Says:

        The little chubber………too funny, I love it!

      • Jean Says:

        Aww I love the nick name :)) I have my right thumb and I have grown to love it!!!

  13. Sawyer Says:

    hey guys, i’ve got two and they’re great! i show them off because people are like “cool!” i know a bunch of people who have them, and they all seem embarrassed of them, but it’s nothing to hide. because they are so small, it makes it harder for opponents to beat you in thumb wars 😀
    trust me, the midget thumbs make you awesome.

    • ErikaLA79 Says:

      Hillarious!!! I have to stubby thumbs and I always win at thumb wrestling…that must be why!! I never knew there was a name for it…but it is great to know there are other people with the same thumbs out there!! I am usually embarrassed by them, but honestly its a great ice breaker. Everyone notices them and I give them the ‘ol “Thumbs up!”. When I go to get fake nails put on, its funny to watch the person digging through the box of nails to find the right size for my thumbs…and then finally they have to go into the drawer to get out the “special” size. 🙂
      PS. I am 50% Italian.

      • ErikaLA79 Says:

        …I should clarify….I am 50% Italian and 50% German, so they might be right about the European descent.

        Also, I plan to get a custom bowling ball made since my thumbs never fit in the balls they have at the alley 😦 LOL

      • Emily Says:

        i am not sure which side my club thumbs comes from. i keep hearing that it is italian, and also indian? i know they came from my mother, who is indian/irish/german… and my 1/2 sister (from her 1st boyrfriend) has one club thumb. my father’s side of the fam doesn’t have any that i know of. and he’s 100% italian, so that makes me 50% italian, then a small % of indian/irish/german… who knows where they come from!

      • Rachel Says:

        About the bowling balls:

        I am the only one in my family (that I know of) that has clubbed thumbs. However my entire family are avid bowlers. When I was younger I used to bowl by rolling the ball down the aisle, because I couldn’t fit my thumb in the hole like everyone esle. I now bowl with a custom – made ball, but it was really funny seeing the guy at the store measure my fingers for the bowling ball. He said they didn’t have any with my “measurements” in stock, do they would carve me a new one!

      • Lauren Says:

        Yeah bowling isnt really our sport. Does anyone have a hard time holding a pool que (Billards)?? Or snaping your fingers?

      • Chrissy Says:

        I am Italian and German also and find my thumbs to be awsome for keeping away from other thumbs in a fight. What part of Louisiana are you from?

    • Samantha Says:

      i beat my brother at thumb wars all the time!!!!! he still laughs at them but i love my clubs!

  14. Grainne Says:

    Hi, I have a “club thumb” on you right hand. Am 100% Irish. Always hated it & still do! Also have webbed feet i.e. both toe’s beside my big toes are webbed!
    I suppose I’m kind of unusual.

    • Emily Says:

      ok, wow. i have 2 club thumbs, and i have only 2 toes that are webbed together… my sisters always made fun of me for that… why must i always be made fun of?? i think it’s cause they’re jealous that i’m cuter than them! lol

    • Kdot Says:

      Ok hmm the more and more i read I keep coming acorss Irish and the right hand thumb. I am 1/4 Irish female and have one clubbed thumb on my right hand.

      I think im gettig closer as to where it comes from… i just call it my inbread marking..lol

    • Amber Says:

      I have two clubbed thumbs and both of my feet are webbed just like you describe. The two toes next to my big toes. No one else in my family has this trait. I am from the Atlanta, GA area and I know I have Cherokee and Irish in my background.

      • yvette Says:

        I have two clubbed thumbs.My big toes don’t really resemble eachother. I also have the slight webbing between the toes next to my big toes.Like they’re a couple or something! In addition to that: on my right hand my pinky and ring finger are much shorter than my left hand. When I make a fist it looks as if I have no knuckles.Both my feet have shorter toes as I described the shorter fingers on my right hand. So my pinky toe and the one next to it. I wanted to play the piano when younger, 8 years old. I showed my mother my right hand. She took me to the hospital and they took x rays of both hands and feet.They said the bones in my feet and hands were short too not just my toes and finger bones. My fingers on right hand get tired and when I was a teenager they”fell out off their sockets” sometimes. Really painfull. I always hid my thumbs and thought they were so ugly. I felt unattractive because of them and I thought no one would go out with someone like me. Once I cried and went to my mom, because I felt I just was sooo ugly. I guess my mother didn’t excatly comfort me. She just said: I don’t know why you have to have thumbs like that, no one else in our family does. I took it as that she was ashamed of them like I was. I have trouble using my iphone for typing, so I use the microphone when I can. I always hid my thumbs, but slowly I stopped. I don’t even think they are uglyl anymore. Never thought that would happen. Today is when I found out what they are. I am 43. I like that it has an official scientific name. Anyone else have other finger and toe issues like me?

    • ShayShey Says:

      I never really thought about it because I don’t look at my feet that much (and neither does anyone else), but the two toes you guys described are slightly webbed on me as well. My left thumb is clubbed.

  15. nancikag Says:

    WOW! There are more of us!
    I also have two clubbed thumbs and very short legs! No one on either side of the family has them. in my whole life, I only met one other person with my thumb and she was from Pakistan.

  16. nancikag Says:

    Hi again!
    I just posted and wanted to ask if people knew their bloodtype.
    I’m B+ with Polish/Ukranian, Italian and Scottish.

    • Rudy Hinojosa Says:

      OMG I am also B+ blood type with two club thumbs. I am of Spanish Mexican Indian, Basque, a little english (I am very fair skinned with hazel eyes)

      • Coby Says:

        Hi. I don’t think being B+ blood type and clubbed thumb is a significant coincidence. I have 2 clubbed thumbs and I’m A+…

        I’ve heard the suggestions that the thumbs relate to regal/royal heritage, to Jewish ancestry, and to an indication of rare genius. While anyone of them is just fine, I’d prefer the 3rd one… ;-D

        So, does anyone know what the deal with them is?

    • Polly Says:

      Hi to all clubers
      I’m B+ too and my great grandmother was French, it’s really interesting to know that there is heaps of us out there.
      I used to tell people that my horrible sister squished my thumbs using tools and everyone believed me, so then they wouldn’t tease me anymore (my sister is now lovely)
      My thumbs are shy and go into hiding quite often they like being wrapped up by my other fingers:-D. YAY to us

      • kim Says:

        I have to short thumbs like the picture. I don’t know what u call them. Growing up.I was embarrassed but it all changed. My husband loves them. My mom has short thumbs. My dad is Scottish and French Canadian. My mom is Irish, German, British, and Dakota and Cherokee Indian. I do not know what heritage the thumbs came from but my daughter has them too. I told her don’t feel embarrassed love them. She would like to know more.

    • Carin Says:

      I am a swedish women 54 year, two clubthumbs, bloodtype B+, my grandfather also have clubthums!

    • denise Says:

      I too have my “toe thumbs” to contend with but I don’t worry about them. i am irish italian and B- blood type so who knows what connects us all together, if anything. Seems to be many variences of commonalities

    • Laura Says:

      I’m B+ with 50% Italian and 50% Hungarian decent and two clubbed thumbs.

  17. Wendy Says:

    Hi! I have just found out club thumbs are the official name for my two short fat thumbs. I have only met one other person with them, a school teacher of mine and she shared the same birthday as me, Dec 30th which was spooky. I am English but my mother’s family originated from Ireland. I am blood group O.

    • dana Says:

      ok…i’m tripping out …today is Dec. 30th, and it’s my 45th birthday..DECEMBER 30th!!!..WILD!.. I also am blessed with two clubbed thumbs (turtle heads)!! My Grandfather had them, his daughter has them, then her niece(me) has them, and my neice has them… all have both thumbs clubbed. I too, while in school, hid them in my hands. My aunt that has these thumbs said a doctor once told her it was a sign of intelligence..:) I have passed the same quote down to my neice. Just makes us smile when we talk about it! Funniest thing we have have ran into with them is when the “thumb rings” first came out and we tried to find a ring that would fit our thumbs… The oriental man behind the counter just kept saying and pointing to his thumbs “too big here, too little here…. too big here, too little here”… it was toooo funny!!! We were crying because we got soooo tickled at him…My husband loves my thumbs and thinks it is so cool we have a special family trait!

      • dana Says:

        and i need to add that I have two sons and they do not have them… 🙂 None of the next generation have kids yet so we just have to wait and see… so far each generation has only one person in it that has these thumbs..:)

  18. Madde Says:

    I have one clubbed thumb (left) and one normal. I am 21, Swedish and I know my grand dad had one clubbed thumb, same as me. I am quite embarrassed about it, but no-one, apart from my family mention it to be honest. I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years, and he has never mentioned it, so I guess it’s not a big deal! Go clubbed thumbs!!

  19. Georgia Says:

    Wow i’m not the only one! Hi to all the unbelievably awesome royal people with the toe thumbs! I have one clubbed thumb on my right hand, but everyone love it to bits. I have never met anyone with a clubbed thumb, but my family has a history of funky limbs and other weird stuff like webbed fingers and toes, and even joined kidneys! I am from Irish, English, Welsh, Scottish and German ancestory, and probably even Italian or Spanish. Anyway, everyone with a clubbed thumb should not be embarrassed about it as it makes you truly unique and definately more awesome than the rest 😀

  20. girl. :) Says:

    i hate my thumbs.
    i always tuck my little ‘clubbed’ thumbs in my hand , so nobody sees them.some people find them cute,some find it weird.

    i have met about 3-4 people with them.
    so it must be quite common.

    prehaps i should learn to love them, but its hard. lol.


  21. Denae Says:

    i have two clubbed thumbs. the irish thing doesn’t make sense to me as i’m english, german, and native american. i, too, have been self conscious about my thumbs. people laugh at them a lot or ask “what’s wrong with them?” i have seen a few people with clubbed thumbs. my dad has clubbed thumbs as well. i did a search on google and it says it’s from european blood lines. doesn’t really specify where exactly. i’m not really self conscious about my thumbs like i used to be. i’m born this way and there’s nothing i can do about it. might as well just accept them the way they are. it’s nothing to stress about. =)

    • Amber Says:

      I also have two clubbed thumbs, and I am also of English, Native American decent, but also have som Irish and German in the mix.

      I have also been very protective and curious about this trait, as no other person in my family has them. It is nice to know that so many other people share this with me. I am one of five children and have these toe thumbs.

  22. Shari Says:

    wow – this is weird. I can’t believe these thumbs have a name. I have seen a number of people over the years with the same “thumb” as me – I only have one on my right hand. the people I have seen before with them have had two thumbs – never one with only one and one normal one so I guess I an kinda strange in that aspect. I never actually realized it was a condition or named defect before. I have to say when my son was born 6 years ago the first thing I asked my hubby was whether his thumbs looked normal… it has bothered me and I have tried to hide it most of my life although now that I am in my 30’s it seems to bother me less and less.
    It is pretty weird reading about this online and looking at pictures and seeing how much some of them look like mine. crazy. I guess I am thankful I had normal toes and was healthy otherwise and did not pass it on to my son.

  23. Sheila Says:

    I googled “short fat thumbs” and came across this site. When I saw the picture of that thumb I started laughing and couldn’t stop. I told my friend “My thumb is on the internet!”

    I have two clubbed thumbs. I was a little self conscious of them growing up, but ever since I graduated from high school they haven’t bothered me. In fact, I adore my thumbs and I’m glad I have them. I love to show people and watch their eyes bulge out and they exclaim “What happened?” I think its funny. Only a handful of people have noticed it on their own though… And I’ve never met anyone with thumbs like mine. Which is funny because I remember thinking that my mom had weird thumbs, not me… haha. I think “our” thumbs are cuter then regular thumbs. Regular thumbs look weird to me…

    Oh, and most of my ancestors come from Europe. I think mostly Germany and England. And I don’t know my blood type, though I think I should.. Does “royal” count? 😀

  24. tremens Says:

    Hello, just saw my post was deleted…Hm, was it offending? I do not want to mess with my new found thumb community…anyway greetz

  25. alfparelli Says:

    no, ‘tremens’ your post was not deleted; it’s on another thread.

  26. lalathumbs Says:

    this is so cool!
    I never knew ANYBODY had thumbs like mine.
    some people say they’re “deformed” which really bothers me,
    but I try to just hide them in my hand. lol.
    but I sarched “deformed thumbs” and came across this!
    its really neat because the picture lookes exactley like both of
    my thumbs.
    But, it sucks that I cant wear fake nails.:/

    • Rae H. Says:

      Fake nails will work. I used to get mine done all the time. ^_^ Just ask for a size “0” and it should fit.

      As for me, my thumb is on my right hand. One girl that saw my thumb in high school freaked out when she saw it so I concocted this story and she believed every word of it;
      “I was hunting with my dad when I was about 4 or 5 and I grabbed the barrel of the gun. It went off and I was rushed to the ER. This is some guy’s toe. He was in the morgue and blood type matched.” hahahah Soo funny! She still calls me “Toethumb”.

      And as for heritage, my last name is Houston and from what I’ve been able to research it is from Scottish origins. I’m also rumored to have Irish, Cajun (French Indian), Cherokee and I’m 1/8 Russian Jew (don’t ask… I still don’t get that one). Blood type is O+… Fair skinned with blue eyes and light hair. So I don’t know but I LOVE the royalty idea. 🙂

    • ktb1128 Says:

      Both of my thumbs are ‘little’ and I wear fake nails all the time! I used to want white tips(not just airbrushed, but actual white tips) so badly, and my nail dude came up with a solution! He would put a clear tip on, cut it to the size of a normal nail, then put a white tip on the tip of the clear one. If you don’t do that, the white tip tends to take over your whole nail bed and kind of make it ‘stick out’ even more. What drove me nuts was having to redo the whole tumb nail everytime I got them done, they always fell off, lifted really bad, or broke! Anyone else have this problem? lol

      • johnsonrichards@gmail.com Says:

        I tried acrylic nails for a few years – but after catching one thumb nail and ripping off the entire nail – requiring a visit to the ER, I decided to go natural. The problem is that the nail arches away from the thumb – so growing a nail longer becomes more obvious. Now I just keep them short…

  27. Jay Says:

    Me again! The webshots album is created and I’ve already received 2 pictures and I’ve decided to make an anonymous fun contest with them… The widest and the thinnest thumbs will win (no prize, just fun)… I’ll put a picture of mine to try to win the thinnest lol… Would be funny to see an 18yo girl win the widest and me , a 29yo male win the thinnest lol… Anyway thank to those who participated and I’m waiting for more… The webshots album is at :


    Send your pics at spectrale@videotron.ca

    Thanks 🙂

    P.S: I’ve receives 1 ‘normal’ (but wide) and 1 clubbed thumbs… More clubbed needed 🙂

    • Lyndsay Says:

      I can’t send a picture but mine is 34mm and I’m not 18, but I’m 20 and a girl, so that’s kind of close, hehe.

  28. Kara Says:

    hello everyone!
    Like everyone else has said, I’m glad to know that they’re others out there with thumbs like mine. Ever since I can remember I’ve been super embarrssed about my thumbs. I recently found out that they’re called clubbed thumbs, and are a sign of royalty. Not sure why. I am the absolute only person with these thumbs in my family. I know one other girl in my school that has this thumb.
    I am French, German, and Norwiegen, with A postive blood.
    If you’ve ever heard of megan fox, she is a beautiful actress, you will notice that she too, has a clubbed thumb! I thought that was interesting.

  29. Judy Says:

    “Thumbs up” to all!
    I am a 56 year old mom who has been looking for “thumbers” my whole life! This website has been a “most exciting find”. Both of my thumbs are clubbed. I am primarily of English and German blood lines. My aunt, my mother’s sister, also had this trait. My 3 children do not have clubbed thumbs. I am type O blood.
    I had been told by another “thumber” that this trait could be traced back to a specific area in England- I like the royal connection!! Thanks to all of you for your stories. I love the contest idea. Before I can enter I have to learn how to photo my thumbs and then download to my computer 🙂

  30. Jay Says:

    Hello Judy 🙂 I’m waiting for your pic and even if they’re not the widest or the slimmest thumbs it’s ok because at the end I’ll make an average and we’ll finally know what is the average width of a clubbed thumb (not scientific but valuable anyway lol) man and women separated 🙂 For your pics it’s easy you just put your thumb near a ruler, exactly like all other pictures (the best view is picture#3) in the Webshots album http://community.webshots.com/album/563297521FOfYFc?vhost=community

    You download your pics from your digital cam into the computer via a USB cable and “attach” (add pictures option) your pic with this link spectrale@videotron.ca and you click send… That’s it and have a nice day 🙂

  31. Christy Says:

    Hello fellow club thumbs. I am a 25 year old female with two club thumbs. I was very self conscious of my thumbs when I was younger but they don’t really bother me know. I have had people tell me that they disgust them and that they look like big toes which bothers me. I am of german, danish and english descent. The english part can be traced back to Sir Francis Drake who was an english politician, slave trader and pirate who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth 1. His lineage can be traced to royalty, sort of. So I might have got my thumbs from him. Whatever. It seems to me that more women have them than men.
    Does anyone else notice this. Is there some sort of statistic?

  32. Jo Says:

    Hi all – WOW !!!!!
    Both of my thembs are clubbed and i live in London and i have NEVER seen another person with them !!
    I have always loved them in fact at school my best friend had big braces and we nicknamed ourselves “fums n Gums ” lol
    When i looked at your pic at the top and then read all of your replies i am really blown away that i’m not that unique !!
    Hmmmm well all i know of my background is that i have some Spanish on my Gran’s side and Welsh on my Dad’s and Irish on my Grandad?
    No Italian – wow could i be descended from Royalty ? lolol
    Thank you kindly for sharing everyone and thank you Alf for your pic and setting this up to enlighten myself and my fellow – Fum friends ! ! heeehee
    x x x x

  33. MeToo Says:

    I`m 42 male in Chester England..I`ve always known my thumbs were different from others,I never really any issues with it and have also been playing the guitar for 30yrs without any problems, until a mates girlfriend noticed them and started laughing her head off about 20yrs ago.Since then I started to be very aware of them and found myself tucking them behind my fingers and when I pass someone something I always make sure my thumbs are not shown.My kids think there “cute”! But how can 2 big toes where your thumbs should be cute?? I hate them..sorry.
    They`ve also been linked to a bad temper as well..I hate to admit it but I do have a short fuse and do get quite angry at some stupid things!!

    • Rudy Hinojosa Says:

      I play a little guitar as well but with tiny hands and club thumbs it does make it a wee bit difficult. I am spanish, english, basque with some indigenous Mexican Indian thrown in for good measure, however I do favor my father’s grammie who was the daughter of an american englishman named John Hawkins. wjite skin with blue eyes , and a little too short 5 ‘ 4 ”

  34. Steph Says:

    I can’t believe I’ve got two demented fingers my brother + sister make fun of them its no fair

  35. Denise Says:

    OMG!! Im 38 and so happy I have found that Im not alone!! Both of my thumbs are clubbed. I have a 2nd or 3rd cousin on my fathers side w/ the same. To our knowledge no one else in our family has them, including our children. Im very excited to tell my family about this as they have also wondered my thumbs were so different. Unfortunately, I dont know my heritage so I cant really make the connection to the royalty thing, but what a great story! I didnt realize that a person could have only one clubbed thumb. Thanks for all the info.!!

  36. lifeguard Says:

    love this site.

  37. summer_lover Says:

    I love that we all have “European Royal Thumbs!”
    I totally agree w/the person who said they look like cobra thumbs, winning thumb wars, and of an Irish descent. I’m young-and I accept them! Both of my thumbs are that way and my dad has them, and 2 girl cousins on my mom’s side. So… I have it in my blood on both of my parent’s sides!!! I feel that it’s more common in girls too. Those pictures look a lot like my thumbs. Curious if anyone has a problem of getting infection in the sides of their thumbs and how it gets better. Thumb rings are tricky to get on! lol

  38. Molly Says:

    How do I send pictures of my THUMBS. I think mine are the widest I have seen.

  39. Julez Says:

    Hahahaha wow I can’t believe this; this is great!
    I have two clubbed thumbs… but I never knew there was a name for them!
    My friends call them my nubs… or toe thumbs. But I also agree that they look like cobras; that’s what I use to describe them hahaha.
    However I’m not any of the nationalities that have been previously mentioned…
    I’m Irish, Spanish, Lebanese, and Croatian.

    Two nubs up ;]

    • Mare Says:

      I’m Croatian 🙂

    • Chez Says:

      Hi Julez, I just found this site and ur description of clubbed thumbs is the same as mine. I never liked my thumbs and still don’t. I’m always aware of them and always hide them .. wish I could always wear gloves. I wish I could be more accepting of them. No one in my family has these thumbs but me. No one has ever made comments about them. Once, a woman noticed them and said, “Look, we have the same thumbs.” She thought hers were unique and was proud to have them. I let my nails grow a bit longer, so I can shape them and make them look more normal.

  40. Jay Says:

    Hello Molly! You think you have the widest thumbs? Just ‘attach’ your pics to your message sent to this address (a picture of your thumb near a ruler so we can clearly see the width is necessary) spectrale@videotron.ca or I’ll make a test with this address because I’ve had problem to receive some pictures lately, try svendar78@yahoo.com… I hope that you’ll win! lol

  41. Jay Says:

    (Clic either spectrale@videotron.ca or svendar78@yahoo.com then ‘attach pictures’ then select (double left click on the mouse) the picture from your computer and click send… That’s it! 🙂 )

  42. Jess Says:

    OMG!! I cant believe such a website exists! Well I am 21 yrs old and I also have 2 clubbed thumbs.. so it really makes me feel better that there is alot of other people with similar thumbs like mine..im sorry to say but I have always hated my thumbs and I think I still do just a little I just cant seem to get over the fact that they are different. In high school, there were lots of times that I was made fun of because of them and I would cry inside because of it…i was called a “freak”.. and i would just think that is just the way I was born and there was nothing i could do about..omg im like tearing right now 😦

    Well now that im a little older i am a little over it..no one in my close family has them as far as I know.. but i might..i never really paid attention.. At my high school I knew 2 people in my grade level with them, now that im in college i know another 2 people with them, and actually one of my co-workers has clubbed thumbs as well! Oh and I just realized that Megan Fox has them also! which makes me feel even better! I should be happy that I wasnt born with a missing leg or something!! Oh and I am Mexican America by the way and I believe my great grandmother was from Spain!

  43. june Says:

    i have 2 club thumbs. always thought they were called hammer thumbs. was soooo jealous of my sister (who has 2 normal thumbs)! i hate my thumbs and always try to hide them. when people notice i tell them i caught them both in a door when i was younger and people seem to believe that! when i had my son it was one of the first things i checked and thank god he does not have them.

    wish i was more like some of the people above who are quite proud of them. feel guilty sometimes when i see people with real problems and here i am happy and healthy yet moaning about my short thumbs!!! good to know that other people have it and i am not a freak.

  44. Rory Says:

    I have two and always felt like I was at disadvantage in thumb wars against the long thumbed majority. I also could never pull off a magic trick involving a fake plastic thumb because it was made for longies. They’re still kick ass thumbs though!

  45. B. Says:

    I found this site while I was looking for a connection between my thumbs and a medical issue. ( I have found none, by the way.) I have two clubbed thumbs and rarely have been bothered by them, even though my husband and the rest of my family have teased me about it. (When I was a little girl, I could never find a bowling ball that didn’t weigh 12 pounds or more that had a hole wide enough for my thumb. Needless to say, I was not the best bowler! I was, however, able to wear acrylics on a couple occaisions. The manicurist had another client with thumbs like mine, so she knew what to do.) My husband has almost creepily long, thin fingers. One of our daughters has his fingers and the other appears to have clubbed thumbs like me, but not to the same extent. She doesn’t seem to mind either. If it works, what’s the problem?

  46. Jay Says:

    Hello B.! Here’s a site for you if you want to be able to play bowling : http://kingofthemill.net/?page=Contemporary_Bowling_Ball_Fitting_Measuring_and_Drilling_Tools

    So, everybody, whats your thumb size (thumb width)?

  47. Sarah Says:

    haha, I’ve read many of your posts and I’m noticing a slight trend… I am also Scotch-Irish and English. I know that it does get irritating at times when people notice my thumbs for the first time and gather a crowd around to look at them, but I still like them. It’s funny looking back at baby pictures and realizing how very tiny my thumbs are in comparison to everyone elses. Not to mention, going out and getting acrylic nails always proves difficult because the salon never has a large enough tip to fit. But it’s also nice to fantasize that I might be extremely distantly related to a royal line, imbred or not.

    • Kerstin Says:

      Hi MARIA,
      I am Swedish, and both my thumbs are identical to the actress, Megan Fox. Out of 15 first cousins that I have, only 2 of us girls have these thumbs. (Ironically, my mom and aunt are sisters who then have a daughter each who have these traits- that being my cousin and me). I have 3 sons and they do not have this trait.I have met 5 people who also have them on both hands….an Italian,Ukranian,Native American,French, and a Canadian…how interesting this is. It occurs in 1 out of every 1000 births.It is a mystery when you wonder how this genetic component mutated to over the world.

  48. Kay Says:

    Omigosh! I have two clubbed thumbs. I am of Irish and German descent. AND my husband has two clubbed thumbs as well! He is Scottish, English and German. I have seven children (ages 4 to 20) and I think they all have the thumbs, except for two…Is there a prize for the most short, fat, toe thumbs in a family? I’ll take a picture tomorrow. I was googling thumbs because my daughter (who was prom queen at her high school this spring) is having issues… I have never even tried to get acrylic nails…I always thought why bother?

  49. Heather Says:

    Another “Yay, I’m not the only one!” 🙂

    Now I can fight the silly inquiries with a little science. And prove that I wasn’t so stupid as to slam both my thumbs in a car door when I was a baby (how would you slam BOTH thumbs in a car door at the same time, anyways?!?). No one that I’m related to has club thumbs though, so I’m a bit of a mystery. Although I’ve got at least a half-dozen different types of ancestry in me from all directions, so who knows.

  50. shirly Says:

    Hey, I have thesee thumbs. I knew ppl had them but not as many as these ppl. They’re kinda embarrasing because all my friends are like “omg they’re so weirdd” and I’m like yeah, I know. But, whatever. Ya know? Its a hairflip. One of my bestfriend says its cute. :]

  51. Brian Says:

    I have 2.. My Great grandfather on my mothers side had them and 1 of kids did as well. my 2 Kids do not have them. Thank god! I’m canadian french.

  52. Stacey Says:

    Today a doctor tried to tell me that clubbed thumbs indicated lung issues. Are you kidding me??? Cool to find this page!

    I have 2, my brother and mom also have 2, and we’re Scots/Irish/English/Hungarian. Aside from bowling balls sticking, pretty girl-gloves squeezing and thumb rings being impossible, it’s never bothered me! I just laugh when people grab my thumbs and call them “nubby,” “stubby,” or “E.T. Thumbs.” That’s a new one, huh?? I mean, come on, it’s not like we have two noses or something! I met a girl who plays Belle in the stage show of Beauty and the Beast who has them and she’s gorgeous and proud of her thumbs! Standing out is fun!

  53. kendall Says:

    im cool.
    i have clubbed thumbs.

  54. Wendy Says:

    OMG! I met a lady today with one clubbed thumb. (she is the 4th i have met) She informed me about genetics so I came home to do some research. Very interesting to read all of these posts. I have always hidden my left clubbed themb in the palm of my hand because I was so embarrased of it. People always ask….did you smash it, suck it, break it etc when you were smaller? I always say, Nope, I have no idea why its this ugly. Im 33 and it doesnt bother me like that anymore. Acrylic nails is a no go for sure, Cobra is a funny way to describe it. I have enjoyed all of the info I have read. I do not know my heritage but am going to look into it for sure. My grandparents are from the south and thats all I have. (Lousianna & Texas) Im going to try to go to the website listed above and do the picture thing. I will continue to research and keep this site in my favorites. OH…..Im the only one in my family that has this….at least that we know of. Did you guys have this clubbed thumb from birth? I have no idea if it was from birth or appeared this way later. Thanks for the info.

    Wendy…Vancouver, Washington USA

  55. Anna Says:

    This is so cool…I didn’t know there was a community of us out there. I am 22 and just recently realized that my thumbs are due to some kind of genetic defect. Nobody else in my family has clubbed thumbs but I can tell you that I am of Spanish and Puerto Rican decent if that helps??? I would really like to find out more about this if anybody finds anything else out!

  56. Jessica Says:

    omg im not alone with these thumbs. i have one clubbed thumb on my left hand. Im british/welsh/italian. im really happy there are other people like me. all my life ive had people call me “toe thumb” or say my thumb looks like its made out of playdough lol!!!

  57. KG Says:

    I have those thumbs both of them and my sister has one regular and one like that.

  58. Maggie Says:

    I also have these thumbs. I never knew there was a name for them until tonight. I ALWAYS hide my hands and I have been teased for years. Nobody in my family has them ~ I have asked my parents, aunts, and other extended family and I seem to be the only one. I’m so glad that both of my children don’t have them. I have hated them for over 45 years and love winter so I can wear gloves!!! I’m so glad I found this website so I could read others stories…but how can I find more pictures?? I think mine are probably the most fat and short!! Yuck!!!

  59. Joe P Says:

    I also have these thumbs, and ive always hated them
    Ive always found that with mine that they aren’t the best for technical work as the top bit is slightly “crunchy” as it bends, which has always kinda concerned me. I’ve only ever known one other person with these thumbs but they moved to a different school and I never really talked to them anyway!
    I’m english but not sure of my ancestry, both my parents are english

  60. Kerri MacKinnon Says:

    Im not the only 1!!!

    I never realized so many ppl shared this quality…
    I too, am so embarrassed when ppl make comments about them. But im happy that im not alone.
    This is the first time i ever looked up the condition b 4 so i wa pleasently surprized.

  61. Vanessa Says:


  62. Diane Says:

    I can’t believe how many of us there are out there! Glad to read your stories- I can totally relate to problems with bowling balls, art classes, peers, etc. It is so good to know that I am not alone!! I am 47 and of Italian descent. My paternal family were from Rome and northern italy and my maternal family came from southern italy. I am an A-blood type. Love the speculation that our clubbed thumbs may be indicative of a royal heritage! Makes the suffering a bit better! Never liked my thumbs, but feel so much better to know that there are many of us out there.

  63. Patti Says:

    I know that thumb!!! Reading thru these comments, I feel like I found long lost kindred spirits. I have two club thumbs. Until today, I thought they were called “tailor’s thumbs” . When I was growing up, my mother attributed the “stubbiness” to the fact that I sucked my thumbs. Wow, was I sorry. I know better now. I can so relate to your stories about bowling balls, nail tips and gloves. I am the only one in my Irish/Scottish/Norwegian family who has them. My Norwegian grandfather may have had one. I thought they were part of a skeletal anomoly package because I also have shorter (actually lower) than usual baby fingers (pinkies) and my second to last toes are shorter than the baby toes- anyone else have this or is this unrelated? (For the record, my blood type is O).

    • An Inquirer Says:

      Hi, re: short 4th toe, shake hands. Though I’m Jewish, and in fact have stars of david engraved on my palms (which palmists fail to mention). I have 2 stub thumbs, and also one short 4th toe – on my left foot only. Short 4th toes are absolutely linked to stub-thumb syndrome, according to research by Dr.Goodman (see: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1012845/)

      • yvette Says:

        i jave the 4th toe thing too and also short ring finger on right hand. I hope you can find my first response where I describe in more detail.I always thought my hands and fet were so messed up and ashamed of it.

  64. cindy Says:

    hi everyone. I’m glad to have found this site. I’m east indian. My parents come from India and I get it from my fathers side. I was reading in the handology book in chapters book store that anyone with clubbed thumbs is very stubborn or has a temper but we are able to bring it out only when we want to which is not all the time! I dont know about you but i see it in my dad and i do get my temper from him! i thought that was unique

  65. Lea Says:

    Hi im lea im 14 years old and i didnt know what was wrong with my thumb ever since i was little everyone had normal thumbs but not me it more so looked like a toe and i always got made fun for it then today i looked it up and realized what it was and i had no idea some people would have the same problem as me well thanks alot for all your help!

  66. Madeleine Becker Says:

    I always thought that I was the only person in the world with these ugly thumbs. To me they are ugly and my mother always told me that it came from thumb sucking. It was agony for me to eat in public, always trying to hide my thumbs. So glad that there are so many people out there that have the same affliction. I am very pleased to have found this webpage.

  67. Carmen Says:

    I LOVE MY THUMBS! I have two little stubby thumbs and I’ve always thought they were quite funny, as opposed to being any kind of thing to be embarassed about.

    Oddly enough, my first boyfriend had one clubbed thumb and a couple of decades later, I married a man with one clubbed thumb.

    I think they must be a sign of perfection!

  68. Elaine Says:

    Hi. I have one clubbed thumb on my right hand- same as my mum!!! Its funny- i have met several people with these thumbs (although everyone but my mum and me had them on both hands) and they are all wonderful people. I am quite proud of mine. I am actually a geneticist so i find it particularly interesting. I am from Scotland. Another reason to be proud!!

    I found out there is one gene that is responsible. It is autosomal dominant (you only need one copy of the gene) and it has variable penetrance (you can have the gene without the thumbs). Apparently it is less penetrant in males which is why there are more females with the cute thumbs- but it is called Bachydactyly type D (i think that is latin for special!!).

    : )

    • elskbrev Says:

      Yes, I think we can all forget contemplating what geneological region our ancestors may have come from; rather get a DNA test where they can test a swab of your inner cheek tissue and then tell you that you are related to people groups all over the world; some you would never have dreamed of.

      I inherited my short thumbs from my mother and she is entirely of Norwegian decent. (Of course, it is always possible there is something secret about the family ancestry, but we don’t need to go there. ha.)

      My known ancestry is 3/4 Norwegian, 1/8 Swedish, 1/8 English. Blood type A+. I have wide square hands, “clubbed” thumbs and feet & toes to match. I am fair-skinned, with ash blonde hair and freckles everywhere. (Maybe theres actually a little Irish in here, after all, lol.) I also have relatively short legs, like the shorter legs typical of many Oriental people groups.
      Unique, that’s what we are! As I kid, I used to think my hands were normal and all those other people had “spidy” toes and fingers. Ha.

      • elaine Says:

        I cannot believe all these people have my thumbs. I have been given heaps all my life about my thumbs. I am 52 and have 5 borthers and sisters. None of whom have the famous thumbs. I cannot believe there are so many of us out there. I have never met anyone else with them. Great to know there is something that makes us unique.

      • johnsonrichards@gmail.com Says:

        I checked my daughter’s thumbs in the delivery room too! ( Not that I was planning on putting her back if she had my thumbs) When my granddaughter was born, I did the same thing! As much as I’ve come to terms with owning 2 clubbed thumbs – I was relieved that I didn’t pass them along. I did try the manicure route. The outcome was a disaster. The longer thumb nail – which still arched back from the thumb caught in something I was carrying and ripped the whole nail right out of the nail bed. That episode of vanity took months to recover.

  69. canadagirl2010 Says:

    Wow! I am so thrilled by this site! I too have two clubbed thumbs. I have 3 brothers and none of them have it and neither does anyone I know of in my familia.

    I remember noticing something different about my thumbs when I was a young girl. I also remember the day some girl at school told me I must be “an alien” because look at my thumbs “they’re so…different”.

    A lady in jr high told me her niece had that too and that it was genetic. She said her neice could bend her thumb all the way back!

    Also, someone also has told me it is related to artistic people. What do you guys think?

    Recently, I actually met someone who had them! She said no one else in her family had them either. She also said she was artistic.

    Well, I’ve gotten a lot of teasing as well. I think people are just stoopid if they are really weirded about someone’s nail shape.

    Its so weird to see the photo gallery=those hands looks just like mine!

    • elskbrev Says:

      Who knows? Maybe there is something to the artistic tendency, if not in the sense of music or other arts, then in enhanced right brain applications.

      I have occasional flashes of artistic “talent,” where some sketch comes from nowhere, like the pencil scetch of the torso and face of a man I was to meet and date the following semester in college. (That was just plain freaky.) I am not otherwise considered “artistic” as I have not studied the arts to develop this talent. There’s a great book called “Drawing on the Right Side” that teaches us “non-artists” how to access this latent talent, if it exists.

      I also sometimes sense or “see” things before they happen, but it isn’t something I have ever tried to control. As far as I know cannot control it. It just happens, and it may sound weird, but it’s real. Such extrasensory perception is a right brain function, just as is the manifestation of artistic talent.

      Maybe there is something to the association between having clubbed thumbs and enhanced right brain activity. Anyone else?

      Would be interesting to know if we have general personality charistics in common, starting with extroversion v.s. introversion or just a balance of these.

      And we’re all high IQ, too, of course, right? Ha.

    • Sarah Says:

      I have 2 fabulous stubbers, and am the only one I know of in my entire family. My mom always called them “artist thumbs”. I always loved them for this reason and attributed them to my exceptional artistic ability. I was teased plenty, but never for my thumbs. I was once asked in art class if I was in an accident, otherwise the only other comment came from another stub-thumber in AZ. (A neat hippy dude with a bead shop) I have some other quirks that bother me, but never the thumbs. I have always believed them to be exceptionally special. I have met a few other stubbers: one art techer, one knitter, one mechanic, & the bead dude. If not for my mom or my art ability, it may have been very negative for me as well. My family (non-stubbers) especially my kids, make jokes, but in a good way. Around here, we admire and give reverence to the stubbers! All the haters shall repent & genuflect these bad boys!!!

  70. Tremens Says:


    @Canadagirl:Yeah, I’ve heard about that artistic thing, my mother used to tell me that when I came back from school, crying, because people were joking about by thumbs…;))not kidding… It would be cool if it was.Actually I’m quite good at drawing… I read a few times about characteristic properties (hand-palmistry), that short thick thumbs indicate an impetuous person, that easily loses its temper…

    Hi, i’ve posted here a while ago.Reading thru the msgs, I draw the conclusion that women are more often affected by “clubbophilia” (HA!) which underpins observations I’ve made in the past!Most people I met who had clubbed thumbs were girls/women.
    Anyway (I’m a guy and also am proud owner of 2 clubbed thumbs), I just wanted to say I feel relieved knowing that out there there are some other folks swinging their clubbed thumbs;)).We’re not alone.UNITE, CLUBBED THUMBS OF THE WORLD, LETS RAISE OUR THUMBS IN THE AIR AND MARCH TOGETHER!
    Question: Do you mind people asking about your thumbs?I sometimes think its quite rude!Because most people don’t ask about that…Just yesterday I’ve been asked (during a party) “mate, whats wrong with your thumbs?”, I laughed it away saying ” yeah theyre alien thumbs blablabla” but I have to say I didnt feel confortable at all!Its not the first time!Anyway, just wanted to know your opinion!
    BTW I’m from Germany, wehere do you all come from??

  71. mona Says:

    I saw a doctor yesterday and during the exam he commented oh I see you have club thumbs I was in shock I’m almost 26 and never thought there was a name for my thumbs. I’ve gone my whole life hiding my thumbs especially in my school years, I always kept my hands closed with my thumbs tucked in the center of my palm, I would even keep my thumb turned into my palm when I’d hold hands with boyfriends. I got into quite a few fights due to kids making fun of my thumbs or asking stupid questions like did your thumb get run over by a truck. I wish I had known that it wasn’t just me but oh well now I do know so I can explain the why anytime I get asked.

  72. don Says:

    I am 49 years old and didn’t realize this had a facination. Every time one of my childeren has been born my wife always checks their thumbs to make sure they are “normal”. My Aunt says it is because “we have dwarfs in the family”. Well at 6’5″ that is the only part of me that has been dwarfed…. My one poor little thumb has been smashed, cut, bitten and burned. My doctors just said “well it is kinda gimpy so I guess it doesn’t work too well…

    Oh yes. I always try to hide it.

    My parents never noticed it until I brought it up. When I look at pictures when I was a toddler I can see that big old thumb hanging there…

    So today I was in a class with a fellow that had two thumbs like ours…. I didn’t bring it up. Possibly I should have.

    • Judy Says:

      My husband checked our daughter’s thumbs in the delivery room as well! She did not inherit my double clubbed thumbs – nor did her daughter. I don’t like them – but they function and I am grateful. It’s fun to hear kindred stories, and sad to see the level of bullying and hatred people have experienced.

  73. Kelly Says:

    I have 2 clubbed thumbs too. I have met two people in my life who also have them. Both women. I am of 100% German descent. Can’t wear a thumb ring, but no one else uses my bowling ball! Texting is a bit of a pain as well. No one else in my family has this that I am aware of.

  74. Patti Says:

    Re: artistic: I have 2 club thumbs and I am a pretty talented illustrator/painter. I have kept a near perfect rendering of my hand that I did as an assignment in 7th grade art class. I got a “C” because the teacher didn’t think I portrayed the thumb correctly- Little did he know becuase I was too embarrassed to show him the model, which was of course my clubbed thumbs.
    Re: dwarfism: I was told by a geneticist that there could be a disposition toward dwarfism (we adopted so I’ll never know). Re: being especially impetuous-oh, yeah. A little short fused, fer sure
    Re: having other shorter digits :I’m still curious to know if anyone also has the shorter than average pinky finger or second to last toes to go with their special club thumbs. I thought this was part of the complete set or am I just really lucky?!!

    • An Inquirer Says:

      I responded to you previously, but here’s a copy which should interest, even if years late:

      Hi, re: short 4th toe, shake hands. Though I’m Jewish, and in fact have stars of david engraved on my palms (which palmists fail to mention). I have 2 stub thumbs, and also one short 4th toe – on my left foot only. Short 4th toes are absolutely linked to stub-thumb syndrome, according to research by Dr.Goodman (see: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1012845/)

  75. Naomi Chapman Says:

    My family is from the south. and my grandmother is native american.
    i have always been embarrased and teased about my weird thumbs.
    its really good to know im not the only one anymore!

  76. Rajesh Says:

    hi i hv got 2 clubbed thumbs n i m from india, my parents are of indian tibetan origin. and yes people often make fun of ma thumbs.. its funny but a blog on clubbed thumb i never expected. nice to have it??

  77. Rajesh Says:

    many people in north west India located in a small place seem to have this trait. cuz many of cousins and friends have it either in the one hand or the both. pic looked as if some body took the pic of ma thumb and uploaded here… ha ha ha !!!

  78. joss Says:

    wow im so happy i found this site, im 22 and have two clubbed thumbs one is a bit worse than the other, they used to really bother me but now sometimes i show them off for a laugh, i feel much better knowing im not alone, i am welsh, my uncle has them too and he is english/scottish. xx

  79. Rajesh Says:

    hi Elaine !!!
    i m also from genetics background too and presently working on bacteria. i tried not seriously but just out of curiosity i found that the gene responsible may have a morphogens like function. during the time of embryo genesis concentration of these morphogens determine weather its going to be clubbed or normal.

  80. Yvonne Says:

    hey i have two clubbed thumbs as well, the thing is no1 in my family has it, its weard. my nationalaty is 100% lebanese and i live in australia. sometimes i like my thumbs and sumtimes im embaresed, alot of mixed emotions. people have teazed me about it but i try and egnore them, its accutuly kinda cute when you look at it in a different way 🙂

  81. Gavi Says:

    Heyyy! I’m soooo happy to have found this site!! I have two clubbed thumbs and I always feel so unique and special, until people start saying im deformed. I LOVE when i find people with the same thumbs!! My question is- no one else in my family has them. I’m Jewish, does that have an effect? And i read that they are dominant, but that cant be. oh, and replying to patty- I have short pinkys too!!!!! Ive never met someone before with pinkys that dont reach to the top line on their ring finger!!!! Oh- and my favorite class is genetics if that helps me understand anything.

    • Lyndsay Says:

      Oh! I guess I have short pinkies too. I wasn’t sure what you guys classified as short, since I never really paid attention. But mine don’t reach the top line of my ring finger either.

    • An Inquirer Says:

      Gavi, like yourself, I’m Jewish (the below URL should interest) with short pinkies & stub thumbs,
      …and like Patti, I have short 4th toe albeit left foot, and short pinkies & stub thumbs.

      Here’s what I responded to Patti:

      Hi, re: short 4th toe, shake hands. Though I’m Jewish, and in fact have stars of david engraved on my palms (which palmists fail to mention). I have 2 stub thumbs, and also one short 4th toe – on my left foot only. Short 4th toes are absolutely linked to stub-thumb syndrome, according to research by Dr.Goodman (see: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1012845/)

  82. Annie Says:

    Wow. I had no idea there were other people out there with thumbs like mine. No one in my family (of my knowledge) has clubbed thumbs. Just me. Now I no longer feel alone! 🙂

  83. Patti Says:

    What a unique club we have here (pun intended)! Does anyone else, besides Gavi and me, have the short pinky to go with our facinating thumbs? The top of the pinky reaches the mid knuckle instead of the top joint of the ring finger because the pinky knuckle lower than the others.

    I also have what some have called “Fred Flintstone” toes- short and stubby with an exceptionally short second to last toe on each foot. (My husband loves me in spite of it)
    My roots are Norse/Celtic…Maybe it’s all from my Druid ancestors.

  84. Carol Says:

    I am of Italian decent, and live in the United States, and come from a long line of club thumbs. My right thumb is a club thumb, my grandmother and my mother both have or had a club thumb, one cousin has a club thumb and my son has one club thumb. Just by chance tonight I was cutting my nails and was wondering how rare this genetic condition might be. Wow was I surprised, besides family members I have never seen anyone else with a thumb like ours.

  85. Nat Says:

    My thumb is on the internet!!!! I was browsing Facebook groups and I typed “thumb” just out of curiosity and came across the Clubbed Thumb Society! I was astonished! I’m from Greece, 20 yrs old, I have a right club thumb and always have been extra embarassed of it. The worst thing I’ve ever heard is “Freak thumb”..! My friends call it “The Frog Thumb” and I think that’s kinda cute!
    My dad’s thumbs are kinda fat (!) but I think i got mine from my grandpa whose thumbs were both clubbed. I have never met a person with a thumb like mine but I DID notice that Megan Fox had one when I saw Transformers at the movies!
    Guys, I’m so surprised, glad, relieved and thankful we’re a whole lot with funny thumbs!! And I might even begin to like mine…
    Cheers, Nat

  86. Nat Says:

    PS. I’m quite hot tempered and stubborn, by the way!!!

  87. Cath Says:

    Hi… I have clubbed thumbs and I have small hands in general, short pinkys too. I never had a manicure as im too embarrassed. For the ladies out here, does a manicure improve the look of the hands. Do people wear fake nails? For a special occasion, im always like to look really good but my hands let me down. I try to hide them. Any advice on this??

    • elskbrev Says:

      My manicurist did paint-on UltraViolet nails for me. She insisted on slightly cutting in the inner edge of the thumb nail “for the shape.” Of 400 clients, she had only one other with thumbs like mine.

      When I wore my nails natural, one woman whom I just met in a social group actually snubbed me from across the table with a comment like, “at least she could shape them!” I guess my thumb nails fan out too much if I don’t keep the sides filed. My friend sitting next to me, however, said, ‘That’s just the way they are,” bless her heart. That the other one cared to criticize my manicure in the first place kind of took the cake! I’m not like that.

      I love my unique hands.

  88. Karen Says:

    My mom and I both have pinkies that do not reach the top line of the ring finger! They only reach until the first line. =P But I don’t have clubbed thumbs. Just stumbled onto this site because I’m researching my pinky for a Genetics homework.

  89. Becca Says:

    I have club thumbs and i thought it was a deformaty, my great grandmother, aunt and cousin all have the thumbs. I was told people who have club thumbs tend to have heart conditions. Is there any truth to this? If you have any information let me know. Thank you for any help you can provide me.

  90. natalie Says:

    omg i have two of them! i always loved them, i felt unique but alwayd hid them from people, but now, i am so happy others have it too, and i was even happier when i found out i have a chance of being royalty=D
    so awesome. im 14, im also glad i found out now than when im older, thanks for making the site

  91. Toni Says:

    Hi there! 🙂
    Glad to read I am not the only one with clubbed thumbs. My grandmother had them too and yes, her father was the cook for the Italian King Vittorio Emanuele III. I have no idea if my great-grandmother had an affair with royalty or not, but the idea is amusing. I have always been curious to learn if this trait is attached to other genetic problems such as mine (kidney stones). Any ideas? Thumbs up to everyone!! 🙂
    PS: To Cath: I have my nails done on a regular basis and yes, they make the thumbs look a bit longer and less… Different, but I can assure you a good manicurist has seen clubbed thumbs before, so go ahead and get your claws done!

  92. Toni Says:

    Almost forgot to post info on the questions asked so far:
    1. I have shorter legs than average, for a woman. I also have wide feet, with short toes, and I was one hell of a swimmer for many years. I can also bend and turn much more than the average person; I wonder if that means that people with these thumbs are more ‘elastic’ than the average person…
    2. My blood type is B+
    3. I am a very good artist; I started drawing like an adult at the age of 6.
    4. Yes, I have a short temper.. Then again who can abide idiots?
    5. I have lordosis; meaning the backside sticks out and is ‘bubbled’ rather than wide. Narrow hips, muscular legs.
    6. I don’t process protein very well; whether animal or vegetal makes no difference; that’s where the cystine stones come from.
    7. I am 100% Italian, and moved to California 10 years ago
    Hope this helps! 🙂

    • elskbrev Says:

      OMG, we should get that DNA swab test taken to find out if we have any ancestry in common. I have your build, generally, and find I am *perfectly* balanced in the water–never need to stand to rest, just assume the reclining-in-a-lawn-chair position and float, though I am slim, not fat. Just learning to swim this year. Not so “elastic” as you–very tight deep internal rotators of my hips, and no lordosis. I do have high round (you say “bubbled”) backside, though. I gain muscularity quickly when I work on strength training. Never noticed a problem processing protein, though my stomach is sensitive to *so* many things–xanthan gum and non-fat dry milk give me serious stomach bloat; nuts give me numular excema. I am always looking for the ultimate healthy diet. Some proteins or foods prepared a particular way are easier to digest than others, but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion.
      As for the short temper thing? People say I’m quiet and controlled–yeah, in a ‘still waters run deep’ kind of way; controlled substance. Anyway, I’m way more mellow now than when I was younger.
      Inherited clubbed thumbs from my mother, who is 100% Norwegian. Also some Swedish and British in the geneology. No Italian that I know of. Blood type A+.


  93. Jan Says:

    Oh, my goodness. I was just browsing through the net trying to find out information about my “weird” hands, pulled up this site and–there was my thumb! I’m so tickled, this is the only time I’ve ever seen a clubbed thumb other than mine.

    Actually, both my thumbs are clubbed. I’ve always hated them, thought they were SOOOOO ugly, and still tend to keep them hidden. (They are a source of great amusement to my grandchildren!) In addition to the clubbed thumbs, I also have unusually short fifth fingers, which, together with the short thumbs, really puts a crimp in my ability to play the piano! 😉

    As for ancestry, I’m mostly of English, Scots and Irish on one side, and English, “Pennsylvania Dutch,” Scots-Irish, and Welsh on the other. No one else in my family has (or had) club thumbs that I know of, and neither of my sons inherited either my club thumbs, or my abnormally little fifth digits.

    Additional medical information–my blood type is B+. and I have trouble with some sort of auto-immune disorder.

    It’s interesting to see that others on this site have “club thumbs and little pinkies.” Makes me wonder if it’s some sort of syndrome….

  94. Brooke Says:

    hooray for funny deformities! it’s nice to know i’m not alone;)

  95. JT Says:

    Hey everyone! I’ve been working on a clubbed thumb gallery for a few months now. Up to 134 pics. You can see it here:

    Please send me an email at clubbedthumb@hotmail.com and I’ll add your pic. No names are used.


    • elskbrev Says:

      I wish people would include hand shape in the photos. I have relatively large, strong, square hands. Is this typical for others who have clubbed thumbs?

  96. Sean Says:

    This site is awesome. I didn’t realize there were so many other people with clubbed thumbs. I’ve only met two other people that weren’t related to me with clubbed thumbs. I also have short pinkies. Is that common for people with clubbed thumbs or something? My grandma had em and so does my dad. I’m not sure if any of my aunts or uncles do too. I’m of Spanish Jewish descent.

    • An Inquirer Says:

      Yes, I have short pinkies & one short 4th toe, relevant to Goodman’s research (see below url).

      Here’s what I responded to Patti above:

      Hi, re: short 4th toe, shake hands. Though I’m Jewish, and in fact have stars of david engraved on my palms (which palmists fail to mention). I have 2 stub thumbs, and also one short 4th toe – on my left foot only. Short 4th toes are absolutely linked to stub-thumb syndrome, according to research by Dr.Goodman (see: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1012845/)

  97. Melanie Says:

    OMG! So my girlfriend was just making fun of me for my clubbed thumbs (which I have always thought were weird, but not really a medical condition) so I thought I’d look them up on wikipedia and see what it said. It had a link to this website and I can’t believe it…I’ve finally found my people!!! I have two clubbed thumbs, two abnormally short pinkies, and what I like to call “Fred Flinstone” feet. Are all these things connected? What causes them? Will I pass these traits on to my future children? I have so many questions now! But at least I know that the weird quirks I’ve grown up with are actually NOT abnormal. Thanks, guys.

  98. JT Says:

    Hey Melanie,

    I know of cases of clubbed thumbs being passed on and also times when they are not. Not sure of the chances though. A good friend of mine has clubbed thumbs and toes so I assume there is a connection there. As for what causes them, I’ve heard several different theories, ranging from too much thumb sucking as a baby to lack of oxygen before being born. Not sure what is true though, perhaps its case by case.

    If you ever want to share a pic, I’d love to add it to the gallery (names are never used).

    Anyway, welcome!! (^_^)

  99. beth Says:

    ha ha ha, i have clubbed thumbs too…and have only just found out they are called “clubbed”, my twin sister has them too and my friend has one normal thumb and one clubbed thumb, my brothers are always takeing the mickey out of me… cant wait to show them this site…… heres to all of the clubbed thumb brigade, let us unite lol xx beth

  100. Jan Says:

    Hi, Melanie!

    I have two clubbed thumbs, and little pinkies, too. My feet are “normal” except for some extra webbing between my second and third toes. My brother’s thumbs were not clubbed, but he had even more webbing between his toes than I do. Has anyone else here noticed the extra webbing bit in their own feet, or in the feet of family members?

    As for inheritance–I have two sons, and neither of them have clubbed thumbs, or tiny pinkies. I know that when they were born, that was one of the first things I looked for–and breathed a sigh of relief then they turned out to have hands like their dad’s. I know I was teased a lot when I was a child about my thumbs…my mom always used to tell me they were that “weird” shape because I sucked my thumb when I was a baby, but I never believed her. 😉

    Welcome to the website. Isn’t it fun to discover that there are lots of other people out there with “funny” thumbs just like your own? 😀


  101. Mel Says:

    This is crazy! Both of my thumbs are clubbed but I thought I was deformed or somthing, I’m so relieved that this is an actual genetic gene, I actually feel special and different now.
    I’ve always been self concious about them and my friends would make fun of them but now I’m kinda proud of them, so HAH on those who have regular boring thumbs 😉
    clubbed thumbs UNITE!

  102. Esteban Says:

    I love my thumbs 😀
    but my mom makes fun of me and
    says how do you text with those things??
    hahahah 😛
    my aunt also has them but she isn’t related by
    blood.. and we always say what is up with your thumbs?
    hah 😀

  103. rajesh Says:

    how did thumb came to India (manali) from Europe?
    because i know more than a dozen unrelated friends of mine who have this. but all of us come from a geographically isolated place located north west India.

  104. JEN Says:


  105. michelle Says:

    I have two of these horrible things. I have hidden them all my life. No one else in my family has them. I have run across a couple of people through the years who have them. I hate to hand people things and hope they don’t notice. My fingers are fairly long and nice looking. I fantasize about normal loooong thumbs and wish I could wear a pretty thumb ring lika a girl in high school. Some people have commented when I was young and in school. I am 40 now and haven’t had a questuon or rude comment for years. Could it be I have perfected my hiding them?? I wish the best for all of us. I am of German and Irish decent….Thanks to all.Oh, I thought I read years ago that Paul Newman had them, too. I don’t think anyone mentioned him (RIP).

  106. K M M Says:

    This is wonderful news. Insecurity about the appearance of my right thumb is something that has eaten at me for years…especially in my profession where cameras and eyes are always present. Thank you for sharing the stories of what these “clubbed” thumbs mean to us, and to history!

  107. Jayood Says:

    Didn’t know it was a sign of royalty in Europe. But I guess that doesn’t apply to me because im Korean. Still interested in what European royalty has clubbed thumbs

    • elskbrev Says:

      The first person who ever pointed out to me my short thumbs was a professor in college who was from Korea. Since I also share another physical charateristic common to many SE Asian people–relatively short legs–I have always wondered about how my Norse background might have linked with Oriental traits.

    • spidersneedlovetoo Says:

      Hey, me too! I’m pretty sure I’m 100% Korean and I’ve had other Korean friends with this thumb.

  108. Genaro Says:

    Yes! I have always been wondering what happened to my thumbs. I thought that I must have broken a bone or something. I remember first realizing about them when I was like 9. I’m 18 now and no one has really noticed. My left thumb is the clubbed one. My right one is normal.Im afraid that it will somehow affect my social life in the future. Has anyone gone to a doctor to find more info? I’m always scared that it will somehow affect me in the future. It’s weird having to different thumbs. Thanks for your stories. Please give me as much info as you can.


  109. zoe Says:

    I have always wondered why i have deformed thumbs, i didn’t know there was a whole community of other people with them out there, or indeed that you could just have one deformed one and one normal. Weird but cool – now i don’t feel like such a freak! Its never stopped me having a normal social life but i’m glad my daughter hasn’t inherited them all the same. Im RH neg and have some Polish in my ancestry…I dont know if there’s any link but others have mentioned it. There’s far worse deformities/diseases/illness out there so if widescreen thumbs is your only problem be thankful!

  110. JT Says:

    Hey everyone! My clubbed thumb gallery is up to 199 pics! Thanks again to everyone who has sent me a pic to add.

    Still looking to add more to the largest clubbed thumb gallery on the net! Anyone else willing to share? Your name will not be used.

    Please email me at: clubbedthumb@hotmail.com

    The gallery is here: http://s265.photobucket.com/albums/ii237/clubbedthumbs/

    Thanks again!

  111. Wendy Says:

    I have 2 clubbed thumbs and am of Irish,Swedish,and possibly English heritage. My mom has 2 clubbed thumbs as well and I think my mom’s dad did too. I have always been a bit self conscious about my “ET thumbs” and am just learning to appreciate their cuteness. As a Physical Therapist I am able to give great trigger point massages with my strong thumbs!! I have also heard they are a sign of English royalty.
    I have only met 2 other people besides my mom who have them! Nice to know there are more of “us”!!

  112. sarah Says:

    this is great! my brother and I both have 2 clubbed thumbs and I always thought it was b/c our dad is a smoker…haha! we’re both of full blooded korean descent. It’s weird though b/c neither of our parents have clubbed thumbs. I’ve always hated them but am learning to embrace them as my own uniqueness.

  113. Kate Says:

    I’m the only one of my family with stubby thumbs (I think) and fairly short fingers and I find my mom’s long bony thumbs and fingers bizarre! I ♥ my stubby thumbs! ^_^
    I’ve met only one other person with them. 😮

    I myself am half irish, 3/8 german, 1/8 polish. I also have short legs and a long torso. Now *that* I mind. XD

    • elskbrev Says:

      @Kate: “I also have short legs and a long torso. Now *that* I mind. XD”

      Hear. Hear. (That’s me, too.) lol

  114. Kim Says:

    What a delight to learn of this website! 🙂 I’ve often wondered if there is more of a story behind these crazy thumbs of mine and/or whether they mean something. My thumbs and hands look IDENTICAL to the one on the home page of this site! 🙂
    My (paternal) grandmother used to squeeze/massage my thumbs when I was a kid in the hopes that she’d help to make them longer and thinner. She told me not to worry, that they’d get longer and thinner when I got older. Now I’m 36, and have stopped hoping they will. 🙂
    I usually only ever see people with these thumbs once ever couple of years – however I met 3 people within the last two months that had them. One was a Mexican guy in his thirties (I was in Mexico). He told me his wife has one club thumb too (she is Mexican as well). Then I met a woman at a trade show in Vegas that had two club thumbs. Now I’m in China and just last week I met a Chinese man who has one club thumb. Crazy! 🙂
    One of my maternal aunts has a single club thumb. I’m told my maternal great grandmother had two club thumbs – I’ve always felt a special connection to her b/c of this (despite the fact that I never met her). I have often wondered what else we have in common. No other relatives of mine that I’m aware of have club thumbs. Sure does seem to be more predominant in women. I am of German heritage. I have two brothers and neither have club thumbs.
    In highschool, when I used to regularly get asked, “Omg, what happened to your thumb?!”, sometimes I’d tell people I got it stuck in an elevator and they’d believe me. Other times, I’d just show them my other thumb (which looks the same) and they’d look embarrassed for asking. For a while in my twenties, my nickname was “thumbs”.:) People seem to ask me less these days. At the end of the day, I think there are far worse things to have than these funny-looking thumbs, so I’m not too bothered by them now. Not very feminine-looking, but I think it makes us special. 🙂 Glad to know there are “others” out there. 🙂
    Some questions for other fellow club thumbers….
    – If there is an obvious genetic link in your family, was the trait passed down through the maternal or paternal side?
    – Do your siblings have club thumbs? Male or female siblings?
    – Are you artistic?

    Hey, we should form a club! 🙂 Any fellow “clubbers” in Vegas? 🙂 lol

  115. Jacob Says:

    I just learned i had clubbed thumbs and thier starting to give me ideas that could possibly earn me some money!

  116. Lori Says:

    I am 43-years old, of English and German descent and have a clubbed thumb on my right hand. My mother was the first in her family to have a right-clubbed thumb and my sister has two clubbed thumbs. I have three children, two boys and a girl. Both of my boys’ thumbs are “normal”, but my daughter inherited two clubbed thumbs! Interestingly enough, my husband’s nephew has two clubbed thumbs and no one else on his side of the family has this trait. Thank you for sharing this information on the www. I have always hidden my “deformity”, but now realize that we are special indeed!

  117. Jen . N Says:

    yayy i have 2 xD i neverd really notcied them being at all different form the rest cause i havent really compared thumbs 😀 this is so fun =)

  118. Joanne Bailey Says:

    Hi there I have 2 Clubbed thumbs and only ever met 3ppl with them. My nana was Italian so maybe i didn’t just inherit the nose lol. IM SO CHUFFED IM NORMAL! Thank you alfparelli for enabling me to see im normal 🙂

  119. Joanne Bailey Says:

    My brother doesn’t have them neither im the only person in my family who has them as far as im aware but my Italian Grandmother Rosa died before I was born so I dont know if she had them or not. I got sick of ppl saying urgh haven’t you got wierd thumbs that all through childhood I would hide them inside my sleeves or wear gloves. Only recently I now point them out to ppl before they comment to stop any hurtful comment. Its strange how no-one else in my family has them. I went to get acrylic nails put on about a year ago and the nail artist was horrified! She couldn’t get a nail to fit which made me feel abnormal. After reading this site I see now many women obviously have the same problem. Hey might start a business making clubbed thumb aftificial nails! Any business partners out there?! lol ENJOY YOUR THUMBS YOUR UNIQUE!

  120. Ysamar delacruz Says:

    i SWORE i was the only one with these types of thumbs. i have 2 of them.

    i always hide them under my hand.

    its kinda weird that everyone seems to come from European descent and im DOMINICAN!! im so freaking weird. im the only one in all my family[and i have a big one].

    but im glad they actually have a name. i searched up ‘weird types of thumbs’ on goggle. LOL

  121. JT Says:

    The clubbed thumb gallery is now up to 250 pics!

    Keep ’em coming!!

  122. Mark Says:

    Growing up I was not teased much about my left thumb, but by 10th grade I was hopelessly self-conscious about it and decided to keep it hidden at all times; now in middle age, I’m ready to get over it! As Eleanor Roosevelt said “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.”

    My mother’s background was Irish or Scottish, my father’s is Swiss German.

  123. Rhys Da Aussie Says:

    Im so happy i found this ive never seen anyone or knew anyone had it 🙂 but still i love my club thumbs it makes it so easy to press buttons on video game controllers thx to it i pwn at all shoot em ups bwahaha im 18 if u were wonderin

  124. Christina Walker Says:

    I can’t believe I found this site. I hate my thumbs and can remember hiding them as early as 5 years old. I am an expert at hiding them behind my index finger. I hate when people see them. As a kid, other kids used to ask me about them. Now, at age 38 people just look at them and don’t say anything. My sister has the clubs too and so does my uncle who got them from his grandmother – it’s a strong gene isn’t it. My first born girl who is almost 3 has them (won’t she love that as she gets older). I laugh and say that I’ll have to teach her how to hide them. My second born girl who is 4 months has not shown the signs of the clubs yet – I think she is safe.

    I think Blackberry should make a unit for the “club” club. They are hard to use with these things…lol

  125. sara Says:

    i have one clubbed thumb!!! i never knew why it was short and wide my other thumb is normal yayyy! now i know

  126. JT Says:

    Anyone else willing to share a pic for the gallery?

    email me at: clubbedthumb@hotmail.com


  127. Kathy Says:

    I am a 55 year old female and the oldest of four children and the only one in my family with clubbed thumbs. My grandfather(on my father’s side) had them and he always told people his thumbs were cut off. None of my cousins have them either. My grandfather was Italian but his mother’s father was German. I have three children and one of my daughters doesn’t have them, one has only one, and my son has two like me. I too have always hated them and tucked them in my hand so they would not be noticed. My son has had comments made about his too. Because I have these thumbs I would always notice peoples’ thumbs and admire the long, slender ones. In doing this I have come across many with the same thumbs. My brother married a girl that had them too. I used to always say that maybe we were all related to someone great like Julius Caesar or something. When I saw that the gene may have occured as a mutation from royal blue-bloods I thought to myself that I wasn’t far from wrong about the past connection. I knew a lady that would read peoples’ auras and told my mine was royal purple. Ha Ha So after 55 years, I have learned to accept them and not feel so self concience. And… it touched my heart to find this website and read your stories and find I was not alone in how I felt. thank you all so much

  128. Mark Says:

    I remember seeing an interview with Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Russian author, back in the 80s. They showed a close-up of his hands in his lap, and he had two clubbed thumbs!

  129. Elizabeth Says:

    I’ve noticed a pattern of many clubbed-thumbers being either Irish or Italian. I am both Irish and Italian, as well as being a mutt(descended of other countries as well). Just something to think about. When people see them, they typically saw “eeeew”-they are half-joking, half-serious, I think. But hey, actress Megan Fox has them too, and she’s beautiful! And I’ve always liked them-I’ve always said they are my favorite thing about myself. I don’t know if this means I’m confident or pathetic…

    I knew several other people had thumbs like mine, and all the clubbed-thumbers I’ve met are also pretty…hmmmm 🙂

    But it’s great to know there are millions of us!

  130. john smith Says:

    i recently met a korean girl who has ultra-stubby thumbs. it basically looks like her thumbs have been truncated and then the thumbnail put back on what’s left behind. seriously, her thumbs look like under 2cm in length
    (i’d say half in inch, for you non-metric ppl).

    i went out with her for a beer once, and when i saw those thumbs i decided “never again”. sorry, but i could not date someone with thumbs like that. it just grossed me out. that was last september.

    2 days ago, she called me, but i didn’t answer.


    • Surani Says:

      Oh well,
      What is freaky for one, isn’t freaky for another. Besides nobody is perfect. And would you also say no to actress Megan Fox, if you had the possibility’ to date her. Cause for your information she also has a clubbed thumb. And she’s fucking hot. So there’s got to be more than the Koreans girl thumbs why you didn’t wanna date her anymore.

    • Chris Says:

      Hey man, same thing happened to me, actually. I got set up on a blind date recently and the girl had this thing (that’s how I found this site, I was trying to figure out what in the WORLD was wrong with her and found it to be this) and I took the check and bailed on her early. No point in wasting either of our time when there’s no way I’m going to pursue anything with someone who looks like they crawled out of Chernobyl!!! I do NOT want my genes trashed with that stuff, I am a man of good standing and good genes and my children will not be ugly like that.

      • mgh Says:

        No one has perfect genes (including you), that’s life. Even if you have children with a woman who has two “normal” thumbs, your children could still somehow end up with clubbed thumbs. Lots of people with clubbed thumbs have relatives who don’t have them. These thumbs aren’t something new. People have had them for a long time..and they work the same way your’s do, so deal with it.

  131. katie Says:

    i have two clubbed thumbs. none of my friends have them but i just found a lady i worked with has them too. i can’t believe how many people actually have them. i get teased for them all the time and everyone actually calls me thumbs but i’ve grown to love them even though they’re short and fat. haha. and for the record… the fact that someone couldn’t date a person with these thumbs is the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard. but hey everyone has their standards i suppose so i don’t judge. maybe i’m just partial because they’ve grown on me… well they actually stopped growing halfway through my 9months.. haha. but hey power to the thumbs=]

  132. katie Says:

    oh and i am irish, italian, polish and german. so maybe that is a trend Elizabeth!

  133. katie Says:

    oh and i am german, irish, italian and polish so maybe that has something to do with it seeing as thats the growing trend. i just finished reading most of these comments and i LOVE the fact that they’re actually so common. for the longest time i stopped going to get my nails done because the asian lady behind the desk would always stop the other nail artists in what they were doing to come and look at my thumbs. they laughed and laughed and talked about it all the while i couldn’t understand so i just stopped going. plus have you seen acrylic nails on these things?? not really a winner.. haha. anywho i’m finally done glad to see theres other clubbers out there… next chance you get play a game of thumb wrestling.. its a sure fire way to win every time=]

  134. Steve Says:

    Famous names: what about C. S. Lewis?
    In his autobiography ‘Surprised by Joy’:
    “What drove me to write was the extreme manual clumsiness from which I had always suffered. I attribute it to a physical defect which my brother and I both inherit from our father; we have only one joint in the thumb. The upper joint is visible, but it is a mere sham, we cannot bend it.”

    Or is this a different condition? Can you bend both joints in your clubbed thumb?

  135. brianne Says:

    ok ill repeat what everyone else has said: YAY IM NOT THE ONLY ONE!!

    i have one clubbed thumb on my left hand, and its always bothered me. I hate when i get acrylics on because in order to have both thumbnails even with each other, the short thumb’s nail has to be really long so it makes it difficult to text. i am 16 and im irish and german, but mostly irish. and the royal descent thing is cool because im related to princess diana. i like this site a lot! =]

    • Brianne Says:

      we have the same name.

      and i also only have a clubbed thumb on my left hand.

      weird! :]

    • Brianne Says:

      oh, and i also agree with the nail thing.

      when i got mine done for prom it was so hard to text! and i also found myself bitting the nail a lot because it was a lot thicker and longer than the other ones cause she specially made it for my thumb!

  136. Nasty Says:

    Clubbed thumbs are nasty as hell.

    Just the sight of them makes me want to puke.


    • Chris Says:

      Nothing is more pathetic than someone who just says stupid, childish, and mean-spirited things for no reason other than to insult people. Going on a chat and stating something for no reason like that really belies a sad state of affairs. What kind of a pathetic existence must someone have to need to get on a website and post insults to strangers? What kind of loser needs to try to make themselves happy by trying to be mean to others? I feel bad for people like this while at the same time wanting them to just go away or kill themselves or something, so the rest of us don’t have to deal with these depressed, angry, useless, sad fools.

    • Chris Says:

      lol you’re just saying that because you know it hurts aww poor baby. they are GUH-ROSS. disgustingggg!! it makes me want to puke too!!

  137. friends of clubbers Says:

    I think you are all fine and hope you don’t ever let anyone or anything stop you from living large!!!!!!!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!!!

  138. James Says:

    My girlfriend has little thumbs , they are the cutest thing i have ever seen. i spend hours playing with them. i have never thought them freaky in any way. its just another thing that makes her unique.

  139. grace Says:

    both my thumbs are clubbed. i didnt know that it was common i just thought they were tiny, considering everything else on me is. and people always tell me i have “small thumbs” the teasing really sucks, but thank god im not the only one.

  140. Christine Says:

    I’m 13. I’m glad I found out early! I searched short wide thumb nail on google and found out about it, that others have it too. Kept searching and found this great site! 🙂 My grandparents on both sides are from the Netherlands, witch means im 100% Dutch. Both my thumbs are clubbed… I am really embarrassed by them and i hate when people see them. All my friends want to paint each others nails at parties and stuff and im so embarrassed when they paint mine and say something about my thumbs. Now I dont want anyone to paint my thumbs, or nails

    I hope someday i wont be embarrassed by them… i havent told any of my friends either i just hide them..

    My mum has it and my grandad had it on her side.

    I live in australia now and my parents lived in south africa before they came here.

    I think it would be awesome if heaps of people with these thuumbs would come together one day.

  141. kari Says:

    i have two clubbed thumbs and was told they were Danish thumbs.. because the Danes missed hammering their nails and shortened their thumbs. (hehe- cute story, huh?) i was approached in college by a man who saw my thumbs from accross a room, and told me this story, and then showed me his thumbs…. first time i had ever seen anyone else with the same thumb drama i have had all my life.

    inedeed, i was teased about my thumbs by children, and grew to be a little senseitive about it. Now that i am 40ish it is not a big deal, but i was looking around for some information on these thumbs, because i suspect my 10 month old daughter might have some clubbing.

    Thanks for the site. The internet is so cool!

    Rock on everyone… *thumbs up*

  142. Jessica Says:

    I have always wondered about my clubbed thumb! I got made fun of as a child for it-so by the time i got into high school, it became a habit to tuck it away in my hand. Most of my close friends have seen it and love it! My grandma on my moms side had two clubbed thumbs, my mom has two and, one of my uncles has two as well. I myself only have the one on my right hand. I thought it was just a family thing, but apparently not! I am mexican on both sides, and so far, I haven’t seen anyone else leave a comment saying they were as well, althought I haven’t read them all! This is sooooo interesting!! I love it, just like I have learned to love my “special” thumb!

  143. angela Says:

    i also have 2 club thumbs and small pinkies and the only one in my family i know of .some people notice but most dont .i have met about 4 people with them its funny its something you notice right away . cant say i love them but i live with them .i am of english heritage . i think i can have a short temper at times but i am also a very kind person of heart and when i meet someone with the same thumbs i tend to feel a connection with them i laugh and say we are just special people thats the only explanation i have for them . an after reading all of your comments i think im right its only special people who have them and obviously there is a lot of us !!!!

  144. joAnn Says:

    i have clubbed thumbs to. I think it is great there are people like me there. It is hard to hitchhike with the freakishly small thumbs. My co-workers tease me all the time about them and say I have baby big toe thumbs. Even my Indian (dot not feathers) makes fun of them. It is so hard to open a large jar of pickles with these freak thumbs. I think we should have a clubbed thumb convention one year. YA SMALL THUMBS!!!

  145. Susan Kim Says:

    I, too just stumbled on this web site and was totally amazed by how many others have “my thumbs”! I am 54 and a neonatal nurse and I have 2 clubbed thumbs…exactly like the one pictured above. My mother has one on her Rt hand and her mother always told her it was from sucking her thumb! Then I turned up with 2 of them and that theory disappeered! My one sister has one on her Rt hand and one of my daughters has one on her Rt hand also. I ‘m the only one that has 2 of them which I always said is awkward because people think you DON’T KNOW your thumbs are different and they have to tell you!! I know exactly what these people are saying about hiding them in your palms because I have always done that also! I always hated sharing a hymnal at church because I had to hold the book with my thumb in plain view to the other person. Is that weird or what ?? I have met only 3 other people besides my family members that have one or both thumbs like mine. Only one person I have ever known had 2 thumbs like mine. I talked to a genetisist at work once and he told me it was usually a sex linked trait which means it affects only females or only males in the family, so I was surprised to learn some of you have male AND female relatives with the thumb trait. In my family it has only been females. I met a male nurse in Arizona that said he and his Dad and brothers had them, but not the sisters. One of my daughters got one thumb like mine and the other daughter was disappointed she didn’t get one !! Go figure !! We are of mostly German descent. I am happy to hear I am not so unusual !! In my work in the Newborn ICU I have seen so many genetic malformations that I know we should all be thankful that all we got was unusual thumbs ! Hey…they work don’t they !! I am a stained glass artist in my spare time. Check out what my big thumbs can do at “suesstainedglass.com” !!! They don’t hold me back !! Take care everyone !!

  146. Susan Kim Says:

    Why is my e-mail and name staying on this site? I thought it was not to be published ?

  147. Jumbie Says:

    I’m not the only one!!

    I’m 16, and i’m always so self concious of them…just the other day, somebody came up to me, and told me they were short, fat, and stubby. I always get so offended…and i try to hide them by wearing long sleeves, and tucking them in my hands.
    My grandmother, my old friend, and a girl at my school are the only ones that have them.

    maybe now i won’t be so alone feeling. :]

  148. JT Says:

    Would any of the new members here be willing to share a pic for the gallery? Its up to 265 pics here: http://s265.photobucket.com/albums/ii237/clubbedthumbs/

    email me at: clubbedthumb@hotmail.com


  149. Nasty the nasty one Says:

    Nasty Says:

    December 11, 2008 at 7:40 pm
    Clubbed thumbs are nasty as hell.

    Just the sight of them makes me want to puke.


    Hey Nasty one, why don’t you put your face up on here and then let’s see if we all puke!

  150. meddie Says:

    i’m 15 and have always been so embarrassed by them! my siblings won’t come near my hands. nobody in my whole family has them. i know 2 other people that have them but i didnt know this many people had them! i’m so used to tucking them in, this makes me feel better about them. 🙂

  151. crazibutrue Says:

    The first search I did when getting online five years ago was on short thumbs. I barely found a name for the condition, nothing else. I just searched again last night and OMG! I see all these pictures of my thumbs!! Well, only half are as short and wide as my two thumbs.

    I inherited my thumbs from my grandpa on my mother’s side. Neither my mother or her two sisters got the thumbs. I am the only one of my mother’s three children who has these thumbs. My son did get my thumbs but my daughter did not.

    Sure, occasionally people/kids who see my thumbs would comment out loud about them. Probably alot more people see them than I am aware of. I don’t go through life looking at people to see if they are looking at my thumbs. Hmmm. Makes me wonder now if I have been hiding them all this time and didn’t realize it. In certain situations I definitely do feel embarrassed of my ugly thumbs and I do tuck them in my hand.

    I just found out have short pinkies too but never realized it until I read this forum and looked.

    One good thing is my thumbnails grow long and strong which makes them useful tools when cleaning. I also have short toes too. I think long “finger” toes are gross! My toes are perfect.

    Maybe we should start a singles dating site for people with club thumbs? I’m 40 something and am looking for a good man. I do think we should have a yearly get together.

  152. JT Says:


    Would you be willing to share a pic for my gallery?

    My address is clubbedthumb@hotmail.com

  153. Ellen Says:

    My family and friends have always goodnaturedly made fun of my sister’s and my fat thumbs. I always blamed my mom’s side because my cousin has thumbs like that too, but also one of her middle finger’s is stubby and shorter than the fingers on either side of it. Then we discovered that my cousin on my father’s side also has thumbs like this. My family is mostly of German heritage with some English and Scoth-Irish. I’ve never met anyone outside my family with thumbs like this.

  154. Ellen Says:

    I just remembered a funny story about my thumbs. One time in art class we were supposed to draw our hands. When I turned the drawing in my teacher told me that I did a very nice job but that the thumbs were disproportionate to the rest of my hand. So I showed her my hand and she started appoligozing immensely, but I just laughed.

  155. treesa Says:

    Hello fellow stubby thumbs. I have never met anyone who has a thumb like me! I have always loved my irregular looking thumb although I have been asked many times about it. I always just say “I love my thumb…..look it works (and I bend it) They usually don’t know what to say. I think it’s really cool being in a select and unique group don’t you?

  156. tobe Says:

    thank God I’m not the only one, I have met only two people in my life which have these thumbs.
    Both my thumbs are clubbed. Something I was told which is pretty cool is that its the sign of the healer (Luna Thumbs). I have healed 3 different people who were pretty sick and there all still alive and tell me that they believe i healed them… beleive it or not.
    Also heared that 70% of all mass murderers have these thumbs… not sure about that one.
    The royalty thing i have never heard before, thats a cool story.
    The artistic thing i believe as I am also very good at calligraphy… i just thought i was a monk in my past life.
    I am Australian… where i originated from God only knows!
    I have always known they define something special about us, and the 2 people i have met with these thumbs are also very special people.
    You all may have the power of healing, and this is the sign of the healer… Clubbed Thumbs!
    Be positive and be proud of your gift!!… I am

  157. militiagandhi Says:

    I have always known my thumbs were quirky and figured others must have it too. I am 23 and have never met anyone else with them and no one in my family has it. I am a euro-mutt as i call myself of english, irish, german, swedish and norweigian with a little native american. I always called it my ‘gamer’s thumbs’ cause the width and depth have made an almost flat surface which is handy with video game controllers.

    Downsides I have experiecnced:
    Hard to play volleyball (i have hurt my thumb twice)
    some poeple can be really “shocked” by it
    you almost always will lose at a game of thumb war
    gloves never fit right
    its nearly impossible to have acrylic nails.

    i also have a differnce in my pinkies. one is smaller, shorter and has a smaller nail than the other. Also working on getting a picture to send in to the gallery.

    Nice to meet you all!

  158. JT Says:

    Anyone else willing to share a pic? The gallery is at 268 now. Haven’t received any new pics in a while 😦

    Email is: clubbedthumb@hotmail.com

    Gallery: http://s265.photobucket.com/albums/ii237/clubbedthumbs/

    Thanks again to those contributed! Help me get to 300 pics!!

  159. Melanie L. Says:

    Yay! I found this link while researching. I am a Criminal Minds fan, and there was an episode where a man kidnapped a babysitter and 4 children… Anyway, in his FBI interview, they kept showing his hands, and he had clubbed thumbs. He was talking about genetics and chromosomes and such, so I decided to see if there was anything out there about my iddy biddy thumbs. And Voila! Here you all are! Amazing!

    I have 2 clubbed thumbs. I am a true Heinz 57 mix of heritage.

    Does anyone have any research as to what exactly causes this? It’s “genetic”, but I’d love to know more.


  160. Kristalynn Says:

    I have one clubbed thumb on my left hand. I absolutely hate it! It bothers me so much its crazy. Its so embarrassing and I do EVERYTHING to hide my thumbs so people don’t notice they are different..and my boyfriend noticed one time(many times actually) and tried looking at it and I was so embarrassed and he wouldn’t stop grabbing for it, so I Hit him, and I started to cry. It was THAT embarrassing. I mean come on everyone, if you have a clubbed thumb you KNOW how embarrassing it can be. Even tho he tells me its so cute, I hate it and I wish I never was born with it clubbed. I mean, I don’t know where i got it from, NO one in my family has it, and Im German, Portuguese, a little Scottish, and a little dutch. Any ideas how I got it?

  161. Nicole Says:

    I have 2 clubbed thumbs. No one in my family has them and until today I didn’t know that other people had them. My friends have always called my thumbs “toe thumbs”. I am Native American, Scottish, and Irish.

  162. Mike Says:

    I was a little bored tonight and looked down at my thumb as i typed on my keyboard. I thought I would look up thumb info online and I came across this site. I have to tell you that I have been laughing at this forever! I have laughed just as much as my friends and family have for many years. I too have been embarrassed in the past. I have always tried to hide them. I would go to family get togethers and my Dad would crack a joke about them. I would just go along and start joking with them. I would tell them that my thumbs come in handy. If you have to hitchhike you know a car can see a fat thumb better than a skinny one. You never know when you might have a leak under the sink and need to use it to plug a hole. I can snap louder than you can! if someone tries to rob me I will threaten to hit them in the head with this thing! My friends get mad at me because I am so fast on game controllers since I can hit more than one button at a time. I also found that it is hard to use a cell phone with club thumbs. As I get older they do not bother me as much. I say we all get together and have a Club Thumb Convention!

  163. frankie Says:

    never knew there was a term for this but i dated a few girls who had clubbed thumbs, i can’t help it, it’s pretty much a turn off….i almost got into a long term relationship with one and i just knew there was something strange about her thumbs…well i didn’t and i’m kinda glad i did bc i would feel really weird and i would just have to comment to her about it if i was actually with her….anyways…glad there are some ppl that like it.

  164. Patricia Says:

    I have always thought I was the only one. I have only seen two people with my thumbs. Both of my thumbs are this way. I never really cared much about it but one day I thought I might as well search them up. People always make fun of my thumbs. My classmates love to call me “toe thumbs”. Now I am happy I acually know what its called.

  165. Kristen Says:

    I just called my mom to apologize for telling people she did drugs while she was pregnant and that’s why my thumb is weird. I also have told people I cut off my thumb and they sewed on my toe. Lol!

  166. Mariah Says:

    I’m not the only one with ONE clubbed thumb like….WTF..
    I’m Aussie and heaps of Aussies are of Irish Descent….hmmm?
    Stupid inbred thumb HAHAHA

  167. Danni Says:

    Hi Mariah,

    It seems to be a widespread occurrence- Asian, European etc- therefore your comment was perhaps unnecessary. No concrete evidence to say that its caused by inbredding…Im sure there are many factors associated with clubbed thumbs.

  168. Anna Says:

    I have one “toe-thumb” on my right hand and people always ask me about it. I am irish, scottish, and cherokee but I don’t have any Italian in me, as far as I am aware. Ever since I was a kid, my big sister has always tried to “fix” my thumb by pressing on it really hard and putting things around it, but it never worked, and only made my thumb sore. No one in my family has a toe thumb but I have met a few other people with two, but no one with just one!

  169. Mr. Turner Says:

    I have two club thumbs and i’m africian american.

  170. Jake Blade Says:

    cool site !
    2 clubbed thumbs since birth, always enjoyed the attention they drew growing up. Told many a tall tale of “my severed thumbs” in my teens, convinced one fellow they sewed my toes on, haha
    I was video game champ in my day and always gave credit to the thumbs, plus the ladies loved them !!!!!

    Canadian male early 40’s

  171. Chelaina Says:

    wow…this is really cool. I don’t personally have clubbed thumbs but since I’ve been at college I’ve seen two girls for the first time that have clubbed thumbs. I thought it was pretty interesting so I wanted to look into it. It looks like from what I’ve read that it is something in the genes. idk. But it is pretty cool and unique. Thanks for the site.

  172. Suzanne Schmid Says:

    WOW! Here you guys are! I’m 28 and I can’t believe I only now just thought to research this oddity I have (just the right thumb.) I feel so kindred to you all!
    My thumb gets stuck in bowling balls and people always ask me, “Did you smash it when you were a kid??” and the snickering from manicure ladies. Sheesh, we’ve had a hard life, fellow Clubbers.
    You guys are awesome, because of you I’ll keep my head held high and my stubby thumb up!

  173. Suzanne Says:

    Oh yeah, and I NEVER win thumb wrestling either but man, that lil’ guy is fast–I’m a photographer and he can cover a lot of ground when it comes to button-pushing.

  174. Ron M Says:

    My wife of 18 years has “club thumbs”. We have three daughters,(16-14 and 9) when they were born that was the first thing we checked!! I don’t know where I heard that this trait always skips a generation, from other posts, I see that’s not the case.
    We were actually discussing this at breakfast this morning when my oldest realized that her children could have this.
    So I googled “stubby thumb” and found this site.
    I have only met 1 other person with these thumbs. My wife thinks Matt Damon has at least one, from a close up in a “Bourne” movie.
    Well now we have a name for it….I’m gonna do more research

  175. Johjoh Says:

    Hi, glad to know I’m not alone anymore – I have two such lovely appendages and all I’ve got to say is..
    “Wazzup homies!!” ;o)

  176. rhinna Says:

    I have stuby thumbs 2 !! i thoughy no 1 else had them! that pic looks just like my thumb.i can do everything a regular thumb can do well exept get those arrtafical nails they dnt fit my thumb lolz !! ha =] PeAcE !!

  177. Christina Says:

    I thought I was the only one with nubs on my hand! I have two clubbed thumbs and was always embarrased of them until a couple of years ago I finally learned to accept them 🙂 This is a cool site!

  178. King Says:

    Clubbed thumbs are one of the most disgusting traits anyone can have. It’s such a BIG turn off.

    sorry, but its true.

    • Chelsea Says:

      Then what are you doing on a clubbed thumb site? Go away you weird psycho…

    • britton Says:

      Letting the shape of someone’s thumb gross you out and totally overwhelm you and admitting it is one of the most disgusting traits anyone can have. It’s such a BIG turn off.

      sorry, but its true.

  179. Laura Says:

    this just made my day

    stubby thumbs kick normal thumbs’ ass!

  180. Nikki Says:

    This is too weird. I always thought I was a freak and people always made fun of my thumbs. I have two and my sister has one. We are almost 100% french canadian with a little native american. Some people say they look like toes 🙂 I’m glad I’m not the only one!!!
    As far as the royalty goes, our family is traced back to a duke in France, maybe it does have something to do with it!

  181. Nancy Says:

    OMG! I just found this site. Like response #43, I too, have two clubbed thumbs and have always, always, always hated them. I hid them whenever possible but it’s difficult if handing things to people. I, too, used to tell people that when I was a child my thumbs had been slammed in a door. People would cringe! Now I just consider it a birth defect! But I still hate my thumbs and would love nothing more than to have plastic surgery to make them normal. My brother has one clubbed thumb. No one else in our family has them!

  182. dave Says:

    havent read all the posts but wanted to say that in my experience women with these thumbs allways seem to have really good bodies, legs especially. is it just me? ps my thumbs are both the long variety

  183. J.T. Says:

    Just met a girl at the gym who has two clubbed thumbs. She HATES them, but I think they are sooooo cute. Funny how beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  184. Stefania Says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! I always thought I just had an effed up thumb, until tonight. My cousin showed me that Megan Fox (actress) has 2 clubbed thumbs!!!!!! I didn’t know that more people had this!!!

    Only my left thumb is like that, my right thumb is normal.

    I knew my thumb was clubbed when I was in the eighth grade when some girl noticed and then began to make fun of me lol Ever since then I’ve been hiding that thumb….but this is just CRAZY!!!

    My parents were both born in Italy, so I am Italian-Canadian.

    I noticed a lot of people said that they are Italian…do you think that has anything to do with it?!?! This is crazy, I HATE MY THUMB lol I wish I could get like…plastic surgery to fix it lol but after knowing that so many people have this….I don’t hate my thumb as much anymore lol

  185. Jay Says:

    Hi! I think that we should all put our age and thumb width as info… This is a clubbed thumb information site so comparison is a way to more information : Me I’m 30yo Male and my thumbs are 20mm each (0.78 inch) … What about all of you?
    Jay 🙂

  186. Con Says:

    I have 1 clubbed thumb and of Italian Heritage and was born in the UK

  187. Nancy Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs and am Irish/ German. My German dad has a pair as did his mother. I was very embarrased by these thumbs while I was growing up and I always kept them hidden in the palms of my hands.
    By the time I grew up I wasn’t embarrased at all. WE don’t need “normal thumbs” for thinking, walking, talking, running, skiing, climbing mountains,
    sailing, riding horses, or for being in love. However, those of us with clubbed thumbs shouldn’t look for work as hand models.
    My kids have “normal thumbs”!!
    People stare more at my husband than they do at me. He’s six-feet six inches tall and people always say,
    “you’re tall aren’t you??” Odd—he gets more comments about his heighth than I get about my thumbs! I LOVE this crazy site!!!!

  188. heather Says:

    i have always been told my thumbs look like big toes. they were always afraid that i would touch them and would contract it. i am the only one in my family that has them. The only person that hasn’t noticed them is my fiance. He has no problem with them and loves me unconditionally. I used to be embarrased of them but i am proud now. We are special people and deserve to be respected.

  189. Jay Says:

    And what is your thumb width and age everybody? This way we can identify people with similar thumb (also problems and solutions concerning different matter (fake nails, bowling balls etc…) )… I’m 30 and my thumb are 20 mm wide (each) that’ 0.78 inch each… 🙂

  190. Michele Says:

    OMG! I feel like everyone on here was telling my story! Both of my thumbs are clubbed. My husband calls them toes. Everyone makes fun of me. I would hide them all through school b/c the minute someone saw them they would make a huge deal. I am finally comfortable enough not to care and laugh at all the jokes. Hey,,,if that is all that is wrong with me then I am doing good right!!

    Question…does anyone else hold their pen weird when writing???

  191. Marie Says:

    Hi fellow clubbers! I’m 21 yo and my right (clubbed) thumb is 0.81 inch wide and my ‘normal’ thumb is only 0.76 inch wide! I wish I had both thumb the same size cuz it looks kinda weird lol… Anyone else with the same (or more) size difference?

  192. J.T. Says:

    Hey Marie,

    Would ya be willing to share a pic for the gallery? Thanks!


  193. Trixie Says:

    I have two symmetrical club thumbs. I am Finnish on my mom’s side, with maybe a little swedish/russian, and paternal grandfather is of british descent, with maybe some scottish/french/native american. My paternal grandmother is of polish descent. I am the only person of several generations of both sides to have club thumbs. My old science teacher thought they were found in people of cherokee descent, but since club thumbs are a recessive trait, both of my parents would have to be part cheroke, and my mom is pretty much full-blooded finnish.

  194. James Says:

    Hi! It’s funny I looked for some informations on my weird thumbs and found this cool site 🙂 I’m only 14 and my thumbs are already much larger than Marie ( btw why an ‘e’ at the end) and Jay… My thumbs are about 0.97 inch wide each so I presume it will continue to get larger! Btw, forget about bowling with those things loll Anyway, it’s cool to have the width information even though I feel even more like an alien now (thumbs larger than some adults much older than me…) I hope to see other teen with thumb as big as mine, it would be reassuring loll! See ya!

  195. Kadi Says:

    Hey there!
    I am 29 and i have two clubbed thumbs as well. 🙂
    I have to say, i always hated my thumbs and i started beeing o.k with them just now.
    I am from Germany and my whole family is and always has been.
    My grandma had clubbed thumbs, small ones, not as “big” as mine.

    I found no german record of clubbed thums in the german internet ANYWHERE. Glad i have some information now. 😉


  196. Kadi Says:

    Hey there!
    I am 29 and i have two clubbed thumbs as well. 🙂
    I have to say, i always hated my thumbs and i started beeing o.k with them just now.
    I am from Germany and my whole family is and always has been.
    My grandma had clubbed thumbs, small ones, not as “big” as mine.

    I found no german record of clubbed thums in the german internet ANYWHERE. Glad i have some information now. 😉


  197. Marie Says:

    Hi J.T! When I’ll Have more time I’ll try to send you a pics 🙂 Wow James you’ve got large thumbs for a young men… It’s funny cause I think that my younger sister (she’s also 14, just like you) has larger thumb than her 16yo boyfriend… I’ll have them take some measurement just for fun and I’ll tell you loll… See you all…

  198. Tracy Says:

    I have clubbed thumbs. As a kid, I was ashamed of them and always hid them. As an adult, I am not as self conscious. My dad also has the same thumbs. His side of the family is mostly German.

  199. Michele Says:

    Also…. Both of my thumbs are 2.1cm wide…just under an inch. I am 28..going to be 29 in June. My fathers family is from Belgium w/ ties to Germany( I am fourth generation in the US). Mothers side is English. I am the only one in my family that I know of with clubbed thumbs, My daughters are normal.

  200. Mayda Says:

    I’m a 58 year old mother with two clubbed thumbs that measure about 2.2 cm or 7/8 inch wide at their widest part. My mother also has two of them. Hers are straight up, mine curve like hitchhicker thumbs. A girl cousin of my mother also had them. My children did not inherit them. My ancestry is from the Canary Islands (Spain) on both sides of the family and partly from France on my father’s side. My blood type is O+. I do not present other notable traits like short pinkies, short fingers, or short legs but have a longer that average torso.

    They catch the attention of many people, especially doctors. One doctor once called them “drumstick thumbs” in Spanish (“palitos de tambor”). Most recently another doctor said they were “royal thumbs” and mentioned the believed link to European royalty.

    I never imagined such a large community of clubbed/royal thumbed people. I myself have only met another two persons with clubbed thumbs and they were women.

    Even though they can get caught in a bowling ball, I find them very useful. They are conversation starters and since their nails are wide and strong, they peel oranges in a cinch.

    I have grown to love and be proud of my “different” thumbs.

  201. J.T. Says:

    Hi Marie!

    Cool, if ya have some time that would be awesome if you could share a pic!

    I received a few more pics today that I need to upload to the gallery. Getting close to 300!


  202. brigid Says:

    haha im 15 and i have 2 aswelllll i love it people say there ugly but i reckon they are the best thing i have haha

  203. AZ Says:

    I have one on my right hand.
    I HATE IT.
    I spend time wondering how i can thin it out, but you can feel the bone and it’s just thick!

    My thumbs remind me of ernie and bert( of sesame streeet)
    One tall and skinny, one short and fat.

    I have never known what to call it, but i knew there had to be a name.
    Finally I saw someone refer to it as ” clubbed thumb” so i started looking that up and now I see other people have the same problem.

    Yes, bowling is not fun. finding a ball w/ a big enough thumb hole is not easy!

    I do not show any my thumbs and I hope no one noticed them.
    Dialing the cell phone is not as hard as you’d think with the giant thumb, but it does get in the way at time.

    I’m 35 and still have not gotten used to this bizarre thing attached to my hand!

  204. Helen Durham Says:

    Ha I have two ‘stubby thumbs’ and so does my sister! We were always moaned at that it was a result of nailbiting! They do look pretty bizaare! I discovered there was something ‘special’ about them when doing shadow puppets aged about 10, and my thumb looked more like a tree stump than a swan! Well it’s nice to know there are others out there hehe!

  205. Anna Says:

    I have a clubbed thumb as well. I knew that others have it but only because my grandmother told me that several people in her family had them. They always called it a “Dutch” thumb. Don’t really know if this true or not as far as origin. The only thing I don’t like about it is not being able to bowl. I have to get a really heavy ball that has a big enough thumb hole. It is so horrible. So I don’t bowl that often.

  206. elin Says:

    Thank you for creating this cool site. I wish so much something like this had been available when I was growing up, instead of feeling like a freak and hiding my hands so not to “frighten children and scare the horses”, so to speak. :)) What a strange world when those with physical differences feel embarassment about it, rather than those who judge, reject and ridicule others feel embarassment about their lack of compassion, but that’s how it is. It’s probably a bit of ‘law of attraction’ also, that when we judge ourselves negatively, we attract all the judgemental types out of the woodwork to treat us the same way.

    I have this on both thumbs, and have often wondered WHY??? Especially when children tease and reject you for some aspect of your appearance, you will be affected with self consciousness the rest of your life unless you are fortunate enough to have an upbringing that was strong on positive nurturing or learn to overcome it. It also doesn’t help to read that it’s called a “murderer’s thumb” in palmistry. Good God.

    I remember at age 7 by chance opening a medical textbook and was shocked to see a picture of thumbs like mine. It said they were caused by “thumb sucking”, and I believed that until in my early 30s saw a hand specialist and asked him. He said no, clubbed thumbs were the result of genetics. It was a relief to hear that they weren’t caused by a childhood mistake.

    However, I still wonder if there is a link to oxygen deprivation or lung issues in infancy because the lung meridian runs to the top of the thumb, as well as the top of the thumb representing the brain in reflexology. I had pneumonia with a high fever when I was 2, plus a mom who smoked cigarettes during pregnancy, and maybe this could have had this bone damaging effect? I also remember reading something a medical psychic wrote about how the mother can unconsciously suppress her unborn baby’s willpower by negative thoughts and the baby can develop clubbed thumbs from this (top of the thumb = willpower center of the brain, supposedly). But who knows. I don’t really believe that one too much.

    About 10 years ago, I went to a hand dr to see if there was something that could be done, thinking that maybe the bone could be reshaped and slimmed down, considering ‘bone shaving’ is done on faces, and a toe can be reshaped for actual “toe thumbs” when replacing a thumb that has been amputated. However, it’s not possible due to some important nerves that run along the sides of the thumb. I was told it may be possible to lengthen the 1st distal (I think he said it would take about 6 months for each hand) but it would have meant not having use of a hand for a long time and would have effected my work.

    But I did have some of the skin tissue removed for cosmetic reasons. Had an xray done and could finally see how this condition makes the thumb tip quite different from the usual–short, thicker, the upper joint wider than the lower joint, with little room for nail growth on the tip, but the 2nd distal is normal. With clubbed thumbs, the thickness is not just the bone but excessive skin tissue that gives the “bulbous” appearance. It didn’t make them look “normal” to have them thinned out, but I am glad to have had that anyway. Apparently this technique is also done in the US for people who don’t like their big toes because they are too “fat” or their baby toes for being too thick for high fashion shoes.

    As other’s have mentioned, there does seem to be a connection with artistic ability, and I too am a very good artist, very good at detail drawings and painting. My hands are also very sensitive and can ‘feel’ energy, so I am a healer as well. My blood type is O (negative, I think), ancestry is Irish/English/Scot/Norwegian. No one that I know of has this in my family. I have seen CTs on all kinds of people though, both male and female but mostly on Caucasian and Chinese people, that I have seen in person, anyway.

    I remember the first “celebrity” I saw on tv who has one CT, a woman who (according to her bio) used to be a model but now is very well known in my country for her work as a interior decorator. Also, I think Ann Landers (and probably her sister Abby) had this http://www.mylifetime.com/files/imagecache/photo_gallery_featured/files/images/e-gall-landers-vanburen-twins.jpg (she was likely wearing false nails in that pic). Joe Vitale (from ‘The Secret’ and self help books has them as well. False nails can be worn, btw, but I’ve found the only ones that fit are ones you put on yourself (not ones done at a salon, not that I’ve ever gone to have a ‘mani’… never wanted a stranger staring at my hands for that long 🙂

    That was bit of a novella, but I hope something I wrote may be of help to someone reading this just like I’ve been helped from reading what other’s have shared here.

  207. Jason Says:


    Thanks for the informative read! Lots of interesting information.

    I am very interested in how it looks now after you’ve had skin tissue removed. Would you be willing to share a pic?

    I also didn’t know about the nerves that run along side of our thumbs. Again, very interesting.

  208. AZ Says:

    yes, i’d be interested in seeing a picture too.
    i squeeze my thumb trying to imagine it thinner, granted it won’t ever get all taller 😦

  209. AZ Says:

    i just submitted some pics of my thumbs.
    let me tell you , it’s is not easy to photograph both hands at once!

  210. Mike Says:

    God Bless The Mighty Club Thumb!!!!

  211. Jason Says:


    Could you send them to clubbedthumb@hotmail.com? I’ll add your pics to the gallery. I’m almost to 300 pics!

  212. AZ Says:

    sure, where is the gallery?

  213. Phoebe Says:

    Finally! An answer! Im 24 and ever since I can remember I have thought i was the only one with these stubby thumbs! When i was younger i used to try my hardest to hide them from everyone and hoped I could have surgery on them. My friends still pay me out but im kind of use to them now. And now i feel so much better that im not a freak! YAY! Thanks to everyone!!

  214. Yesenia Says:

    Hi I am 22 years old and Mexican. I had no idea so many people had thumbs like me or that they even had a name to them. I have always been embarrased about them and would always hide them from people. Now, I am just glad I have all 5 fingers on each hand.

  215. Forest Says:

    Hello Sally, I do not have little thumbs but my wife’s mom does. Since so many people have left their ancestry information I thought it a service to provide a statistical analysis. This may not be accurate but reflects this pages postings as best I could analyze them:

    0% Persian, Hungarian, Japanese, Arabian, Dutch, Vietnamese
    <1% Scots, Norwegian, Finnish, Pakistani
    1% Swedish, Danish, Chinese, Korean, Scottish, Scots-Irish, Indian
    2% Mexican, Polish, Spanish, French
    4% Native American
    6% English (13)
    7% Irish (14)
    7% German (14)
    7% Italian (16)

    4% Male (8)
    2% Female (5)

    Confidence Interval (214responses/US population): 6.7
    125 named nationalities out of 214 responses.
    Either this site is popular with Italians/Germans and Irish/English or combined they comprise 20% to 33% of the US little thumb population.

    We love you Sally and your little murderers thumbs.

    Love Rebecca and Forest

  216. john Says:

    im 15 years old and live in england. i have really stubby thumbs and i thought they would grow but i guess not, i decided to google it and found this site. im glad other people have it and think its cool. i dont get bullied or anything about it but its not normal and i sometimes think people will think im some sort of freak. i try and hide my thumbs with in my palm or keep them in my pocket and whenevr people see them they laugh and asked how i got them as if i had been in some sort of acident

  217. Alex Says:

    Love this site. Both of mine are about and inch and a quater wide. Italian Grandmother had them said they were used for rolling the pasta cavatelli. I’ve met only one other person with them over the last 30+ years and she was also Italian. We thumbers should love our precious gift. More powerful than your average humans and is particularly useful for deep tissue massage and other satisfying uses. The only problem I’ve run into is hammering a small nail, otherwise love mine.

  218. Cheryl Says:

    My boyfriend has clubbed thumbs. I think they’re adorable and wouldnt change them for the world

  219. Ali Says:

    Hi, i’m 16 years old and from Illinois, USA i have stubby thumbs too. I think they make me unique and special and me and my friends always make fun of them, but i go along with it because i gotta admit they’re funny. I am not embarrassed at all about my thumbs and no some should be because it makes us different and unique. I am so surprised of how many people have them!! i’ve met only a couple people with them. Is there any more info of where they came from? I’ve always been curious…

  220. Georgia Says:

    me again!
    i find it really annoying when I go bowling and my thumb gets stuck in one of the holes in the ball… lol. I’ve never met anyone with the same thumbs as me but i’m glad i stumbled across this page ages ago!!!
    go toe thumbers!

  221. ang Says:

    i can’t believe other people have these thumbs!!! i’m italian and my dad has them too but i’ve never met ANYONE else with them! people always ask me about them, i guess they think i’ve never noticed them in my 21 years of life? lol the worst part is when you get acrylic nails and they *always* have to use the widest nail they have in their kit & even that isn’t quite wide enough lol! Also it’s hard to text on a cell phone with small keys!! haha I love this site.

  222. Amber Says:

    OMG! I’m so glad I’m not the only one. It’s only my right thumb and I always thought it was because I sucked my thumb.

    Ang, I totally agree with you! I can only text with my left thumb! And whenever I get my nails done, all the ladies crowd around and ask me about it! LOL

  223. Sam Says:

    I am 100% Korean (families lived there for thousands of years) and I have them. So, I don’t think this is European-only phenomenon. I can think of few other people that have type D thumbs that are Asian (be Korean, Japanese or Chinese, some I have met personally and some from anecdotes my friends told me back in college.) I am a guy by the way.

  224. Allison Says:

    I am a 25 year old female that has both thumbs and have only met 3 other people the same! Contrary to the ‘thumb sucking’ explaination, the reason is genetics. It is a dominant trait that is passed through the family, and there are many variations of short digitis. Yet I am the only one in our current family with this physical trait. My father seems to remember an uncle of his with short digits, but is not possitive. As for the connections to the arts and royalty, I have to agree. Drawing, sketching and painting are my artistic outlets. As for the royalty connection, I am a descendent of the Hohenzollern royal family which ruled Prussia from the 1100’s to the early 1900’s. And yes I plan on reclaiming our castle, I mean all I have to do is show my thumbs right?
    -Allie in Annapolis

  225. Kate Says:

    I was so excited to find this website! I don’t even remember when I realized my thumbs were “different.” Sometime in late middle school/ early high school. My thumbs are one of those unique features that makes me me. And I totally agree with Georgia about bowling… I always have to bowl with a heavier ball because those are the only ones with holes big enough for my thumbs!

  226. rachel Says:

    I am a 16 year old old f. I live in Alaska, I’m koyukon Athabaskan (70 percent) flemish, and welsh. I have a huuuuuuge family (extended) of over 150 people and I’m the only thumie up here. I was never aware or embarased by my thumb (left) untill a few years ago, now i get really paranoid, and catch myself trying to hide it. Its really hard in highschool, and when a bad friend of mine noticed my thumb she laughed and yelled “look at rachelS thumb!!” about seven people crowded around me and one of them even called me a freak. Ever since then I’ve hid my thumb. Its nice knowing I’m not alone, and being “royal” makes us unique.

  227. jamie Says:

    OMGosh I have 2 clubed thumbs and I have only meet one other person with thumbs like mine, I dont think its a race thing I am french but my freind is english, I am going to have to tell her about this page!!
    does any one know what causes it, I do know I was born this way
    but Im woundering if their is a gene that causes it

  228. Sarah Says:

    I have the cute thumbs as well-both hands and born with them! I am left handed and my mom would squeeze them daily so they would be long and slender when I grew up! No luck-let’s have a reunion! I am of irish decent-

  229. Carol Says:

    I have a clubbed thumb, I’m jewish from russian and polish decent…maybe a little irish since my mom was adopted…my niece who is half italian has 2 clubbed thumbs…it doesn;t really bother me…when people make comments i come up with crazy stories…i’ve always wondered what it meant thought…i also have two long second toes, which supposedly has some meaning…

    • An Inquirer Says:

      Hi, I’m Jewish, with stub thumbs & short 4th toe relevant to Dr.Goodman’s research on this genetic variant (i’m posting the link below).

      Here’s what I responded to Patti above:

      Hi, re: short 4th toe, shake hands. Though I’m Jewish, and in fact have stars of david engraved on my palms (which palmists fail to mention). I have 2 stub thumbs, and also one short 4th toe – on my left foot only. Short 4th toes are absolutely linked to stub-thumb syndrome, according to research by Dr.Goodman (see: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1012845/)

  230. Sophie Says:

    I have 2 clubbed thumbs. I was always told I would grow out of it, but I never have. I actually come from Ethiopian heritage, so I don’t think it has anything to do with your heritage.

    I didn’t know there were so many others who had them, too!

  231. Leah Says:

    HI i am so glad i am not the only one with strange thumbs. I hide my thumbs a lot coz i think they are fat. But over the last week i hav learnt thay it is a part of me. I used to think when i was youngr that no one would marry me coz of them but that was just a stupid teenage thing to think . I also recently found out that Megan Fox has clubbed thumbs and shes a model so i guess it doesnt matter what they look like …Thnx heaps!

  232. Leah Says:

    Hi guyz its me again. I am Australian and have a European background. None of my family or extended family have clubbed thumbs so its not genetic for me!

  233. Canaan Says:

    no one in my family that we know of has club thumbs, but i guess i’m lucky because BOTH of my thumbs are clubbed, not just one. I have been to a few palm readers that have told me that they are “money thumbs”, whether this is true or not, i have no idea. Having my thumbs does sometimes cause me difficulty, such as when i do bar chords on my guitar, but other than that they function normally 🙂

  234. Nancy Kay Says:

    I first heard the term “club thumb” at a shower in Denver, CO over 30 years ago, when a woman yelled it out to me across the room – You have a clubbed them! I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life. However, I’ve come to terms with my thumb. It has cost me so far this month a total of $60.00 and another $40.00 on the way – seems I have a bone spur on the left side of it from hitting the space bar for some 50 years! It is now inflamed and not happy at all. The doctor asked me my family lineage and I told him Irish/Scot – seems most of the people that he sees with this have this same family tree. Either way, it has served me well over the last 63 years and I think I’ll keep it!

  235. Maria Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs and live in England. I originate from Venezuela, and my aunt on my mother’s side has one clubbed thumb and one normal one. However, my father told me I have Irish blood in me, and I heard a rumour that in europe clubbed thumbs are sign of royalty…
    so I’m not sure when this gene came in.
    I’m not sure when I realized when my thumbs were different, but I’m 17 and they make me feel selfconscious :/

    I only found out that they had a name today! My friends have been referring to them as midget, stunted and even maggot thumbs haha

  236. Maria Says:

    I’m gonna to post another message haha….
    someone above said they tuck their thumbs into their hands! Me too!! to hide them :S
    also I just remembered I think my great-grandparents on my mother’s side originated from Spain… so some more european roots there…
    I find that I always notice (enviously) other people’s thumbs… but that meant I found others with club thumbs, so I realized I’m not a freak and thought it might be genetic. Research led me here 🙂

    thumbs up! we’re royal! My surname is Reina and it means Queen….

  237. Maria Says:

    and the artistic trait is true! I draw also 🙂 and write and stuff
    we’re just so much more gifted that normal-thumbed people.
    I feel a connection to you all 🙂 we’re like some kind of advanced race

  238. Maria Says:


    its me again… found this on google! read it!
    The clubbed thumb was originally called murderer’s thumb as people with our thumbs are often angry, it seems. Its true for me. If I get angry, you’ll know about it.

  239. Emily Says:

    Both my thumbs are clubbed and I used to live in shame of them. But to learn there are so many with this i’m proud of my unique quality! although it is hard to text.. 🙂

  240. Chris Says:

    It is easy for me to text and I have two club thumbs. And I am a descendant from the Israelite race (africian american).

  241. Ysamar Says:

    it seems like its more prevalent in females because most of the posts are from women.
    i have two of them. i don’t like them. sometimes i kinda accept them and then other times i just want to cut them off. i find that mines are so ugly.

    im the only one in my family with these thumbs. oh yeah and im dominican.

  242. Anne Says:

    Oh my goodness finally found out after 20 years that there was a name for my thumbs. I always thought I just had short, fat, nubby, thumbs. I too have had problems with bowling balls getting stuck on my hand and I have never been able to win at a thumb war bad because I am competitive. I do get embarrassed when people make a comment about them or worse grab them. I am a server at a resturant and I set down a plate yesterday and the man at my table grabbed them and embarrassed me infront of the entire resturant he said it so loud the usual “WHAT HAPPENED” response most people give. Then he said your thumbs are weird all I wanted to say was well yeah but you’re rude.
    I am Irish, English, and Greek odd combination I know. My uncle is a geneologist and a few years ago wrote a book about our family possibly linking us to royalty.

  243. Marie Says:

    Hi! I need the picture of a female with large thumb (it will stay anonymous) near a ruler so we can clearly see the width for an new and small acrylic nail company that want a picture in their business plan… The thumb must be larger than an inch or 25mm… Just include your age with the e-mail… Send your pics at woct7@yahoo.fr
    Thank you very much in advance! Things are looking great for clubbers who needs acrylic nails it seems!
    Marie 🙂

  244. Cassie Says:

    I always thought my short, stubby thumbs were just a fluke. I mean, no one in my family has them and I’ve only met 2 people who had anything similar. My family used to joke that I stunted their growth by sucking them when I was younger! Luckily, I’m not a fan of artificial nails but they do make it difficult to use a lighter (don’t worry, I’m not a smoker, either). I’m of Scottish-Irish heritage, but it would be pretty cool to trace my heritage to royalty.

  245. selena Says:

    omg…i’m excited to read about other people who have thumbs like myself. i’m the only one in my immediate family who have such thumbs. my mother’s 1st cousin has one normal thumb and one like mine but only because she sucked her thumb as a child. there is also another cousin and an uncle of my mother’s who have the same short and wide thumbs. i didn’t notice how different my thumbs were until i was in the 6th grade when an older guy i knew said to someone, “her thumbs look retarded”…then that is when i became self conscience. i’ve grown to love my thumbs and the people at the nail shop say they’re cute… 🙂

  246. selena Says:

    i just called my grandmother to inform her about this website and asked about our background and she said my great grandparents where both half french and i’m hispanic…so wow…lol…about one of the comments way up there regarding megan fox, i sn her in a magazine and noticed her thumbs quick and actually tore the page out to show my hubby…oh and just to let anyone who gets their nails done know…my thumb is a size 0 nail…haha…[[i love my thumbs]]

  247. alice Says:

    i know everyone has said it but im really happy to find people who have the same ‘condition’ as me!
    i am 14 and am really concious of anyone touching my hands because my right thumb is clubbed. I worry about people seeing it. Can false nails cover it up? Does anyone know?

  248. Courtneeey95 Says:

    i have never ever seen anyone with thumbs like mine
    im just about 14 and it is really embarrasing cause no one else i know has thumbs like mine but at least now i know there are a heap of ppl out there with thubs like mine
    i always get asked if my thumbs got run over by a car or if i smashed them in a door it gets abit annoying after awhile.
    I know i do have some euorpean heritae cause my grand parents moved from englad to australia when they were young an i also have scotish ( douglas was my mums last name) and i also come from a greek backround
    it is SOOOOOOO GREAT to know that i am not the only one with thumbs like that

  249. alice Says:

    btw im from england and i have irish and italian roots

  250. Speedracerboy Says:

    When studing genetics 20 years ago, I was astonished to find out that there is a significant correlation betwen ‘clubbed thumbs’ and variations of mental retardation. I would suggest testing for the more pronounced cases.

  251. Marie Says:

    Hi again! Since my previous e-mail doesn’t work anymore, I make this repost with the new e-mail to send your pics… Here it is : I need the picture of a female with large thumb (it will stay anonymous) near a ruler so we can clearly see the width for an new and small acrylic nail company that want a picture in their business plan… The thumb must be larger than an inch or 25mm… Just include your age with the e-mail… Send your pics at svendar78@videotron.ca. Thank you very much in advance! Things are looking great for clubbers who needs acrylic nails it seems!

  252. Janet Says:

    I have a small thumb on my left hand and a normal-sized thumb on my right hand. I noticed it when I was little and never thought much of it. I always knew it made me unique. I happily show it to friends and find it a fun party trick. Only recently did find out that I know a couple of people with the same condition! I was quite interested to know that there are a lot of us out there!

    I did some research on the cause of this and here’s some of what I found:
    The condition is caused by a genetic mutation and is technically called Brachydactyly type D . About one in a thousand people have either one or both thumbs like this. It’s a dominant gene in females and a recessive gene in males. Out of the people who have it, about three-fourths of them have it on both thumbs.

    A lot of you have been trying to figure out the most common heritage of people who have it…I’m afraid I’m a mutt and won’t be of much help. I’m German, Dutch, English, Irish, and Scottish. But what might be of interest, though, is an Asian friend of mine has it on both thumbs. And to “Speedracerboy”‘s point, she happens to have just finished her PHD at Harvard…so I’d say that his urge for testing for mental retardation in pronounced cases is absolutely absurd! It happens that people with certain types of syndromes, like downes syndroms, have the condition as well, but it’s certainly not mutually exclusive!

  253. alice Says:

    In response to marie i am 14 and i have a clubbed thumb on my right hand but it is just under an inch wide. would it be any use to you?

    • Lynne Says:


      You sound just like me when I was your age! I am 29 now and have learned to look at my thumbs with kindness. Seriously, if i had normal thumbs, I would have broken them like 10 times. Hang in there and try to focus on your favorite body parts for now!

  254. kate Says:

    Dear kate,
    it’s funny that you mention that. i myself have both short legs and clubbed thumbs! i am also irish and my name is kate! my goodness this website has opened o many new doors for me haha!

  255. Rick Says:

    Hello fellow thumbers. Nice to meet you all. How many of you are limited on your texting ability?

    I have both hands cursed and I have a friend with just one thumb of wideness. However, hers is man made. She sucked her thumb till she was 12 and now its stuck that way.

    I too am a mutt. I’m 1/4 italian, 1/4 dutch and 2/4 Heinz 57.

    For all you star Wars fans out there…Jake Lloyd {Anakin} has one. I noticed it at the convention. I think I embarrased him. Go to Darth Rixxx at Myspace to see a pict. I’ve searched for it in the movie. They gave him a thumb actor.

  256. Marie Says:

    To Alice : Sure! It’s exactly what I need… Just be precise when you take your picture so we can clearly see the measure of your thumbs width… Thank you a lot in advance 🙂

  257. Marie Says:

    I forgot, to everyone else, feel free to send your pics, the more I have, the better the results! 🙂 At svendar78@videotron.ca

  258. Anne Says:

    I have both clubbed thumbs. I’m 100% polish.

  259. alice Says:

    marie: i can only send you the pic if im sure that it will remain anonymous?

  260. Marie Says:

    @ Alice : Yes it will stay 100% anonymous, the purpose is to show the kind of thumb width that will fit with the large acrylic nails, no need for any personal informations at all here 🙂

  261. alice Says:

    Marie : okay, will email you shortly. Do you have clubbed thumbs by the way?

  262. Marie Says:

    @Alice : Thanks and to answer your question, unfortunately, no, but I find them kind of cute lol!

  263. Robin Says:

    This is so cool. My whole family has stubby thumbs. My sis in law says that they come from a tribe in Western England. She says this is where we got the hips and thighs too. lol When I was a kid and got teased about them I just told everyone that my dad smashed them with a hammer! Then they felt sorry for me! lol They are great for thumb wrestling and playing video games. I am surprised there are so many of us that have them. I am proud of them now that I am no longer a kid. They really did look bad as a kid because I bit my nails really bad, till they bled. I really didn’t have much of a nail. Well…. that’s all.

  264. Maria Luisa Says:

    Hello everyone!! I think this is the coolest thing I’ve ever found on the internet. I’ve never been too curious about my thumbs until a few days ago so I started looking for information and found this site. Both my thumbs are clubbed and I have to say that I LOVE THEM, I think they are so unique. I’ve only met three other people with this kind of thumb and no one in my family has them but I hope that if I have kids, one of them has them, that’d be really cool!!

    My mother says she never noticed until some people started making fun of them when I was a girl, she thought maybe a nurse crushed them when I was born!! Some people ask me if I used to suck them (kinda funny, how can you get equally clubbed thumbs by sucking them!!!), or if I had some sort of accident and so on but I don’t mind the jokes… I have been aware of their rarity since I was very young and never really bothered me although I did feel different at times. Nevertheless, I love their shape and I love the big round fingerprint they make and they are really good to give massages!!!

    It’s pretty cool to find about people around the world who has them.

    Ma. Luisa,
    Monterrey, Mexico

  265. JT Says:

    Hi Maria!
    Would you be willing to share a pic for the gallery? If so, shoot me an email at clubbedthumb@hotmail.com


  266. Stef Says:

    Wow, this is neat! I’m the only person in my family to have clubbed thumbs and I didn’t know what it was called til just minutes ago when I was looking up all my weirdnesses on the internet. At least now I know there’s not anything wrong with me… I still kinda hate them though.

  267. Marie Says:

    @ Alice : Hello! I want to know if you’ve send me the pics because I haven’t receive them so I want to know if my e-mail is the problem or you just didn’t have the time yet… Waiting for your reply… 🙂

  268. JT Says:

    The gallery is now up to 314 thanks to everyone here that contributed! Just wanted to post the link for everyone to see in case it got lost in the hundreds of replies!
    (Still have a few more that were sent today that I need to add)
    Thanks again everyone! I’m pretty sure its the largest clubbed thumb gallery on the net!

  269. sally Says:

    How funny!! I just was browsing the internet and decided to research my fat thumbs. The picture looks just like mine. (I have two). I inherited mine from my grandmother and I have 2 cousins who were also blessed! Weird thing to inherit…I always say “I got my thumbs from my grandmother”..

  270. Al Says:

    You are all discussing your thumbs … some of you have been “looking for thumbers your whole lives” … are you retarded or just that bored?

    Go be workaholics, go have unattainable goals, go sleep with many many people, go do something. You’re all weird and I’m ashamed to call myself a thumber. I’m cutting off my thumb tonight.

  271. maria Says:

    I just tried to put a ring on one of my ‘weird thumbs’ as I can never usually fit a ring on them, and then decided to google ‘weird thumbs’ and all these articles and pics came up!
    I am a 27 year old female and I have only met one other girl in my life with thumbs like mine – which makes me scared that I maybe adopted if its genetic, ha!
    My boyfriend and his mates used to really take the mick at first and it used to bother me but guess it could be worse. I am so happy I have found all of these facts out – I feel like I now belong!! Thank you!

  272. Madison Says:

    Wow It’s so cool that I know that all of these people have the same thumbs as me 🙂 sweet. I though I was one out of like five in the whole world or something lol.I think our thumbs are really cute haha

  273. Amy B Says:

    This is cool. My sister and I each have 2 clubbed thumbs. Neither of our parents have them. However, we are 1/4 italien, 1/4 cajun french, and the rest a mix of scottish/irish/english.
    It is strange that we both have them, and neither parent does, I wonder if both are carriers?

  274. JT Says:

    Hi Amy!

    Would you and your sister be willing to share a pic for the gallery?
    If so, could you send me one at clubbedthumb@hotmail.com

    If not, no problem! Thanks!

  275. amber s Says:

    i have 2 clubbed thumbs, but finding i’m the only one in my entire school that has them. but i feel special though at my school it’s known as butt thumbs when you put them together.

  276. DB Says:

    Hey all!
    I have two clubbed thumbs and three brothers who teased me about them while growing up 😦 I am okay now and it seems like nobody really notices unless I bring it up. I am a court reporter, so my fingers — and those glorious thumbs — are very important to me, and they work just fine!! Scored third highest in the state of CA when I took my court reporting test years ago. And I am 100% Dutch, born in Holland. My mom told me when she went back to the homeland and visited that she noticed an uncle of mine that had one clubbed thumb! Think it’s just hereditary. Neither of my kids has one. Wonder what the stats are on having one or both??? Think I’m glad I have two; at least they are symmetrical. Whatever. Nothing to hide, my friends!!

  277. Rex Says:

    People With Clubbed Thumbs are actaully the best Bassists (slap of corse).

  278. alice Says:

    Marie: I am having email trouble but have sent a picture of my thumb to you next to a metal ruler. Hopefully you wil recieve it soon as i have sent it twice

  279. Cindy Says:

    God Bless the Internet! I have never seen or heard the term ‘club thumbs’ till today. I just thought I was deformed. Now at least I know I am not alone. I have been pondering surgery to make my thumbs look more normal. Anyone hear of any successful surgery to thin out the thumbs?

  280. Kate from Bristol Says:

    Hi there.

    I have 2 clubbed thumbs. So did my grandma and so does my 2 year old daughter. I am English and if anything the gene comes from London Irish connections I guess! I was teased a lot as a kid but now I am pretty chilled about them but will have to work hard to persuade my daughter not to get stressed I am sure. I’ll try and take a picture of mine …. they look like big toes. I could try and take a pic of my daughters but they’re kind of tiny!

  281. Tori Says:

    Hi all,
    I have two clubbed thumbs. I’m 50 and I never knew until today that other people have “big toe thumbs” like mine! Speaking of toes, mine are kind of stubby. The rest of my fingers are nice and long. It’s so nice to read all of your posts and to know that I’m more normal than I thought! My ancestry is Scottish, German, Romanian and Russian. My parents don’t have the trait, nor do my siblings. Neither of my children inherited the trait, either.

  282. Paul Says:

    Interesting site. I came across the “Clubbed thumb” term after the news story about Megan Fox broke recently. I’m 43 and have never considered myself disfigured.

    I’m from the north of England originally, so the possible French or Irish connection in my heritage is interesting. Must get around to tracing the family tree …

  283. Venus Says:

    Wow. I can’t believe people are that self-conscious about a friggin’ thumb. I have one on my right hand, and growing up kids teased about it, but only out of curiosity. I told most of them a safe fell on it when I was a kid and smashed it, leaving them to stare at me dumbfounded until I told them I was joking. One girl would literally come up to me every day and ask to see them. Oh, well! Why are they such a big deal?

  284. Denise Says:

    Helloooo there from Los Angeles!

    I am SOOO EXCITED to hear from all of you! I too just found out today about Megan Fox’s thumb -and I thought that I was the only one! (People used to call my thumb Stubby). Well, it is quite possible, then, that we are all related -if it is a GENETIC TRAIT. (My husband says that we are all related to leprechauns 🙂 I am half Scottish and half Jamaican.
    So BIG UPs to da wee thumb club!!! Booyah!

  285. Ashlie Says:

    YAY!! My sisters teased me all my life! I’m so glad i’m not the only one with nubby thumbs..lol!

  286. Kevin Says:

    Very interesting site. I never knew so many other people had this. I was also teased about my thumbs as a kid. Some of my friends used to tell little kids that my toes had to be sewn on to my hand because I was born with no thumbs. This teasing bothered me as a kid, however I dealt with it. Nice to hear I’m not the only one.

  287. Samantha Says:

    WOW!!! I’m so excited that I’m Not the only one with a Stubby Thumb, on my left hand. Im from the US and my Dad is Italian and french and my moms Irish and Germen. I was always so self consences about my thumb until someone at my work told me it meant that you were smart if you have hammerhead Thumbs and i came accross this website. High five to all the stubbies.

  288. Aliza Says:

    I have a clubbed thumb and I thought this was an ugly thing until I found this site. Megan Fox has it also..cool!
    I believe this has something to do with artistic abilities. I’m a Fine Arts student, I paint and make poems and act too.

    Cheers to us!

  289. Kate from Bristol Says:

    I actually found the Megan Fox story really depressing. She has one clubbed thumb and the Daily Mail (a UK mainstream newspaper) described it as a “Defect”. Why do we not value unique things. If you don’t conform to the norm you are defective? How do I tell my 2 year old her thumbs are beautiful, cute, and a sign she is more daughter when newpapers describe our thumbs as defects….

  290. Micha Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs. My sister calls them Toe thumbs. I am 50% Russian, and 50% American and the only one in my family with toe thumbs.

  291. Nataly Says:

    I am so excited that my little sister found this site. Through you guys, she can find solace in the fact that shes not alone in her “toe thumbedness”.

  292. courtlynn Says:

    i have 2 club thumbs to! I never met anybody with them! im the only one in my family to have them! i thought that i was the only one to have them, but my mom said she saw somebody with some just like me!:)

  293. Lynne Says:

    Ha, I am here because of the Megan Foz story too! I have 2 club thumbs. Just found out today they are called club thumbs, I always called them stubby or toe thumbs. I am a mutt, German, Irish, English, Norwegian, Russian.

  294. Melissa Says:

    I am 25, (100% Italian) and until today I didn’t know there was a name for the way my thumbs are. No one else in my family has them to my knowledge, but I never knew my paternal grandparents so you never know. I hate how people always have to point them out like there is something wrong. I have met a few other people over the years with the same thing. I was however unaware that you could only have one clubbed thumb. Interesting!

    Good to know there are so many other people like me!

  295. Cindy- San Diego CA Says:

    I have the weird thumbs as well. I am American with Italian and Polish ancestors. How interesting! I am 31.91 years old as of today.

    I met one man with similar thumbs. Nice to know all of you people are out there with the same thumbs. The internet rules!

    I actually came across this site from another site that poked fun at Megan Fox’s thumbs. Apparently she is in Transformers or something… Here is the image: http://imgur.com/kWSnF.gif

    Funny! Woo.

  296. Rudy Hinojosa Says:

    my thumbs and legs are short but I am normal in every other way….

  297. Lindsey Says:

    This is funny! I am 29 and have two. When I used to go have acrylic nails put on the nail techs would always laugh and talk to each other in another language. I met one other girl in HS who had the thumbs too… My brother has them as well. Both of my kids’ thumbs turned out fine though.

  298. Deborah Says:

    Both of my thumbs are clubbed thumbs. My dad’s mother had them too. Out of all her children and grandchildren, I am the only one that has her thumbs. I always hid them when I was in elementary school. One day, this boy asked me if I didn’t have thumbs. I stopped hiding my thumbs then. I figured it was better to have funny thumbs than no thumbs.

    I have 2 sons. They don’t have clubbed thumbs but the oldest has short legs. He is 6’3″ and wears a 32 length pants. He always says that he would have been a lot taller if he didn’t have such short legs. My mother’s dad had short legs. I always thought my son got his short legs from him. Now, I’m wondering if there is the short legs and clubbed thumbs connection.

  299. Amy McCarty Says:

    Totally Hilarious!!!

    I have two (I don’t like the way “clubbed” thumbs sounds…) I have never felt embarrassed by them!!! They are CUTE!!! Seriously!!! My Grandmother Burns had them and the way I looked at it was… I always felt incredibly fortunate to have them passed down to me!!! My Grandmother was an extremely Beautiful person both inside and out!!! We are ALL in great company the **Beautiful** Megan Fox has a cute little thumb…

    My first boyfriend loved them…. My best friend loves them… and my husband grabs them all the time saying he loves me… “thumbs and all”… I tell everyone I would be perfect if not for the thumbs… **~joke~** I am pretty cute though ** (lol) ** The only down fall… difficult to text… But they ROCK at thumb wars!!! and are great for trigger point messages!!!

    *My blood type ~O Neg~

    I am a mix… English… Irish… German… Scottish and Swiss 🙂


    My daughter and son have them BUT they are closer to “normal” looking then mine…

    Thumbs up… to all my Thumb sisters and brothers out there…. It’s a good thing!!! 🙂

  300. Meredith Says:

    I have one on my right hand all my friends make fun of them know i’ll just tell them I’m roylalty.

  301. DB Says:

    Well, I am 5’11” and have 36″ inseams. (I am female.) And I have O+ blood. So the blood type and short leg connection doesn’t seem to make any sense. Hmmmm. It does make me happy to know there are so many of us out there! We are cool!! 🙂

  302. Cindy- San Diego CA Says:

    It would be neat-o if we all met together and took pictures of like hundreds of our thumbs together. What if something as huge as that would make for a Discovery Channel special or something.

    Probably not, but that would be cool. So if you guys ever get invited to be on the Discovery Channel, don’t forget to email me!!

    • Chelsea Says:

      That is not a bad idea actually. I think that they would do it. They do cover interesting conditions and do really thorough (I think I spelled that wrong) research on their topics. Not only would it be really cool for us, but I think it would be interesting to learn about it in depth. I mean, look at all of us who are JUST finding out that this is a condition? Really cool idea!

      • Cindy- San Diego CA Says:

        I looked at Discovery Channel’s website and there wasn’t really a place for “People with weird body parts, then they found a blog site about their weird body part, and now they want media attention”. 😛

        It would be fun to learn more about it, though.

  303. Club thumbed and proud! Says:

    Wow, not to sound repetitive but I never knew that other people had them. I thought that my left thumb may have been squished when it was forming or something. My whole life it as always been the object of laughter and somewhat of a talking point. I’ve never been embarrassed by it. I’m simply qute pleased to have a conversation starter during awkward moments.

  304. Annie Says:

    I have both thumbs clubbed. My father was only 5’3″ tall with particularly short legs, although I am average height for a female of 5’5″. A massage therapist who had worked all over Europe asked me if I had ‘Gallic’ ancestry as my bone structure suggested – I really don’t know. My family is English on both sides as far back as we can trace, but I did notice more people in Brittany with both my colouring (blue eyes, dark hair & fair freckled skin) and clubbed thumbs. I’d love to know for sure where my ancestors came from.

  305. Torie Says:

    Both my thumbs are “toe thumbs”, I never knew there was a real name for it. As a kid, I was made fun of for having my little thumbs. I would constantly tuck them under, and sometimes still do. They gave me a complex. My older sister has one clubbed thumb and one “normal” thumb. No one else in my family that I know of or ever met has them. I am 5’8″ long legged, long fingers. I am of Mexican, Polish, German descent. I have never met anyone other than my sis who has had the same thumbs as me. I always look at peoples hands to see if they are like me. I have two kids and as soon as they were born I checked their thumbs, neither of them carried on my little thumbs.

  306. Lee Lee Says:

    I am 30 years old and my right thumb is the only one that looks like ET. Growing up my brothers and sister would tease me saying it looked like a toe or ET. I always thought it had to do with me sucking my thumb as a child, but some years back my sister found a magazine article in a doctors office or nail salon about my thumb. She tore it out and gave it to me. The picture was that of my thumb. They called it a “Hammer Thumb” and gave a brief history on the gentic disorder also saying that it was a sign of royalty in the European bloodline. I’M FAMOUS I THOUGHT!!j/k. I still have the article and still bring it out to show people for good laughs.

    Then 3 years ago at a family reunion did we discover that my great aunt (who was 100 yrs old at the time) and her great neice also have thumbs like mine. I was told my great grandma had a thumb like ours too. We all put our thumbs together. We realized on what side of the family this gentic disorder came from (the Itailian side).
    Growing up I only knew my 4th grade teacher to have two thumbs like mine. As I got older, I have ran into a few people that also have a thumb(s) like mine. It seems to be more common or maybe it’s that we’re all ok talking about our ET thumb and showing people now and we’re not so embarrassed by it anymore. Thanks to Megan Fox this past week, our thumbs have become noticed everywhere.

  307. Gemma Says:

    I really don’t like my thumbs, everyone makes fun of thumb, I wish I had normal thumbs.

  308. Ignacio Says:

    I have the pair of stubbies, and remember hiding them from my first real girlfriend growing up. She later told me she would hide hers till we seen each others and noticed we both had the stubby thumbs! True story. I’ve since met only one other co-worker with a single stubby thumb. I am Mexican which is not really a race since Mexicans are a melting pot of people e.g., Spanish, French, Amerindian, Lebanese, etc. My Father’s home town had a large migration of Spaniards back in the 1700s when Mexico was still a Spanish colony and those folks may have brought those genetic traits with them. Who knows…

    • Rudy Hinojosa Says:

      me too…Nacho…I am mexican from the lower rio grande valley in Texas.
      I may have gotten these wee thumbs from my father’s maternal gmother who was anglo. her name was sarah hawkins. and I heard she had them as well as her daughter my gmother , Defina Hinojosa.. anyway I know of another Mexican american in the Valley who has them as well. good luck where are you from?

    • Priscilla Says:

      my right thumb is clubbed. I am also Mexican American from Texas. My father has one as well and he was born in Mexico. We are the only two that I know of so far to have clubbed thumbs. I don’t think I have any European descent. I’m not sure what the rest of my family is. I hear Portuguese and Tarahumara so far. I have always wondered why my dad and I have them and this one girl who wasn’t related to me. Now I know I am not alone!!!!!!!!!!! My husband calls it Wombly thumb. He just made that up one day. I still sord of dislike it because I can’t get fake nails (someday) and gloves fit somewhat tight on that thumb only. Also I can’t bowl because my thumb doesn’t fit and I’m afraid it will get stuck if I even try to shove it in there. : (

  309. Lisa K. Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs, although until today I never knew they had a name. When I do a “thumbs-up”, my thumbs actually have a tendency to bend backwards at the knuckle – they look especially short then.

    I don’t recall ever being teased as a child, but throughout my life people would occasionally notice them and give me a hard time.

    About 20 years ago, I was a bank teller and people noticed them all the time then since they were watching my hands as I counted money out to them. I wasn’t necessarily embarrassed, just tired of people pointing them out to me (“OMG, look at your thumbs!”), as if I were a freak show attraction!
    Once, a woman actually reached across the counter and grabbed my hand and said, “look at your thumbs!” I just took my hand back and said, “yeah, I know – they’re short”, but then she said, “No, that’s not what I meant. Your thumbs are the same as mine!” We both were both laughing and so excited to have found another person with SFT syndrome (short, fat thumbs). 🙂
    Now in my late 40’s, she’s still the only person I’ve ever known with “my” thumbs… until today! Willie Geist did a bit on Megan Fox’s thumbs on Zeitgeist and it was like a revelation! This website is amazing (thanks by the way). I can’t believe this many people are our there!

    I don’t know my heritage on my mother’s side (mutts), but on my father’s side we’re French. I know of no one else in my family (extended or otherwise) with these thumbs.

    Do I wish I had normal thumbs? Sure! if only because it would be easier. The nail likes to grow wide and it’s a pain to keep trimmed to where it looks decent. Not a big deal though – it’s part of who I am.

    My husband likes to tease me once in awhile about my “2nd big toes”, or my “limitations because of my thumbs”. Now, I can tell him it’s just because I probably come from royalty! What a kick!

  310. BD Says:

    My sister has a clubbed thumb. I always give her are hard time about her “third big toe”. She’s not too sensative about it though. I doubt it really means much or could give anyone some insight as to who they are or whatever. Besides. It is just a thumb! It’s not like it will keep you from being successful or something! Look at Megan Fox! My sister doesn’t look like Megan, but she’s successful in her own right.

  311. Christine Says:

    I have one clubbed thumb or toe thumb as some of my friends would tease me. My club thumb is on my left hand…both thumbs are hitchhikers thumbs. I never realized so many other people had it. I’ve only met one person in my life that had it and she had it on both hands and hated it. It never really bothered me – once when getting my nails the Asian woman picked it up and started laughing at it to the others…I don’t need to know your language to know what you’re probably saying!!!!!

    I’ve read that it could be called Clubbed Thumb, Hammer Thumb, Stub Thumb, etc. Somewhere out there it said the Hammer Thumb on the right hand shows aggressive behavior on the left it shows the opposite.

    I’m of Italian & Irish heritage! The one person I met in my life was also of Italian heritage!!!

  312. Amsi18 Says:

    Wow this is amazing.. i too have a “clubbed thumb” (right)
    My best friend thinks itz cute but i used to really hate it.. anywayz i grew out of that as i am 18 now.. and sometimes when bored i would just show it to people and their reactions are ussually so funny..

    But itz so weird a lot of people on the site have mentioned being with this unique trait and being linked to European blood.. I however am a black girl but i do have indian/ Arabic blood.. just thought it’ll be interesting to mention.. 🙂

  313. HelterSkelter Says:

    Toe Thumbs or Brachydactyly is plainly and simply put–the product of ancestral inbreeding.

  314. elizabeth Says:

    My brothers always called them my “Bert and Ernie” thumbs after the characters on Sesame Street. My father had the same thing but I have only met one other person with these thumbs. My right thumb is clubbed, left one is normal, like my dad

  315. mgsavela Says:

    HI, Just discovered that my 12 year old daughter has clubbed thumbs on both hands. She was delighted to discover that she has the same thumbs as Megan fox supposedly has. She loves to be different. I know this because we spent half the day yesterday drying the tips of her hair blue. She is of Italian/Ukrainian decent.

    Just wondering if anyone with this has hyper mobile joints as we all seem to have in the family?

    • mgsavela Says:

      Oh Yeah. To the person who said that it was a sign of artistic abilities, you maybe on to something. My daughter is a very good artist already at 12. Drawing, Poetry, song writing. Anyone else?

      • Lisa K. Says:

        Interesting that you drew that parallel – now that you mention it, I do have hyper mobile joints, but only in my arms and shoulders (it’s made me prone to injury).

        As for the artistic abilities, I can’t draw a lick, and though I do like to write and sing, I can’t say I’m exceptionally good at it!

    • Liesel Says:

      yes! I have double jointed fingers AND two toe thumbs, AND I’m an artist. go figure.

  316. Maria Says:

    I have been made fun of for my two clubbed thumbs my entire life! I was always so embarassed by them because I have never seen anyone else with them. I am the only one in my family who has them. I’m 100% Italian and I noticed that a lot of other Italians on here have clubbed thumbs too!

  317. AcidDreamz Says:

    Hello all “clubbed thumbers”, how refreshing to find a website with people who have thumbs like mine. I have two of these unique thumbs. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I saw all the pictures which look exactly like mine! My grandmother and my father have them also. It is interesting that neither my aunt (my dads sister) or cousins have this trait. I am of Scots-Irish descent, also some Native American. I was looking up this type of thumb because I was wondering if there is a link to dwarfism??? I was just watching a TV show with some dwarfs on there and I noticed they had these same thumbs. I am only 4’11 and my father is rather short (5’5) for a man. Im thinking there may be some type of gene mixed in there?? Anyone done research on this??

  318. Dina Says:

    I realized it was a genetic trait when I noticed my grandpa’s thumbs after he died and was in the casket! My mom also has these thumbs. We are Mexican American with German blood. My friends would crack up laughing at my thumbs which I admit, are quite funny looking but it doesn’t bother me in the least. I’m unique!

  319. Nathan Says:

    Hello all. I am a 29 year old male with 2 ‘clubbed thumbs’ and they both look just like the picture at the top of the page. My sister has 1 clubbed thumb on her right hand. I do not know of anyone else in our extended family has them. I have another brother and sister and they both have normal thumbs. I am of mainly German, Spanish, and Swedish decent.

    During my life I have only meet two other people, both women, who had a clubbed thumb on their right hand. Also a friend of mine, who is Italian, told me he had told his Grandmother about my thumbs, as he had never seen anyone with them. She told him they were ‘Murder’s Thumbs’ and that always stuck with me so it was nice to reference to what he told me here.

    Growing up I loved playing video games. Since I played so much I normally beat my friends. One day one of was watching me play and noticed I could hit both the A and B buttons on an old school Nintendo controller at the same time. At that moment my “toe thumbs” as they called them, became a blessing they were all jealous of.

  320. Natalie Says:

    I have one clubbed thumb on my left hand. I am of Vietnamese descent. I’m not sure if I have any mixed decent.

  321. Emily Says:

    i didn’t find this site until i heard about megan fox’s thumbs. it makes me feel a lot better that a GORGEOUS talented woman has the same thumbs as me! although, i was made fun of QUITE A BIT in grade school by the boys (i will not say what they called my thumbs), it is a little disturbing. i have been scarred for life because of these prepubescent boys. lets just say they like to ask if i sat on them a lot? how repulsive is that? what a**holes. anyway, since then, i have been hiding my thumbs from the world. when people see them, they are very inconsiderate and say things like, “what’s wrong with them?” and “why do they look so weird?” well, as i try my hardest to hide them, every once in a while, they are noticed and it really makes me uncomfortable. i guess since all of you are learning to love your thumbs, i can try to love mine…

  322. Neil Says:

    Hi Alf,
    I just find out about clubbed thumbs because of Megan Fox. I thought I was the only one with this weird condition! My left thumb looks exactly like your picture above and I think my two big toes might be clubbed too, hard to tell. Good to know that it is genetic, I always thought I caused it from my obsessive nail picking. Now that I know I am not the only one I can try to stop being so self conscious about it.


  323. Lisa K. Says:

    Neil brings up something that I’ve also wondered about. When I was young, I also obsessively picked at my nails (something I’ve thankfully stopped over time). I never made a connection to my thumbs, but as there are other “nail pickers” and former “nail pickers” on here, it still makes one think…

  324. Krista E. Says:

    I have one “retarded thumb” on my right hand (I apologize if that term is offensive, but it’s what I started calling it when I was a child). I am 50% French (French Canadian at least), 25% Italian, and a 25% mixture of Irish/German/English/misc. I’ve always sworn that my left thumb was similar until I pulled and squished it normal again when I was a child, but I know that doesn’t really make sense. (I think the two thumbs probably just looked more similar when I had younger/smaller hands, but the un-clubbed one eventually grew normal and made it seem like I had magically ‘fixed’ it.) I don’t know of anyone else in my family who has the same thumbs. I do not have hitchhiker’s thumbs, but I did always pick/bite my nails as a child. I did not suck my thumbs at all.

    I always leave that thumb unpainted if I paint my fingernails a dark color so as not to draw attention to it, but a friend recently asked me why it wasn’t painted (clearly my plan backfired, and not painting it drew MORE attention!). She said her sister-in-law has thumbs like mine.

    I found this site when I saw some article about Megan Fox’s thumbs and realized a bunch of people must have the same problem (not that it’s really a problem). I had to laugh when one person mentioned getting a custom-made bowling ball, because I’ve had the same problem the few times I’ve gone bowling.

    • julia Says:

      my dad had clubbed thumbs which must be where I inherited it.
      he passed away just months ago. I am 15 by the way.
      as weird as this sounds I feel like my thumbs are an eternal bond between us and even though he is gone I can always look at them and smile.
      this makes me want to be a doctor and study genetics!!
      I feel special even though I sometimes hide them. I come from germany and also ireland. I loove the Internet!

    • Christopher Says:

      Lol, Damn bowling balls! Why wasn’t my royal thumb on the left hand!?

      • gabby Says:

        i feel that..

      • Joel Sanchez Says:

        So true….the balls that fit my right thumb are close to 20 lbs! I started to bowl putting spin on the ball using only two fingers and palming the rest of the ball. It makes bowling twice as fun-thanks royal thumb!

  325. sophia Says:

    hello i am 32 i have two club thumbs always had them i never thought any thing of themi untill my sisters stupid boyfriend was making fun of meghans fox recenently i was offenened cause i think he was actuallytmaking fun of me

  326. sophia Says:

    oh i notice peoplesm bloodlines im o posivtive and my father is 100 percent morroccan my mother is adopted so her family history does not exist although she heard she might be canadian french

  327. Gina Says:

    Wow, I was not aware that there were so many of us 😉
    Personally, I have always been a bit embarrassed of my left clubbed thumb. The medical term for this dominant genetic trait is Brachydactyly Type D. Both my sister and I have it on our left thumb. As for the my heritage, I am of Mexican, Spanish, Basque, Italian, French and Cuban descent. I know, I have a pretty mixed bloodline :] It’s funny because when my daughter was born, the first thing I checked were her thumbs! lol. (did not inherit them) I just do not like when people make comments like “what’s wrong with your thumb?” “is your thumb deformed” and especially when they yell it out and people turn around and look at your thumb all weird .. so yeah, that is my story :]

  328. Kelly Says:

    I have one clubbed thumb (my right one) and i also have webbed toes. Not good digits for me! I never knew that this was an actual condition untill today, it nice to know that its not my fault after years off people asking me had broken my thumb (i hadn’t) or asking why i bite my thumb nail so short (i DON’T, its always like that!!). It doesn’t really bother me anymore, i’m used to it. The only thing that really bugs me is that I can never find false nails to fit it!!! haha, nothing life threatening though (:

  329. Christopher Says:

    I have one of those. My right thumb. I never knew why and was self-conscious about it growing up, although I really don’t know why. I guess it was just knowing how rotten people are, and how anything different, no matter how small, is a cause for ridicule, disdain, or some other negative reaction.
    One, day, when I was 22 and working as a waiter in a restaurant, I looked at a co-worker’s hand, and SHE HAD ONE TOO! I really had thought up until then that I was all alone. She was a cute girl, and as we were talking and comparing thumbs, another waitress, who actually looked something like Megan Fox(who also has one!) and was a total babe, stuck out her hands and showed that she too had the exact same situation! All of us had the big thumb on the right hand, as apparently does Megan Fox, so I wondered if this was always the way. After reading here I see it isn’t. I was shocked and relieved at that point, though, since until then I had never met anyone else with the same thumb. It was nice that both the girls were really cute, too. It’s funny, I used to tell people it was a sign of the ancient Celtic kings, or that it was how the aliens were to know who to put in charge when they landed. I used to tuck it into my hand sometimes, but now I’m going to look at people’s hands all the time to see if I can find any other “thumbmates”.

  330. Surani Says:

    Finally! After 29 years I’m finding out where my two funny looking thumbs are coming from and that there’s a name for it. And its fantastic to read stories from others! When I was young I was ashamed of my thumbs and would constantly try to hide them. Nowadays I’m less ashamed, but I still find it a bit embarrassing when people are staring at them and want to examine them from all different angles :(. My parents always wondered why I have these thumbs. Because, although its genetic, they dont know anybody in our family (parents, brother, grandparents, aunts etc) with such thumbs. I live in the Netherlands, my mother is Dutch and my father is from Surinam. He is from mixed heritage, problaby african/jewish-portugese/native. Next year I’m going to meet some family members for the first time in Surinam, so maybe then I will meet some family with the same thumbs ;).

  331. michelle Says:

    When i saw Transformers in the theaters and saw Megan Fox’s thumb when she was driving the truck, i yelled out “she has thumbs like me!” and my husband said “wow, she does!”

    I used to get teased when i was in elementary school, but i guess you could say i have “murders thumbs” because i got agressive about it when people teased me. Let’s just say the teasing didnt last long after i beat up a boy at recess for for making fun of my thumbs. 🙂

    Now that i’m older i have come across alot of people with clubbed thumbs. I think the royal blood line claim is true because i am of Irish descent as well as Native American (Cherokee and Apache). I used to think that i inherited my thumbs from my Native American ancestors. I’m really artistic and i figured my thumbs evolved from the Native American women who threw pottery all the time. lol maybe so, i throw pottery as well and my thumbs come in handy for throwing some cool shapes and designs! Oh, and my husband claims i give awesome back massages, too. 🙂

    As far as the royalty thing goes, I’m a Harrington which is part of the Celtic Royal Genealogy supposedly…So rock on royal thumbs!!

  332. BestFriend Says:

    Hi there! I am 100% Polish and I also have this “problem”:) I wish I could do something with that…I mean operation or sth. If anyone knows how to make those thumbs look nicer or more normal…:) Please write about it!!!!
    I have noticed that Sanaa Lathan (actress) has also those thumbs..:)

    Sory if there are any mistakes, I am not perfect in English..

  333. Kristina Says:

    I am 100% Italian and I have club thumbs! I never knew they were different until my boyfriend said something! Finally, I am not alone!

  334. MamaD Says:

    I am 37 and have been self conscience of my thumbs my whole life. I have read through a lot the comments here and it seems that a lot of of us have felt the same throughout the years. I never knew anyone else who had thumbs like mine (both of mine are “clubbed”). About 5 years ago I met someone else who has one thumb like mine. So I didn’t feel so much like a freak when I saw it. I used to hide them inside my fist when I was around people. I didn’t want to be considered abnormal. I have 3 children and when each was born it was the first thing I looked for on them. My youngest daughter is the only one who has the “thumbs”. She is 6 and thinks it’s COOL that we match. 🙂

  335. MamaD Says:

    and I am female. My last daughter is to my second husband who is half Italian. She also has red hair which is another genetic thing altogether, but I find interesting that she is the one who inherited my stubby thumbs. 🙂

  336. Chelsea Says:

    Oh my gosh!!!!! Coming here feels like finding long lost family!!!! It is good to finally meet you all!!!

    What I know about my clubbed thumb heritage:

    My paternal grandmother had 2 club thumbs
    My father only has one (don’t remember which hand)
    I have two. I am the only one of my three siblings from my father’s side that inherited the thumbs.

  337. brittany Says:

    im 17. thought i was the only one who had this. i only have one on my right hand. my mom has 2. and my sister, who isnt blood related to my mother [her stepchild], has 2 as well. maybe its in the gene pool from both of my parents?

  338. Rachel Says:

    I have 2 “club” thumbs, and really tiny hands and feet. I am also the only one in my entire extended family that has them. I’m not at all Italian either – I’m mostly Russian. Who knows. I never sucked my thumbs either.

    My mom used to joke that I shouldn’t be a nail polish or glove model, but I don’t really mind them. I used to hate my thumbs, but now I like them, they’re kind of cool.

    p.s. the only other person I have met with these thumbs is an old woman at the grocery store, she dropped her receipt so I picked it up and she saw my thumbs. I am really glad to know that clubbed thumbs are actually a real thing that other people have!

  339. Meklet Says:

    Whenever I go 10-pin bowling, I have to use a ball that is twice as heavy so I can fit my club-thumb in the hole. I am an average-sized woman using a bowling ball made for a giant man. When I was a small child, my nickname was “Thumbs” and the kids told me that my thumbs were replaced with big toes when I was a baby. I am so relieved to have found a support network to communicate about my club thumbs.

  340. Heather Says:

    I have one clubbed thumb on my left hand. I never even knew it had a name I just recently heard that it could be something genetic. So I wanted to research and learn more. I was told it could be from thumb sucking but I never sucked my thumb as a child. I got shot with a bb gun on my nail and always blamed it on that. I don’t know anyone else with this type of thumb. I have had a few people look at me funny when I get my nails done and my friends joked about it in school. But I think it makes me unique and different. Glad to know I’m not the only person with this thumb!

  341. yasmin Says:

    lol! woowww all my life ive been ask if i smashed my thumbs or were they my toes!

  342. Lori Says:

    Wow!! I feel like many of you do that I finally have an answer to my thumb. I am the only one I know that has a short right thumb. I’ve been teased about it all my 45 years. In reading all the responses… it is interesting to see that it is predominately right hand if it is only one thumb. hmmmm…. As many others have said… I don’t feel so alone anymore!!

  343. Julianne Says:

    You know, I am a 55 year old woman and it is only in the last few months that I discovered what my club thumb on my right hand was all about. All my life I have hidden it tucked inside my palm, embarrassed about how it looked. The only thing that helped me was when I was about 14 years old, I met my Dutch paternal grandfather and he had a european thumb or club thumb just like me! I was the one in the family who most closely resembled him, even in this special way with both of us sharing this unique thumb. I always thought that I had inherited a deformity from my Opa. Now that I know that I don’t have a deformity as such, I am less inclined to want to hide it away. At last my thumb is finally out of the closet and I am not so self conscious about the way it looks. On the whole, most people don’t know what it is and comment on how different it looks, often with a bit of a curl on their lips. After all, it is a bit unsightly!! I challenge everybody who has this phenomenon to embrace your uniqueness and hold your head, and hand for that matter, high and be grateful.

  344. Terri Says:

    My girlfriend has bilateral clubbed thumbs and 1st toes. Which she has passed on to both of her daughters. Obviously this isn’t any big deal, makes her unique. I had a curiousity though. She was adopted, via Childrens Services in Ohio, Columbus area. Her DOB is 8/28/1970. Of course she’d love to find her birth parents. Since this is inherited, I thought maybe someone out there might be able to help. All she was told about her birth mother is that she was an Ohio State Univ. student. Reply to this e-mail please.

  345. Jessamine Says:

    I am soooo happy I found this website. I had my first manicure yesterday and was told that these “toe thumbs” are really a link to possible royal blood.

    I too can relate to the embarrassment related to these thumbs. I was made fun of all through school but did find a way to use it to my advantage when really young…..I just told my friends that I was abducted by aliens and they “marked” me for follow up in several years, LOL Worked for a while. We are of Italian-Scottish decent through my maternal tree and German-English on my father’s side.

    I always just thought…..to bad I don’t have rhythm because these babies would be awesome for bongos!

  346. Steph Says:

    I had an infection in the bone of my thumb and after a long course of antibiotics and surgery, my thumb shrank down and now resembles a clubbed thumb. Not having seen another like it one day, this man I met while waiting for a cab exclaimed, “Oh, you’ve got a LUCKY THUMB, my sister has a lucky thumb, it means your lucky! Remembering my infection I replied “no, I’m not lucky”. He said “yes, yes you are, you were born with it.” Well, God Bless, him I just agreed with him and said I guess your right, I am lucky. Well, here’s the point in the story where you expect me to tell you I won the lottery. I didn’t. However, subsequently through the years I have met others who were born with a clubbed “LUCKY” thumb. Some very nice people indeed. So even though I can’t claim it as a birthright, I do feel lucky to belong this group even if by accident.

  347. Steph Says:

    Oh yeah, one more thing, …one time i went in to get a manicure/pedicure at the nail salon with my best friend. The woman set to do my nails looked at my thumb and said, “is that your toe?”. I said, “what?”. And, before I could respond my friend replied laughing, “Yeah she was born with 11 toes!”.
    I know, right? Cuz, it was obvious to all when I came in I had 10 visible fingers and 10 visible toes. Where did that girl think the extra toe came from? (-:

  348. Chelsea Says:

    I had a similar experience getting a manicure. It was an Asian woman doing my nails and was speaking another language to the neighboring manicurist. She pulled my hand around so that the other girl could see it, they started laughing and saying something I could not understand! The worst part is, she never asked me or said one word about my thumb to me! I was so self conscious a that point that I have never gotten a manicure again! That was about 6 years ago!

  349. BRI Says:

    I felt so out of place with my 2 clubbed thumbs!!!! Thank goodness that there are other people that have the same thumbs as me!!!!!!

  350. Brue02 Says:

    I have never liked the looks of my hands. I have 2 clubbed thumbs and very short stubby fingers with square nails. I have seen other people with a clubbed thumb or two and have wanted to say something to them, but I thought it might sound rude. I have pointed mine out to people with normal thumbs in conversation, and most claim to have never noticed them. I am mainly German and English. No one in my immediate family has clubbed thumbs (including 2 brothers and 3 neices). I got a manicure (for the first and last time ever) when I got married and the manicurist assured me that I didn’t have the ugliest hands she had ever seen – just that she wouldn’t exactly recommend a French Manicure!

  351. Rose Says:

    This is fantastic! My brother, who is one of three that are always poking fun at my toe thumbs, sent me the Wikipedia link for clubbed thumbs or Brachydactyly type D (BDD). Aside from my paternal grandmother, I know of no one else in my family with toe thumbs. My grandmother is of English-Irish decent and I’m the same with a little German and Austrian and thereabouts mixed in. I see the Irish and German ancestry is quite common based on the above comments!
    Just in doing a little web browsing I see it can be genetically mapped (they know its specific location on a chromosome), it appears to be a dominant trait and that it may even be considered a form of dwarfism that affects the skeletal development of the thumbs or fingers. It’s most common in females and may be as common as 1 in 1000. I know I’ve met quite a few in my lifetime, 3 females and 1 male come to mind right now but I’m sure there were more.
    Anyways, I’m thrilled people are talking about it. It has always fascinated me! I look forward to reading what other people can dig up about them! Anyone started a Facebook “Support Group” page?? Haha… that would be hilarious! And cool to see how many people are out there and where they’re from!
    Be proud of your thumbs! They give you quite the advantage at Thumb Wars!! (More surface area!) 🙂

  352. Chelsea Says:

    For anyone who is on Facebook and is interested, I started a group for clubbies!

    Here is the link:

  353. Kai Says:

    Is it strange that I find clubbed thumbs to be incredibly attractive on girls? So many people seem to be saying “they are nasty, etc. etc.” but I really think the opposite. I cant stand when I hear people say it makes Megan Fox less attractive for example. I think clubbed thumbs are cute and unique! Wish I had them…

  354. jaime monceaux Says:

    I always show people my thumb and make the joke that I was born without a thumb so they put my big toe on my finger(left) haha.. However, I never thought about how many more people had this trait and my fiance’ decided to look it up on the computer when i told her of the several stories i have heard and the folk-lore stories I have been told by several “interesting people” who had a prior knowledge of the “clubbed thumb” (as i see people call it).. obviously she has found a great deal of information on the subject.. She LOVES the thought of me being from royal decent and since my last name has a big history(there is a place called LA’ MONCEAU in PARIS.. So I do not try and discourage her thinking and pretty much bask in her little new found discovery that she has “the pick of the litter”… all in all.. I wanted to share my story and say that I have always liked my thumb and could use it as a good conversation starter.. While I’m on the subject.. If ANYONE knows about “monceau paris” I would love to find out about it because the way I know is cause I saw it on the internet.. god bless you all … Jaime Monceaux

  355. JudyV1 Says:

    wow…i have read some of these short stories about clubbed thumbs….lol..i never knew they had a name and i can relate to almost every story that has been posted its actually funny to me and it has as well made my whole day i have two fat thumbs and i have always been ashamed of them always triying to figure how to hide them…..my dad also has clubbed thumbs as well as 2 of his sisters but since i have read most stories that these come from italians…well i am 100% mexican does that make any difference?? jus wondering i dont know …but anyways im just glad that this website excists and it is so funny how someone posted about the bowling balls…lmao i could not stop laughing at the fact that i have had the same problems with bowling and nail salons!

  356. hon Says:

    haha i didnt know they actually had a name
    always just called them stubby thumbs.
    i have two also on my hands
    but big toes resemble the stubby thumbs and are shorter than the second toe.

    i used to get made fun of all the time for them, but now i feel fine about them. people think they’re cute.

    oh and im korean

  357. Shana Thompson Says:

    Remember that game “Head’s up 7-up?” Well, I hated that game. It’s the one where everyone in the classroom puts thier heads down on thier desk and put thier thumb up. 7 people are “it” and they go around tapping thumbs and then at the end, you have to guess which one tapped you. I don’t know, maybe it was just my teacher who made up that stupid game but I redirecting…..I hated that game AND my thumbs when I was little. Now, at 36, I totally forget about them until someone mentions them or I see someone with the same thumbs and I show them mine and we laugh. Bowling balls have always been an issue and gloves can be an issue. The top of my thumb seems to be a little more rounded than the others that I have seen. It’s a bit exagerated. I don’t mind though. Whatevs! 🙂

  358. Cassandra Says:

    I have on clubbed thumb on my left hand. I hate when people ask to see them or want to show them off to other people. Its really embarrassing. But I know theres nothing that I can do to change it, so I’ve come to accept them. I still unconsciously hide my left thumb just because I was so used to doing it for several years. But if people don’t like it they don’t have to look! I can trace my family lines only so far back but as far as I can tell I’m full Mexican. My brother has 2 clubbed thumbs but neither of my parents do.

  359. fuckyourfreakthumbs Says:

    I want all of you freaks to know that you are sinning without even knowing.. as stated in Romans Chapter 5 verse 17

    “For if, because of one man’s trespass, death reigned through that one man, much more will those who receive the abundance of grace and the free gift of righteousness reign in life through the one man Jesus Christ.”

    You should all die horrible, horrible deaths. I shall take vengeance in the name of, our lord and savior, Jesus christ and strike you all down. freedom of speach mother fuckers. I hate all of you and your, hopefully dead, unborn children. fuck you freak thumbs.

    • Cindy- San Diego CA Says:


    • Chelsea Says:

      What a psycho, jealous hater!!!!!

    • andrea Says:

      I’m assuming this is a joke because I do not know how anyone could be this ridiculous. Just in case…
      How does having a Clubbed thumb become sinful according to that passage? I understand your right to speak freely, however, perhaps you should try to support your statement with relevant information. After all, we did not do this to ourselves. If god created all things on earth, then God also created us. Maybe your just jealous because we evolved with fantastic thumbs and you did not.
      P.s keep your vengence to a minimun; murder is a sin. jerk!

    • Gianna Says:

      You are so mean and somebody is going to kill YOU, buddy, for saying this. Watch yourself they don’t call us clubbed thumbs for nothing…….. >:D

      • Lauren Says:

        Remember they are know as murderers thumbs…Gianna is right you better watch your back, lol

    • Thumbs Says:

      Wow you must have no life to try to find some verse to insult us with and who even invited you on this website? Some of us here are trying to make ourselves feel better about our awesome gorgeus thumbs

  360. Pixie Says:

    The ‘hottest of hot’, Megan Fox, has clubbed thumbs.. fun fact of the day.

  361. Tinkertoy Says:

    Wow – Freekyourthumbs – WTF is wrong with you? Isn’t your Jesus/God the one who created us? Are you calling Him/It a looser?

    You bite – I’d say you sux but that’s nice – you BITE!!

  362. Dawn Says:

    Yep just lke everyone else whos posted…. I to have clubbed thumbs. In third grade I noticed both my thumbs didnt look like all the other kids thumbs so I was embarressed and thought they were hiddious. When I got into medical school my instructor put a drawing of my thubs on the board (he didnt know I had those thumbs) I looked over to my friend and I told her DUDE! those are my thumbs! lol My instructor then asked if anyone knew someone who had thumbs like that. Well of course my friend and a desk mate said SHE DOSE! I was sooo embarressed and I was asked to show them to the class. But I have now gotten over the fact that I have odd thumbs and I love them because it shows that im NOT like everyone else 🙂

  363. Brickpile Says:

    I have three grand children with clubbed thumbs….. two of the children’s mother have the and the other’s grand mother have the…. none have a problem with them….. one is a boy and football player…. the girls are cheerleaders…. they know they are unique…. God made them this way… we all have something different… I heard a man speak that has cerberal palsey some one ask him when he was young about being normal…. he said… and you think you are normal….. end of subject…

  364. Jones Says:

    Well I’m 25 and I just now decided to google “deformed thumbs” and to my suprise I found The World of Club Thumbs. I’ve only met one other person that has both club thumbs, however I had a really good friend in high school who had one. I was always told growing up that my Grandmother had thumbs like mine, I never really payed much attention to them. I’ve met many people that have noticed them and told me that it was because I sucked them, I even had one girl while I was in Basic Combat Training tell me it was a sign of hear disease. I am German/Polish/and a little Irish mixed in with it. I’ve always seen my thumbs a good conversation started.lol. I think it’s great one you have something that makes you unique.

  365. andrea Says:

    I have one clubbed thumb on my right hand. My doctor always called it nintendo thumb because I played super nintendo all day as a kid. My right thumbs covered the AB buttons very nicley, making me an undefeated champion.
    I’m also italian. I have a enourmous family; so far I am the only one with a clubbed thumb.

  366. Gianna Says:

    I am in Jr.High and i just recently realized there was something wrong with my thumbs. I didn’t really care, i just lived my life. But then somebody told me I could probably research what Megan Fox’s thumbs have and it would explain my condition. I did, and came across this amazing website. I feel better about my thumbs (not that I ever felt super bad about or something). My friends all think they’re cute, I think they’re hideous but now I know why! Thank you!! 😀

  367. Ashley Says:

    I was really young when I realized that both my thumbs looked different than other people’s. Since then I always tried to hide them by tucking them into my palms, and growing the nails longer in an attempt to disguise them. Since I’m older now (32) I don’t fixate on it nearly as much, but I still get somewhat embarrassed when somebody points them out. My mom’s are somewhat wide, but my maternal aunt and one of my cousins have thumbs like mine (lucky them!). We’re english, irish, french, scottish, dutch and cherokee (no italian or jewish), but have been in America since the mid-18th century. However, I’m currently living in England and I noticed a girl with one clubbed thumb last week in a store and I had to stop myself from going up to her and excitedly showing her my thumbs (the brits think Americans are weird enough without me demonstrating it, haha). After that I got curious and started searching around online and learned all about brachydactyly type D (BDD), and how MANY of us there are! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who can’t text with her thumbs 😉

  368. pinar Says:

    i have two clubbed thumbs and growing up I was blamed for picking my nails …
    i felt so upset for being treated like a liar…
    about the heritage thing,
    i’m turkish , born in the aegean part of turkey , neither my mum nor my dad nor my grandparents nor my siblings has this. This might be a mediterranean trait.
    About the regal heritage , I dn’t know if that is true or if it means anything , but all the people I’ve met who had clubbed fingers were smart.
    I myself can draw pretty well, and I’m a quick learner and practical thinker with a tendency to slight depression when it’s not sunny.

    • Chelsea Says:

      I too get depression in the winter when it is less sunny. I am also a quick learner and practical thinker. However, I cannot draw AT ALL. I have tried and tried but just can’t do it! I have two clubbed thumbs and am of Irish, Scottish, German, Dutch, French, Choctaw, English, and Cherokee decent. My dad has one clubbed thumb and his mother had two clubbed thumbs like me. Other than them I don’t know of anyone else in our family who has them.

  369. Sara Says:

    I’ve got two clubbed thumbs, none of my family or friends have them. Not even one! I actually NEVER met someone who has them so I’ve always thought that I was the only one until I saw pictures of Megan Fox’s thumbs! I can’t believe all the bad things that have been said about her thumbs!! It’s just plain mean! People should grow up and consider other people’s feelings. Anyway, I hated my thumbs when I was younger just because they looked different than everyone else’s so I tried to hide them as much as I could. I don’t think anyone noticed them except my friends who never picked on me and that made me feel much better. Now I’m 20 and I’m totally not embarrassed of my thumbs and I don’t care what people say! I finally learned how to embrace myself. I’m a good person with great artistic skills, I have many great friends and a wonderful family. I think that people wouldn’t care how your thumbs or hands look like, they would care about YOU as a person, and that all what matters to me! You guys talked about texting, I can text using my thumbs and I find no problem with texting at all! I’m sorry if my post was too long, I’m just so glad that I finally found MANY people like me and this is really a great site! Wow and this is actually the FIRST TIME I talk about my thumbs and what I feel about them!

  370. Annie Says:

    I have just one clubbed thumb on my left hand and have been teased about it. It was never really noticed until I was about 10 or so, and ever since then people won’t leave me alone. I used to be so ashamed of it and I thought of myself as a freak, so I would always tuck it under my other fingers and hide it away. Over the years I have come to accept it, though, and have even found a friend who has two of them. It is still a little weird and embarassing to have someone talking to you and staring at your thumbs. I wish they wouldn’t stare. I also have an overlapping fifth toe that I catch people staring at as well. But, I guess we all just have to deal with it, right? I’m glad Megn Fox has a clubbed thumb 🙂

  371. Sahkwahe Says:

    Both of my thumbs are “clubbed” thumbs. I never thought they were a big deal, because I was born pre-mature and I was very sickly all my life. I thought it was just an effect from those things. And I’ve always thought they were cute, because I am, over all, very small. So I just joke that i am a miniature human. I am native american, blue blood. Maybe it’s from my blood line? Maybe it’s from my premature birth. Either way, I love them!

  372. Bluebird Says:

    I have two club thumbs but they’ve never bothered me. I didn’t actually notice my thunbs were different until around fifth grade or so (yeah, I was kind of a spacey kid). No one else in my family has them except for my cousin, and it looks like they’re from the Swedish side of my family. Weird. Anyways, I don’t really care that my thumbs are “funny,” I just think it makes me unique (though it does eff me up when I have to draw hands for art class). Besides, I have the same type of thumbs Megan Fox has! That’s just cool.

  373. D-Love Says:

    This is hilarious! I’ve had various friends and family actually give my toe-thumbs nick names such as, “the beatlies”, “nubs”, and “play station thumbs” – doesn’t bother me a bit, it’s so funny! I’ve actually told people that my Dad dropped me down the stairs when I was an infant and I landed thumb-first. Another favorite of mine is telling people I was born without thumbs and these are actually toes of a 12 yr old boy who passed. I also follow with, “My Mom is still friends with his mother and they send Christmas cards to each other every year.” I have a friend who still believes this is true. HHAAHAHAHAH

  374. D-Love Says:

    correction! “the BEASTLIES”

  375. Sophia Says:

    Hi everyone, i used to say that my my left thumb is grown short because i used to suck on it throughout my whole childhood and it grew in the shape of my palate. I really believed it myself! I developed all sorts of ways to hide my clubbed thumb and managed to keep it undercover for most of my life. The only times people found out about it were when my sister thought it was a great party joke to tell everyone about my “cripple thumb” as she called it, i was so embarrassed…!!! The first time i heard that i wasn’t the only one, was when i was 15. I felt relieved thinking that there might be more people out there who couldn’t resist sucking thumbs in their childhood too ( :
    I just found out about it being genetically yesterday and i’m glad to be able to give it a name other than “crippled thumb”. Interesting to read about joined kidneys as my grandmother was born with tree Kidneys two of which were joined. I never thought about a connection but i does make sense and its the only hint i have. I am German with some Polish blood.

  376. Sophia Says:

    Hi everyone, i used to say that my left thumb is grown short because i used to suck on it throughout my whole childhood and it grew in the shape of my palate. I really believed it myself! I developed all sorts of ways to hide my clubbed thumb and managed to keep it undercover for most of my life. The only times people found out about it were when my sister thought it was a great party joke to tell everyone about my “cripple thumb” as she called it, i was so embarrassed…!!! The first time i heard that i wasn’t the only one, was when i was 15. I felt relieved thinking that there might be more people out there who couldn’t resist sucking thumbs in their childhood too ( :
    I just found out about it being genetically yesterday and i’m glad to be able to give it a name other than “crippled thumb”. Interesting to read about joined kidneys as my grandmother was born with tree Kidneys two of which were joined. I never thought about a connection but i does make sense and its the only hint i have. I am German with some Polish blood. Like the idea of a get-together like a “clubbed thumb club” ( :

    • Jessica Says:

      I too kept my right thumb underwraps, i never really noticed it until late elementary school or middle school. PLaying hand games were the worst, i always tried to use my other hand if at all possible.
      The only time people found out if my sister though it would be funny to share to the group To my school friends, youth group, family/friend gatjerings ,(I too feel your pain on this one). And then everyone wants to see your toe thumb.
      She has done this at least 5 trajic times in my life time..haha.

  377. Carolina Says:

    Hello Everyone,
    This is so cool Theres Seriously a page all about Clubbed thumbs
    My both thumbs are clubbed and i have always been made fun of for my fingers i always try to hide them away from the people tht talk about them, I’ve meet 2 other peoples with both of there thumbs Clumbbed… and they have too been made fun of for the small inperfection… I’m mexican but my great Grandpa Was From Spain…. ummm & i would really love to learn the history of Clubbed thumb… Oh andd I’m Really Proud Of have these “Clubbed thumb” [:

  378. Mikayla Says:

    I didn’t realize there were so many people with this “clubbed thumb!” I have only one and it’s my left one. It never really bothered me until I started getting my nails done. The stupid nails would never stick because my nail is flat! I don’t think anyone noticed it until my little sister pointed it out to the world saying… “Have you seen Mikayla’s retarded thumb yet?”

  379. Andrew Says:

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves! Talking about your wonky thumbs in a public forum like this! When I was 18 I had my two thumbs surgically corrected and my life has been better because of it. I advise all of you to do the same.

    • Robin Says:

      I do not consider my thumbs to be ‘wonky”. I am proud to have the same thumbs as my ancestors. I never even knew they had surgery to make them different and don’t think I would change my wonderful thumbs for anything. My thumbs don’t make my life good or bad, what is in my heart does. Andrew, I am NOT ashamed of my thumbs or myself but I do however, pity you for your vanity and selfishness. “Wonky”, I like that word! LOL

    • julia Says:

      what the heck is wrong with you i ❤ my clubbed thumbs you should be proud not ashamed them

    • midia Says:

      hi dear andrew!!!!really?is there any surgary to correct them!!!!i have so bad feeling about them!!!!!how much do you pay for it?thank you if u answer me!!!!:D

  380. Jessica Says:

    Both my thumbs are clubbed, and i am chilean.

  381. Margrit Martin Says:

    I have them too! Was really hard growing up with them. Always hiding them and whenever possible ‘pressing them into shape’. Only since having children I know how little it matters: they work!
    Both my parents are from Switzerland and I know nobody in my family with them. Rh neg. royal?

  382. Brianne Says:

    WOW! That picture looks identical to my hand. I cannot believe all the people that also have clubbed thumbs. It is very interesting to look at everyones stories. I have one clubbed thumb, on my left hand, and my friends always made fun of it, in a joke sort of way. I tend to make a joke of it as well, but after reading some of these stories I am kind of proud to have one! I, like many of you, were so afraid to get my nails done because I was afraid that I was going to get made fun of, but I did it – they do have nails big enough! I’m not sure where I got mine from, but I would like to find out!

  383. Lotte Says:

    Haha so many people with clubbed thumbs?! I didn’t know there were so many more! The only thing I knew was that I’m not the only one with these weird thumbs because a friend of me has the same thumbs! And I know an other person who has them too. But that there were so many other people with the same thumbs? haha!

    I’m not proud of my thumbs but I do not hate them, the only thing is that thumb wrestling isn’t fair with my small fat thumbs!

    I’m from Holland by the way!

  384. Cathy Says:

    i have clubbb’d thumbs
    the only people who ever make fun of them are my friends and family
    and i do to
    i lovingly refer to them as my ‘penis thumbs’ bahaha
    that muderers thumb is bs
    cept when it comes to me
    i naturally have a nasty temper
    but i love my thumbs.
    they’re so unique and creepy =] ❤

  385. Cathy Says:

    They’re the reason im so good at ps2 and 360
    they’re my gaming thumbs.
    i’d LOVE to know where the club thumbs first showed up ie region/country?? anyone know? well tell me!

  386. Michael Crump Says:

    Good evening to all my clubbed thumb people. I love my thumbs. It’s in my family. My great grandmother had both, my grandfather has both, myself and my aunt have both and other members of my family have just 1. My 10 mo. son doesn’t have them but we’ll see what the rest of our kids will have. I’ve heard a ton of things about it. People look at you like you’re the weird one. Maybe we can get handicapped parking stickers for it haha J/K. I wish we could put pics. of ourselves and our “gifts” on this page. Keep it real everybody and stay down for the cause.

  387. Michael Crump Says:

    Oh and have you ever had someone try to squeeze the sides to try to squeeze them back to normal? I know y’all know what I’m talking about.

  388. Ashleyy Says:

    Wow. haha. i was looking at my nails and started thinking about my thumbs and thought i would look them up and im really suprised with how many people have them. haha.

    my grandfather was full blooded itallian and there are other parts of my family with itallian decent too, so that much is interesting.

    but i have always been made fun of for my thumbs and the whole “royal” deal makes me feel a little better about it. haha.

    ive heard it all..
    midget thumbs, frog thumbs, deformed thumbs, toe thumbs..
    but have you all ever got this one.. ET thumbs. ha. yeah.

    glad to meet some fellow clubbed thumbers haha.

    oh and, yeah.. michael.. ive got the whole “try to squeeze it back to normal” thing. that made me laugh.


  389. D. Says:

    This website is long overdue. I will list some of my characteristics, so others can compare and contrast their own. I am not aware of anyone else in my family with this condition.

    Affected: Both thumbs, second to pinky toe on one foot, big toe on other
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’11”
    Health: Generally very good
    Hair: dark and very curly
    Ancestry: Swiss, Irish, Dutch, Belgian
    Intelligence: above average
    Education: Masters
    Athletics: average, but avid exerciser, and in good shape
    Personality: artistic, introverted, contrarian, iconoclastic
    Diet: can eat just about anything, but caffeine causes paradoxical depression
    Vision: 20:20
    Other: I like pets, dark humor, philosophy, art
    Career: Educator
    Age: mid 40’s

  390. Lulu Says:

    My brother and I have clubbed thumbs, received directly from our father who was from Roumania. Until reading comments on this website, I didn’t realize it was a “thing.”

  391. Hope Says:

    Hi there!

    I too have a pair of awesome toe-thumbs! WOOT! Personally, I love mine but there seem to be many who do not. While I cant perform magic to change them for real, if anyone wants to know what their thumbs would look like if they weren’t clubbed, I can show you (I work a lot in photoshop)

    Its just for fun, but if anyone is interested feel free to let me know!

  392. elizondo Jr Says:

    I noticed something strange about the clubbed thumb thing that must be :

    people whith those thumbs (as me and probably a lot of you) are born under the sign of the taurus, or have a planet in this sign ( mostly the ascendant or mars) the only exmaple i have beside me is megan fox, which is .

    to all the clubbed thumbs persons : please try to look at your natal chart

    here’s a site : http://www.astrotheme.com/ascendant.php
    (of course you can find you natal chart using another site, it’s not important)

    OK it’s just an crappy astrological theory, but my experience verified this funny detail a lot of time and i wanted to point out this fact with you to see if its true or not at a high scale.

    id be very glad to hear you about what you found.

  393. Karly Says:

    i have two clubbed thumbs, hated as a kid… used to wear gloves all year round. No body in my family has them except me, and the only other person i have met with them was my moms best friend whom i’ve always called my ‘thumb dad’ and at one point in my life wonder if perhaps he really could be my dad…. but no he’s not.

    i gave birth to my second child last week and both my kids have normal thumbs… 😦

  394. ann k. Says:

    I have short fat thumbs, as did my mother and one of my uncles. The man that dressed my mother for her burial says his mother had them and she lived in Canada. I hope someday to find a correlation. My father’s family is Italian. My mother’s was Pennsylvania dutch/irish, etc. No help there.


  395. diane b Says:

    WOW!!!! All I can say is, THANK YOU everyone who has written about their “clubbed, stubby, thumbs. I have lived with my one stubby thumb for 54 years, never knowing there were others who have the same condition. As a teen I would dread going to a movie with a date because they would want to hold my hand and I always feared my thumb would be found out and my date would be repulsed by it. Silly, now that I’m all grown up and don’t worry about such things. Maybe if I had known then, there were so many people with thumbs such as mine, I wouldn’t have been so self conscious. I have made peace with my fat, little squatty thumb.

  396. Rachel F Says:

    YAY US! I have 2 clubbed thumbs! BDD’s in the HOUSE!!!!!!!!

  397. Becky Boo Says:

    Hey guys.. thanks to your site I have relised there are so many people with this special trait. I have not met anyone with this same trait which im guessing so many others are in teh same vote too. This is why I have created a fan club of clubbed thumbs for us to help spread our love for them 🙂 come join it on facebook!! “Clubbed Thumbs Fan Page.” Hope to see some of you there 🙂

  398. Sian Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs and I think mine look worse because I bite them ! Some people say they’re ‘weird’ and some say ‘OMG theyre sooo cute!’ i am quite embarassed about them and tend to hide them with my hand naturally and when I put my hand up in class I hide them. Strange, but I have got used to hiding them now. I am about to go to a Nail salon and get acrylic nails and Im scared they will say I cant have them done ! Oh well I know quite a few people with them. Also, no one else in my family has them! hmmmmm…

  399. Carol Wynn Says:

    I had to laugh when I saw the picture of the thumb…………..MY thumb! Not in fun but in recognition! Someone else has thumbs like me!!!! I have been embarrassed by my thumbs too but then my gynecologist told me they are a trade mark of some tribe from the Caucasoid Mountains. I really would like to know more about it. Anyboyd got any info?
    I agree, “yay us!”

  400. Patricia Says:

    Hii, Im Patricia, I am 15 years old and was born in the U.S. Chicago. My right thumb is clubbed and I have been teased by many people about it during my life. My friends are used to it because they know me since I was little but many people that I dont know so much use to notic eit very quickly and make fun of it. There is even a girl who I met in art class the past month and she always asks me to see it jaja thats stupid. I think that shes jelous and needs to find defects on other people in order to feel better i dont really know. Well I am VERY HAPPY TO HAVE FOUND THIS PAGE I ALSO THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY PERSON WITH CLUBBED THUMG UNTIL THIS MONTH WERE I FOUND OUT A VERY POOPULAR AND BEAUTIFUL GIRL FROM 12 grade also had it and megan fox alsoo haha i always said when I was little that my clubbed thumb came from my fathers side and my normal one from my mothers thats kind of funny haha..

  401. Patricia Says:

    Oh and my sister also has a clubbed thumbbb but in both her hands

  402. Jules Says:

    I always thought my thumb (right hand only) was this shape because I sucked it in the womb and it grew in the shape of my palete – still fits perfectly too!

    I am of Irish descent with red hair and green eyes.

    I am the only person in my family with it and it kind of makes me unique. I hated it as a child but now that I am in my 40s it is just part of me. My neices and nephews don’t even notice it and I am sure that becuase of the greater acceptance of ‘differences’ generally in the world today things like this become less important on the whole.

    I would like to think that I am decended from some royalty – somehow I doubt it though…

    Take care…x

  403. Jules Says:

    Can’t go 10-pin bowling though!

    • tj Says:

      Um yeah, I’ve gotten my thumb stuck in bowling balls so many times! I suck at bowling. I have to use the heavy mansize ball.

  404. john n. Says:

    I was inso many fights over my fat thumbs, .last one?two days ago!!! I got the biggest murderers thumbes.. sorry my thumbs got in the way!!yes I”ve also have had sex with them, (with a woman x?)I am not joking !!!! my family knows how I feel about them, so do my friends , and if you joke about them,,,, fine I’ll under stand. but go too far , then your mine!!.Im that serious about it , but not enough to murder some body over them, by the way they break easely, and their not really that good for hitch hiking,

  405. Jessica Says:

    1-2-3-4 I declare a thumb war! I always tried to avoid that game haha. I have one clubbed thumb on my right hand. I would much rather had perfered my left since I am right handed.
    I can’t say I am totally confident in my thumb. I am 20 years old, and still try to hide it. I guess I’ll get over it one day.
    But this website is very encouraging! I wish there were some sort of clubbed thumb convention. It would be so weird to see so many people with the same thumb as me.
    I too was told it was because I sucked on my thumb.
    I was also surprised when I saw Monsters Vs Aliens..the old lady had a clubbed thumb(oh no a glimpse into the future me!)

  406. tj Says:

    Both of my thumbs are. All of my fingers are squarish and stubby as well. My brother has the same thing. Our parents don’t but told me that I caused them to be that way because I bite my nails. I knew that was bull because my brother never bit his nails. My ex boyfriend used to call them “Hobbit” thumbs. I think I’m Scottish/Irish so that makes sense. We are all probably related! What’s even weirder to me is some people only have one “toe” thumb. I guess it’s what makes me such a good artist 🙂 However, I continue to try to hide them because people freak out. I always said it’s because of all the inbreeding on my mother’s side.

  407. Marla Says:

    I have one clubbed thumb that is on my left hand. I am also left handed.
    Wow, that’s a double whammy since “left” is suppose to mean evil or sinister and a clubbed thumb is also called a murderers thumb.
    I don’t know of anyone on either side of my family that has this. I come from a Jewish background of Polish and Russian ancestry.

    • An Inquirer Says:

      I’m Jewish too, and here’s a copy of what I responded to Patti somewhere up above. It should interest, especially the URL.

      Hi, re: short 4th toe, shake hands. Though I’m Jewish, and in fact have stars of david engraved on my palms (which palmists fail to mention). I have 2 stub thumbs, and also one short 4th toe – on my left foot only. Short 4th toes are absolutely linked to stub-thumb syndrome, according to research by Dr.Goodman (see: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1012845/)

  408. Svenja Says:

    I am German and I have two clubbed thumbs. I always viewed them as special since my father, who died when I was a child, was the only other person I ever met that had clubbed thumbs, too. I always thought this was a special gift, as if a part of him is with me, no matter where I go. I have a daughter, her thumbs are normal.

  409. LM Says:

    Mi Familia!
    For years I would hide my ugly thumb and constantly asked my mom what happened to me. It was not until after high school that I finally accepted that I was stuck with my thumb for life. Over the years I have really become fond of my thumb. I don’t hide my thumb anymore. People still ask when I first meet them. I simple tell them that I was stuck in line for a big heart and by the time I got to the thumbs line, God only had one thumb and toes. My right thumb’s name is “Buddy”. He is a thumb war champion, hates bowling balls and absolutely loves beautiful nail polish. I am of Mexican descent and don’t know any other family member that has one. I’ve only met two people with a club thumb. They were both pretty awesome people. I think it’s neat to know that there’s a community for my “Buddy” : )

  410. Hope Says:

    Anyone else want to see what their thumbs would look like if they werent clubbed? I can make it in photoshop. If interested, shoot me an email and I can make it for ya!

  411. julia Says:

    i have 1 clubbed thumb on left hand but my yonger brother does too. i like my clubbed thumb better then my unclubbed thumb my left pinkie toe is compleatly side ways. i really only noticed my clubbed thumb last year my younger brothers clubbed thumb is not as noticeabul as mine.

  412. Sam Says:

    Haha woahh! I have 2 clubbed thumbs too.I thouhgt I was the only one. I guess not.=)

  413. megan Says:

    i use to get teased all the time for my thumbs i wonder what it is that makes people have them. im still in high school and people call mine chode thumbs shortened (ct) . so in the hallways people say “hey CT”. it sucks i wonder why ive noticed alot of pretty people seem to have them though.

  414. mary Says:

    Hello cousins! My clubbed thumbs and clubbed big toes are traced back to my great gran father. Robert Genney from France/Spain border. can anyone tell me what royal blood line has clubbed thumbs?

  415. Desiree Says:

    All of my life I have been told that my thumbs are the way they are because of my nail biting. However, my other fingers are long and quite normal. Bowling balls always hurt my thumb. I’m not that great at thumb wars, because my thumbs are too short. The person with the longer thumbs usually can just clamp down on my short ones. Sometimes it is hard for the other person to reach my thumbs because they are also hitchhiker’s thumbs, and curve backwards in a thumbs up way. I’ve never been utterly ashamed of my thumbs, but when I was younger I hated when people asked me about them. I didn’t know why they were so different, they just were! Now, I’m sort of embracing the unique quality. I love them!

    Just for comparison, I have two clubbed thumbs. No one in my family, that I know of, has clubbed thumbs. My largest heritages are Cherokee Indian and French-Canadian. I also am part German, Irish, Scottish, and English. I have been asked if I am of an Italian decent, but my parents’ are not aware of Italian blood in our family. I noticed some people mention illness, so I will state that I did have childhood cancer at the age of 2 to 4.

    It’s exciting to see that other people have these thumbs. I like reading about them. I just wish there was more information in regards to where they originate. Oh, well. I guess for now it’s just a trait… like eye color or height! 🙂

    • Desiree Says:

      OH! Also, someone mentioned astrological sign…
      I’m a Virgo.
      My Sun, Moon, AND Rising signs are all three Virgo. 🙂

      • Desiree Says:

        OH! AND.
        Someone recently told me that my thumbs would be perfect to play Bass guitar. Lol.

        Ok, no more posts. Promise. haha

    • Rae H. Says:

      That’s so crazy! I have Cherokee and Cajun (French Indian) in my heritage as well!

  416. joshuajazz Says:

    i have my ancestry traced all the way to Charlemagne (king of the franks)dads-European
    i am 12.5 percent scotch-irish from moms side.- European

    gender: male

    i have a toe thumb on my right hand, but a fairly normal thumb on my left.
    the toe thumb has a shorter-wider nail

    only one i know of in my family that has it

    i went to a pulmonologists b/c ii was having shortness of breath. one of the first things he wanted to know was about my thumbs.. he measured my arms and legs and chest thus showing surprising differences in lengths i was unaware. my left side of my chest strongly comes farther out then my left. i also have a problem with my aorta where the tissue is more likely to stretch out could causing a rupture. but basically the theory is that the thumb could be linked to some types of tissue disorders.

    i can barely fit my thumb into some 14 pound bowling balls
    in hghschool jazz band this thumb is amazing for slap
    play guitar at church the thumb is great with pinch harmonics

  417. Marianne Says:


    My daughter has 2 clubbed thumbs and as well they have family history of Marfan syndrome. (Possibly your aorta issue). They have no sign of it as of yet but are still young. Her brother is being tested for it and if he has it will get her tested. Takes for ever in Canada to see the Drs.

    Desiree She is also a Virgo. lol

  418. julia Says:

    it seems most people hate there clubbed thumb but i really like mine it’s what makes me me and my freinds think its kinda cool so think as your clubbed thumb as something that makes you awesome!
    (then again im only in middle school)

  419. rachel Says:

    i am proud of my club thumbs..my fiance thinks they are cute.. my sister has only one clubbed thumb and neither of our parents have them. It is something special that my sister and i share. And i should add that we are both pretty darn good looking..lol.. rock on club thumbed brothers and sisters!!!!

  420. Taylorr Says:

    hey! im in 7th grade and my “chode thumbs” are made fun of often. 😦 i dont really care anymore. actuualyy the reactions i get are quite the ammusment. im am from the italian german danish and polish decent. i have o blood. i have both club thumbs. i realy want to know if im from the royal decent. haha thatd be cool 😀 i think the palm reader thing is not true and offensive!

  421. MARY Says:


    • Rae H. Says:

      I love them because I find I can hold my pens and pencils better. :p Also, I make jewelry and it’s really handy for holding small beads and crystals.

  422. Heather Says:

    This is cracking me up. I have the same issues with my 2 clubbed thumbs…bowling is difficult, thumb wars were always uncomfortable, kids were mean about it in school, etc… I researched this long ago when the internet was new and didn’t come up with much except that genetic defects in the hands can also be linked to defects in the heart (something about when you’re formed in the uterus the hands and heart is developing at the same time). Over the years I’ve heard the murders thumb thing…kinda mean! What is it suppossed to mean in palm reading? When my babies came out the first thing I told my husband was to check their thumbs! Does anyone know if they were born with thumbs like this or if they developed this way as you grew? I’m wondering about my 4 year old son…my older daughters have normal thumbs. No one in my family has these, I am not of Italian decent and I have a very even temper. 🙂 I’m really okay about them, just curious. By the way, Anne Heche has one too.

  423. Elise Says:

    Im am 13 years old and both my thumbs are ‘toe thumbs’ I hate it so much. I always hide my thumbs in photos and sometimes around people. They are stubby, fat and short. My friends are always teasing me about them. Nobody within my family has them and none of my friends do either. Im really grateful for the internet because I have always wondered why my thumbs are different from everyone else’s and my parents always tell me there is nothing wrong with my thumbs and that they are just unique compared to other peoples thumbs but now I know so thank-you.

    • Heather Says:

      Elise (and all you younger clubbed thumb members), don’t feel bad about them anymore!! I felt bad when I was younger and then I went to college and saw a girl with thumbs that were twice the normal length…they were like 8 inches long and I decided then and there that I LOVED my thumbs just the way they were. People who love me adore my thumbs. 🙂 They are kinda cute… If it doesn’t bother you then people will admire you for accepting them! Don’t forget everyone has some part of their body that they don’t like.

  424. Anamaria Says:

    hi, fellow clubbed thumbers! i have one, too and i’ve never been picked on about it, in fact, i’ve always loved it. my friends call it ‘the mighty thumb’. isn’t that cute? i’m from croatia, but of italian descent and nobody in my family other than me has it. it’s great to know that so many people all over the world have them! thank you!!!

  425. Lisbeth Says:

    I’m in Bali, Indonesia and my Balinese friend, Wayan Lianta, has two clubbed thumbs. No link to royalty or European DNA in him. He and his ancestors are Asian. He has been considered wierd since birth because of these thumbs. They are called Cobra Thumbs here in Bali which is not just about snakes. Cobras are mystical snakes with magic power.

  426. George Says:

    both of my thumbs are clubbed and i have a hard time finding gloves that fit my fingers and my thumbs at the same time. also it is hard the pick out a cell that my thumbs can operate easily. My last Name is Turcotte so as far as the french thing goes i have that and i have a veary short temper.

  427. Grace Says:

    I’m seriously overwhelmed to see all these posts. I am a 43 year-old female with a right clubbed thumb. Until I saw this post I always thought my thumb was the result of thumb-sucking, (which I did until I was EIGHT years old!). Now I realize I was probably trying to hide my thumb back then! I still try to hide my thumb by tucking it into my palm. No one has really ever commented on it before, except for my sister, who still teases me about it. I’ve never met anyone else with one like it. Mine is about 1/2 inch shorter than the left and considerably wider. I relate to the bowling ball, manicure and glove comments. I am of French and Irish descent. Thank you all for sharing your stories.
    I feel like I’m in a special Thumb Club:)

  428. Betty Says:

    OMG! Stubby Thumb Heaven! Megan Fox lead me to to this sight (indirectly) because TMZ has a whole photo album dedicated to her thumbs. When I took a closer look at her thumbs, I realized that mine look like hers. Ooops! So, my maternal grandfather has them and so does my mother. They never bothered me because my mom told me that having them meant you were really smart. I thought that was pretty cool. I have really nice toes and my fingers are a little stubby, but I always keep them nicely manicured with short acrylics and people even compliment me on how nice my hands are, thumbs included! I am Cuban, but my mom who is a geneology buff, says that we are of decendents of Spanish royalty. Awesome!

  429. garre Says:

    I am 54 years old and have clubbed thumbs on both hands. No one else in my family have them. I recently was diagnosed with gout. I was wondering if there are any other older clubbed thumbers who also have gout? Both of these are called inherited attributes believed to come from European Royality. Just wondering if these could be connected.

  430. Amanda Says:

    Both my thumbs are clubbed, as are my middle fingers. I was adopted so I don’t know about my genetic history, but I am Korean. My son does not appear to have this condition. I too have always been embarrassed by them, and would hide them. I also find certain activities that require a lot of thumb strength (like giving muscle massages) is challenging and sometimes can be painful, and I can’t open jars well b/c I can’t get a good enough grip at times. I didn’t realize how many of us there are out there, and it is sooo comforting to know I am not alone.

  431. Kenton Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs. I also have two webbed toes. It seems that lots of people that have clubbed thumbs also have the webbed toes going on, what is up with that? Does anyone else know what I’m talking bout? Yeah anyway, nothing to be embarrassed about. I love them and trust me I got the club thumb to the extreme. ha ha ha.

  432. Bradie Lauren H Says:

    I have always had clubbed thumbs, one slightly worse than the other and i have always chewed my nails and thought that was why they were clubbed.I thought I was the only person with these and they’re so wide that false nails aren’t big enough for them. I am Australian but i descend from scottish, irish, russian, english, you name it, I’m from there. I only know one other person with them but they were too embarrassed to show me. I feel weird with gloves because the thumbs always flap all around the joint and then i can put cheezels on all my fingers except for, you guessed it, my thumbs 😦 LOL I’m just really glad I’ve found a group of people that know how it feels.

  433. Liesel Says:

    Yay for toe thumbs! (I like that better than club thumb, even though I’ve known for a while that is their correct name). I have two and I’ve never been ashamed of them. I think they are funny, and cool. Everyone I’ve met with them has been awesome, and so I’ve been proud to be included amongst such a unique group. There is an instant bond! I don’t know where I got them from but my sister’s husband (randomly) has them, and one of their daughters has them too. And one of my daughters definitely has them and I want her to be proud of them and their uniqueness. I guess I am lucky that nobody really gave me much grief for them. When people would notice I just showed them how funny it was that they looked like little kid toes, especially when you cover up the bottom of your thumb. If you aren’t ashamed of it, its harder for others to make fun of you. Not very many people even do notice or comment either, and I have never hidden them. My husband thinks that they are cute.
    Maybe there is a royal connection, I know somewhere pretty far back I have some illegitimate English royal ancestors (though you go back another generation and its not illegitimate anymore!) Perhaps there is something to the artistic traits too, but who knows. I am an artist (painting, illustration, figure drawing, sculpture, jewelry.. I love all of it) and my high school ceramic teacher had club thumbs too. As for ancestry I am mainly English, Finnish, and Danish. And I don’t think astrological signs have anything to do with it, or temper… but that is just me. I’m gemini, and don’t loose my temper easily at all. And of course I can empathize with stupid bowling balls, and manicures! I just don’t go bowling or get my nails done! They are great for peeling oranges though!

  434. Jenny Says:

    Im 15 and have two clubbed thumbs. Im extremely self concious about them. I never knew that they were weird until i was 13. I moved from another town and the only person who commented on them out of the entire time i lived there was a boy in my grade 3 class. I got pretty mad and told him to shut up.. he never commented on them again and neither did anyone else. When i moved, i never really hid them because i didnt know they were really that weird. A few people started pointing them out and so i would always hide them in my sleeves. I had one guy that ended up liking me -_- but he always would walk up to me, start talking to me.. his eyes would drift down to my hands then he would burst out laughing. It really hurt my self esteem. I am in highschool now. My best guy friend ( im a girl ) also pointed it out one day “:O look at your thumbs omg hahahahahhaahahahahaha” … yeah he thinks its funny he says that they are “awesome” Im scared that they are a HUGE turn off for guys.. I had one guy that always sat beside me in class and would stare at my hands while i was writing notes. Ever since then i hide them in my sleeve, even if im writing i will pull my sleeve over them and write like that, it feels weird to have them exposed if im not at home.

    My friends and i were going to get our toe nails done one day. I got them done then they asked if i wanted my nails done. Of course i always say no.. dont want the poor girl that does the manicure to be disgusted by my mutation. I did however meet a friend whose mom has them.. and not even her daughter notices, she wears gel nails that are longish.. but not so long they look weird.. they elongate the thumb enough to the point they look normal, so i hope that maybe i can find a way to do that, but im still scared to freak out the girl having to put the nails on.

    Sometimes i wish i had long normal elegant thumbs like all the pretty girls i know with the skinny hands and fingers that look so feminine. Mine look pretty and feminine until you get to my thumbs. It bothers me because my grandparents dont have any, nor does my parents. In fact every girl in my family including my grandmas have beautiful elegant feminine hands and thumbs that im soo jealous of. I just wish i could have this fixed.

    If anyone finds a way to make them look more normal.. please comment about it. I dont want to hide my thumbs forever.. i care way too much about what people think.

    • Heather Says:

      Ohh…you’ve got to stop feeling so bad about this. Many, many people have deformities or funny little things about their body. As you get older you will embrace this and realize that a great smile and personality mean everything. More than that, you are hopefully healthy in every other way and that is a blessing. My husband loves me and he thinks my thumbs are cute. So just laugh along with the people who laugh at them and they’ll realize it’s not a big deal.

      As for the turn off thing, I want to address this specifically. If a guy is turned off by a little thing like thumbs then he’s not worth your time anyway!

  435. Jenny Says:

    I forgot to comment, i am also an artist. I draw, paint, use pastel, ink, chalk..Everything. I even have someone looking to buy a painting of mine..even at my age. So yes.. maybe there is something to the artisticness..but still being so self concious about them makes it hard to do my painting/drawing in front of people.

    • Desiree Says:

      I’m an artist, as well!
      To be honest, clubbed thumbs can come in handy when mixing or smearing colors. ESPECIALLY with pastels!

      Look at it as if you were born with a a natural tool for creating beautiful work! 🙂

    • Angela Says:

      I too am a artist Jenny, and I did feel like you did about how people thought about me, but we have each other now and we can make fun of them for a change instead of them us. I know what you mean about hiding your thumbs all your life. I did the same. I am going to be 30 years old this June and I finally feel okay with my thumbs. I want you to look over what the guys say or do, because years from now you will meet a good guy who doesn’t care about your thumbs but about whats inside that counts and that’s your heart and soul. I met a guy who doesn’t care about the little things but about the person, and we are married and have a baby now. 🙂
      I wish there was a chat lol I love chatting with people.

  436. MARY Says:


  437. Stacey Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs and am of Irish background. I do not know of anyone else in my family that has them. I had always been embarrassed of them when I was younger until I met my husband. Turns out he has them too! He is of German background. No one else in his family has them either. I take it as a sign that we were meant to be together 🙂 We refer to them as Toe Thumbs!

    • Pablo Says:

      Hey Stacey:) I thought was alone!:) Im a boy and i have two clubbed thumbs im in love in my girlfriend and want too married her. I could belive when i meet her first time cause she have ONE clubbed thumb too:) i been in chock until now:)).. I just want to ask you.. Do you have a children? if yes, have the children clubbed thumb? Im little scarry to marrie her cause both of us have them, me 2 she 1 and i dont want to our kids get them:(( i think its very big chance our kids get them anyway 😦 thx if you answer

  438. Angelina!! Says:

    I’m A- and of Croatian Heritage! My friends told me about this site cas they were looking up my thumbs and why they are “retarted”!
    They call them mullet thumbs and call me thumbalina! aahhaha

  439. Leah:) Says:

    I neve knew that so many people actually had clubbed thumbs i always thought that my thumbs ,which are on both hands, were normal but it wasn’t until i reached high school that i found out. The thing is that most people don’t even noticed them unless i point them out even one of my best friends who iv known since iwas one didnt notice. I guess that even though they are a little different they are a part of me and everyone has differences !

  440. Elise talks about Brachydactyly « Elise Talks Says:

    […] Google search bar and I was blown away by the results—the first being a blog entitled, “World of Clubbed Thumbs.” Entrigued, I started […]

  441. Imelda Says:

    I never noticed my thumb…..until someone pointed them out in school, when i was in 7th grade. Ironic huh?
    But some friend of mine asked me about my thumb, why does it look like that. I simply shrugged and said, i don’t know, i guess i was born like that. And…… Now im A junior in highschool, and i had a few people that noticed, and would say, ohhhh its weird but cute. And nowadays…. i look at it and make fun of it in front of everyone i know. ha, im weird i guess, but i heard of other people in school who also has a clubbed thumbs. Anyways….. Im mexican american, with spanish/mexican desent.
    I am somewhat light skinned with black hair and hazel eyes. Appearently, no one in my family has this, except my baby cousin on my mothers side. My grandpa would say every 7 years a kid is born like that, so i don’t know. lol.
    but yeah……I guess i could say im unique:)

  442. April Says:

    OMG…..finally ! I hid my thumbs most of my life, because ppl are cruel. I’ve stupidly thought I was the only 1 who had them . Until I saw Megan Fox’s. I also did not know that some ppl have only 1 clubbed thumb. I am 40 ish and just 10 yrs ago or so ago stopped hiding, feeling ashamed, freakish about them !!! I do have English royalty in my famly line dating as far back as 1066 ..hmm maybe it is inbreeding 😀

  443. Como Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs! My sister has always called them “spoon thumbs” because they’re so wide at the end. No one in my family has them except for my 1 yr. old daughter. Seems she will have them, although all of her fingers are short and chubby now so its hard to be completely sure.

    I noticed several people commented on having Italian descent, and being artists. Both of these apply to me too!

  444. martha Says:

    i have 2 clubed thumbs and one my best friedns has them too how crazy is that my half sister has them too so i know they come from my dads side of the familly i feel kinda weird when ppl ask me about them and they wanna know why im like i dont know all i know is that i have them and half sister has them too its on my dad side of the familly and by the way my friend have them too so its not that weird kids do ask out loud about them and gets everybodys atention and make me feel all hot like blushing a lot aagh i dont like it the other day i was eating and my brother in law was staring at me i saw him he didnt say anything but i felt not to good cuz i know hes gonna make comments about the to other ppl oh well a million american huh? thats good to know i only know 2 ppl ..hahhaha and megan fox as hot as she is havem too thats makes me feel better its not a weird thing then hahaha

  445. Pablo Says:

    Hey, I have two clubs thumbs .. You will not believe, my girlfriend has one club thumb tooo.. My mother and father dont have, that i know is my uncle has one clubbed thumb. I just want to ask .. If I marry my girlfriend, how big is the chance that children get it??

  446. MARY Says:


  447. MARY Says:


    • Pablo Says:

      hey mary.. You mean your both kids have clubbed thumb? Your sister dosent have them but her kids have them? I dont realy understand your english 🙂

  448. Mau Says:

    Hello everybody,
    I am italian an I have two clubbed thumbs.
    I knew I wasn’t alone because my sister has two clubbed thumbs and also two big clubbed toes !
    Nobody else in our family have them.
    We both had great pleasure to find a club like this here, and great fun
    watching the pics.

  449. ellie Says:

    i have one clubbed thumb(my left thumb) and i love it! i have so much fun with it, making up stories when people ask me “what happened to your thumb?” is so much fun!my grandmother,uncle,my sister and i all have clubbbed thumbs! i think im the only one that loves it though!:)

  450. MARY Says:


  451. Karin Says:

    I stumbled onto this site by accident but how interesting! I am Swiss, living in Australia and have two club thumbs. They never seemed to bother me and I tend to ignore people’s comments. I’ve never tried to hide them and have regular manicures. I’ve always thought that they are doing what they are supposed to do so whats the problem. I do have had a theory about thier orgin (and never believed it was from thumb sucking as my mother use to say). I lived in Europe for a number of years and was surprised to see many people with similar thumbs when I had rarely come across anyone in Australia those that did always had a European connection. So I always thought that it was some kind of physical deformity that was European in origin. I think my hands are just fine the way they are and will be interested to see if my grandchildren inherit them because my children havent. Does anyone not have a European connection and still have club thumbs?

  452. C. Says:

    i’m only a teenager, but for as long as i can remember i’ve tucked my thumbs inside my hands so that nobody would ever see them. i was always so self conscious about it. mostly when people see them i get mixed reactions; some laugh, others think they are cute. it used to really affect me when they laughed, and i always detested being different. i’m so glad to know that there are other people out there just like me! the only person i’ve ever met who has similiar thumbs is my grandmother, so i thought it was exclusive to my family. i only stumbled across this website when i was reading an news article concerning megan fox using a thumb model in an advertisment. i decided to google it, and came across the term club thumbs, because megan fox has them too. :):)

    • gabby789 Says:

      im a teen too and ive had the same reactions! one of my friends was like omg there stubby and weird and my other friend is like omg they are so cute and little! ive also hated them and been self concious about it but i love this website it provides a lot of support from the mean comments some of us tend to get.. i also found out about this stuff because of megan fox!

  453. Cat Says:

    omg wow! Hello everyone!
    I’m 21 years old and have clubbed thumbs!
    My whole life I have always wondered whats wrong with them, as no one else in my family have them. I’ve never known a name for them and have never met anyone else with them.
    I’m soo glad im not the only one! 🙂
    To this day im still so self conscious of them and im sick of people asking “whats wrong with your thumbs”. I’ve never been for a manicure as im too embarrassed.
    I only found out about “clubbed thumbs” by the Megan Fox add showing her thumbs i was amazed!!

  454. Amanda Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs, as are my middle fingers. I am of Korean decent.

  455. Lindsey Says:

    coooll i read an article just now on perezhilton.com about how megan fox has these thumbs and i was astonished that anyone else would have the same thumbs as me!! cool to know. I am also mostly British and German with a bit of sweedish.. glad to know that there are more people like me. my thumb is only short on my left hand.

  456. Claire Says:

    I just read the article about Megan Fox on Perez Hilton too. I can’t believe this I really thought I was the only person in the entire world with the ugliest ickiest fingers but I’m not alone 🙂 Also my name Family name is Fox too. I’m Irish and am related to Camilla Parker Bowles going back 3 generations that is :):) so the royal gene might really be apparent anyways thankyou sooooooooo much 🙂

  457. Thumbelinacar Says:

    Just read the perezhilton article and had absolutely no idea there was a term or diagnosis for my little thumbs. I thought it was from sucking my thumb when I was little. I’ve always been selfconscious about this “condition.” It doesn’t help when all the gossip mags are now referring to Megan Fox as less than 10 with her stubby, nasty thumbs. Thumbs up to you. Thanks to everyone for sharing!!!

  458. Shenay Says:

    I live in Australia and I have two clubbed thumbs, no one really notices them but I like to point them out to people because they are unique! I have a royal history that dates back to the 1500’s so maybe the royal gene is true? No one else if my family has them as far as I know. So glad to know there are so many other people in the world who have club thumbs, embrace it! I haven’t come across anyone else who has club thumbs yet but looking forward to it. And to Scotty at the top who has made comments, I am creative, I don’t want to murder anyone and I don’t lash out, all that stuff you heard from the palm reader is definitely not true 🙂

  459. denise Says:

    wow i didn’t know so many people had clubbed thumbs too!
    i have 2 of them and everyone in school says they look weird /:
    well, nothing i can do about that.
    strangely, no one in my immediate family has them. is that normal?

  460. chris Says:

    I used to tell people I was born with no thumbs so the doctor attached my toes soI would have something there…everyone believed it. I am 50% Italian and 50% French and I have a very short fuse…

  461. Didi Says:

    I have one clubbed one and one normal thumb. It is a ‘thing’ in my family that is passed only to the girls. All i know is my grandma’s generation has it..then it goes like this:
    – my mother is the oldest – both normal thumbs
    – my next oldest aunt – has one normal one ‘special’ one
    – my next oldest aunt – has two ‘special’ ones
    – the next aunt – has two normal ones again
    – two boys have normal thumbs

    A. My mom had three daughters:
    – oldest girl – two normal thumbs
    – She has one daughter and one girl coming.. we can’t wait to find out!!!!
    – middle girl – one normal one special
    has one girl.. normal thumbs.
    – youngest – two special ones

    B. One aunt – Had 3 boys and one girl. The girls in the second born and has one normal thumb and special thumb

    C. One aunt – Has three boys
    D. Brother – one has kids with only one first born girl and her thumbs are normal.

    Soo funny that there are so many of you!! We though we were freaks!

  462. Mitra Says:

    I am a 56 years old woman with pure (I think) Iranian blood. I live in the US. 30 years ago a woman noticed my thumbs and said there are some of us and we have a club. Back then I didn’t pay any attention to her. I never knew the name of this until today I heard it on the radio and found you guys. Good to meet all of you from all over the world! I am the only one like this in my family and I heard we are creative people. I think I am. When I was a kid, I always hid my thumbs. An advice to younger women; I’ve always enjoyed nice manicure and plan to continue this practice; indulge yourselves. People think I am from royalty (I think just b/c the way I am and I act), but I don’t know enough about my ansestory to be sure about that. A Persian queen? Thanks to Megan Fox and Alf to bring us together. Have a great jurney everbody!

  463. leafiggi Says:

    OMG I am soo excited to see that i am not the only person out there with fat stumpy thumbs! I found some information very interesting and that there are alot of you from European descent. My mother is mainly German Irish and English and my father is primarily Hispanic Puerto Rican.
    as a child i never really noticed that my thumbs were different until some one pointed out that they were short and fat. i suppose it was around they time i was in middle school. I am now 21 yrs old and i only found one other person that had one clubbed thumb. I have two. But i never really felt so bad about it all my friends thought they were cute and even thou i have a wide nail bed its not as bad i can still wear fake nails and acrylic nails. and i think its cute that someone liek Megan Fox has them too. Although all of the negativity i have seen revolving about them does make me a little upset. I mean shes beautiful and for some one to soley focus on and appendage is just really shallow. but its soo nice to finally know that I dont have what i thought was just a birth defect. 😉 i really like the royalty thing too its really interesting. It was soo nice to read all of your stories!

  464. coree Says:

    i have two clubbed thumbs. yes they are ugly too. do i like them, no but who really cares. when i was young i would try and hide them as well so know one would comment on them. now i laugh about them and show them off. people laugh and i tell them its my only flaw. we are all unique in our own way and by know means is anyone perfect. we all have to walk around with our head up and love our thumb. it could be worse. thanks be proud

  465. Susan Says:

    Hilarious! I have two clubbed thumbs, the left is the shortest . I’m an artist. When I was in art school we were doing drawing studies of our hands. The teacher said “This looks good. But there is something wrong with the way you’ve drawn the thumbs”. I lifted my thumbs up and showed her what they looked like and we had a good laugh! My heritage is 100% Danish and no one else in the family has stubby thumbs. I’ve heard them called Witch’s thumbs too and I’ve been told our emotions are stronger than our logic. Helps with the art for sure!

  466. Nell Says:

    I love my little thumbs! They are cute. My Nana had the same thumbs…. I loved her very much. She was Irish and English.
    They are not a deformity just a characteristic, like the shape of your eyes or color of your hair.
    Don’t be embarrassed…who cares… really!
    By the way, I’ve seen some pretty ugly thumbs that weren’t stubby. So there!

  467. gabby789 Says:

    I have 2 clubbed thumbs, one a little more than the other but both are very much there. No one really noticed until 8th grade, a few have noticed in high school. I have even gotten a comment from a close friend who never noticed them “OMG YOUR THUMBS LOOK LIKE DOWN SYNDROME!!!” yeah. that was bad. anyway. i just discovered this website and made an account a few minutes ago this rocks- i didnt even know it was a condition until i clicked on the megan fox link on msn (since everyone is making such a big deal about her thumbs) but hey more power to her! It bothers me how people see it as a flaw, like yeah we’re different but there is apparently a lot of us so this is really cool.

  468. Elaine Says:

    I am 42, and I am so happy to have stumbled across this site. I too have been embarrassed all my life because of my thumbs. Both are clubbed but one stubbier than the other. I could never get fake pretty nails because they never had nails that would fit!
    I will tell you that I lost my dad when I was 4 years old, and he had them as well. My dad had three children and I was the only one that inherited them. I used to hate them, now I realize that I got something to always remember him by. Oh and by the way, we are not alone. Megan Fox and Anne Heche have clubbed thumbs too.

  469. Laura Says:

    I have the same thing!!! I’m from an Italian heritage. My great-grandmother, my uncle and I have them. For years I’ve been embarassed about them, but now I feel alot better knowing that so many people have them 🙂 I think that the publics’ response to this Megan Fox release is disgusting!! So many people are saying how horrible this condition is…it hurts…alot…

    • gabby Says:

      i feel that i was reading an article and it said “megan fox suffers from [the technical name idk spelling]” and it made me mad how they said she suffers from it because its not harming us it just looks different

  470. Janice Says:

    i am so relieved that there are so many people out there with clubbed thumbs. i have two of them! lots of times people say that they are “different” or “cute”.
    well, what i want to say is that clubbed thumbs ARE NOT a disease, and we shud not be made fun of.

  471. Haylie Says:

    hello everyone!
    i’m 18 year old and i’m from hong kong, china. i always thought the thumb on my right hand was freaky. i was just browsing the internet and found that megan fox has it, and so many people on this blog too!! it’s soooooo excited!!

    haha i search on the internet and i don’t think chinese people have a name for it yet 😛

  472. vera Says:

    im wondering how i got it…
    if its genetic, then its clearly recessive, but not a single person in my family has it!
    i never even noticed i had a stub thumb until i was aroud9… id always assumed it was normal.
    but ive always called it a dwarf thumb.
    it wasnt until this year i met someone else with one. when i did i was super excited and now were thumb sisters!!!

  473. Denise J. Says:

    I think that its great that there is so much info. out there now! Both of my thumbs are “clubbed”. Im the only one in my family and when I got older met a 3rd cousin w/the same. We are the only ones that we know of in our family. Like many others I spent my whole life making sure they were tucked away in the palm of my hand. It does make me feel special and unique now that Im older. Neither of my children have them, but I will be on the lookout when my grandkids come along. If they are blessed w/this trait I will let them know how special that this makes them!

  474. SW Says:

    I am 100 % Chinese with two club thumbs, weird looking toes, and shorter pinkies (reaching only slightly above my second knuckles). I think my thumbs/pinkies are especially noticeable since my other fingers are all very long and thin (as opposed to short and stubby). My pinkies also look “swollen,” but I’m not sure if it’s just the way they are, or if it’s from years of playing the violin. Any tips about that would be great.

  475. Kaitlyn Says:

    We just realized my daughter has a club thumb (she’s 12, nice parenting, right?) We always thought she had inherited one thumb from me and one from her father, as the clubbed thumb looks like his. He doesn’t have club thumbs, but he does have small hands. After all this research, and reading the posts from all the “royalty” out there, we are convinced her thumb is one of the unique ones like y’all have. She’s not bothered by it, and neither are we. She’s also got one ear that’s got a point on it. She’s always been my little elf. Don’t hide your differences, embrace them. Thank goodness we’re not all the same. How terminally boring would THAT be?

  476. Erin Says:

    This is so cool to see that so many people have the same thumbs as I do! I am 26- Irish, German, Bulgarian, and Austrian. I know one other person (a family friend who is Austrian) who has clubbed thumbs. I love them and everyone I know thinks they are so cool! If anyone says they’re weird I just laugh and say “really?” with a confused look on my face.

  477. sharon Says:

    Hi Everyone!

    I have two “special thumbs” – my mother has one (which I think is stranger!)
    also my mothers faternal aunt had one…..

    I also have very very short pinkies – on both hands – they feel sort of
    spongy – and there is barely a knuckle there…my other fingers on both
    hands are fairly long….I get compliments on my hands all the time –
    people usually don’t notice the length of my pinkies – they tend to
    notice my thumbs more…

    I have never been embarrassed about them – thinking it was just a
    family trait….

    A friend of a friend of mine also has the “special thumbs” and she
    HATES them – I noticed a girl checking groceries once and I mentioned
    her thumbs and then showed her mine and we had a big laugh…..

    My 3 sons (all grown and married now) have ALWAYS laughed about
    Mom having “big toes as thumbs”! Neither of my sons or 2 grandsons
    have the “special thumbs”….

    With all the people in the world having so many health problems and
    other problems – BRACHYDACTYLY is a medical condition I can live with!

    Smile and God Bless!

  478. Tracey Liening Says:

    I was so shocked to see that my “thumbs” are actually from genetics. I know that my great-grandfather, grandmother, aunt ( all mom’s side,)mother and my brother have them. I was always teased about them my whole life. I hid my thumbs too. My children did not end up having this genetic issue. Hard to believe I read an article about Meghan Fox how she has toe thumbs! I know it makes it very hard for me to text with certain phones. I really wish I could figure out why I have these thumbs. I am of English, German, French and Irish heritage. My mom’s side is English..as far as we know. Names were Arms and Gentle. Maybe I have royalty heritage! I am glad I finally found this out!

  479. simply_dina Says:

    hello my name is dina;; i am a proud MEEXICAN… i am the youngest of 5… my dad has his both thums like that;; my mom has her thums regular…. !my two older sister have toe thums as well;; now my older brother and sister dont…. for me i tell my mom i will always be thankfull because i will always have something form both! one of my thums is regular and the other one a toe thum… my boyfriend loves it… we make jokes out of it! like when he does something i like i will give him a big thums up(the regular one) && when he does something that upsets me give him a half thums up( my toe thum) i lov the fact that im unique…

  480. TC Says:

    Wow! I just found this site after learning from my husband that Megan Fox also has clubbed thumbs. I decided to find out more about it because I’ve been embarrassed about my thumbs all my life and was always told that I sucked my thumbs as a child until they became infected and stubby. Knowing that this is genetic won’t make me feel any better about my thumbs since I’ve hated them all my life, but at least now I can tell my mom that it’s actually normal. Someone else in my family must have had clubbed thumbs before me, too.

  481. julian Says:

    Hey there i’m a 20 year old Native American(Indian)(Aboriginal People) whatever you wanna call’em…. i’m From Canada,NS,Cape Breton..
    I Also Have 2 Clubbed and was born with a Clubbed Foot also which was fixed right after i was born my foot looks normal other than its about a inch bigger than the other foot.. In my pre-teens i was always hiding my thumbs in the center of my palm but i was always known as one of the tough guys in school so i really never got made fun of other than my friends which didnt really offend me they always called them cartoon thumbs or they’ll be like they look like toes.. now days the only time im shy of them is when i meet a new girl i always debate on showing them to her lmao but i always do before she notices them but they’re always just like” awwwwe they’re soo cute ” BUT YEA I WANNA KNOW IF ANYONE ELSE HAS A CLUBBED FOOT THAT ALSO HAS CLUBBED THUMBS

  482. Tracey Says:

    To Julian: Google “clubbed thumbs.” Actually it is genetic and seems to be normal for people to either have one thumb normal and one clubbed (or both in my case)..same with feet or even fingers and toes. It is not hereditary like I thought because I see people from all different ethnic backgrounds on here that have this.

  483. MARY Says:


  484. Mel Says:

    Hey, it’s amazing how many people have this. I thought I was one in a million. I have it on both hands and was teased when I was a child but soon after that, learned to hide them well. As an adult, there’s been the odd time that I’ve had to hold a pamphlet for someone to read and they’ve made a comment or I’ve caught someone staring at my hand when I’m holding onto something, etc. I sort of got use to hiding it and didn’t let it bother me (because people more or less stopped noticing) but my dream is to act and I’m starting to land roles now. It’s now a huge issue yet again. I mean, my god, did you see how nasty people were about Megan Fox recently? It’s like every ugly nose, face, ears, whatever doesn’t even come close to a clubbed thumb…like wtf?!! In my opinion, hers are really subtle too. I feel that mine are much more obvious. I just don’t know how one does film for example, if inevitably the camera pans down to show the hands. This happens a lot too in film. It seems like we have very judgmental and critical world out there to deal with.

    • Angela Says:

      Oh I know it’s sad, and it made me sad until I found you guys. People saying that she was a 10 and then they found out about her thumbs and she’s lost a couple of attractiveness points because of it.

  485. Tracey Says:

    Mary: Very true..I can trace it as far back as my great-grandfather on my mother’s side. I am of English and German heritage..and your right it is inheritated.
    Mel: People are idiots…teasing kids (I was teased too) and adults as well. I let all their remarks roll off my back (an expert at 50 years.) Don’t worry about your thumbs. I big worry is that I cannot text with these new phones!

    • Amanda Says:

      I too just recently discovered I cannot type on ipods, iphones, etc. sucks!

      • kathleen Matthews Says:

        Sorry, I laughed when I read your comment on not being able to type on Ipods etc, dont ever go ten pin bowling either, I cant get my thumb in the hole of the ball…but cheer up there is more to life than all that technology…… Kathleen

    • Angela Says:

      Oh man I know I have a hard time with them also lol they need to make special devices for us! lol

  486. cassie Says:

    omg i never realized that this was an actual condition! i just thought i had weird thumbs! ive always been kinda self conscious about them, because i thought i was the only one with them. i feel so much better!

    and im going to look into the whole lineage/royalty thing with this…its so interesting!

    • Angela Says:

      Yeah, I was the same as a child and as a adult. I even checked my baby when he was born to make sure he didn’t have them. he didn’t but now I don’t feel so ashamed of mine. But people out in the world need to stop making fun of people with club thumbs, it’s just not right.. this is the sort of thing that causes children to become depressed now and hurt themselves.

  487. Edwin Says:

    Dear Alf, first of all I would like to congratulate you for the great service you have done to all of us by bringing us together in this forum. I am from India. Initially I felt very embarrassed about my left thumb which looks exactly like the one shown in the photo. Later on I accepted it as a part of me. Nobody in my family has such a thumb. Some told me it is lucky and I believe that I am very lucky. I am very creative and spiritual. I am going to be a Jesuit priest. May the awareness of such rare traits grow more and more so that we realize our uniqueness and accept each other as each one is, with all their differences.

  488. Angela Says:

    This is great! I am so happy to meet people who have thumbs like me! All my life people were cruel to me calling me names in school like toe girl. Actually grabbing my hand and showing the whole class my thumb. I have two of them also. I always wondered all my life why I was different. I am the only one in my family to have these that I know of, I could have had past dead relatives with them but who knows. I am of Irish, German, English and Cherokee Indian decent. I am A positive blood type also. I read a couple of you posting your blood types. I don’t feel so ashamed anymore of my thumbs now that I have found you guys! I did have a medicine man once hold my hand and say I was something special, that I had special traits or something and that’s why I had these thumbs.

  489. angela523 Says:

    I made an account on here I was posting as Angela 🙂

  490. Veronica Says:

    WHat’s up? I have two clubbed thumbs, both my pinkys are half the size of ring finger, also my middle finger on my left hand is the same size as my index finger, my big toes are clubbed and it looks like I have no picky knuckles on both hands and no middle finger knuckle. Also does anyone else have really bad artritis. I’m 20 years old, my father also had clubbed tumbs and toes but not my other brothers and sisters. I am Puerto Rican and Cuban!

    • Stacey Says:

      My mother, older sister and I all have clubbed thumbs. My oldest daughter has clubbed thumbs and big toes. She was also diagnosed with Rhuematoid Arthritis when she was 8. She is now 27 and has shingle outbreaks every now and then. My youngest doesn’t have clubbed thumbs, but is having arthritis-type symptoms.

  491. Maria Says:

    In my year group alone at school 3 of us girls have club thumbs. I have only the one on my left. boyfriends seem to think it’s cute (weirdos)

  492. Sami Says:

    I just started to notice my thumbs were different. My friends and I have clubbed thumbs. They look like toes. Anyway, both my parents have normal thumbs. People do remark on them a lot. I am double jointed in each. I was calling them toe thumbs for months. Now I now what they are. Why are they like that?

  493. Maggie Says:

    Only less than a week ago did I realise that I’m not the only one in the world with a ‘weird’ thumb (and that there’s an actual official name for it), but there’s groups on social networking sites dedicated to ‘our kind’ too.

    I’m Irish, as is all my family. My Father’s Mother and Father ancesters have been living in Ireland, I say, for more than a thousand years (as both their surnames are among the ‘old’ Irish surnames). My Mother’s family is more varied: my Grandad is of English desent (maybe about four to six generations ago), and my Granny would be of Norman descent (I suspect this could be from when the Norman’s invaded Ireland after invading England).

    To answer Sami: I’m not sure why some people have clubbed thumbs, but it seems to be a genetically passed on, from generation to generation down the family line.

    It also seems to me, that it has its roots in Europe and Asia (and eventually came to America and Australia through Europeans and Asians moving). Well, maybe it isn’t just Europe and Asia, but it seems more common in those places at least…. But I could be very well wrong.

    I’m not too worried about my clubbed thumb (I only have one clubbed thumb, the other is less special). I have been on the recieving end of a few jokes a few times (by friends and family), but few people have noticed it.

  494. Gabrielle Says:

    This is so interesting. I knew I wasn’t the only one but I had no idea there are so many of us. Only my left thumb is “special”. It looks like an alien thumb. Really wide and about 1/2 inch shorter than the other. People made fun when I was a kid, but it’s all good now. People barely notice. Im German, Irish, Cherokee Indian. I have fat toes but I dont think that they are “clubbed”. Anyways I think I’m just fine. Unique you know…. 🙂

  495. Ann Hamilton Says:

    My sister just told me about this website. Both of my thumbs are “clubbed.” When I was very young my sisters told me that I had been born without thumbs and my mom had “donor toes” sewed on. I believed them for awhile. I’ve only met one other person with them. Glad to know I’m not alone. I don’t think there is much to the idea of bad temper associated with them. I have taught high school for 23 years now. I’d have killed someone by now!!

  496. Ashley Says:

    Hey-does Vince Vaughn have one clubbed thumb? I just googled it and it looks like he might!

  497. Amy Says:

    HI Thumb brothers and sisters!! I am 17 years old and i just found out yesturday that there is actually a name for my thumbs.. and there are so many other people like me out there!! I have 2 clubbed thumbs. I have generally tiny hands but my thumbs are so short and wide! Both of my thumbs are 2 cm in width and 4.7 cm long! My pointer finger is 8 cm long so that is almost double!! LOL.. i have never seen another thumb like mine until yesturday and now hearing everyone talk about theirs amazes me. I was.. and still kinda am embarassed about them and was consantly poked fun at in junior high for having wide thumbs 😦 .. but knowing so many people have went through what I go through makes me feel a little more confident. Thanks for sharing your stories everyone!!

  498. chains_girl Says:

    My right thumb is clubbed. Until Megan Fox I didnt know thats what it was called. I was always embarrassed by it too, and I told people I smashed it in a car door when I was 3. My mom never corrected me?? I am Finnish, Swedish and Norweigan. Blood type A+… I wish we could all figure out the genetics of this!!

  499. Rae Says:

    Throughout my life people have either been creeped out or in love with my thumbs (once somebody actually kissed them).

    Both of my thumbs are clubbed and I got them from my father’s side –my aunt has one clubbed thumb. I have a small hand so they have gone without notice for the most part. Someone has to really be staring at my hands to get that something is not right. When I was is school and mortified I would make fists and fold my thumbs in them because that didn’t look weird!

    I have recently met a guy with two clubbed thumbs and told my father. His response was not to have kids with him. Although cute, I don’t think that will happen.

    I am Spanish and Native Mexican Indian on my father’s side and German, French and Spanish on my mother’s.

  500. Amy Says:

    i wrote earlier and forgot to mention that i have irish and also english descent.. some of my ancesters were in fact part of the english royalty.. my mother confirmed this earlier today! maybe the “royal thumb” really is a good name for my thumbs!! :).. i also put my hands in a fist and hide my thumbs, or wear long sleeves on my shirts to hide them.

  501. Susie Says:

    haha wowwww i have weird thumbs too!!!! me and my friends say they kinda look like little pies….the bottom part us the pan, and the other part is the pie part!! haha!! my dad has them too, but i dont think i have any italian or french in me. im scottish, irish, and german. ….haha its nice to know that im not the only one with weird thumbs haha!! :):)
    p.s. ive found that Claire’s stick on nails fit my thumbs!! haha!! :D:D

  502. Marguerite Says:

    o WOW.. Im so glad that so many of us have the same thumbs lol I felt alone in the world…..sort of……………. me and my sister are the only ones in my family that have clubbed thumbs Everyone makes fun of us lol It doesnt bother me though.. I thought my thumbs were normal up until 5th grade… Kinda funny…but I like my thumbs their Unique.

  503. Grace Says:

    I am half Okinawan (which is considered a part of Japan) and half Korean. Both my thumbs are clubbed and I don’t know anyone else in my family line who has this trait. I started feeling unattractive and embarassed about them when I was about 21. My husband said when he first saw them he thought they were “wierd” but didn’t focus on them. It’s totally evident in his actions that he loves all of me! I’m very blessed to have a great, Christian man.

  504. Stacey Says:

    This site is incredible! I never knew there were so many with the same thumbs! I am 46 and just heard the “clubbed thumb” term today. In my family, it started with my mother having them, then every other child of hers. (Her 2nd and 4th child has them.) I am the 4th child and my oldest daughter has them (she also has clubbed big toes), but my youngest does not. It seems to be every other person within each generation. I have called them toe thumbs for years – always said that if I lost my thumb you could attach my big toe and no one would be able to tell the difference. I think they are unique and wouldn’t trade them for anything! I did talk to a specialist once about them and he said that it a Eurpoean trait – my mothers grandparents are from Italy – but he never used the term clubbed thumb.

  505. Kathleen Matthews Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs, they never bothered me, its such a small thing to be concerned about. My mother only noticed them when I was in my fifties! Big deal!….its probably genetic. There should be a competition to see who has the most clubbed ones. the nails on mine are just a strip, so I let the nails grow , they still dont look normal. Incidently I am Scottish, although I dont know what that has to do with anything, I thought since many people mentioned there nationalites I thought I would mention mine.

  506. Holly Says:

    I have clubbed thumbs on both thumbs before I didn’t really mind them until someone said to me. Only a couple of people have made fin of me but know it’s gona get much worse.I asked my mum how to get rid of them and she I should just grow them and it looks like it working so far. Mine are not as bad as some peoples my nails are long so they’re getting thinner. :)))))))

  507. midia Says:

    im a beautifull person with a terrible unconfidance,i have two clubbed thumb that i hate them:((.
    todays im so depressed and unhappy i love a guy and i see him only one time,and talk with him for 3 years and know him about 8 years…(it have a long story)..im in love with him….but…i didnt told him about my thumbs any more im so scared that he leave me alone…or getting angry or uppset about hiding it…!!!what should i do?1.tell him when i see him.2.tell him before see him….!!!!!plz help me:(

    • Grace Says:

      Dear Midia,
      You can tell him how you feel about your thumbs. If a guy will leave you because of a small part of your body, he really does not love you – wake up, it’s true! Either he doesn’t love YOU or hasn’t learned how to love ANYONE. My husband and I can laugh about each other’s traits but still accept each other. Learn how to like yourself even if others don’t. This body is temporary. I don’t want to waste my life worrying about if others like me.

      • midia Says:

        dear grace!!!!i’m 22 years old and i started this bad feeling when i was 20,i really try to like myself and accept this trait,i always thinking about them and chalange with myself,but i didn’t win most times!!!sorry if my english isn’t so good!!:):)my life is getting so hard!!i wanna know about your wife reaction more…and i wanna know about you that how you stop this bad feeling..i’m so jelous about you!!!!

    • Rhonda Says:

      I was just reading your post and am wondering how things worked out for you. How are you doing?

  508. midia Says:

    dear grace!!!!i’m 22 years old and i started this bad feeling when i was 20,i really try to like myself and accept this trait,i always thinking about them and chalange with myself,but i didn’t win most times!!!sorry if my english isn’t so good!!:):)my life is getting so hard!!i wanna know about your wife reaction more…and i wanna know about you that how you stop this bad feeling..i’m so jelous about you!!!!

    • Melissa Says:

      I started dating my boyfriend when I was 22, in 26 now and in the same relationship. I have to agree with Grace. Not only do i have club thumbs but a curvature of my nails. My hands are UGLY, im not going lie. But I LOVE my club thumbs…N U SHOULD 2. If you don’t mind ill tell you how I turned my embarrassment into love! Chances are someone in your genetic line has had this same thing. For me it was my grandfather. He was a great man whom I loved dearly. When he passed, I had a constant reminder of him, my knubs ( that what I call my club thumbs). I am the ONLY living member of my family with thumbs like this and I’m very proud of it.
      I hope this helps you some, but remember you shouldn’t dwell on things you can’t change and if a man don’t like you for your insides as well as out then they’re not worth your time. But in my experience, as long as the guy isn’t metro sexual, I don’t think he will care too much about your thumbs. Go for it and tell him, he will probably get a laugh for you worrying so much…hope this helps ya Hun…8)

  509. Sonia Says:

    I’m 34 and I have two clubbed thumbs. I’m 100% Puerto Rican and probably a few other things if you know anything about my culture. Anyway, I was just like everyone else…I grew up embarrassed and ashamed of my thumbs. I had one guy in grade school that made fun of my thumbs which made me feel horrible. I got really good in hiding my thumbs. I sometimes in pictures tuck my thumbs in so that no one can see them…and many times I do it and I don’t even realize I’m doing it.
    This site is great because I’ve never known anyone with this condition. No one in my family knows anyone that has it too. I thought I was the only one like this…it is really nice to know that I’m not alone.

    • Melissa Says:

      your so not alone! And I know I don’t know you personally, but don’t be embarrassed. Im sure you are a beautiful person. Chances are someone in your family line has had it.

  510. Emmy Says:

    Things people have said about my thumbs:

    “Oh, you ARE Loren’s daughter!”


    “You have oompa-loompa thumbs!”

    “Oh my God! What did you do to your thumbs?!”

    I knew they were a good conversation piece. I just had no idea how many there were out there!

  511. Melissa Says:

    Hey All,
    I have 2 clubbed thumbs, coming from my grandfather’s side. Let me tell you I love them. I wouldn’t change my thumbs for the world. When I was little I hated my hands ( I have an upward curvature of my fingernails, except my clubbed thumbs), very ugly. I inherit this from my grandfather like I said and My grandfather was a great man, whom I loved dearly. Now that he’s gone, it’s like I have a piece of him with me always. 2 everyone here, I know we all got our own stories, & it’s easier said then done, but we should all take pride in our club thumbs. They’re beautiful and tell a little bit about your family history. We’re unique! I 2 was embarrassed when I was young, but not anymore.

  512. Betty Davidson Says:

    Yes just like my Dad I have the funny stumpy left thumb. I used to try to hide it when i was young but now it is ok! I have met others outside of the family with one just like mine. Interesting to know there are so many people just like me or rather my thumb!

    • sam Says:

      i have only met one other person in my LIFE! who has clubbed thumbs, i used to think i was the only one until i got older and finally researched it, and i am no longer embarrassed by it, becasue that is what make me unique! especially only one! lol

  513. Erin Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs and i’ve always been embarassed about them. I am the only one in my family to have them. i was naive to think i was the only one to have them and i am so psyched to see that there are so many other people that share this uniqueness. i’ve always been embarassed about them and everytime someone asks me i shy away. Thank you whoever started this and everyone who has told their stories, you have given me so much more confidence and i’m not embarassed about my thumbs anymore.

  514. kandi Says:

    this is soo funny,my sister called me and told me to look this up..my mom has one club thumb and me and one of my sisters have 2,i have never seen or heard about anyone else having them.i am amazed that there are soo many people with them.i have always hated them,but i did have fake nails put on once and i thought they looked almost normal lol.i have 3 kids and did not pass it on,my sisters son got them though.i will be looking for them in the future generations and i think it would be pretty neat if one of my grandchildren would get them,i think it would be a special bond.i am 39 yrs old and my oldest is 18 so hopefully i will have a bit of a wait before that happens!i’m glad we’re not alone!!:)

  515. jackie Says:

    yoyo thumb people!!!! i dont know my blood type but i’m italian, irish, russian, and german. so thats pretty much europe, right? anyway; i’m so glad that theres all these other people who share my unique attribute. my friends call them toe thumbs lol. haha.

  516. Camille Says:

    Hello to all. I have one clubbed thumb! I am an african american female. Am i the only african american that have a clubbed thumb? I inherited the thumb from my grandfather.

  517. Tracey Says:

    Wow…I have not seen any African-American people on here. They say it is an European trait…possibly inbreeding. Nice, eh? So maybe you have some European background that you don’t know about. I have two clubbed thumbs. Some of my family members have them as well. We are not alone!

  518. andrew Says:

    up untill today i never knew this had a name and i always thought i was the only one with this as i was always the only one with and laughed at for this but im not alone!

    does moving your thumb up and down bother anyone else? even just a tiny bit? it really annoys me.

  519. Sandy Says:

    My thumb on my right hand is clubbed. I am french and english, I heard it came from french heritage. My neice Nicole has a clubbed left thumb. As far as I know we are the only ones in our family to have these thumbs. It has never bothered either one of us and I don’t think it should bother any one.

  520. Courtney Says:

    omg i have clubbed thumbs! but im not german or french or italian or anything im black…but omg it was so humiliating as a kid people would look at my thumbs and be like ugh girl what happened to them? i’d be like look dude idk leave me alone i used to go home and cry about it sometimes i would tuck them in all the time or pull my jacket sleeves over them to avoid people discovering them…but i stumbled upon a magazine article about megan fox’s thumbs and they said it was called a clubbed thumb and i got so excited i was like omg i got the same thumbs!!! then i googled it and stumbled upon this site and i see all these people with the same problem and it makes me feel so much better…i thought i was just weird!!! what a relief!!!

  521. MARY Says:


  522. MARY Says:


    • Courtney Says:

      i dont get it

      • Chelsea Says:

        It is supposed to be funny. She is saying that clubbed thumbs shouldn’t be thought of as a problem. They come in handy more than we realize. She thinks that her thumbs come in handy while she picks fruit and veggies in her garden.

    • Courtney Says:

      ooo ok i see lol they never really came in handy for me all they do is attract rude people to ask me annoying questions about them lol

      • Lyrical Masterpiece Says:

        Lol, that’s why I wear a really nice watch. I just compliments and questions about my watch all the time.

  523. Carrie Says:


    I have thumbs that are both “club” thumbs. I never knew there was the term for them…until I read that Megan Fox had a club thumb!! I was always embarrased of my thumbs especially in grade school and would clasp my other fingers around them too embarrassed by what anyone would say or do. I had one friend who would takcle me and scream, “Hey everyone look at Carrie’s thumbs!” When I got older it stopped bothering me. My thumbs haven’t held me back in anything that I do, except I can’t play the game called “Quarters”…has anyone played that game? My thumbs stop right at my knuckle line which people with normal thumbs the end of theirs stop at the very first bend of their index finger. Growing up in a small town one other girl had them so when we saw each other in the hall we gave each other a thumbs up. My brother always teases me and says, stop touching me with your toes. I got my thumbs from my grandmother. I have two children and when both were born my husband came over to me and said, they don’t have your thumbs!! But you know what, even if they did it would have been okay. We are no different than anyone else. I am glad I found this site.

  524. Erica Says:

    I don’t have clubbed thumbs…I’m trying to figure out why people are embarresed by them…they look totally normal to me…some people have long fingers short fingers skinny fingers fat fingers…I think they look fine..even strong

  525. Sarah Says:

    Omg I hav toe thumbs and I didn’t no wut they r called until now!!! I’m 13 and all my friends at skool make fun of it and I hav always wondered y they r like this but now I feel better that I’m not the only one!!! I’m kinda mad tho cause sumtimes they stop me from being able to txt and belong with a light ball cause the hole is to small for my fat thumb!!! Hahahahaha I’m so special 😉

    • gabby789 Says:

      i have two clubbed thumbs and i have never had trouble doing anything- i can text but the only thing that does sort of make me uncomfortable is bowling because my thumbs are wide but i can use the same size as my friend its just a little cramped but it works haha- why cant you text? or does it just slow you down..?

    • josine bastings Says:

      hallo lotgenoten, ik heb ook twee moordenaarsduimen. vroeger vond ik het vervelend en schaamde ik me er een beetje voor, dat heb ik niet meer maar ik let er wel op bij andere mensen of zij er ook hebben. Verder heb ik er geen last van, ze zijn lelijk verder niks.

  526. Sara Fevereiro Says:

    I have a club thumb on my right hand and a sort of club middle finger on my left hand. I have all my life tried to conceal them from public (and not so public) view all my life. I’m still trying to figure out why is it so important that no one finds out there is something out of the ordinary with me. I mean, I really take great pains (I’m too ashamed to be more concrete) to keep them out of sight. My right thumb has always seemed to me like some kind of squatting caveman. Something primitive and savage, almost vicious, while my left thumb is long, slender and feminine. The middle finger on my left hand (thank God for small favours :)) is more discrete, like a caveman in a tuxedo, perhaps :D. I have never had a professional manicure (I do my own nails at home) because I can’t stand the idea of someone staring at my funny thumb and finger.

    Oh, I’m Portuguese and no else in my close family has thumbs or fingers like mine. My son was born with perfect thumbs and fingers, though his toes look a bit like turtles’ heads poking out of their carapaces (they take after his father’s, not mine, I have perfectly regular toes :)).

    Congratulations on the site. It is nice (and somewhat reassuring) to know that I’m not alone and that there is a whole tribe of squatting caveman thumbs out there.

  527. Deborah Quon Merlo Says:

    I am almost 59 yrs old and I use to hate my thumbs, but I have a belief that all humans are a work of art. Different sizes, color and physical differences and they make all of use unique.
    I am 100% Chinese, my father was born in China (not sure where) and my mother was born in the US and raised in the Sacramento area. So somehow I believe that there is no specific heritage that has sole possession of this unique cosmetic challenged thumbs.
    I have two unique thumbs, they are both short, wide with short wide thumb nails and very thick nails (like the big toe on your foot).
    I have found peace and no longer hate my thumbs. They add to my uniqueness. My friends all think that they are cute.
    Hey, it’s with you for life so enjoy them for their uniqueness.
    Thank you all for opening up about your thumbs, it’s really nice to know that I’m not alone.
    THUMBS UP to all members of this very unique gift.

  528. sam Says:

    i have one clubbed thumb on my left hand, and my dad always said is was my big toe, lol

    i hate people who make fun of it, even if they are just playing around, stupid people like that cant accept some kind of unusual trait, and thats what makes us special, people who say its gross or cute wouldnt understand till they had one, and i always got made fun of for it fo a very long time, and i was very embarrassed by it, my best friend made fun of it, and stopped talking to her.

    we all have some sort of interesting thing on our body that makes us unique, apparently clubbed thumbs we can see and notice quicker than most other people who never figure some different on them.

    calling all clubbed thumbs, We are Unique! and beautiful no matter what!

  529. georgia Says:

    i am 10 all my family going back at least 10 generations have clubbed thumbs but also joints missing from fingers .
    my father is the same but not my sister the doctor said it is a 50/50 chance that it happens as it is genetic
    i do get teased at school but i am stronger then them
    are there other familys out there with short fingers and clubbed thumbs???????

  530. Sally Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs both different shapes and sizes. I have three kids with clubbed fingers out of six. People will say to me OMG you have “lucky thumbs”. So I believe they are lucky.

    When my children were little they thought their friends all had weird and deformed fingers. My daughter felt sorry for her friends.

    My mom didn’t realize I had them until I was 17. My grandfather was the only one in the family aside from me. He loved playing thumbwars no one could beat him. When my mother discovered my thumbs she was horrified and said had she noticed she would have bound them like the feet of chinese children- she wanted to protect me but I always loved them (although I did hide them as a teen) My husband said as long as our kids don’t inherit them everything would be fine hahaha they did and everything is fine. My daughter loves them they make her unique. My son loves his too.

    We have laughed here so much – thank you for sharing your stories.

    ThumbWars and the Thumbnation movies are some of our favorite movies. Highly recommend.

  531. Maddie Says:

    I thought i was the only one! my Uncle has them too!
    Then i saw an artical on Megan Fox… I was so excited!
    I showed everyone at my intermediate school!
    Clubbed thumbs 4 life!

  532. Maddie Says:

    Im 12 by the way people!

  533. Liz Dz Says:

    Wow- so nice to see so many people like me. I am 35 years old. I have two ‘fat’ (as I’ve always called them) thumbs. My mother has one, her grandmother has one. My brother and sister didn’t get them. My son does not have them.

    I barely notice them. Got teased in school but I quickly learned to laugh with and shrug off any comments… which were never original, btw and always dumb- that I ended up laughing in their faces! hehe…. No one ever notices my thumbs- I usually have to point them out to friends. Lately though, they’ve been on my mind b/c of the Megan Fox stuff- people are so ignorant! I’ve met one or two other people in my life w/these thumbs, and it’s nice to meet so many more! (BTW- these thumbs are perfect for typing on a keyboard!)

    I am also fairly artistic and happen to be left-handed, which no one else is in my family. I am Caucasian, with mostly french & english (on my mom’s side where this trait comes from) decent.

    Hi everybody!

  534. Liz Dz Says:

    I believe my blood type is O-.

    How many southpaws are there?

  535. Julie Schultz Says:

    You can see pics of my sexy thumb,and also show a picture of yours!
    I have only seen two people with my kind of thumb, and I thought theirs looked so weird…..and i know mine has to look even stranger …but its cute to me!!!! Hope to see yours on Facebook at thumbprints! Julie Schultz

    Also, I’m a little disapointed Magen Fox used a hand double in her superbowl comercial ,her choice but I would of been proud of her own thumb!


  536. Faris A Says:

    wow….i honestly thought i was the only one in the world who had clubbed thumbs…..no one in my family has it..
    i have two clubbed thumbs….but im not euro…well idk
    but im eastern mediterranean….well close enough..
    I was so happy when i realized that millions of ppl have it….especially megan fox!!

  537. Aleisha Says:

    I have 2 clubbed thumbs. I didnt realize that they were different until i got into like the 5th grade. All my sisters have them, my mom does too, so does my uncle, my cousin, and my grandpa. Im actually proud to say that becuase it makes me unique

  538. Aleisha Says:

    oh and by the way im not french or italian, i have a lot of hungarian and a little german in me.

  539. ashie royal thumb :) Says:

    hmm i just take it like this, i used to be embarrased about my thumbs when i was younger. im not anymore, i absolutely love my thumbs. “normal” thumbs to me look really weird. and sometimes i think they arent that pretty. my thumbs on the other hand are cuteeeee. and i always get told their cute. 🙂 so id rather have cute thumbs then normal thumbs any day. 🙂

    • Colette Says:

      same story here 😀 When I was younger, I would look at my sister’s thumbs and I would think that they were really weird… until the day that i discovered that i was the one with different thumbs… haha 😀 Normal thumbs actually do look kinda weird to me now tho… 😀

  540. ashie royal thumb :) Says:

    btw im 40% german, 35% irish & 25% finnish. <=== so it came from somewhere lol.

  541. Wendy Says:

    I’m 53 -almost 54 and this is the first time I’ve ever known there was a name for my thumbs!!!! How cool… we’re never too old to learn something. It was a friend of mine who just noticed them (I’ve known her for 18 years) and told me what they were- her daughter has one. My fingers are kind of stubby anyway but I always knew the left thumb – and I’m left handed too- was a little beyond stubby. My right thumb isn’t quite the same, but it looks similar, I think because it’s just stubby. Anyway, as an adult, I don’t spend much time with my fingers, but I’ve certainly been more self conscious about my hands than the rest of my body for most of my life. I once read that when you make a fist, if you put your thumbs inside the fist, it means you’re an introvert but if you leave them out, you’re an extrovert. I’ve always put mine inside and I’m an extrovert. It was because I wanted to hide the damn things… duh! But it really hasn’t affected my life, I’m happy to say… I still grew up relatively normal (believe it or not) went to college, got married, had kids, found a job,(many jobs actually, thumbs and all, (I kept my hands in my lap during the job interview 🙂 ) bought a house, etc. I have seen people from time to time with thumbs like mine, but never mentioned it. Only recently, another friend of mine pointed out her clubbed thumbs in reference to the fact that she has trouble using a cell phone. How true… Of course I hadn’t had any problems with that myself until she made me aware of it LOL As for my ethnic background, I’m Jewish (of Russian ancestry) and none of my grandparents or my extended family(incl: parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins) had these thumbs to my knowledge, so go figure. Well, there’s a thumbnail sketch 🙂 of my life with a clubbed thumb…

  542. S.A. Says:

    Im so glad i found this site…can anyone relate…u no when that lil john song came out “snap ya fingaz” it made stop dancing completly! i mean iv always had trouble snappin my fingerz because I have 2 clubbed thumbs.

  543. becca Says:

    I HAVE TWO CLUBBED THUMBS 😀 i never hide them at all, im proud to have them 🙂

  544. kandi Says:

    i can snap just fine…lol but i have hid my thumbs too and bowling is a bitch..i really do hate my thumbs..but it is what it is..i have other club fingers too but they are all on the same hand..i always thought it was from chewing or pickin at my cuticles bad habbit!!but i looked at my aunts nails and she has the same thing!!i cannot embrace my thumbs i wish they were normal but whatever!! i am stuck with them..noone ever talks about them but my family..hey kandi show em your thumbs!!GREAT!!!maybe i don’t want to!! 🙂

  545. SY Says:

    I have 2 clubbed thumbs and i always think that they are cute and special.. 🙂
    I am the only one in the family who has these special thumbs..
    I’m a Chinese from Malaysia..

  546. Kim P. Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs and have always been embarrassed about them. So good to know there are others of us out there. My mom has one normal and one club, so does her mother and my brother. I’m glad mine match!
    We are of irish/czech/english decent. I will be more accepting of them now that I know so many are out there! I was so ashamed in elementary school. All of my photos growing up I have them hidden. I am 53 now and they are getting a little wrinkly as I age. They remind me of something an elf or troll would have. Both my big toes are also club. What a weird trait to have. I used to call them monkey thumbs. Isn’t it a bitch trying to hold onto big things and open some jars? And who the heck can text with these things. My blood type is O-. I have enjoyed and laughed reading all the above comments. Thanks you for making me feel so happy. Thumbs up!

  547. Ethan Says:

    my right thumb i think is a hangmans thumb.but i know it is a thumb in the shape of a D (it really looks like that.) i’m Mexican/ Guatemalen . i am 12 yrs old. i am also the decent of Gen.Ortega (you know..around 1865)people always make fun of me,it sucks.i know nobody with anything of what i have(it gets lonely.) but i now know that other people have this to.Thanks for not making me feel weird!

  548. britton Says:

    i have 2 of these thumbs (on each hand (just kidding)). I have always thought they are more like what thumbs are supposed to be than the “normal” thumbs which are more like fingers.

    They’re definitely good for the occasional hilarious wisecrack from the fellas. I’ve always enjoyed the reaction of people who have never seen these kind of thumbs before. They’re anywhere from a blank stare with a “so what” to outright astonishment and horror. One time i told somebody that when i was born the doctor dropped me on the floor and i landed on my thumbs, and they believed me. Pretty hilarious. If i run into somebody who is visibly disturbed by them i make it a point to touch them with them and rub them with them. This will ALWAYS get huge laughs.

    My mom is korean with a tiny bit of chinese thrown in and my pops is of english descent with a large amount of northern italian (the super blonde variety supposedly) thrown in. Im the only one in my family with these thumbs. None of my 3 kids have them. A buddy of mine’s son has them and he’s the only one in his family with them. A friend of mine’s sister has one of each kind. Only once every few years or more will i run into somebody new with these thumbs.

  549. Yasmeen Says:

    im from O.C.
    And I’m 16 years old im half Mexican and American
    I was always made fun of at school about my thumbs and I thought I was the only one with them till I saw Megan fox’s thumb and I looked them up
    but wow I dirent know so many people have them
    I guess we are just unique 😉

  550. Lopaka (Hawaiian for Robert) Says:

    My 33yr old Registered Nurse daughter, Jessica, just called me and could hardly speak because she was laughing so much after finding this site. She has both cute thumbs which sort of bothered her during grade school but she always pointed out that her grandmother (my mom) and her great grandmother (my mom’s mom) both have it. They are both full blooded Portuguese whose ancestors came from the Portuguese Azores Islands. My dad’s ancestors came from another Portuguese island, Madeira. Their families immigrated to Hawaii in the 1800’s. My son and other daughter do not have the trait. Jess has a fantastic personality, very mellow, loving and caring. Before leaving work today her husband called her and said “Hi stubby, I’m leaving work now”. She came back to my call laughing hysterically. So, the Portuguese genes from her paternal side over rode the Hawaiian genes from her maternal side. Be proud all you special and unique people. God Bless all of you. Aloha

  551. Ernest Aparisi Says:

    Hi! I’m 42 y.o. from Spain. It’s great having found this site. I have two clubbed thumbs and that has embarrased me since I was a child. I have always tried to hide them from other people view. It’s only some days ago since I began to search about it in the net and found that short tumbs are called “murderer’s thumb” I couldn’t believe it. It’s grateful hearing from other people’s opinion and different ways of facing it. Kisses from Spain!

  552. sarah16 Says:

    hey im 15 and both of my thumbs are clubbed. evidently, my maternal grandmother had the same thumbs as me. however, i also bite my nails, so my thumbnails are really short and really wide. i had no idea that other people shared this trait until today when i searched whether or not they made fake nails for people with these wierd thumbs 🙂 im really glad that i found this site because im tired of having to hide my thumbs all the time and im hoping that after reading through some of the comments i will emerge enlightened 🙂

  553. FFK Says:

    Royal thumb on my right hand; male; height 6.2; ethnicity – German and Czech; in perfect health; no other unusual physical traits; no unusual mental traits; no addictions; creative mind; post-graduate education.

    It is my only unique physical feature and I’d really like to get to the bottom of it. No luck so far. From what I’ve seen, medical sources give it a name, but do not really offer any explanations as to the origin.

    My thumb does everything a human thumb is supposed to do. No complaints there.

    When it comes to gripping things, it is one solid, sturdy, dependable tool. I do extreme kayaking and this lil thing never disappoints.

    When it comes to precision, my thumb is golden. I play the classical guitar, and again, my thumb never disappoints.

    I sometimes have to write long reports for my job. The little hammer does heck of a job when it comes to smashing that poor space bar.

    It does look ‘non-ordinary’. Does that bother me? Yes and no. When I am feeling down, everything bothers me, including my thumb. When I not on a downer, nothing bothers me, including my thumb.

    Re. other people’s reactions, my experience has been this: people who love me, love my thumb; people who like me, like my thumb; people who dislike me, dislike my thumb; people who hate me, hate my thumb. Essentially, ehen it comes to human relationships, this lil thumb does not get any say at all.

  554. Karolina Says:

    It’s nice to find a page like this, though I tried to find some more scientific information about this weird trait – with no significant result ;/ instead I learned from Indian Palmistry that I have “murderer’s thumbs” and that I should be very powerfull-tempered ;/ lol, I can get along with them, these thumbs, quite well, only sometimes I don’t know how to react when people notice them but they feel uncomfortable to ask me about it. Unknowingly I’m used to hide them, but while typing on mobile or playing piano you simple cannot do anything to prevent others from seeing it, and since they’re embarrassed to ask, in their astonishement they think of me as weird ;/ I have no nobel ancestors for sure, I checked that 😛 and nobody in my family has clubbed thumbs! I’m 22 Polish, female and I have never met anyone who would have same thumbs as me, I’m suprised there’s so many of you!

  555. Danielle Says:

    HOLY COW! I can’t believe there is so many others out there! I’ve never met anyone else with “toe thumbs” before. I can say I’ve personally never had a single negative experiences regarding my thumbs. Everyone has always loved my thumbs! Especially when I was younger my friends loved to press the puffy pad on the backside of my thumb. I’ve never hated or felt self conscious about them either

    I’m 22 and have always been a very artistic and creative person, which seems to be a trend of people with “clubbed thumbs”. I’ve also been told time and time again how beautiful my hand writing is. Maybe there is some connection??


  556. Thomas Says:

    I HATE THEM! I have two. I was picked on pretty much up to date. High school was probably the worst. I used to sit in class with my thumbs in a text book applying pressure hopeing they would just straiten out. Even today when im showing someone a picture on my phone or texting while someone is watching, i hold my phone in my palm and use my index finger just to hide my thumb. Is there any kind of surgery or way to fix these dopey things. When I date a girl I have to figure out a way to show her these thumbs hopefully without her getting weirded out. lol Im a 31 year old very decent looking guy. Are there any girls out there with clubbed thumbs that wanna date lol. That would make things much easier. Im sorry if im not enthused on embrassing this club thumb club. Im sure you all know how i feel. Maybe we should all move to the same town so then we can make fun of people with normal thumbs lol.
    If my thumbs were a movie, i’d give em two thumbs down.

    • P Says:

      I have the same problem as you! my left thumb is clubbed and it has affected my self-confidence, i care more about hiding them… i too would like some kind of surgery to fix it out!

  557. Miranda Says:

    I am 10 yrs old.Today I was crying about my thumb so we looked on the internet about what it could of been caused by and found this website.

    I and my mum are really pleased to find this site. I was worried about my thumb and thought it was ugly. I have one normal thumb (left) and one clubbed thumb on my right hand, I think it looks worse because they are both different from each other.

    I thought it was because I used to suck my thumb, but it seems that it must be genetic.

    I feel pleased that other people have the same thumb as me.

  558. MARY Says:


    • Miranda Says:

      Thanks Mary for replying. I always get worried at school and try to hide my thumbs especially when we are playing heads down thumbs up because you have to stick your thumbs up and then people see them which worries me, I am pleased to know that other people have the same kind of thumb as me.

  559. Hazel Fairall Says:

    I’m 50 & have two toe-thumbs but have no idea who I inherited them from, although the youngest of my 3 daughters has got just 1 (not 1 thumb ha ha but 1 toe-thumb!!) I actually think they’re quite amusing & are always good for an ice-breaker! (literally!! they’re v. strong!) Interestingly, we are both artistic & creative, just to follow the previous writers trends. I had no idea there were so many of you out there, I have met a few people & we do have a laugh about them. Yep, bowling is about the only downside, can be embarrassing when you have to call for assistance to remover the ball!!! Anyway, thumbs up to all u fellow fat-thumbers!

  560. TJ Says:

    My sister and I, and my son are the only family members in recent generations to have the great thumbs. No one in the family would claim them for years until my Norwegian grandmother said she remembered an uncle on her side had them.
    I’ve always been quite proud of them, and was especially pleased when I saw my son got them. They may be short, but they’re strong. Nobody I know can beat me at thumb wrestling. Maybe this “club” could come up with some contenders.
    I’ve met about 3 or 4 others in my life with similar thumbs. One was a Danish woman in Copenhagen, another a colleague of Swiss descent.
    Yeah. The bowling ball problem. I couldn’t learn to bowl until I was an adult because I couldn’t handle the balls the thumb would fit into.

  561. Jasmine Says:

    I am so glad i came across this site! I was so ashamed of them throughout my whole childhood, i got teased about them so much that i even went as far as holding things in weird ways so no one would notice them, which actually made me get teased more. im sure no one would have noticed as much if i didnt make such a big deal about it. i know that i get them from my great grandfather who was english if that helps anyone? at one point it got really bad when at my aunties wedding i stuck bandaids over them for the whole day to avoid my wedding partner seeing them in the bridal waltz!!! now i cover them up by getting fake nails, however this can be annoying when they dont have a big enough nail for my thumb!!! i too thort i was the only one with these thumbs so i am soooo happy to know that theres so many other people with them, and knowing Megan Fox has them makes me feel heaps better =)

  562. Michele Says:

    I have these funny thumbs my great aunt who has just died at the age of 104 also had these thumbs and she said they are call cobra thumbs and are lucky

  563. Michele Says:

    has anyone noticed that girl on over the rainbow danniell she has these thumbs ?

  564. monica Says:

    haha this site made my day.
    i remember having these strange thumbs for such a long time.
    i always knew they were different.
    it’s really nice to see how many people are like me

    looks like most of the people here are of european descent, but i’m korean so am i still considered having the royal european trait? haha

    i used to get teased a lot when i was younger and would hide them underneath my other fingers, but in high school all of my friends think that they’re cute.

    OH i also have clubbed big toes. the big toes look exactly like my thumbs but on my big toe. they’re also shorter than most of my other toes.
    anyone have that? the clubbed big toes are the ones that get me really self conscious :[

  565. Elle McThumb Says:

    OMG! OMG! OMG! Finally I have a name fat thumbs and 100’s of others to share it with! I have 2 “Clubbed Thumbs”, all my life I have been embarrassed of them and even wondered if there was surgery to correct them because of the torment from others especailly at school – my mother nicknamed mine Elle McThumb (instead of Elle McPherson) and Claudia Schthumb (instead of Claudia Schiffer) because unlike models who are tall and skinny my thumbs are short and fat… anyway mums nickname never bothered me so such infact I think it is funny.

    Ok so here is a bit of information about my background – I am french/aboriginal (native australian) the french comes from my mothers side of the family, I can’t think of anyone else in the family that has “Clubbed Thumb” I have been looking through old photos looking for clues but I can’t find anything.

    I really like the idea of being from royal bloodlines – hehehe All Rise for Queen Elle McThumb hahahaha sorry can’t help myself…I am so glad I have found this place!!

    • Elle McThumb Says:

      Oh yeah… I am also very creative and artistic aswell – I do everything from knitting, sewing, jewellery making cake decorating the list goes on and on…

  566. pat Says:

    kids always recognized mine growing up and i would tell them i was born without thumbs, so doctors amputated my big toes and put them on my hands. its funny how many people beleive it. one of my good friends mentioned my amputation when we were 19. hahaha. theyre just thumbs, i dont get why anyone gets self concsious about them….have fun with it

  567. Mary Says:

    My granddaughter has clubbed thumbs and we wondered where they came from. We have 8 children, 16 grandchildren and 16 greats and she is the only one. Her ancestry is totally mixed. Her father always calls her his Princess. Maybe he was right all along.

  568. Chelsea Says:

    I call them my “Frodo” thumbs.

  569. rick Says:

    i never knew so many people had clubbed thumb /i have two/i wish i had found this site before

  570. Ellen Says:

    I am a 16 year old girl from Sweden, and have two “clubbed thumbs”. Another girl in class also has them, and i’ve seen them on some more people in my life! My dad also has them, but they’re much wider and the nail much shorter than on mine, which im glad of 😉
    I don’t think I have any other ancestry than swedish, so it’s kind of strange 😛 Oh, i also have double toes, or what it is called in english…

  571. Dick Says:

    I’m Richard, I am of some royal descent. I have one on my right hand. I have been reading this for some time and hope that someone can substantiate some of what I have heard. In my family what was described to me was that, the thumb had originally came about from slight overmingling of the royal families in northern europe. I have also heard that it was good enough for a title in some parts for some period of time, perhaps in the 1500s. This trait obviously being labeled the “Royal thumb.” This comes from great grandparents, and therefore I can’t quite validate myself. There was also mention that it may date more specifically to Charlemagne, and his family’s descendants. My speculation is that this trait, that the gene folk say is dominant, got into the english nobility and was spread about continent and isles by their doings. I would love if this could be validated by a historian of some sort. Here comes the next part, there is, on the site, a group of Asian thumbers, this piques my interest due to another bizarre shared trait. My earwax type is atypical for a westerner. My earwax is “gooey type” and not “crumbly type” which is the reverse of what it ought to be. This is common in Asians. Do any of you english/irish/scottish/welsh/german/scandinavian/whatever thumbers share this trait as well? “I’ll take my response off the air”.

  572. Jessica Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs, I suppose I’ve been lucky with them as well. I was always ashamed of them until I was in the 6th grade and one of my best guy friends noticed them and dubbed me “Thumbs”. While that could sound rude it was really more of a nickname, a nickname that stuck with me for 8 years. He is the reason I stopped being ashamed of them because he thought they were cool! Now, most of the time nobody notices them, and when they do it’s no big deal. I think that if I were still embarrassed by them others wouldn’t understand but because I’ve embraced them as a part of me it’s accepted. But like I said, I got off lucky.. I’m sorry for those of you who have been teased. 😦

  573. MARY Says:


  574. Alex Says:

    I have two fat thumbs they are cute, but no one else in my family have these kind of thumbs and i was sort of wondering what it means when i have them!

  575. Matthew Says:

    one would think it could be possible to have some sort of surgery to apply even a plastic “normal” thumb over the tip of a clubbed thumb. Even if you had no feeling in the tip of your thumb i personally think it would be worth it.

  576. Suzie Says:

    Growing up, I always thought that my brother was the one with wierd thumbs. It wasn’t until I was 8 years old and we had a fight and he mocked me by drawing (exaggerated) pictures of my thumbs and calling me “Knobby thumbs!” Then I realized I was different. It wasn’t until years later that I found out it was a genetic mutation called brachyl dactyl type D. Now I think my thumbs are pretty cool.

  577. Alice Says:

    Both my sister and I have toe thumbs and also my other sister has one “normal” thumb and One toe thumb. Reckon we get them from our Dad!
    Always hated them and often hide them, but I am slowly getting less concious of them (Im 38 now) My family have made fun of them for yrs!!!

  578. Dave Says:

    I love my thumbs. I am 36, and I only just found out there is a “condition,” called club thumb, murderer’s thumb (gotta love that one), or brachydactyly D.
    It’s fun to tell people that I was born without thumbs, so the doctors grafted my big toes in their place.

  579. Susie Says:

    Im 21 and have been made fun of my whole life for my right thumb. I love that so many people out there are able to embrace them. I am working on it, im just trying to find out if it is a sign of any other abnormalties that i might have.

  580. ariana Says:

    these thumbs are AMAXING!!! I love them. I used to be self-concious because people would make a HUGE deal about it.. but ill tell you, if you want to stop class for a good 2 m inutes, put your hand casually by your neighbors desk, when they see it, they will tell the teacher something interesting about your thumbs!! its hillarious!!

  581. Lindsay P Says:

    My friends have always made fun of me for my thumbs, they look EXACTLY like the pic of yours! It’s odd because I’ve always thought other people’s thumbs were weird, when I was in school I thought I was the only one with normal thumbs and everyone else’s was abnormal! I’m also of Italian descent so maybe it’s an Italian thing, but I’ve also been told that it’s a sign of royalty so who knows!

    • Lindsay P Says:

      I forgot to say that I am of French ancestry as well, and from reading some more of these comments that seems to be another common denominator among us all. Hmm, I’ll have to look into this a little further…

  582. Allison Says:

    I am 28 born in the USA and have two clubbed thumbs. Just found out today that I am not the only one!!

  583. Marshall P. aka Monster Trucks Says:

    I have clubbed thumbs but I kick ass at video games…
    stubby thumbs unite

  584. Lena Says:

    Another OMG!!! I almost thougt I was alone! I´ve just met two other persons with clubbed thumbs. My grandfather (on my fathers side) and a former colleague. I guess I thought that this freaky thumbs only existed in Sweden, where I´m from. My former colleague told me that it was a genetic deformation and that everyone that has one or two clubbed thumbs are related!! YAY I found family!
    My grandfather had one clubbed thumb and I have two. When I was younger I hated my thumbs, I hid them in my palms and was very jealous of my sister who have normal looking thumbs. Today I dont hate them, people are fascinated and always ask me questions when they see my toethumbs.
    I didnt even know they had a name! Until now.
    I´m from Sweden, anyone else??

    • Carin Says:

      Hej Lena här har du en till från Sverige, jag har 2 tummar har aldrig riktigt tänkt på dem förutom att folk brukar tycka de är lustiga, min morfar hade sådana också, hittade den här sidan när jag googlade på “konstig tummar”, En del bilder här kunde vara mina tummar så lika är de, fösökte lägga in en bild men fattar inte riktigt hur man gör!

  585. Lena Says:

    Another OMG!!! I almost thougt I was alone! I´ve just met two other persons with clubbed thumbs. My grandfather (on my fathers side) and a former colleague. I guess I thought that this freaky thumbs only existed in Sweden, where I´m from. My former colleague told me that it was a genetic deformation and that everyone that has one or two clubbed thumbs are related!! YAY I found family!
    My grandfather had one clubbed thumb and I have two. When I was younger I hated my thumbs, I hid them in my palms and was very jealous of my sister who have normal looking thumbs. Today I dont hate them, people are fascinated and always ask me questions when they see my toethumbs.
    I didnt even know they had a name! Until now.
    I´m from Sweden, anyone else??
    I think I have ancestors from Belgium, so called “valloner” wich were craftsmen that contributed a lot to the swedish metalindustrie. Especially the ironindustrie.

  586. alexandria cordova Says:

    LOL! I can relate to every post. I have 2 “clubbed” thumbs and people have always made fun of them. I was surprised of how many nurses have them. I am a nurse and of Indian, Spanish French decent. Wow i am truly amazed of how many people have them. We need to have a convention for short thumbed people! I LOVE it. I

  587. Jess Says:

    Hi, im Jess im 12 years old, i have clubbed thumbs and people take the mick out of me at school i dont know if anyone will ever look past them, now i cant get boyfriends just coz people know i have big thumbs, beffore they knew they acted normal, now they just laugh, tey are always asking me to show them my thumbs 😦 its actully quite patrinising. I have tried to explain to them tat loads aof people have them and its perfectly fine, and doesent effect anything else! but its really annoying me that i hav such strange thumbs. I think i just need some encouragment. So if anybody has any stories about how they got past them please could they post them, so i could try and do the same…. Thank you xxx

    • Mel Says:

      Hi Jess,

      Dont worry about it honey. I am 24 years old and have had my thumbs since birth too and i use to get teased about it but it will pass. Also just try to ignore it and tell them ur unique and their just jealous remind the boys that very famous very beautiful Megan Fox has both thumbs clubbed and people dont care the only people that will pick on you are losers and nasty just ignore them.

      I am married with a wonderful guy and he loves me for me and my thumb he still mucks around and makes fun of my thumb but he doesnt say it to be nasty he says it for fun and i know he isnt trying to hurt me.

      We must be proud of what we have its our unique feature and no one else around us will have it 🙂 its not a disease its not a deformaty its normal to us.

  588. Smell Says:

    Hi, I’m 38 years old and I have 2 clubbed thumbs. Just remember when getting ask to show your thumbs that the person asking you has normally has got other “unseen issues” and it makes them feel better about themselves looking at something “not quite normal”!!!. Anyway I play guitar and it’s frowned upon by classical guitar teachers to have a thumb overhanging the fingerboard!!! Another advantage is I can use my thumb as a pick on a ukulele,banjo,guitar or bass guitar!!! I actually have some videos posted on youtube under smellriddell if you want to see clubbed thumbs in action!!! BRING ON THE CLUBBED THUMB CONVENTION!!! thanks ITS GREAT KNOWING YOUR NOT ALONE !!!

  589. Mel Says:

    Hi, i was born with one clubbed thumb and i felt left out and teased over it as i was a child. But then i realised its not something bad cause my mum has it, my grandmother has it and her mother has it. So its pretty much been passed down down my mothers side all the females have it so am guessing that my daughter if i have one she will most likely have it, because my son didnt inherit it so yeah. Also when i found out that Megan Fox has both her thumbs like that i was OMG she is famous and gorgeous and has the thumb so it doesnt bother me anymore.

  590. MARY Says:


  591. Carly Says:

    Hi, Im 14 and and my right thumb is “clubbed”. When ever I was little and we played Thumbs-up 7-up I always put up my left thumb because i was embarrassed of my right one. Now if I show people they are intruiged by my thumb! now with all this stuff about Megan Fox having the thumb…it makes me feel a whole lot better about it! So my advice to those who have clubbed thumbs…love them. They arent a disformity, they are a unique genetic mishap. Dont be afraid of them!

    • Meghan Says:

      Same here… same here… I did that too whenever we’d play that game!!!! except both my thumbs are clubbed so id try to kinda stretch it out so it looked taller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  592. James Says:

    This site needs a photo gallery! Clubbed thumbs are awesome!!

  593. ThUmBaLiNa Says:


  594. Diana Says:

    I have clubbed thumbs as did my mother. We don’t know a great deal about that side of the family. There is some Swedish, and possibly Welsh. I thought maybe a facebook group might be a good idea. It is ok to post a group name here?

  595. Megan Says:

    Omg this is so funny, I can’t believe I found a page devoted to people with clubbed thumbs! Both of my thumbs are clubbed, and so are my mother’s. I have four kids, but only my youngest daughter (1 year old) has thumbs like ours. I HATED my thumbs (I’m still not a big fan, but I’m used to them now) when I was a kid because my classmates would stare and ask questions like “What’s wrong with your thumbs??” 😦 I always felt embarrassed so I got pretty good at hiding them. So I feel kind of bad for my youngest because I don’t want her being tormented at school when she gets older…

    When I first started dating my husband, I was so nervous that he’d notice my thumbs and not be interested in me anymore so I was always trying to keep them hidden; it wasn’t until months later that I found out he had noticed them on like our second date!! I was like, “Seriously?? You noticed??” He laughed and said yes, he saw one of them and wondered if I had been in some kind of accident where I lost the tip of my thumb, but then he saw the other one and kept trying to imagine what kind of accident I’d have to have been in to lose the tips of both my thumbs at the same time. We both laughed so hard when he told me that! 😉 He teases me (in a lighthearted way) about them from time to time – he told me after the birth of our oldest that I would be a perfect mom because I had thumbs shaped like pacifiers!! lol We REALLY laughed when our third child (about a year old at the time) grabbed my hand one day, examined my thumb carefully, then slowly and deliberately put it in her mouth and started sucking like it really was a pacifier. Of course he made “pacifier-thumb” jokes for like a month straight after that. 😉

  596. Hannah Says:

    Hi :] i’m hannah. I’m 18 and I have two clubbed thumbs. I am the only one in my family who has them. I’ve only met one other person who has them. My boyfriend actually found them and introduced us. She was an older woman, and she was so so so cool! I never thought about them when I was a kid, because I guess….all of my finger were small, but as I got older people started pointing them out. No one has ever said “Oh wow! Cool thumbs!” It’s always a grossed out reaction. I personally love it, because every time I see them I can give them two-thumbs up for being an asshole. :]
    People who know me well love my thumbs. They make me special, I guess :}

    The only times they’ve gotten in the way is when I’m either bowling or texting. It’s hard to find a bowling ball that is light enough for me to hold (because I’m a baby) and with a hole shaped to fit my thumb. And my phone has really little buttons.
    I’ve thought of tattooing them before. I would get a corset around the skinny part of my thumbs and cleavage where my thumb is wide at the top. But…I don’t know.. We’ll see. :] haha

    I really love that I’ve found people like me. You all seem really cool. There should be a convention of some sort. With finger painting. :]


  597. joe Says:

    my name is joe, i get bullied at school for my clubbed thumbs. 😥 they call them choads. the worst bully of all is a boy called Box Reid. he made a book about my thumbs and spread it around school. sometimes i just want to curl up in a ball and rot to death. But this website has given me hope, there is light at the end of the tunnel. together, we can beat thumbullying.
    p.s can anyone give me the link for a ginger version of this site? 🙂
    thankyou for listening

    • Kim Says:

      Remember Joe, a bully (especially like the one you’re dealing with) usually has a big problem with himself and just wants to try to divert his own self-consciousness to someone else. He’s probably a little jealous of you and wishes he had these awesome thumbs so he too could be a little unique! 🙂

    • Megan Says:

      Hey Joe, I’m a redhead (ginger) too! I think it’s weird that so many people don’t like people with red hair – idk, my husband likes it, especially in one certain location that will not be mentioned here. 😉 lol

      As far as that Box Reid guy – what an @$$h0le! I would probably want to curl up and die too, but I have a really hot temper, so I’d probably go over to him instead and hit him really hard in the face with something blunt and heavy. Like maybe my thumb. LOL For the record, I’m not advocating violence, but if I were in that situation as a teenager, I probably would’ve beat the crap out of that little punk.

      Unfortunately, he’s probably not jealous of your thumbs (sorry Kim! lol), but she’s right about the self-consciousness thing – a lot of bullies have issues with insecurity, self-doubt, and a need to be accepted by others. They don’t know how to gain acceptance from other people in normal ways, so they instead “unite” themselves with others against a “common enemy” so to speak. In this case, that enemy is you. He’ll make fun of you until it becomes unpopular with others, like if someone stands up to him and says, “Hey, jerk, that’s not funny, you really hurt this guy’s feelings,” or “Why are you always picking on him?” or whatever. He’d be less likely to do it in the future because the reward of feeling accepted for doing it would be gone. Just my two cents. Good luck dealing with Dumb As A Box.

  598. MARY Says:


  599. kathy Says:

    I have them too – 2 of them.
    I used to hide them under my fingers a lot…kind of make fists. Friends used to call the murderers thumbs. it was only today that I looked up what they are. Im of german canadian heritage, have a high IQ and migraines and other neurological issues but don’t know if that genetically significant.

  600. Nozomi Says:

    Does anyone have clubbed toes as well? I’ve read that some people have both clubbed thumbs and toes, but have never seen clubbed toes. Couldn’t find any pics on the net either.
    I’m really interested in what they look like. I only have clubbed thumbs.

  601. Katey Says:

    I am 15 years old and I live in the U.S. Both of my thumbs are clubbed and I used to be very self conscious about them but now I have learned to really like my unique thumbs! No one else in my family has them, so I only found out that alot of people had thumbs like mine a week ago. I went to get a manicure last week and the lady doing my nails said that she had never seen thumbs like mine but she said they were cute so they must not be that ugly! I also have short toes which I think is related to my clubbed thumbs somehow. I am half dutch and half Norwegian with some English to.

    • Patti Says:

      Hi, Katey- I won’t tell you my age- just that I’m old enough to be your mother (at least). Like you, no one in my family has clubbed thumbs except for me. I’m also half English/Irish and Norwegian AND have stubby toes. I called them Fred Flintstone feet. I think my club thumbs and feet along with lower than normal pinkies, are sometimes part of the package. As you get older you’ll find they are a great conversation piece at partties, etc…and people are intrigued- never repulsed, I’m happy to say.

  602. Kristen Says:

    I am 12 years old in the U.S. and my thumbs are EXACTLY like yours!!!!!!! I’m soooo glad i found this website because I have never met a single person that has the same kind of thumbs as me!!!!! Now i have!!!!!!!!! =) I was with my mom getting a manicure and the lady started laughing at my thumbs! But my toes are all normal. All of my friends think they are sooooo cute though. We should have a clubbed thumb convention!!

  603. Laura Says:

    Yay for clubbed thumbs!
    I’m 18 and from England, my ancestors have all come from England as far as we can trace.
    I have them on both my thumbs, and both by big toes are clubbed too. I’m such a freak (:
    None of my family have them, and my brothers noticed them first a few years ago and called them “alien thumbs”.

    • Nozomi Says:

      Hi Laura. I only have clubbed thumbs. Do you have a pic of your clubbed toes? I’m very curious what they look like. I have never seen them.

  604. nadia Says:

    my gosh.
    i am most definatley speechless. i as you would assume have 2 clubbed thumbs myself, infact its only untill today i acknowledged they had a name, i saw 1 or 2 people have them before but not many… my smile progressivley grew as i would read all of your entries. wow i acctually for once feel proud of my thumbs. i used to be so embarressed and always hide my hands, but i would like to thank the person who had the eniciative to create such a site 🙂

  605. sammie Says:

    This is so funny. I always knew I had wierd thumbs, and I have come across a few others with them as well, but I never knew they were so popular! It is nice to see that others share this with me! :] I have two clubbed thumbs, and I was also part of the group where I was made fun of them in middle school and high school for them. Now I just laugh because I think they are actually kind of cool and very unique. I come from an Irish, English and German family.. and I noticed that the Irish/English side of my family has these as well. It it so wierd that its hereditary, but its also kinda cool. yay for the person who made this site! haha.

  606. Cindy Says:

    I can’t believe I waited so long to find this site! My left thumb is clubbed and I am the only person in my family to have one (that I know of). My daughter’s left thumb is slightly clubbed but not very noticeable. Mine is quite obvious! Luckily for me, no one in school noticed it or picked on me because of it. However, the fact that I had braces, glasses, acne and a big nose probably gave them enough ammo! Now I’m 47 and the braces and acne are gone, and I’m ok with the nose, the glasses AND the thumb! It is a unique feature and whenever I meet someone else with it we laugh and compare thumbs. I do have some French ancestry on my mom’s side, but am 100% Hungarian on my dad’s side. My toes are all fairly long – no clubbing there.
    The only setback I have found was mentioned above. It’s hard to find a bowling ball that fits. Rings, too. If I were more into bowling, I’d have one specially drilled. I let the nail grow out a bit more than the others to give my hands a more balanced look. I’m a jewelry artist, so this long wide nail is great for scooping up small beads. I custom-made a silver ring just for my thumb – size 10 1/2. I think it looks beautiful!
    Thanks to the creator of this site – it’s wonderful to have a place to celebrate our uniqueness!

  607. Cindy Says:

    One more comment – I just saw the latest Transformers movie and noticed Megan Fox’s thumbs. She is so beautiful, and so are her thumbs. We’re in good company!

  608. arabiancrazy219 Says:

    I have clubbed thumbs! I was made fun of but I dont really care what people think just because we have a diffrent thumb. At least it works fine just like all the rest lol.

  609. Kathryn Says:

    I have clubbed thumbs too!! People have always asked me why I do and I really didn’t know until I started doing research! No one in my family does so I’m not really sure where it comes from but it just makes me feel special! 🙂

  610. Lorna Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs as well, I hate them but never realised how common they are as never really took any notice of them until I met my friend as she has clubbed thumbs also, I have no idea who I take after if any, but I have joined groups on facebook as there is more people who have these kind of thumbs more than we all realise 🙂

  611. Lorna Says:

    I dont know if any of you can let your thumb nails grow long, I can’t as they dig in and is very uncomfortable, so my thumbs look more stumpy

  612. Lorna Says:

    none of my brothers nor my sister have club thumbs, just me

  613. Kevin Says:

    Hello all! I’m glad to know there are others with short stubby thumbs like me… I’m a male of chinese decent (100%) living in the united states. I am the only one in my family with these thumbs, however, apparently someone in my family might have had them as well (either a grand-aunt or great grand-aunt, unfortunatly, no living relative can confirm it). However, my hands are unnaturally small for a full size adult male, I’ve always had to wear small sized gloves even today, growing up there were certain occasions where I was forced to wear women’s gloves (not cool). But all in all they dont bother me, I actually work as a massage therapist and have no problem doing bodywork. The ONLY thing is… being chinese… I eat with chopsticks… I use chopsticks without problem but get tired holding them as my short digits cannot flex to use the chopsticks correctly… but I still manage to eat!

  614. Sharon Says:

    I am 100% Finnish, and I have one clubbed thumb. My Finnish grandmother told me it was an artist’s thumb, so I was proud of it.

    But I’m 61 now, and I have a very sore joint above my clubbed thumb. It’s the only sore joint in my body. Not sure if it’s arthritis, tendonitis or carpel tunnel, but I’m wondering if it’s from my little thumb having to reach further all my life. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Kevin Says:

      At yur age, it’s probably safe to assume it’s arthritis, but we can’t be 100% certain, however there is an effective way to threat that issue. My friend is a chiropractor whom I work closely with as an on-hand massage practitioner. She introduced me to a medical product called Kinesio tape
      info can be found here http://www.kinesiotaping.com/
      If it bothers you (or if any other joint/muscle bothers you) do ask a chiropractor about this product. It’s safe, effective, and non-invasive. Hope it helps.

  615. Juliza Says:

    wow this is amazing i thought i wuz the only one,lol i thought something was wrong or such but i guess not :Dcuz no one inmy family that i know of does not have them.Im 16 and i would get so conscience about them and i would hide them.ppl at school would be aw they’re cute or would make fun of me. but i would usually laugh it off as well.but thank god i found this site and yeah from other comments, its true we are special 😀

  616. MARY Says:


  617. Rhonda Says:

    I can’t believe there are so many of us with “Royal Thumbs.” I am 50 years old and have only met one other person with them. Growing up I was told that the “abnormality” comes through the House of Wales and that is why they are called royal.
    About 8 years ago I met another girl with them and she had the same story. I think I am Scottish and Cherokee (and more) and so is she. It was exciting to see I was not alone. I grew up hiding them.
    I think I will start a group of us on Facebook. Unless someone beats me to it.

  618. Lorna Says:

    @rhonda, I have two clubbed thumbs, I only two other people with thumbs like mine, I am 34 years old, I never really noticed my thumbs were odd while I was growing it wasnt until

  619. Lorna Says:

    That I got older I really took notice of my thumbs
    there is group on facebook called Hammer Thumbs as I am in it but you should set up your own

  620. Patti Says:

    Did anyone watch Meagan Fox on Letterman last nite? I missed it but it would have been interesting to see how our celebrity rep handles her clubbed thumbs in the spotlight.

    A facebook page is an opportunity to change our image, fellow clubbers. How ’bout: : “Royal digits formerly known as club thumbs” )

  621. katy Says:

    I was sooo shocked wen i came in this website because i saw the picture and it was my thumb competely! i always get teased at school because of them but now i no i am normal! thanks guys xxxxx XD

  622. Meaghan Says:

    This is a nice place. Thanks for putting it up. I’m a 17 year old Australian girl and of Scottish, Welsh, Polish etc descent and I have a clubbed left thumb. Proud to say it to anyone!
    lol, my younger sister and I both have opposite clubbed thumbs, mine left and hers right.
    Whenever people asked about it, the look on their faces was like ‘WTF?!’. And our mother is always disgusted about it.

    Thanks heaps for putting this up! Makes some of us feel like we’re in a group of awesome people. It’s nice to meet you all!

    • Nicolette Says:

      Wow really? I am 16 (17 in 2 months) and I have a clubbed left thumb as well. I have never met or seen anyone with a thumb like mine… except this one girl who has two clubbed thumbs. Anyway, I wish I had your courage… to stop hiding it etc. How did you get over the fear of what people would think or that they would judge you?

      • Meaghan Says:

        I never really had a fear of people judging me. It’s just that people judge people no matter what, even if they don’t mean to or realize it.
        In this day and age, there’s bound to be someone in the world who will say “OMG THAT IS SO GROSS!!” but just ignore them.
        Words are just words, they can’t bite you and they don’t break bones. If people wanna be bitches, let them. We get more attention in the long run.

        Seriously, it’s their loss that they can’t be like you, no matter who you are. I think you’ve got the courage to speak up here and that says a lot.
        Look at me! For a 17yr old, I’m so out of fashion, I’m practically in the 90’s! But you know what? I don’t care. Haters can hate, but that’s what middle fingers were made for! 🙂

        Be proud of your thumb! It is a mark of your individuality and show that you are, even that tiny little bit more special than a regular Joe.

  623. Nicolette Says:

    Wow there are so many people with ‘clubbed thumbs’
    I am 16 years old and I have a clubbed thumb on my left hand. No one else in my family and extended family has one. My right thumb looks completely normal as well as the rest of all my other fingers. I am so embarrassed about it :$ I always hide it and I am sick of it! I didn’t start noticing it until I was in year 8… by this time it became more evident. I am thinking to get plastic/cosmetic surgery on it when I am a bit older. I have tried to research online about getting cosmetic surgery on it and as far as I’ve read you can, although I have only found one cosmetic surgery website yes that’s right only ONE in my state. I freaked out when I read that they would use your index finger as your thumb… how the hell would that work? Anyway, I’m not even going to bother trying to comprehend that madness! lol. I would like to hear from anyone that has considered getting cosmetic surgery on it and gone to a specialist to get it examined, etc. What did the doc say? Did you get it done? I know I might sound a little vain with the whole ‘wanting to get surgery done’ but it really bothers me 😥 I mean I don’t really think about it but then when I look at it… it’s so weird. I am sick of trying to hide it.
    It would be nice to get a reply 🙂

    • Meaghan Says:

      Here’s an answer, DON’T HIDE IT! 🙂

      It’s not your fault that you got it, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Heck, I always thought the top of mine was chopped off!

      I don’t think you should get surgery for it. Surgery costs sooo much money nowadays, and the time spent waiting for it to heal… it’s just not worth the trouble.
      Besides, you’re only 16! It’s not the end of the world and you’ve got your entire life ahead of you.

      Closing note; if that’s the worst thing that your body has done to you, feel lucky. Some people aren’t so fortunate.

  624. Sandy Says:

    I am 53 yrs old and both of my thumbs are clubbed. I am of Irish and German heritage. My father had these thumbs. I have only met 3 or 4 other people in my life with these special thumbs. All of my childhood and teen years were spent hiding my thumbs in the palm of my hands. The only real problem that I have had with them is trying to work with small objects such as beads. A small object will get lost behind my fat little thumbs.LOL! I want to tell all you young girls with these thumbs, DON’T HIDE THEM !!!!! This is something that makes you special. I had a doctor tell me years ago that these thumbs are a sign of intelligence. I don’t know if I believe that but it’s a good comeback line for all those rude people that see your thumbs and say”Oh my God what happened to your thumbs”. I welcome any funny stories from my special thumbs family (sandy2357@tampabay.rr.com). Good Luck and Be Proud.

  625. Lorna Says:

    I have irish in my blood as well as quarter irish but still dont no anyone in my family with thumbs like mine but have two clubbed thumbs, but I was never really aware of them until about 10 years ago when I met a girl on the bus and she is now my friend so was nice to meet someone like me with regards to my thumbs

  626. Lisa L Says:

    I’m 53 and have two (very) clubbed thumbs. Growing up, I was told by mother that I had made them that way (by biting, sucking?, who knows) People constantly asked me what happened to my thumbs and I would blush from embarrassment and shame. When I was in my early 20s, I found “short thumb syndrome” in a genetics book at the library and realized I’d been duped.

  627. katie Says:

    im 12 and ive got 2 clubbed thumbs. i only just noticed they were different when i was 8, i thought everyone had the same thumbs as me. and then a couple of years ago people started noticing and saying stuff like ‘omg you have really weird thumbs, they’re so small and chubby’ most of my friends say they’re cute but some people slag me and call me ‘mongo thumbs’ which i blow over my head but it actually does hurt and i didnt notice so many people were the same as me!! my older sister has 2 clubbed thumbs and she doesnt get slagged at all.. i feel so much less self concious now that i know me and my sister are not the only ones:)

  628. TVN Says:

    I have also heard them called Planter’s thumbs. I think actress Anne Heche also has at least one. Mine is only my right hand. My cousin has only her left! My maternal grandfather had two. He was 100% Danish – but was from the part which kept going back and forth between Germay and Denmark over the centuries. I’m an O+.

  629. BROOKS Says:

    I have large clubbed thumbs ( not murder thumbs)on both hands and I LOVE EM! I am a middle age man, and have gone through life as a creative and successful person! I am Italian and French! You know what they say is true,” BIG HANDS, BIG FEET, BIG C-OCK!” Yesiree……I have had many women and men look at my thumbs and say” WOW, you have such big fat thumbs”……! and hands and feet and …….ok!?

  630. HeyAll Says:

    i also have clubbed thumbs.i’mfrom norway ( i read someone else herewas from norway:)) .i went to the doctor some years ago and he sayd there are surgery for this i decided to not have surgery…..but i wonder if anyone has had one??
    have a nice day:)

  631. HeyAll Says:

    ye and by surgery the doctor ment “removing” the side of the nail” and maby lenghten the thumb by wearing a mechanism that lengthens it over a period of time..

    • Brianna Says:

      You know how when you feel the sides of your thumbs, you can feel bone? Is the bone at the clubbed part actually wider than the rest of your thumb?

  632. Brianna Says:

    Hey. I’m 15 years old, almost 16 and I have 2 clubbed thumbs. My grandma had them and my dad had one. I would be ashamed of them when people notice them. I would always put my thumb in the palm of my hand and wrap my fingers around them so no one could see them. I’ve never seen anyone out of my family with clubbed thumbs before, but now that I’ve found a website actually dedicated to people with clubbed thumbs, it makes me feel better that I’m not the only one.

  633. Meghan Says:

    I’m sixteen and I couldn’t love my cute little fat thumbs any more than I already do! Both of my thumbs are clubbed and proud of it. My daddy, who also has them, feels bad for “giving” them to me, but I tell him, like I tell everyone else who like to make silly comments about them, that they are what make me unique, and that I am fortunate for the life that I have. There are thousands of people in the world who are less fortunate than me, and would glady take my thumbs for a secure life : ) So for all my fellow clubbers, next time someone makes you feel bad about yourself for your beautiful thumbs, remember that your life could be a lot worse. Enjoy your life, because when your gone, you don’t want to be remember as the person who didn’t like his/her thumb(s) but loved them and didn’t let it or any other unique feature stop you from being happy! And think if we’re this LUCKY to get such a unique feature, then this must mean we are are inclined to “luckiness”, so go out and buy yourself a lotto ticket! : ) Enjoy your life!

    PS- For people who make fun of you for it, just smile, and give them a little lesson about what clubbed thumbs are, a little education won’t hurt anyone. Spread the love for clubbed thumbs!

    “The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.”

  634. nicole Says:

    when i was in middle school i always thought i was the only one with these thumbs, being laughed at and picked on i could only laugh with them so it wouldnt get me upset, over time i learned to embrase, love and come to an understanding that i have short little thumbs that makes me different. i love my thumbs that i inhrited from my dad and always will.

  635. kamel Says:

    has anyone here had operated their thumbs? I will renew my two thumbs, is there a possibility to do this??? If some one here done it then please show pictures..

  636. June Says:

    Let’s talk about little awkwardnesses with our unusual thumbs!

    *backstory** I am an Asian teen and I have a short thumb on my left hand (seems like I am the only one of my family, but I really don’t know my family too well). I find this peculiar because everyone else on here seems to be Caucasian, so they can pass off this trait as “Ancient Royal Blood” or something, but I can’t (haha, who would believe me???). I also am embarrassed by it, and luckily since it’s on my left hand (non-dominant) I don’t have to show it off as much. However it gets awkward when I’m trying to show something to someone with my left hand, or turn a page of a book. Also I play piano and guitar, so it’s awkward when I play and people see it. They usually don’t comment, but I can see their piercing glares, and their minds thinking “wtf??” Most people I show it to just laugh it off or forget about it, but I still rather not show it around. I am afraid that when I get married, and my husband has to put the ring on my left hand, it would seem awkward (is this rational??). Other than that, I’ve learned to cope with it…although sometimes I do wish that I could one day get a surgery on it.

    Anyone else??

    • Lyrical Masterpiece Says:

      I used to consider surgery, but lost interest in it since it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. I also play guitar and piano/keyboard. I wonder if there are any other musicians on here.

  637. authorsandrarains Says:

    Lewis, it’s people like you that make the world ugly, not us. I have 2 clubbed thumbs and in hindu it means I am lead by my heart.

  638. Clare Says:

    I have clubbed thumbs & I just found out today that they had a legit scientific name! That makes me excited! Yeah ppl would laugh at my thumbs but most would say they’re cute & whatnot lol I love them it makes me different & unique! Wen my friends bag on me bout them I just laugh & make fun of them for something that’s different with them & then we all just laugh it off! No1 should be embarrassed bout them they’re cute and a part of what makes you you :)!!!

  639. hao Says:

    ever since the incident of megan’s clubbed thumb, i realized that there are many like me too. there is even a scientific term for it. i have always known its generic, as my grandma n aunt shares the trait. i have once felt ashamed of my thumb and think i would be refused as a stewardess. however, the hugest consolation is that in Chinese fortune telling context, it is a blessing to have thumbs like this. such thumbs usually belongs to people who are powerful in the family.

  640. kamel Says:

    has anyone here had operated their thumbs? I will renew my two thumbs, is there a possibility to do this??? If some one here done it then please show pictures..

  641. sarah Says:

    WOW!!! i can’t possibly read all these comments, though i’m so interested to read everyone’s thoughts…
    both my thumbs are like this and as far as i know have been since birth. my middle finger nails are also short and wide unlike the rest of my nails which are all “normal”….
    crazy to see how many others are like this!
    i have met a few people in my life like this, an aunt of mine (married in, not blood related), a good childhood friend had only one like this.

    well i also have felt embarrassed most of my life, and i hate how my nails look painted, etc….

    my husband thinks my hands and thumbs are so cute, that is when i stopped worrying about it! haha

    well interesting and nice to “see” all of you here…..

  642. Lorna Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs but wasnt ever really aware of them growing up so never really know knew when I was ever really aware of them, but did meet a girl who has two clubbed thumbs also, if anyone wants to catch me on facebook, message me

  643. Taylor Says:

    I’m a 13 yr old girl, and I have toe-thumbs. I really hate them. They don’t bother me that much, but I would be better off without them. My sister has them too and she’s 26. She sucked on one as a child, and it looks kinda normal. My mom is Cherokee Indian, and my dad is Irish. Somewhere on my mom’s side, I’m slightly Italian. So I pretty much have every connection it seems….I wanna be connected to royalty

  644. MARY Says:


  645. eleanor Says:

    hahaha this is so funny. i googled this cos i have little left thumb. i never even noticed, now i love it, dont even care! whats the big deal! no one ever says anything or even notices

    • Meaghan Says:

      That’s a GREAT state of mind!
      I have a small left thumb too, and only found out in 2008, after much griping and teasing from people. I don’t know what they’d tease someone. Maybe those boys who tease girls with small thumbs have smaller… uhh… equipment.

      🙂 I love my thumb!

  646. Elaine Says:


    We are even more unique, we have the same name and the same thumb! 🙂

    elaine Says:

    August 23, 2010 at 10:03 am
    I cannot believe all these people have my thumbs. I have been given heaps all my life about my thumbs. I am 52 and have 5 borthers and sisters. None of whom have the famous thumbs. I cannot believe there are so many of us out there. I have never met anyone else with them. Great to know there is something that makes us unique.

  647. Sarah Says:

    Hi everyone! I am sooo happy to discover more people like me. I have been teased and bullied because of my thumbs. Being fourteen and already a little self conscious, its really hard. I cry a lot and wonder why I have these two thumbs. My dad also has them. We’re the only ones in my family that I know of that have them. I am really wondering if my thumbs will ever affect my dating life. So many guys find them disgusting. It makes me really sad. I am learning to like my thumbs, especially after the fact that we might be related to royalty. Other people are just jealous. Go thumbers!

  648. mitchell Says:

    i am 16 and i never realized i had small thumbs because i was so used to them being that size but a few years back people started calling me about them i didn’t know what to say at first but then it started getting on my nerves it made me feel so embarrassed and i just laughed with them but inside it really hurt. im glad i found this site today as it makes you feel better knowing there are lots of people the same

  649. ang Says:

    wow cant believe there r so many people out there with clubbed thumbs like me.im 30 now i was really shy about mine when i was little i would always hide them .people asked me alot why i had thumbs like i do I never knew what to say, but as i got older most peoples comments were more positive and most people tell me their so cute I rarely even think about them just lately with the whole megan fox thumb thing.

  650. Jacqueline Says:

    Hi to all the above,
    I’m from Long Island, New York. So happy to have a site like this. I was born with to unique thumbs. That’s the way I like to look at it. In turn that makes me unique and of of you unique. Sure its hurtful to being teases, or hearing someone make fun of you. Always having to hide them, but the next time anyone criticizes your unique thumb(s) all you have to say is “At least I have thumbs!!! 🙂

  651. Kieron Says:

    I have 2 stubby thumbs and always wanted to change them…ive always been a bit shy with my thumbs and always hiding them, i did get teased a little bit, but i ignored them and then the people stopped, just a little advise. shouldnt be embarressed about it, its you no one can change it really 🙂

    • Mark Says:

      hello i find someone who kan surgery the thumbs to be 1.5-2 cm longer. But he dont recomendet to do that. Its will be cost 4000 euro each. Write if you will surgery. Can give you all information. This messege its for evryone who will surgery, take care!

  652. Shayna Says:

    I am so glad that I’m not a freak for having 2 totally different thumbs!!!

  653. Patrick Says:

    I have assymetrical clubbed thumbs, with the stubbiest being on my right hand (right hand dominant). One of my two brothers has the same condition, and his stubbiest thumb is on his left hand (he is left hand dominant). Neither my other brother nor my sister, nor neither of my parents have BDD. I am an American mixed breed decendent from Irsih, French (Canadian) and Polish lineages. No idea which family would have been decendent from royal blood lines, but both paternal grandfathers claimed their ancestors were nobility centuries ago. A geneology trace has been unfruitful, as we believe there were some serious alterations of familial names upon arrival in the USA.

  654. Morgan Says:

    My thumb isnt quite that short, bur it is a club. I alway thought my right thumb was tall and my left thumb was normal sized! Haha it’s cool there are a lot of other people like that

  655. Jacalyn Says:

    Hi, It’s so nice to find people just like me! I never knew there were so many out there in the world! I have two just like in the picture too! I too, was teased as a child, name calling & all the good stuff, just like that Lewis guy that commented. People shouldn’t judge other people, there is so much going on in the world right now, we need to all get along! I’ve always called my thumbs “fat thumbs, never knowing the real name, which is “Brachydactyly type D or BDD”. We should all keep in touch & maybe form a club for our thumbs! HA! I feel better knowing that there are more people out there like us!

  656. Lorna Bressington Says:

    I have two clubbed thumbs also, but when I was at work last week, I noticed one of my work colleagues had a clubbed thumb on his right hand and a normal thumb on his left hand and he is of asian origin, but was shocked to see another person with thumbs like me , I do have another friend with two clubbed thumbs as well and she is white like me
    but I was never aware of when my thumbs were like this, it wasnt until I got my friend that I was more aware of them

  657. Lorna Bressington Says:

    I havent a clue if any of my older ancestors had thumbs like mine as all my grandparents died b4 I was born so wouldnt know where to start to even find anything out about if any of my family have but the ones that are still living dont its only me that has thumbs like these

  658. Natalie Montes Says:

    hi i also have a clubbed thumb although only one (my right)
    i always use to try to hide it but now i dont care its UNIQue and heck if its royal even better

  659. Jacalyn Says:

    Hi All!
    I still cannot believe I came across this site yesterday & found out that there are alot of us out there! It’s wonderful to talk about our thumbs without being teased or stared at! I am 100% Italian Sicilian/Napolitan, A+ blood type. No one in my family has these thumbs, maybe my ancestors prior did. When I was little, my thumbs were normal, from baby pictures which I have. I was told too, that my thumbs were caused by me sucking on them! Does anyone have the same situation, & does anyone know how to find out if your relatives have them? Very curious now. My right thumb is much shorter than my left, but both clubby! I have always called myself, “ThumbIslandGirl”, becuase of my fat thumbs! All have a good day! Hope to hear some information, please, thanks!

  660. Lorna Bressington Says:

    my mum thought it was due to me sucking my thumb but only ever sucked my left one but have two clubbed thumbs and like you I thought mine were ok when I was little but it wasnt until I met a friend that she had the same kind of thumbs, as for any of my relatives having any thumbs like them I am not sure as all my grandparents died b4 I was born, and none of my brothers and sisters have or my parents so am as confused as you why I am the only one,

  661. Jacalyn Says:

    Hi Lorna,
    Thanks for responding. Yes my parents, grandparents, are gone too, cannot ask anyone either. It would be something if my chance we were all related in someway? Being, having these thumbs! Well, we have to look at it this way, we are all unique, & at least we are not alone! There are so many of us that we didn’t realize before. If I do come across any info, I will definetly pass it on to you! Take care.

  662. Lorna Bressington Says:

    hi jacalyn, and if I find out anything either will let ya know as well, if anyone uses facebook there is a group on there called hammer thumbs or photobucket, I am on facebook so if anyone is on there add me but must be 16+

  663. Jacalyn Says:

    Hi Lorna,
    I’m a 50 yr. old mom of two girls, so far they don’t have my thumbs, which I’m glad, they are normal. I live in the USA, Long Island, NY. Where are you from? I am on facebook too, but haven’t looked for our type of thumbs on there yet. You can add me too, but must be over 16.

  664. Lorna Bressington Says:

    hi jacalyn, i am 34 and live in the uk whats ya name on facebook mine is lornalornzbressington

  665. Lorna Bressington Says:

    i am 34 and live in the uk my facebook name is lornalornzbressington

  666. Jacalyn Says:

    Hi Lorna,
    My facebook name is ThumbIslandGirl@aol.com Talk soon

  667. Bruce Says:

    My kids coined the term thoes for my clubbed thumbs. A morphing og half thumbs/half toes. Pretty clever, I think. Anyone else ever heard them called that?

  668. Jacalyn Says:

    Hi Bruce,
    No, I have never heard that expression before. That’s an unique name! I also have a smaller pinky on my right hand with no knuckle, have you come across anyone who has this? I am just curious, which I forgot to mention in posts earlier.

  669. Amber Says:

    Hi, im 12 years old and me, my sister Amy, and my sister Amanda all have clubbed thumbs. Me and Amy have both thumbs clubbed but Amanda only has one. Were from the USA and come from Irish,Ukraine, and Hungarian heritage. Often people ask me about my thumbs but i just say i was born like this. niether of my parents have clubbed thumbs, nor anyone else in my family. I always have noted them as “toe thumbs”. Thankz 4 letting me know im not the only one out there like this. Im accually starting to apprieciate them.

    thanks soooo much
    Amber ♥

  670. Brianna Says:

    I wonder if this is from Irish heritige because alot of people on here say they’re Irish. I’m Irish. 🙂
    I love these thumbs 🙂 ♥

  671. Anisa Ali Says:

    Lol this is cool! The family has re-united! LOL.
    Well I live in Australia, born and raised. I’m of Somali background though (East African)

    I have two clubbed thumbs. They are very much like the ones shown in the picture, I would have mistaken them for mine if they were just a bit darker 😛

    I do get self-conscious sometimes about my thumbs..But hey? It’s not like they are right there, unless you put them out..

    I get mixed feelings from people when they are seen, either a laugh or say they’re really cute and won’t stop looking at them!

    It annoys me though..There are a lot of people in the world who have them, people just don’t realize..Might as well stop every person for having a large nose…GOSH!

  672. Jacalyn Says:

    Hi Anisa,
    What a pretty name & different! Yes I know what you mean, having to hide them. People just don’t think before they say anything! it bothers me too, especially when I was little & got teased alot from other kids, now it doesn’t bother me! Since I found this site, I say to myself, “We are all unique”! So here’s happy thumbing, glad there are so many of us!